Thursday, July 02, 2020


Evidence that the Russians paid the Taliban a bounty for every American soldier they killed must have come from the tooth fairy 

By Howie Katz

President Trump has called the intelligence report of the Russians paying the Taliban a bounty for every American soldier they killed a hoax.  I believe the President is spot on.

Vladimir Putin is trying to restore Russia to the greatness it enjoyed when it was the former Soviet Union.  In that the Russian leader will do everything he can to make things difficult for the United States.  But paying the Taliban a bounty goes beyond the pale.

It just doesn't make any sense.  Paying a bounty would be stupid and Putin is not stupid..

However it would be logical to believe the Russia funded the Taliban in it's fight against the American-backed Afghan government.  That would be no different from our funding of the rebels fighting to overthrow Syria's Bashar al-Assad.

I don't care what our intelligence officers have told the Trump administration or what they will tell members of Congress.  The source of their intelligence must have been the tooth fairy.

Now you can add me to the list of conspiracy theorists. 


by Bob Walsh

Last week there was a situation along a hiking trail in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area.  It was hot and a group of hikers encountered a man and his dog.  One of the hikers happened to be a pediatric nurse.  The dog was in very poor shape, suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion.  The owner had already poured a full jug of water onto and into the dog and the group that came across them all donated all of their water but the dog was still in dire shape.

They called the park rangers and supervising ranger Kris Salapek found them.  He picked the dog up across his shoulders and neck and carried the dog (looks like about a 100# German Shepherd) about half-way down the trail to a stream, then laid the dog down in the stream and poured water over him.  

After the dog perked up somewhat the ranger again picked him up and carried him the rest of the way down the trail to the parking lot, total distance about 2 miles, total carrying time about one hour.  

By the time they got the dog back down to the parking lot he could lift his head.  The owner took the dog directly to the vet.  The pooch is doing fine and is likely to make a full recovery.   


by Bob Walsh

In just about four months voters, some of who are even legal voters, will decide the fate of the nation.  Unfortunately I suspect that is NOT hyperbole.  

If Trump looses the Republicans will also very likely lose the Senate as well.  The few honest-to-god mainstream democrats are being steamrollered by the left wing Democrat-Socialist-Marxist wing of the party.  Biden has already said that AOC is going to be in charge of his administration getting with the Green New Deal.  There goes energy independence.  Biden has already said that Robert Francis (Beto) O'Rourke, his favorite fake Mexican, will be in charge of Second Amendment policies.  Beto has said, up front, that HELL YES he is coming after your AR-15.  Biden has said that you don't need any firearm that can hold more than one cartridge at a time.  He will appoint liberal activist judges who believe that and are willing to legislate from the bench.

He will shitcan the Trump tax cuts and impose both new taxes and new regulations on pretty much everybody.  Businesses and business owners will pay thru the nose, which ultimately means that consumers will pay thru the nose.  His good buddies the ChiComs love him.  They have just essentially taken over local rule in Hong Kong in violation of treaty but Biden won't care because his son will be over there banging Chinese whores and taking money hand over fist.

This isn't a choice between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy.  Not any more.  This is a choice between in-your-face socialism and major league social engineering or not.  This is the choice between having a police force or not.  This is a choice between you being able to own a gun or not.  This is a choice between you being able to drive an F-150 or a Prius.  This is a choice between having your current health care system, which probably you like, or having health care that is equally shitty for everybody being run by the DMV.   This is a choice of you being able to send your rugrat to a private school or not.  This is a choice between you being able to think what you want, read what you want and say what you want, or being FORCED by a pseudo-government to parrot PC bullshit.  (Black Lives Matter is important and even mandatory.  All Lives Matter is heresy and to be punished promptly and violently.)

Close to 100 years ago Adolph Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.  He said EXACTLY what he would do if he came into power.  He did come into power.  He did exactly what he said he was going to do.  BLM and AntiFa and Beto O'Rourke and AOC and Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden think they have it in the bag.  They and their surrogates are saying what they intend to do WHEN they have the power to do so.  They are not being shy about it.  They are shouting it from the rooftops.  They are shouting it in your face when you go to the store.  They are shouting it into TV cameras every damn day.

Don't be a moron.  BELIEVE THEM.  They fucking mean it.



by Bob Walsh

Two days ago SCOTUS put out a significant ruling on private school funding.

The Montana Supreme Court had earlier struck down a law from 2015.  Their ruling said the law was in violation of the Montana Constitution in that it allowed tax money, via credits, to go to religious schools.  

In a 5-4 vote the conservatives on the court with John Roberts on their side decided that IF the state allowed the tax credits for private schools at all it could not prohibit them for religious based private schools.  

Judge Sotomayor described the ruling as "perverse."  Clearly the state can not exercise the large amount of indoctrination and control that is normally present in government schools when students are in private schools.  

Approximately 12 states have similar laws on the books.  This ruling does not force states to grant money to private schools.  It does, however, tell them that  if they do kick down to private schools they can not refuse to kick down to private schools merely because they are religious based.


6 former HPD officers charged with 15 felonies linked to deadly botched raid



July 1, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas -- A total of 15 new criminal felony charges have been filed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office in the ongoing investigation of a botched raid on Harding Street that killed a Houston couple.

In a briefing held on Wednesday, district attorney Kim Ogg said warrants have been issued for six former Houston narcotics officers, including former officer Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant, who have already been charged.

Five of the six are charged with falsifying government documents used in narcotics investigations.

Allegations include using false information to get judges to sign search warrants, falsifying time sheets, putting false information in offense reports, and falsifying government documents to steal, prosecutors have determined.

"Goines and others could never have preyed on our community the way they did without the participation of their supervisors; every check and balance in place to stop this type of behavior was circumvented," Ogg said. "This was graft and greed at every step in the process, and prosecutors are making their way through the evidence one incident at a time."

The home in the 7800 block of Harding Street was the scene of a "no-knock" narcotics warrant that was executed by Houston police officers on Jan. 28, 2019.

The raid resulted in a shootout between a team of officers and two residents inside.

The operation resulted in Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle, a married couple, both being killed.

In addition to Goines and Bryant, those charged include former sergeants Clemente Reyna and Thomas Wood, former lieutenant Robert Gonzales, and former senior officer Hodgie Armstrong, according to court records.

Goines has previously been charged with felony murder and tampering with government records and Bryant has previously been charged with tampering with government records.

"The new charges show a pattern and practice of lying and deceit," Ogg said. "There are mountains more evidence to review, and more charges are likely as we push into the next phase of our investigation."

Supervisors signed records stating they witnessed street-level officers pay money to confidential informants for buying drugs, when the evidence reveals the supervisors were not actually there, and therefore could not have witnessed what they claimed to have witnessed, according to prosecutors.

"This investigation is peeling back layers of a narcotics-enforcement system gone awry," Ogg said. "It calls into question the way HPD has been enforcing narcotics laws, especially in communities of color. The lion's share of arrests made by this squad were minority men for low-level drug crimes."

The cases filed Wednesday will be presented to a Harris County grand jury this month.

Prosecutors are also reviewing cases to determine if defendants were wrongfully convicted after being arrested by Goines.

Below is a list of those charged as of July 1, 2020:

Officer Gerald Goines Three charges of tampering with a government record (search warrants.) Third-Degree Felony, two to 10 years in prison. One charge of theft by a public servant between $2,500 and $30,000, Third-Degree Felony.

Officer Steven Bryant Two charges of tampering with a government record (confidential informant forms which contain details of money allegedly given to informants for services or buying drugs.) State Jail Felony, six months to two years in jail. One charge of theft by a public servant between $2,500 and $30,000, a Third-Degree Felony.

Sgt. Clemente Reyna Three charges of tampering with a government record (confidential informant forms.) State Jail Felony. One charge of theft by a public servant between $2,500 and $30,000, Third-Degree Felony.

Sgt. Thomas Wood One charge of tampering with a government record (confidential informant form.) State Jail Felony. One charge of theft by a public servant between $2,500 and $30,000, Third-Degree Felony.

Lt. Robert Gonzales One charge of misapplication of fiduciary property, State Jail Felony, for the reckless handling of HPD money. Gonzales held a position of trust and was required to verify and authorize any expenditures of up to $2,500.

Officer Hodgie Armstrong One charge of tampering with a government record (offense report,) State Jail Felony.


COVID-19 is a deadly threat that Trump has shamefully bungled but cynical Democrats are presiding over a violent culture war against America's heroes and history that could destroy it


By Piers Morgan 


Daily Mail

July 1, 2020


What is the first thing you think about when you hear the name Abraham Lincoln?

I imagine most people would say 'America's greatest president' followed by 'savior of the Union' and 'the guy who helped end slavery.'

For these three reasons, you might think Abe would be spared the increasingly insane and anarchical mob rule protests in the wake of George Floyd's horrific murder.

But no, he's now been targeted too.

Last week, protesters threatened to tear down Lincoln's statue in Washington DC.

It was built to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order signed by the Lincoln that put an end to slavery in the Confederacy.

The bronze edifice is an icon image showing him standing over a shirtless African American man with broken shackles around his wrists.

He was a real person – an ex slave named Archer Alexander, who coincidentally was Muhammad Ali's great-great-great grandfather.

And like Lincoln, he fought for the Union and to end slavery.

The statue was intended to be a celebration of slaves being set free, one of the most important moments in the whole history of the country.

The inscription reads: 'A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.'

Yet as the controversy over historical statues and memorials being removed gathers momentum, it has become a focus for Black Lives Matter protesters' rage.

Now, Boston has decided to remove an exact replica of the statue.

The city's Mayor, Marty Walsh, said: 'As we continue our work to make Boston a more equitable and just city, it's important that we look at the stories being told by the public art in all of our neighbourhoods.'

For 'look at', try 'airbrush'.

Boston is removing a moving and powerful tribute to one of America's greatest stories – the emancipation of slavery – because it's bowing to protesters who don't seem to understand what it represents.

Pressure is growing on Washington to the same.

And students at the University of Wisconsin have demanded another statue, just of Lincoln alone, be removed.

'For him to be at the top of Bascom [Hill] as a powerful placement on our campus, it's a single-handed symbol of white supremacy,' said Black Student Union president Nalah McWhorter.

Let those words sink it for a moment.

Abraham Lincoln, the man who contributed so much to ending slavery, is now 'a symbol of white supremacy'.

I despair at what is happening in America.

This is a developing violent culture war that has lost all sense of proportion and perspective and threatens to rip the country apart.

I despair at President Trump's response to it because he's being typically inflammatory in a dog-whistle effort to fire up his base with just months to an election he now looks like losing.

But I particularly despair at the woeful inaction of Democrats who are sitting back and watching all this crazy nonsense happen and doing nothing to stop it.

The party's presidential nominee Joe Biden launched a ferocious attack on Trump yesterday, saying he has 'surrendered' to coronavirus.

It was a perfectly justified allegation given America's shocking COVID-19 death toll and the devastating surge in cases all over the country.

The President's handling of the pandemic continues to be a total disaster and he deserves all the opprobrium he gets for his shockingly complacent, egotistical, and negligent leadership as the US plunges ever deeper into the virus abyss and consequent economic catastrophe.

But this savage, unrelenting culture war may end up causing even more lasting damage as it seeks to destroy everything the nation was built on and everyone who built it.

And Biden and the Democrats have surrendered to those waging it with the same cowardly inaction that Trump has shown towards the coronavirus.

Covid is scary, but it will be resolved either by a vaccine or drugs to stop victims dying.

The destruction of America's very historical foundations is an irreparable act of self-harm that has to be stopped before it's too late.

Let me be clear: the disgusting murder of George Floyd was a moment that demanded real change.

To watch a black man die on camera for nearly nine minutes at the hard, callous knee of a murderous police officer was something none of us who believe in justice and equality should ever forget.

It was astonishing to see the world rise up, or rather down as millions took the knee to show solidarity with #blacklivesmatter.

But most of them did so for the cause of racial equality and justice, and not to support the radical political aims of the organisation Black Lives Matter which wants to defund the police and abolish capitalism and whose UK arm has this week launched anti-Semitic social media attacks on Israel.

Nor, I would imagine, do the vast majority of those who supported the BLM hashtag and its more general meaning want to see America's greatest heroes defaced and torn down by gangs of blindly furious protesters who seem to have lost all sense of what they're supposed to be protesting about.

In the past week, we've seen attacks on George Washington's statue, and Thomas Jefferson's, and Ulysses S. Grant's.

And now Abraham Lincoln's.

These are the men who helped create America, for goodness sake.

None of them was perfect, but the good they all did far outweighs the bad - and it is frankly ludicrous to judge them by the evolved morality of today.

The protesters won't listen to Trump.

They perceive him, with good reason, to be a race-baiting monster.

But the Democrats need to put their own blind hatred of the President to one side for the sake of the country.

America is nothing if it's not its history and that history is being desecrated before our very eyes.

When the mob comes for a man like Lincoln, it's time for all right-minded Americans, whatever their political persuasion, to say: 'ENOUGH.'

The United States is under deadly attack from COVID-19, and much of the blame for the current calamitous situation with the virus can be squared directly at President Trump.

But America is also under attack from out-of-control intransigently illiberal liberals and much of the blame for THIS can be squared at other liberals who've stood by and let it happen.

Joe Biden spoke a lot yesterday about bringing America back together.

But that will never happen if such lawless mob rule is allowed to continue its shameful wrecking ball treatment of the country and its history.

If he wants to be president, then it's time Biden and his fellow Democrat leaders stepped up and led the charge against the lunatics intent on eradicating the nation's greatest heroes.


Sheriff warns he will deputize every gun owner in his county to put down any violent protests his deputies can't handle alone

Associated Press
July 1, 2020

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. — A Florida sheriff says he will deputize every gun owner in his county to put down any violent protests his deputies can't handle alone.

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels gave no indication in a three-minute video released Wednesday that any demonstrations are planned in his suburban Jacksonville county. Daniels also said he would protect any peaceful protests, but added that if anyone starts "tearing up Clay County, that is not going to be acceptable."

"If we can't handle you, I'll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff and I'll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in the county and I'll deputize them to this one purpose: to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility," said Daniels, sporting a white cowboy hat as he stood in front of 18 deputies.

Daniels, who is African American, said in the video that his department has a "great relationship" with its residents, but "if you come to Clay County and think for one second we'll bend our backs for you, you're sadly mistaken."

"The second you step out from up under the protection of the Constitution, we'll be waiting on you and give you everything you want: all the publicity, all the pain, all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you."

Daniels, a Republican finishing his first term, is being challenged by six opponents in the upcoming election. He is under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after his former employer, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, announced last year that he'd had an affair with a co-worker when he was running its jails. Daniels, who is married, was accused of later having the woman falsely arrested. He issued an apology, but said he wouldn't discuss specifics.


L.A. Calls Restraining Order On LAPD Use Of Batons And Projectiles ‘Unwarranted’

LAPPL News Watch
July 1, 2020

Attorneys for Los Angeles on Tuesday argued against a temporary restraining order to block city police officers from using batons and tactical bullets to control crowds, saying the request was “unwarranted and overbroad” and that police “must be able to respond” to unlawful crowds.

The Los Angeles Police Department used such weapons on protesters at the end of May and in early June, injuring many, and are now being sued for it in federal court by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and the Los Angeles Community Action Network.

The groups requested the restraining order last week, arguing that a court injunction against the use of such weapons was necessary for their clients and other protesters to feel safe exercising their 1st Amendment rights in the city while their lawsuit is pending. 


Seattle smashes CHOP: Police reclaim their precinct and at least 31 people are arrested after mayor FINALLY issues executive order and riot police vacate the zone which has seen two deadly shootings in three weeks and crime rise by 500%


Daily Mail

July 1, 2020


Seattle police on Wednesday reclaimed their precinct in the city's 'occupied' protest zone after the mayor finally issued an early morning executive order to vacate the area. 

At least 31 people were arrested at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone which has seen two deadly shootings and crime rise by more than 500 per cent in just over three weeks. 

People had occupied several blocks around a park and the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct after officers abandoned the building following clashes with protesters calling for an end to police brutality. 

Calling the gathering at the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park an 'unlawful assembly' Mayor Jenny Durkan demanded all barriers be removed in an order issued in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

Seattle police confirmed in a tweet early Wednesday that they would be 'in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor's order'.  Officers in riot gear issued a dispersal order at 5am leading to the 31 arrests within just 30 minutes amid fears the protesters could now move to West Precinct. 

Police tweeted: 'Because suspects in recent shootings may still be in the area, and because numerous people in the area are in possession of firearms, Seattle Police officers involved in this morning's response will be equipped with additional protective gear.'

Eyewitness Omari Salisbury said: 'The Seattle Police Department basically reclaimed the precinct in less than 30 minutes, five feet at a time with the bicycle officers out in front.' 

Speaking outside the precinct Wednesday morning police chief Carmen Best confirmed her officers had reclaimed the precinct, with the help of Bellevue police and the FBI, but could not offer a timeframe on when they would move back in. 

She said: 'Our job is to support peaceful demonstration but what has happened on these streets over the last two weeks is lawless and it's brutal and bottom line it is simply unacceptable.'

At least 100 police officers swarmed the zone known as CHOP at about 5am and a loud bang was heard at about 6:15am followed by a cloud of smoke. 

Officers tore down demonstrators' tents and used bicycles to herd the protesters. 

Police tore down fences that protesters had erected around their tents and used batons to poke inside bushes, apparently looking for people who might be hiding inside.

Most protesters appeared to have dispersed several hours after the operations started and armed officers looked on from rooftops as clean-up crews of workers arrived to break down tables and tarps that protesters had set up in the zone.


St. Louis Prosecutor Investigating Mark and Patricia McCloskeys' Armed Encounter




Riverfront Times

June 29, 2020


St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is contemplating whether a pair of married lawyers broke any laws on Sunday when they aimed firearms at nonviolent protesters who were walking past the couple's Central West End mansion en route to a protest at the nearby house of Mayor Lyda Krewson.

In multiple videos, including one that had more than 13 million views by Monday morning, Mark  and Patricia McCloskey are seen aiming their weapons at the protestors. Mark McCloskey is shown holding an assault-style rifle, while Patricia is seen holding a semiautomatic pistol. It is unclear if either gun is loaded.  

Gardner issued a statement late Monday morning, stating that she was "alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault." She added that her office is "currently working with the public and police to investigate these events."

Gardner concluded her statement with these words: "Make no mistake: we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights, and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable."

The protestors on Sunday were headed to Krewson's house to demand the first-term mayor's resignation for releasing the names and addresses of people who had called for defunding the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.


Joe Biden rips Trump over coronavirus, calls reporter ‘lying dog face’


By Ebony Bowden


New York Post

June 30, 2020


Joe Biden upbraided President Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic during a stump speech on Tuesday where he took questions from reporters for the first time since March — and called one of them a “lying dog face.”

Appearing before a giant American flag at a school in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, the former veep accused Trump of squandering the three months since the virus first arrived on US shores and said the country was no better prepared than in March.

“It’s almost July and it seems our wartime president has surrendered, waved the white flag and abandoned the battlefield,” said Biden, 77.

“We don’t need a cheerleader, Mr. President. We need a president, Mr. President,” he added.

The presumptive Democratic nominee outlined his plans for dealing with the pandemic as the nation experiences a troubling surge of new infections, including doubling the number of testing sites and fixing ongoing shortages in protective gear.

Biden, who has been stuck at his Wilmington home during the pandemic, also took questions from reporters for the first time in months after the Trump campaign accused him of hiding.

But the gaffe-prone former lawmaker lashed out when one reporter mentioned his own mental deterioration at age 65 and asked Biden if he had been tested for cognitive decline.

“You’re a lying dog face,” Biden said, apparently irritated that the reporter kept asking questions as he tried to leave the event, before adding that he was “constantly tested.”

“All you gotta do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,” he said.

The former veep infamously called a college student a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” at a campaign event in New Hampshire in February, an experience she described as “humiliating.”

Biden also attacked Trump’s own cognitive abilities — a line of attack usually deployed by the Trump campaign against him — when quizzed on reports the president was briefed but failed to act on intelligence that Russia had paid Taliban militants to kill US troops, a claim the White House has denied.

“He talks about cognitive capability. He doesn’t seem to be cognitively aware of what’s going on. He either reads and/or gets briefed on important issues and he forgets it or he doesn’t think it’s necessary that he needs to know it,” Biden said.


The former veep also flip-flopped on the movement to tear down Confederate statues across the US and described slave owners as people who did things that were “now and then distasteful.” 



Joe Biden says his running mate shortlist includes Asian and Latino as well as black women - and that he is putting together list of black women he will nominate to Supreme Court


Daily Mail 

June 30, 2020


Joe Biden said Tuesday that his campaign is vetting a racially diverse selection of women to be his vice presidential pick. 

'There are a number of women of color, there are Latino women, there are Asian, across the board,' Biden told reporters during a speech and press conference he held at a high school in his adopted hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. 

Biden also teased that he would be putting out a list of female black legal professionals, as he previously said he wanted to appoint the country's first black woman to the Supreme Court. 

'I have, we're putting together a list of, a group of African-American women who are qualified and have the experience to be on the court,' Biden said. 'I'm not going to release that until further down the line of vetting them as well.'

Biden said he's announce his running mate in early August.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's why I call Biden the White Obama. 


Kellyanne Conway's 15-year-old daughter posts anti-Trump TikTok videos calling him a 'r@pi$t' and telling people to leave one-star reviews for his 'restaurants, hotels, and golf courses'


Daily Mail 

July 1, 2020


Claudia Conway, 15, has shared multiple videos on the platform where she has spoken out against her mom's boss Donald Trump. 

In a recent video, which has more than 111,000 views, Claudia dances in front of comments where people highlight that she is 'anti-Trump'. 


In a video from April she wrote: 'when our president for the next four years is either going to be a r@pi$t or a r@pi$t'. 


She has also pledged her support to the Black Lives Matter movement and repeatedly called for justice for Breonna Taylor. 


Conway is the daughter of adviser and former campaign manager to Donald Trump Kellyanne and cofounder of the anti-Trump political action group The Lincoln Project George Conway. 


Harvard graduate threatens to ‘stab’ anyone who says ‘all lives matter’


By Lee Brown


New York Post

July 1, 2020


A recent Harvard University graduate claims she is getting death threats over a TikTok video she made in which she threatened to stab anyone who tells her that “all lives matter.”

Claira Janover, who graduated in May with a degree in government and psychology, went viral after posting a short clip in which she attacked anyone with “the nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘all lives matter.'”

“I’ma stab you,” the Connecticut native said, zooming in close on her face.

“I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters too,'” she added.

Ann Coulter was one of those who shared the clip, calling Janover an “Asian Karen,” while many others called for the student’s arrest.

“This woman is threatening people, who knows what she is capable of,” someone called Mr. Len wrote in reply.

“Does this not count as violent speech? I guess it only counts when it fits the narrative,” another follower asked on Twitter.

By Tuesday, Janover had removed the original video — but posted updates responding to the “insane” reaction that included numerous death threats, she said.

“Story time for why the Department of Homeland might be monitoring my name right now,” she started one of the updates.

Janover claimed the clip was “clearly” an “analogous joke,” pointing out that she even posted a message with it explicitly stating: “For legal reasons this is a joke.”

“And people are like reporting me for domestic terrorism, tagging the FBI, Harvard, Cambridge police,” she said.

“Apparently I’m threatening the lives of people — unlike cops, obviously,” she said.

“Anyway, so If I get an email from the Department of Homeland Security or I get kicked out of Harvard or I get arrested or whatever — or I get murdered, according to the many death threats that I’m receiving right now — know that I appreciate you guys standing up for me,” she said as she posted a series of supportive messages.

In an earlier post, she had laughed over many of the angry responses her TikTok got — including one suggesting she could be a Chinese spy with a Western-sounding name to help infiltrate the US.

One called her the c-word, while another wrote, “Maybe someone should stab her for being oppressive! She is the problem, and all like her!”

“They quite literally did blow up my Twitter,” she said.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Janover tweeted about the “death, rape, expulsion, and firing threats” she got.

“I will not be silenced, shamed, or threatened into silence by bigoted trump fans who don’t understand analogies,” she wrote.

Her message received a lot of support — along with numerous replies of “all lives matter,” with some telling her, “You reap what you sow.”

“I’m the bigot if I don’t like your violent hate speech. Riiiight. You’re one sick person,” one person told her. 

Another noted the irony of her complaint given that it was started by threats of violence.

“‘I WILL STAB YOU IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME!!!’ … two hours later … ‘Help! people are saying mean and hurty things to me,'” one person wrote.

Janover was the president of Harvard’s Model Congress Middle East, a nonprofit that teaches high school students about the American government and international politics. She previously worked at Planned Parenthood Action in Connecticut, her Facebook says.

Harvard has yet to comment and officials there could not be immediately reached early Wednesday.


Sanders: Punish Israel if it proceeds with sovereignty move


Israel Hayom 

July 1, 2020


Independent Senator Bernie Sanders signed Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's letter calling for the suspension of foreign aid to Israel if it proceeds with its bid to apply sovereignty to certain areas in Judea and Samaria.


The US has given Israel billions in military aid over the past several decades. The latest memorandum of understanding between the two countries, signed in 2016, amounts to some $38 billion over ten years. It has been incorporated into US law, making it all but impossible to suspend it without overwhelming congressional support.

"Should the Israeli government move forward with the planned annexation with this administration's acquiescence, we will work to ensure non-recognition as well as pursue conditions on the $3.8 billion [annually] in US military funding to Israel, including human rights conditions and withholding funds for the offshore procurement of Israeli weapons equal to or exceeding the amount the Israeli government spends annually to fund settlements, as well as the policies and practices that sustain and enable them," the letter reads.

The Trump administration's newly unveiled "Vision for Peace" stipulates that Washington will endorse an Israeli decision to apply sovereignty to about 30% of Judea and as long as Israel commits to holding good-faith negotiations with the Palestinians and to avoid construction in certain areas that could become part of a Palestinian state. That state will only be established four years after negotiations begin and only if the Palestinians fully renounce terrorism and carry out major reforms, and only if they are no longer considered a threat to Israel.

The Israeli government plans to move ahead with the sovereignty bid, but it has yet to make an official declaration or enact laws that would change the status quo.

Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), André Carson (D-Ind.), Nydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.), Bobby Rush (D-IL), Jesús "Chuy" Garcia (D-Ill.), and Danny Davis (D-Ill.) have added their signatures to the letter.

The leading pro-Israel lobby in Washington, the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) rebuked the lawmakers for the letter earlier this week.

The organization tweeted that it "opposes the letter being circulated by [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez] ... which explicitly threatens the US-Israel relationship in ways that would damage American interests, risk the security of Israel and make a two-state solution less likely."

Wednesday, July 01, 2020


In the face of far-left radicalism, we must hold the line

By Dan Crenshaw

National Review
June 26, 2020

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about George Orwell’s chilling premonition over the past several weeks, as an ever-growing number of statues, books, movies, television shows, and even food brands have been canceled by the left-wing mob.

Though there is a legitimate debate to be had about Confederate symbols and statues, the mob never intended to stop there. Not even the most heroic of American figures are safe now. Not the father of our nation, George Washington. Not Civil War hero Ulysses S. Grant, who delivered the death stroke to General Lee’s Confederate rebellion. Not Abraham Lincoln, whom Frederick Douglass called a “friend and liberator.” And not Teddy Roosevelt, who in 1905 spoke of the need to “secure to each man, whatever his color, equality of opportunity, equality of treatment before the law.”

As Americans watch this unfold, many might ask: “Am I a bad person for not joining the mob? Have I failed to see the racism and oppression within these long-admired totems of our history? The mob seems so angry, and its anger must be proportionate to its righteousness, right?”


To Americans asking these questions: You are not the problem. The outrage mob is. Its breathless moralizing and anger do not portend reason or good faith, but instead mask deep ignorance and malicious intent.

You see, this isn’t about taking down offensive messages or symbols. These mobs didn’t suddenly stumble upon some forgotten and offensive historical anecdote, or reach their wits’ end after seeing Aunt Jemima on the grocery-store shelf just one too many times. No, this was a deliberate hijacking of a tragedy. The touchy sympathies of “political correctness” were always just a base from which to launch a cultural revolution, a purge of traditional American narratives and icons.

It’s about time we all woke up to it.

Liberals, naively tolerant of the mob, are always the first victims. Eager to appear as progressive allies, they give inch after inch until they’ve completely compromised the values they claim to stand for. Conservatives tried to warn our liberal friends. We tried to tell them that decades of identity politics and increasing flirtation with far-left ideology would end up here. Now, they have been trampled over completely by radical progressives, purged from the New York Times opinion section, from academia, and from Congress.

The good news is that it’s not too late. It’s never too late, not so long as good and decent people remain standing and willing to do something. There are a lot of us who love this great country, believe in the promise of its Founding, and aren’t keen on letting a mob rip it apart. All we have to do is speak out. We must hold the line and demand that our elected leaders stop allowing their cities to burn, that corporate America stop caving to Twitter hordes and becoming complicit in the cultural destruction, and that our educators stop teaching our kids that America is evil.

America is good. In fact, it’s great. The Fourth of July is right around the corner, marking the day in 1776 that our Founders signed their death warrant and became hunted traitors of the Crown so that we could live freer and more prosperous than any other group of people in human history.

The mob wants to erase the American dream. We can’t let that happen.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw claims that 'Marxism made its way into the U.S. in the 60s' as the former Navy Seal blames Marxists for pulling down statues, in Fox interview


Daily Mail

June 30, 2020


Republican Dan Crenshaw has suggested that Marxists are to blame for protests into Confederate statues across the country that have seen many pulled from their plinths. 

Crenshaw made the comments during a Fox News interview on Monday after writing a column in the National Review with the headline 'We Can't Let the Outrage Mob Win'.

'They [the mob] want to erase the very things that unite us as Americans and the very things that stand for equality and justice and freedom and this was always part of the plan, it has been for decades actually and it started well back into when Marxism made its way into the United States in the 60s,' he continued.

'And they're always looking to take advantage of some kind of situation, to make people think that their country is evil so that they can justify their own Marxist revolution. That is what's happening here and you can't be blind to that,' Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw shared his concerns that 'the mob' [of protesters] won't stop 'until the destruction of America is complete because that is what they're after fundamentally since Marxism runs deep in their ideology.'   


by Bob Walsh

That lawless section of Capitol Hill in Seattle known as The Zone seems to be dying of its own accord.  "The Authorities" went in yesterday and started removing the street barriers with little or no objection from the denizens of The Zone.  As far as I know the cops have not reoccupied the cop shop yet, but that will come.  Eventually.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Not so fast there, Bob.
CHOP avoids the chop: Defiant occupants of Seattle's cop-free zone rebuild barricades and fortify their compound just MINUTES after the city attempted to reclaim the 'war zone'   
Daily Mail
June 30, 2020
Protesters at Seattle's 'occupied' protest zone rebuilt barricades just minutes after the city tore them down Tuesday following two fatal shootings in the area. 

Demonstrators have occupied several blocks around the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct and a park for about two weeks. Police had abandoned the precinct following clashes with protesters calling for an end to police brutality. 

But by Tuesday morning crews were working to pull down the barriers. A handwashing station was also removed after concrete barricades were cleared by Seattle Department of Transportation workers at the intersection of 10th Ave. and Pine St.

Protesters were then filmed lining up plastic barriers, couches and trash cans in attempt to replace the blocks. has contacted both the police and the Mayor's office on how they plan to deal with the area going forward.

City employees were seen handing out flyers to the campers at nearby the Cal Anderson Park telling them they had to be out of the park by noon today. They also provided numbers and information about finding shelter. 

The apparent move to dismantle parts of the area follows the shooting death of the unidentified 16-year-old boy in the early hours of Monday morning. A 14-year-old was also critically injured when eyewitnesses say armed security inside the zone fired 300 rounds. 
Volunteer medic Marty Jackson had described the area as an 'active war zone' and said: 'I don't think we're gonna stop here.'  

He told KUOW it was CHOP's own armed security who fired at the car driven by the teen after it crashed into a barrier, killing him and critically wounding the 14-year-old. 

Warning people not to come to the CHOP zone, Jackson added: 'Because now it's like pretty much an active war zone. Now you have security and medical always looking around waiting to see the next.'

City workers on Friday tried to remove makeshift barriers erected around the area but stopped their work after demonstrators objected. 

Seattle Department of Transportation Director Sam Zimbabwe said the city was not expecting to clear out the barriers in front of Seattle police's East Precinct on Tuesday.
But despite what the city officials have said about clearing out more concrete barriers, protesters are mobilizing just in case.

A CHOP security person who refused to give his name told exclusively: 'We are getting ready for anything. We don't trust the city or the police. If they try to come back and remove more barriers they are going to get pissed off of us.'


by Bob Walsh

If you go from CA to New York you can count on being told you must now go into quarantine for 14 days.  

If you are from the US and you want to go to the European Union, they don't want you.  The US is on the same list as Russia and Brazil as far as undesirable from a Covid-19 standpoint.  

Life is hard, but some how I think I will survive the shame.


Washington Post editor's deleted tweet claims white women 'lucky' others are 'not calling for revenge'


By Brian Flood


Fox News

June 29, 2020


Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah reportedly declared, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.' And not calling for revenge,” in a since-deleted tweet.

Attiah, who is black, listed multiple things that she feels white women are responsible for and warned her 185,000 followers that worse things could happen than simply being referred to as “Karen,” which has emerged as a disparaging term for white women.

“The lies & tears of White women hath wrought: -The 1921 Tulsa Massacre - Murder of Emmet Till - Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements - 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.' And not calling for revenge,” Attiah wrote in a now-deleted tweet that was captured by multiple accounts before she erased it.

The Washington Post declined comment when reached by Fox News.
Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi, who tweeted a daily list of people who need their phone taken away after a Twitter gaffe, was among the journalists to capture an image of the message before it was deleted.

Jerry Dunleavey, another Washington Examiner reporter, noted that she doubled down in another now-deleted tweet.

"I’m just saying. Be happy we are calling for equality. And not actual revenge,” Attiah reportedly wrote.


 Meanwhile, the Washington Post was mocked over the weekend for running a story claiming to disprove President Trump’s statement that most violence occurs in cities run by Democrats, but the data essentially backed up the president's case and the paper ran it anyway. The paper also took heat this month over a bizarre report about an offensive costume a woman wore at a 2018 Halloween party hosted by one of its staffers.


Buffalo cop suspended after caught on video using vulgar slur at woman




Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

June 30, 2020


A Buffalo police lieutenant has been suspended after a viral video showed him using vulgar language while confronting a woman who was recording an arrest. 

Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood has suspended Lt. Michael DeLong without pay and initiated an internal investigation into the incident, according to a spokesperson for the Buffalo Police Department.

The video, which was posted to Facebook Monday, begins by showing police questioning a man outside of a west side convenience store.

Ruweyda Salim said in her post that she began filming because she was concerned with the number of officers who had responded to the scene. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon.

Thirty seconds into the video, DeLong approaches Salim and says "We have cameras, too." 

Salim asks DeLong to back up.

"Can you get away from me," she asks.

"No," DeLong replies.  "Move me."

"I'm not going to move you, but you can get away from me, though," she asks again.

"No," he says.

The video appears to show Salim is at least 50 feet from the man who is being questioned by police. DeLong, who is not wearing a face mask, is seen standing very close to Salim, ignoring her request to respect her "personal space."

"The cop in the video literally walked up on me and physically and verbally harassed me by shoving his whole body against me, breathing on me, calling me out of my name, and making sexist remark[s]," Salim wrote. "I kept trying [to] move away from but he kept coming after me. He was overtly intimidating me and trying to provoke me. None of the 9 other cops stopped this man from physically harassing me. I’m so small and not intimidating in the slightest but they acted like [I] was such a threat."

DeLong tells her the man was found with two crack pipes and had assaulted his mother, and Salim questions why it takes 10 officers to deal with this man.

DeLong leans close to her and says, "You're a disrespectful little fucking cunt, that's what you are."


"Thank you, you're going to be viral," she replied. 


The video, which has been edited, shows DeLong and Salim continuing to exchange words.  At one point he tells her she needs to leave because she is on a public sidewalk, and asks her where she works. 

"I'm going to come to your work and sit there and tape you," DeLong tells her.

The video ends with the man police had been questioning being loaded onto a stretcher to be taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Salim later posted that as she left the scene, DeLong followed the car she was riding in and made a traffic stop, asking the occupants for their identification and telling them they were stopped for "valid reasons."

"It’s concerning that he waited to follow us so he could catch us making a mistake to further intimidate us," Salim wrote.

As of Tuesday morning, the video had been viewed 146,000 times. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: How did this clown ever male lieutenant? 


Vandals toss red paint at George Washington statues on famed NYC arch 


A pair of vandals launched an attack on Washington Square Park’s famed arch early Monday — tossing balloons filled with red paint at its two statues dedicated to George Washington.

The two suspects — a woman dressed in all white with a white bow in her hair and a man in a black shirt and black shorts — fled on Citi Bikes, law enforcement sources said, noting there was surveillance video of the 3:20 a.m. incident.

The early 20th-century statues — one of Washington as the nation’s first president and another depicting him as general of the country’s Revolutionary War forces — bled red as they dripped with the still-fresh paint just before 8 a.m.

Remnants of the red paint-filled balloons that were tossed at them and the back side of the arch were left at the scene in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

Also left behind was the blue plastic cooler with wheels that the suspects used to tote the balloons. It still had red paint in it when cops found it.

The vandals also used white spray paint to draw the outlines of 24 people’s bodies around the park’s fountain — then tossed red balloons at their bodies, mainly their heads, making it appear as if they’d been shot.

“Washington has blood on his hands. I’m in favor of them defacing!” local Dr. Iven Young, 86, told The Post of the damage at the park.
Washington has garnered controversy because while he helped found the country, he also owned slaves and was responsible for the deaths of Native Americans. Amid recent massive protests over inequality, especially following the police-brutality death of George Floyd in Minnesota, such statues of prominent early Americans have been defaced and torn down across the US.

But Steve Romano, 61, also a doctor who lives in the neighborhood, said he opposed the vandalism.

“I feel like the city is letting things go, passively. It’s horrible,’’ he said. “It’s getting out of hand. I do not support defacing our monuments. It’s very frustrating.’’

Cops from the Sixth Precinct took away the cooler and other evidence left at the scene to test for things such as fingerprints.

Meanwhile, city Parks Department workers vigorously scrubbed the arch to get off the paint.

“This does do damage — you can see bits of the statue all over me,’’ a worker told The Post just before making his third pass at cleaning part of the marble structure with a citrus-based solution and powerwasher.

“It’s marble — it comes off,’’ he said.

Last week, a man painted “slave owner” on a statue of Washington in Union Square Park in Manhattan.



World famous monument of George Washington is defaced as NYC city slides billions into the red, its police face $1bn in cuts and de Blasio is accused of 'surrendering the city to lawlessness'


Daily Mail 

June 30, 2020


The monument at Washington Square Park was targeted by vandals who threw balloons containing red paint at the arch and its two statues of Washington in the early hours of Monday (left). Cops are offering a $2,500 reward to help hunt down the vandals, days after Donald Trump demanded long prison sentences for people who deface statues. 


The nationwide anti-racism protests have also inspired a week-long 'occupation' outside City Hall in New York, where demonstrators have set up camp - including a makeshift 'People's Library' that promotes 'radical literature'. 


Bill De Blasio bowed to one of the protesters' demands last night by announcing a $1billion cut to the NYPD budget, calling it a package of 'savings' in the wake of the coronavirus crisis - but the mayor's critics fear that drastic cuts could plunge New York back into the crime-ridden days of the 1980s. 


Texas AG joins letter to Senate, House leaders urging an end to ‘anti-police rhetoric’ 


By David Yates  


Southeast Texas Record

June 24, 2020


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined a letter to leaders in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, requesting assistance in “tempering the anti-police rhetoric that is jeopardizing the safety of our officers.”

“We especially rely on you, as the leaders of the most important legislative body in the world, to discourage dangerous disinformation and to help us restore the country’s faith in the overwhelming majority of law-enforcement officers who perform their jobs honorably and bring stability to our cities and states,” the letter states.

The attorneys general write that although the “tragic and preventable” death of George Floyd shined a spotlight on “bad actors” in law enforcement, the data doesn’t support claims that law enforcement is “systemically racist.”

“The vast majority of law enforcement officers across our country act prudently, professionally and heroically,” Paxton said in a statement. “However, when our nation’s leaders fail to fight back against disinformation or even spread it themselves, peace officer’s lives are endangered.”

The attorneys general contend that it is possible to support law enforcement and also speak out against those who dishonor the badge.

“These two concepts are not mutually exclusive and is why there has been virtually no support from law enforcement for the horrific decisions made by the officers involved in Mr. Floyd’s death,” the letter states. “Individuals, including members of Congress, are dangerously fanning the flames of emotion by tacitly or explicitly supporting the ‘Defund the Police’ (or worse) movement.”

Ultimately, it is the prerogative of cities and states to choose the best course of action for their citizens, the letter states in closing.

“Many law-enforcement agencies have instituted policies, reexamined training and protocols, and rightly worked with their local communities to build trust and encourage problem solving,” Paxton said. “Condemning all peace officers, due to the actions of a few, could incite chaos and anarchy.”

Other states whose attorneys general signed the letter include: Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nebraska and South Carolina. 


Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump that Interpol rejects


TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, a local prosecutor reportedly said Monday.
Interpol later said it wouldn’t consider Iran’s request, meaning Trump faces no danger of arrest. However, the charges underscore the heightened tensions between Iran and the United States since Trump unilaterally withdrew America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.
Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said Trump and 35 others whom Iran accuses of involvement in the Jan. 3 strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad face “murder and terrorism charges,” the state-run IRNA news agency reported.


Retiree tells tales of West Texas law enforcement career


ERS Connection

Summer 2020


When Carl Williams reminisces about his career as a Texas Highway Patrolman and Sheriff in 1950s and 1960s West Texas, it doesn’t take long to understand that he is talking about a different time. Not necessarily an easier time—he experienced his share of shootouts, drug busts and illicit border crossings—but an era when a sense of community always seemed to prevail.

“We built respect in communities,” he says. “We didn’t worry about anyone getting hurt by someone on purpose. Everybody took care of everybody else.”

Williams, who turns 86 in August, didn’t plan a career in law enforcement when he graduated from Sul Ross State College, but circumstances seemed to push him in that direction. His father worked as a River Guard (predecessor of the Border Patrol) and as a customs officer in the border regions of Presidio and Fabens where Williams grew up. As a young teen, Williams was intrigued by the police radio chatter he heard when highway patrol officers dropped by the movie theater where he worked. Another job at photography studio meant taking an occasional crime scene photo for the El Paso County sheriff.

While working as a teacher and coach after college, Williams got a summer job as a relief deputy for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and his career took a new path. He joined the Texas Highway Patrol in 1957, covering an extraordinary 1,500 miles of paved roads. Two memorable encounters involved basketball star Wilt Chamberlain and Mary Coe “Ma” Daniels, whose exploits on the frontier made her a local celebrity.

From 1965 to 1970 he served two terms as sheriff of Brewster County where he gained a reputation for a firm, yet compassionate manner that community members still remember today.
In 1970, Williams became part of the original staff of what is now the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). He not only enjoyed being part of something new, he says, but also the chance to help shape a new generation of officers.

“If they had anything to do with law enforcement, we were trying to advance them.” He was an investigator and instructor until he retired in 1989. Today he and his wife of 64 years, Alice, live in Midland.

Throughout his career, Williams often combined a passion for photography with his work. He taught arson photography and crime scene photography around the state. After retiring from TCOLE, he operated his own photography studio until 1996. He still teaches an occasional course in photography techniques.

“There’s no sense slowing down if you don’t have to,” he says.

After quadruple bypass surgery in 2001, Williams started writing some of his stories for his two children and four grandchildren. Last year he published “More than a Badge: Rough Country, the Law & Me,” a 500-plus-page memoir that is part family photo album, part historical record of Texas law enforcement, and a lot of tales of mischief and misdeeds.

“It’s kind of a legacy to them,” he says. Writing the book has led him to reflect on some tight scrapes, high-speed runs and instances where he knows divine intervention was on his side.

“I have been blessed and fortunate to do a lot of things,” he says. “It’s been a good adventure.”

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Teen driver, 16, is killed and 14-year-old passenger is wounded after armed Seattle's CHOP zone protesters fired into their Jeep as they approached the barricades at 3am - as those inside the cop-free area claim they acted in self-defense 


Daily Mail 

June 29, 2020


Police say a 16-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy was wounded following a shooting at Seattle's CHOP zone. Homicide detectives said they are investigating after witnesses reported seeing a white Jeep SUV near a makeshift barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone at about 3am on Monday just before the shooting. 


Witnesses told 911 dispatchers that they saw several unidentified people firing shots into the vehicle, police say. 


Both teenagers, who have not been publicly identified, were taken away from the CHOP zone in a private vehicle after the shooting and were met by Seattle Fire Department medics. 


The 16-year-old died in hospital several hours later and the 14-year-old remains in a critical condition. Detectives searched the vehicle for evidence on Monday morning but said in a statement that it was clear the crime scene had been 'disturbed'.  


Fox News reporter Dan Springer gets trapped inside his car by dozens of BLM protesters who accuse him of 'shoving' woman in Seattle's CHOP zone - as one climbs onto hood to demand apology


Daily Mail 

June 29, 2020


Fox News Correspondent Dan Springer was trapped in his car in Seattle after he allegedly shoved a protester, can disclose. 


The incident occurred just hours and feet from where two black men were shot when they tried to plow through barricades of the area on Monday. 

Springer allegedly pushed a woman at the event, telling her to get back, prompting the woman to throw her coffee at him. He then retreated into an SUV with private armed security guards protecting the car, as a group of 50 barricaded the vehicle and demanded for him to apologize. 


After 20 minutes the angry crowd died down and another vehicle pulled up, with Springer jumping inside and speeding away, according to onlookers.  





by Bob Walsh

Yesterday two more people were shot, one died, in THE ZONE in Seattle's Capital Hill area.  The cops, the fire department and EMS are STILL not "allowed" to enter THE ZONE.  

I wonder what the court is going to say when the application for a writ to compel the city to do their fucking job comes up for a hearing.  As they phrase goes, the evidence is becoming compelling.