Tuesday, January 17, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Federal Judge Thelton Henderson is hanging it up. Finally. Back in the 60s he was the first black civil rights lawyer hired by the feds. he spent a lot of time in the south keeping an eye on things. He had a federal ID and drove a federal car, which no doubt helped insulate him from some pretty nasty stuff a time or two.

Back then he loaned his government car to an acquaintance who needed to get to Selma and whose car had a flat. Henderson worried that this man would be in serious danger if his car broke down on the way so he made the loan. It got him fired. That man was Martin Luther King.

Henderson ended up on the federal bench, appointed by Jimmy Carter in 1980. He was, or at least became (IMHO) a hard core judicial activist. He essentially took over the California prison system, ordering major changes in operations and a complete takeover of the inmate health care system. This resulted in California state prisoners getting significantly better health care than is available to the general public, at significantly greater expense.

He also blocked enforcement of California Proposition 209, which banned consideration of race or gender in public education, employment or contracting. He was overruled by SCOTUS.

He is bailing out in August, due in large part to a progressive, debilitating medical condition. Bye bye Thelton, I won't miss you one damn bit. Enjoy your retirement.


Bernie has managed to capture the slammer's Swiss Miss market

by Bob Walsh

Various broadcast media outlets are reporting today that Bernie Madoff has found a new financial gig from within the walls of the federal hospitality center where he has been housed since his conviction for a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme fraud.

Yup, Bernie has cornered the market of the Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. He bought ALL of it from the canteen and now, until they get a resupply at least, if you want hot chocolate you have to go to Bernie (and pay his price).

Its good to know that capitalism is still alive and well if only in a very limited way under Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch, at least for the next five days.

Monday, January 16, 2017


As the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Day, it seems to me that we not only look at the way blacks were historically mistreated, but that we pause to remember how white men mistreated America’s Indians to a much greater extent.

From “Shadows at Dawn”
By Karl Jacoby

At dawn on April 30, 1871, an informal army of Arizona citizens surrounded and attacked a peaceful Apache camp. Most of the Apache men were off hunting in the mountains. In what became known as the Camp Grant Massacre, a total of 144 of those in the camp were killed and mutilated, nearly all of them scalped. All but eight of the corpses were women and children. Twenty-nine children were captured and most were sold into slavery in Mexico. It was one of the worst such massacres in the history of the American West, and in its day commanded unparalleled national attention. Peace parleys designed to prevent an escalation of hostilities followed the event. In those parleys, surviving Apaches begged U.S. military officials for help in recovering their children:

The first responses of the [Apaches] to the massacre on April 30, 1871, illuminate the very limits of human expression. Not only were many [Apaches], their bodies sprawled amid the burning [shelters]; along Ara¬vaipa Creek, silenced by death; Western Apache traditions favored not speak¬ing in the face of intense despair and instead using nonverbal displays of grief such as cutting one's hair or burning a deceased family member's possessions. Survivors' initial refusal to articulate their losses left a deep impression on the first outsiders to reach the massacre site. 'Many of the men, whose fami¬lies had all been killed, when I spoke to them ... were obliged to turn away, unable to speak, and too proud to show their grief. The women whose children had been killed or stolen were convulsed with grief. ... Children who two days before had been full of fun and frolic, kept at a distance, expressing won¬dering horror.'...

"In the early [peace] parleys, one point emerged paramount: the fate of the twenty¬-nine children seized during the massacre. 'Get them back for us,' one [Apache] exhorted the [officials]. '[O]ur little boys will grow up slaves, and our girls, as soon as they are large enough, will be diseased prostitutes to get money for whoever owns them. ... Our dead you cannot bring back to life, but those that are living we gave to you, and we look to you, who can write and talk and have soldiers, to get them back.'

"The [military officials] vowed to protect the survivors from further attack and to recover the People's missing children. ... By the Black Rocks People's [Apache's] reckoning, twenty-nine of their youths had been seized; of these, two had escaped back ... leaving twenty-seven still unac¬counted for. One of [chief] Hashkēē bá nzįn's last comments during his September parley with the Enemy had been to express his pleasure at [their] renewed promises to return the youngsters to the People: 'It seems to him now as if he had his children in his own hands.' Similarly, when a new [official] (General O. O. Howard) called upon the Black Rocks People the following spring, the redemption of their children was one of the first points the People raised with him. [The Apache] strove to impress upon their visitor the human costs of the massacre, ... showing him 'a little girl, eight or nine years of age,' who had survived the Camp Grant Massacre but was 'wounded under her ear and in her side.' ...

"As the conversation turned to the still unresolved status of the [Apache] children, however, the mood of the conference darkened. More than a year after the massacre and despite repeated promises to locate the [Apache]'s offspring, the [military] produced only six (four girls and two boys) of the twenty-seven missing children. Even more disap¬pointing, the lead ... negotiator, General Howard, swayed by settler claims that the Apache children were better off in 'civilized,' Christian households, suddenly imposed a new condition: he would only return those [children] whose parents were alive to care for them. ...

"In the end, however, the only compromise the two sides could agree upon was to have the six children remain at the army base at Blue Water Pool under the care of an [Anglo American] governess -- a measure that did not return the youths to their families but that did not leave them among their captors either,'

"Despite the determined efforts of the Black Rocks People to reclaim their relatives, the trail of the other twenty-one captured children vanishes at this point."


“I am humbled to be able to to participate here in paying tribute to some of the extraordinary Americans, whose footsteps paved the way for me and my generation. I feel blessed and honored to have partnered with Sen. Sessions in being the Senate sponsors of this important award.”

Thus spoke Sen. Cory Booker, (D-NJ), last February at the Capitol Visitor Center during the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony.

Senator Sessions has not demonstrated a commitment to a central requirement of the job – to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights, equal rights, and justice for all. In fact, at numerous times in his career, he has demonstrated a hostility toward these convictions, and has worked to frustrate attempts to advance these ideals.

If confirmed, Senator Sessions will be required to pursue justice for women, but his record indicates that he won’t.

He will be expected to defend the equal rights of gay and lesbian Americans, but his record indicates that he won’t.

He will be expected to defend voting rights, but his record indicates that he won’t.

He will be expected to defend the rights of immigrants and affirm their human dignity, but his record indicates he won’t.

His record indicates that as Attorney General he would obstruct the growing national bipartisan movement toward criminal justice reform.

His record indicates that we cannot count on him to support state and national efforts toward bringing justice to a justice system that people on both sides of the aisle readily admit is biased against the poor, drug addicted, mentally ill, and people of color.

His record indicates that at a time when even the FBI director is speaking out about implicit racial bias in policing and the need to address it; at a time when the last two Attorneys General have taken steps to fix our broken criminal justice system; and at a time when the Justice Department he would lead has uncovered systemic abuses in police departments all over the United States including Ferguson, including Newark; Senator Sessions would not continue to lead urgently needed change.

With all that is at stake in our nation now, I pray that my colleagues will join me in opposing his nomination.

Thus testified Sen. Booker on January 11 at the Senate confirmation hearings for the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Booker became the first senator in our history to testify against a sitting member of the U.S. Senate.

What a four-flushing phony hypocrite!


These Democrats aren't attending Trump's inauguration

So far, the following Democrats have publicly announced they are joining John Lewis in boycotting Friday's inauguration ceremony.

Texas Rep. Al Green

California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen

California Rep. Mark Takano

New York Rep. Yvette Clarke

California Rep. Ted Lieu

New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva

Michigan Rep. John Conyers

California Rep. Mark DeSaulnier

New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez

Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader

Missouri Rep. William Lacy Clay
This is the asshole who keeps rehanging that painting depicting cos as warthogs.

California Rep. Barbara Lee

New York Rep. Jose Serrano

California Rep. Judy Chu

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez

California Rep. Jared Huffman

Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer

New York Rep. Adriano Espaillat

Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan

Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge

California Rep. Maxine Waters

New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman

Maryland Rep. Anthony Brown

Virginia Rep. Don Beyer

Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree

Kentucky Rep. John Yarmouth

California Rep. Karen Bass

Pennsylvania Rep. Dwight Evans

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren

California Rep. Grace Napolitano

California Rep. Raul Ruiz

Washington Rep. Adam Smith

Florida Rep. Darren Soto

Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego

North Carolina Rep. G.K. Butterfield

Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro

California Rep. Tony Cárdenas

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle

North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams

California Rep. Juan Vargas

Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett

I am sure that additional Democrats will announce they are joining John Lewis in boycotting Trump's inauguration.

By the way, it turns out the revered civil rights icon is a liar. Lewis told Chuck Todd this would be the first inauguration he has ever skipped. That was a lie! Lewis also boycotted the second inauguration of George W. Bush.


by Bob Walsh

I suspected it has been coming for a while, since they knuckled under to the animal rights nutjobs. Now it has happened. The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth, is going the way of the dodo bird and passenger pigeon in four months.

The Ringling Brothers (there were five of them) and their successors had been doing their gig for 146 years. I have been to the circus a few times and always enjoyed it. The current show runs just a tad over two hours with the longest segment 12 minutes.

One of the major factors in their closing down was a substantial decline in ticket sales. That curve coincided with the decision to withdraw elephants from the circus.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Chicago police use excessive force, scathing Justice Department report finds

by Aamer Madhani

USA Today
January 13, 2017

CHICAGO — A scathing Justice Department investigation concluded the Chicago Police Department is beset by widespread racial bias, excessive use of force, poor training and feckless oversight of officers accused of misconduct.

The finding issued Friday came as the Justice Department and the city of Chicago issued “a statement of agreement” to find remedies to improve policing in the nation’s third-largest city and repair a shattered public trust.

“Sadly, our thorough investigation into the Chicago Police Department found that far too many residents of this proud city have not received that kind of policing," said Attorney General Loretta Lynch in announcing the findings. "The resulting deficit in trust and accountability is not just bad for residents – it’s also bad for dedicated police officers trying to do their jobs safely and effectively."

The probe in Chicago was launched in December 2015 following the court-ordered release of chilling video that showed a white officer, Jason Van Dyke, fire 16 shots at 17-year-old Laquan McDonald as he appeared to be running away from police during a pursuit.

The video — and the city’s decision to pitch a legal battle to keep it out of public view — as well as the fact that it took 400 days for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to file murder charges against Van Dyke, who is currently awaiting trial, lead to widespread public outrage and weeks of protests in Chicago.

After reviewing police data, the Justice Department found Chicago officers used force nearly 10 times more in incidents involving black suspects than against white suspects. African-Americans were the subject of 80% of all police firearm uses and 81% of all Taser contact-stun uses between January 2011 and April 2016. Of incidents where use of force was used against a minor, 83% involved black children and 14% involved Latino children during the same time period, the report notes.

"These data strongly support what we repeatedly and consistently heard from both law enforcement and community sources: Chicago’s black and Latino communities live not only with higher crime, but also with more instances of police abuse," the DOJ report said. "Starting from a young age, black and Latino people, especially those living in Chicago’s most challenged neighborhoods, have a vastly different experience with police than do white people. These negative, often tragic, interactions form the basis of minority communities’ distrust of police."

The investigation also reviewed 203 officer-involved shooting incidents in the last five years in which at least one person was shot. The Justice Department concluded Chicago police often engage "in dangerous and unnecessary foot pursuits and other unsound tactics that result in CPD shooting people, including those who are unarmed." In some cases, the Justice Department found officers initiated foot pursuits without a basis for believing the person committed a serious crime.

"We found many circumstances in which officers’ accounts of force incidents were later discredited, in whole or part, by video evidence," the report notes. "Given the numerous use-of-force incidents without video evidence ... the pattern of unreasonable force is likely even more widespread than we were able to discern through our investigation."

A major factor contributing to the excessive use of force is poor training, the report found. At the city police academy, Justice officials observed that cops-in-training were shown a decades-old video that was inconsistent with current law and the department's policies. When investigators interviewed recruits who recently graduated from the academy only one in six "came close to properly articulating the legal standard for use of force."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the findings in the report "sobering."

"Police misconduct will not be tolerated anywhere in this city and those who break the rules will be held accountable for their actions," he said. "I want to be clear, the Chicago Police Department and the City of Chicago is already on the road to reform, and there are no U-Turns on that road."

The Justice Department rushed to conclude the 13-month-long investigation as President Obama prepares to leave office next week, and President-elect Donald Trump — who has vowed to lead a more police-friendly administration — is set to take the reins.

With the findings, the Justice Department and the city also announced they committed to negotiating a consent decree, which would require independent monitoring to certify Chicago is taking agreed upon steps to solve problems within the department.

It's unclear what, if any, action the Trump administration will take on the findings of the investigation.

Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, expressed concerns during his Senate confirmation hearing this week that consent decrees “can undermine respect for police officers.” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Sessions, in private conversations, declined to commit to following through on recommendations in the report.

Dean Angelo, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, suggested the city, and police force, were ill served by the DOJ's push to complete the investigation before Obama leaves office.

"What also remains to be seen is whether or not the report might be considered compromised, or incomplete as a result of rushing to get it out before the Presidential Inauguration," Angelo said in a statement. "Everyone who reads this document should be as concerned about the timeliness of this report as the FOP."

Further complicating matters, Trump also has pledged to cancel all funding for so-called sanctuary cities. Chicago is one of dozens of cities across the U.S. that in some way limits cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents. Emanuel has vowed Chicago will remain a sanctuary city.

Roderick Sawyer, the chairman of the city council's black caucus, said that regardless of what the Trump administration does Emanuel must move forward with substantive reforms of the police department.

"The new presidential administration has made it clear that police reform, civil rights and racial justice are among its last priorities," Sawyer said in a statement. "Whether or not that prevents a meaningful consent decree from being implemented, we expect strong, bold and immediate action from City Hall and the CPD."

The report also comes at a difficult moment for Emanuel and the police force. In 2016, Chicago recorded 762 murders and more than 4,300 shooting victims, both more than New York and Los Angeles combined. Some analysts say the surge in crime may partly be due to officers becoming less proactive in their policing out of fear that they may be second-guessed by their superiors and the public.

In 2016, the Chicago Police Department was able to identify a suspect in only 29% of all homicides, less than half the national rate for 2015. The vast majority of Chicago's killings occurred in predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods where relations between the police and community are the most strained.

Justice officials make the case that building trust and combating crime will be intertwined. "For Chicago to find solutions — short- and long-term — for making those neighborhoods safe, it is imperative that the City rebuild trust between CPD and the people it serves, particularly in these communities," the report says.

Even before the McDonald case, the police department’s image had been tarnished in the African-American community by allegations of cops torturing and beating suspects and carrying out a disproportionate number of street stops of African-American and Latino men.

Police brutality cases cost the city more than $600 million in settlements and legal fees since 2004. In 2015, Emanuel announced a $5.5 million reparations package to victims of former police commander Jon Burge, who from the early 1970s to early 1990s was accused of overseeing the torture and beating of dozens of mostly African-American suspects.

Emanuel initially resisted calls for a Justice probe of the city’s police department, but later relented. After the fallout following the release of the McDonald video, Emanuel apologized for the city’s handling of the situation and vowed to improve transparency and restore the public trust.

He convened a Police Accountability Task Force, which in April issued a report that called on the department to "acknowledge its racist history and overhaul its handling of excessive force allegations." The task force also recommended more than 100 reforms.

Emanuel and the city council have embraced several of the task force’s recommendations — including launching mandatory training for officers on de-escalating volatile situations, mental health training for police officers and making it city policy to release all video of police-involved shootings within 60 to 90 days of an incident.

"To Chicago’s credit, the city has not been standing still since we announced our investigation at the end of 2015," Lynch said. "But our report makes clear that there is still considerable work to be done – work that will require federal partnership and independent oversight."

During Obama’s eight years in office, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Office conducted 25 pattern-or-practice investigations of police departments throughout the country.

On Thursday, the Justice Department and the city of Baltimore announced they agreed to terms of a consent decree.

The Justice Department found widespread issues with unconstitutional policing in Baltimore after it opened a probe there following the controversial death of Freddie Gray, an unarmed black man whose death while in Baltimore Police Department custody spurred violent protests in the city.


by Bob Walsh

A lot of people get tattoos to mark significant events in their lives. It just isn't that rare any more. That being said, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez is being accused of two murders and a non-fatal shooting, at least to some extent based on tattoos he has which seem to depict the actual murders.

The judge ruled this week that prosecutors can tell the jury about the tattoos. They depict the shooting allegedly in enough detail that they have some probative value. At least the judge thought so. It is hard to tell from broadcast news reports as news writers and news readers are woefully ignorant of the technical end of things and don't know a chamber from a cylinder or a semi-automatic from a revolver.

It is unlikely that the case will turn solely on the skin art. However, it sure isn't going to help Hernandez.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Rep. John Lewis, (D-Ga.), does not recognize Trump as a “legitimate president”

In 1965, John Lewis was one of the leaders of the ‘bloody Sunday’ protest in Alabama. He has been a member of Congress since 1986. He is revered as a civil rights icon by all Democrats, as well as by many Republicans.

In an NBC news clip released Friday, Lewis told “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd:

"I don't see this President-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton."

What a blatant attempt at ruining the Trump presidency.

Someone needs to hammer this into that thick skull of the 76-year-old Lewis. The Russians did not help to destroy the Clinton candidacy. Hillary Clinton helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Voters finally got fed up with Hillary’s long history of deceit, borderline criminality, lie after lie after lie, and overriding personal ambition.

And Hillary’s campaign went in the wrong direction. A sleazy John Podesta had Clinton appear at about every African-American church that exists in this country. Unfortunately for Hillary, she is not Barack Obama, and many of John Lewis’ fellow blacks did not bother to vote. Meanwhile Kellyanne Conway had Trump appear before dissatisfied white working-class Americans and concentrating on the battleground states where the electoral votes count.

The Russians did not help to destroy the Clinton candidacy. Clinton’s own campaign helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Lewis and many Democrats don’t seem to get it. Donald Trump has been elected as our 45th President and he was elected legitimately in a free and fair election by a vote of the American people.


by Bob Walsh

Sidney Robert DeJesus, 56, used to work for the San Pablo, CA, PD. In fact he was a Lieutenant and the spokesman for the department. Until he stepped in it.

On January 7 officers responded to his home in Roseville, Placer County. They reported that his lady friend had obvious facial injuries on her. Dejesus took off (fled) the home before the local constabulary arrived. About 1/2 hour after initial police contact with the woman the local cops spotted his car, pulled him over and arrested him without incident.

Dejesus was booked on suspicion of domestic violence and has since made bail. He worked for 23 years for the Vallejo PD before going to San Pablo. I say "used to" because the San Pablo PD now reports that DeJesus is no longer with that department.

The newspaper says he was fired, though it is much more likely that he actually resigned. In California it is almost impossible to fire a cop in six days even if they are caught committing a felony with multiple witnesses and video. Since he is over 55 and has more than 20 years on the job he will be eligible for his pension as his offense was not related to the performance of his duties.

Friday, January 13, 2017


No Colin Kaepernicks allowed on the Virginia Tech basketball team

If only Commissioner Roger Goodell and the spineless owners and coaches of the NFL had the guts that Virginia Tech Coach Buzz Williams has in demanding that players respect our National Anthem.


by Bob Walsh

Not about any of his platform, about being tired of hearing of Hillary's email problems. It seems the D O J Inspector General is preparing to investigate the FBI in how the situation was handled with special emphasis on the timing of the director's statement concerning the matter. Regular readers will no doubt remember that the director released a public statement excoriating Hillary, but declaring that they would not pursue charges against her as it was unlikely to be successful and a reasonable prosecutor would not do so. Then, a few days before the election, he send a letter to senior members of congress, which was almost instantly leaked, asserting that they were taking another look at some aspects of the email scandal.

It's time to either fish or cut bait. I hope (and actually expect) that within 30 days of Trump taking office the DOJ will decide to either move or let it slide, and then do either one or the other.


by Bob Walsh

A legally armed private citizen saved a state trooper in a shooting early this morning.

An Arizona State Trooper happened upon a roll-over wreck on the freeway. As he was investigating the scene a gunman appeared and shot the trooper, injuring him. About that time a private citizen came upon the scene, bailed out of his vehicle and opened fire on the bad guy, terminally rehabilitating him.. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

If this happened in California they would probably prosecute the good guy for tampering with a crime scene and assist the dead guy's family in a civil suit. In Arizona they will probably buy him another box of ammo and send him on his way.


Outrage over ‘cops as warthogs’ painting continues as LA police union protests

by Toni McAllister

City News Service
January 10, 2017

The Los Angeles Police Protective League and four other police unions are once again calling for the removal of a controversial painting that has twice been removed and re-installed on a wall in the U.S. Capitol Building.

The painting — which depicts police as warthogs aiming guns at a group of protesters — has been an ongoing media spectacle for days, during which time it’s been taken down by Republican representatives Duncan Hunter of California and Doug Lamborn of Colorado, only to be re-hung by Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Missouri.

“By re-hanging this painting in our nation’s capitol, Rep. Clay is not only agreeing with it, but he’s celebrating it,” the LAPPL said in a statement co-signed by the Sergeants Benevolent Association of New York and the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Police Officers Associations. “Clay agrees with this painting’s depiction of police officers as pigs looking to gun down innocent people and he shouldn’t cowardly hide behind the first amendment to justify re-hanging the picture.”

The painting, by then-high school senior David Pulphus, was a winner in the House of Representatives’ “Artistic Discovery” art contest for high school students. Inspired by protesters’ clashes with the Ferguson Police Department in 2014, the painting is called “Untitled #1.”

Clay chose the piece as the winner from his district and it had been hanging without controversy for months until recently, when police unions started to voice opposition.

The LAPPL and four other police unions last week wrote a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan asking him to take the painting down. At that time, the painting had not been removed.

Since then, both Lamborn and Hunter — who represents parts of San Diego County — have removed the painting, only to have it hung back up by Clay, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The paper reported the painting might have even been removed and re-hung a third time Tuesday.

“This is really not about a student art competition anymore,” Clay said, according to the Post-Dispatch. “It’s about defending the Constitution.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've seen pictures of the hateful painting hung on a wall in Congress by that asshole Lacy Clay. I've also got my old copy of the Black Panther coloring book. One of the pages shows a warthog cop pointing a gun at some black children just like in the painting. I suspect that David Pulphus found a copy of the coloring book and used it make his hate-the-cops painting.


Obama’s anti-Israel politics show the need for the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act

By Ruth R. Wisse

The Wall Street Journal
December 29, 2016

December began with the passage by the Senate of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act and ended with President Obama’s betrayal of the Jewish state. In a reversal of policy, the U.S. failed to block a United Nations Security Council measure that is arguably the most prejudicial U.N. pronouncement since the 1975 resolution declaring that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” The president’s abstention aligns America with the malefactors against whom the Senate is trying to raise awareness.

Let us take this step by step. The Senate passed the triple-A act in response to the escalation of anti-Jewish hostility in America, especially on the fringes of politics and in institutions of higher learning. University administrators protested that the legislation would stifle “freedom of speech.” Treating anti-Semitism as a problem of free speech is like treating an outbreak of mumps as a problem of cosmetics. Responsible authorities are required to check injurious epidemics.

The Senate bill itself understates the problem by treating anti-Semitism under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin. Were anti-Semitism historically a matter of discrimination alone, it could not have generated the extermination of the Jews of Europe or the perpetual Arab war against Israel. Discrimination is merely one byproduct of anti-Semitism, which in modernity is a political strategy, ideology and movement forged in 19th-century Europe, adapted by 20th-century Arabs, and now spreading in our midst.

Decades after World War II, the U.S. established the Holocaust Memorial Museum presumably to warn against genocides like the mass murder of European Jewry. But the museum inadvertently subverted its purpose. The League for Anti-Semitism was founded in Germany in the 1870s to oppose liberal democracy, which it called a Jewish plot “to conquer Germany from within.” Tsarist Russia added “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and accused Jews of wanting to conquer the world. Nazism added the feature of Aryan supremacy. Nationalist movements adapted it to their specificities, and so did internationalist movements, which is why one of their leaders called anti-Semitism the “socialism of fools.”

Protean anti-Semitism spans the political spectrum and blames Jews for whatever they are said to represent. Long before the Holocaust, anti-Semitism spawned its successor anti-Zionism. When the mufti of Jerusalem instigated massacres of the Jews of Palestine in 1929, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin hailed them as harbingers of a Communist revolution, charging Palestinian Jews with imperialism and laying the groundwork for the Soviet-Arab alliance that later dominated the U.N. Thus was a form of politics designed in Europe and organized against Jews in their dispersion reorganized against Jews gathered in their homeland.

The Arab League’s war against Israel opposed the principle of coexistence. Arab leaders, having failed in their vow to push Israel into the sea, adopted the inverted tactics of anti-Semitism by accusing Israel of displacing the Palestinians. Much of the subsequent convulsion and violence in the Arab world can be traced to that original political sin of refusing coexistence.

Turning back to America, no one familiar with President Obama’s biography can be surprised by his acquiescence in the anti-Jewish politics of grievance and blame. Raised in, educated by, and exposed to the major forms of contemporary anti-Semitism, he would have been remarkable to have escaped its effects. He attended school in Indonesia where, according to Pew surveys, unfavorable views of the Jews are among the highest in the Muslim world.

This is the most obvious connection between his upbringing and his membership in the Chicago church of Jeremiah Wright, the pastor whose anti-Semitism he had to repudiate in order to win the White House. No less important than either of these influences were his college years at Columbia in the early 1980s—when Prof. Edward Said was sounding the pro-PLO drumbeat against Israel—and his association with the anti-Zionist hard left in Chicago.

In this respect the president is a faithful product of his education. His ruinous legacy underscores the importance of “Anti-Semitism Awareness,” whether or not passage of the Senate’s act will be enough to arrest it. The current administration has courted the favor of Israel’s pursuers in the hope of averting their enmity toward the U.S.

In so doing, it has licensed an anti-Israel assault on the part of some Americans beguiled by a similar fantasy and comforted by the knowledge that Israel, because it can least afford to relax its military defenses against their common enemies, serves as the West’s fighting front line. In like fashion, college administrators may be glad to have Jews absorb campus discontent that might otherwise be directed at them.

These dodges failed before and will fail again. The Jewish people has proven its ability to remain morally intact—some say exceptional—through several millennia. America’s exceptionalism is still being tested, and its submission to anti-Semitism is not a good sign. In failing to stand up to Israel’s and America’s common foes, President Obama has failed the country that elected him its leader.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Houston real estate broker Jay wall says, look at how one of Houston's finest office projects, Four Oaks Place, has started marketing itself.


*Central Security Station located on first floor of the garage

*32 Officers assigned to Four Oaks Place

*Officers routinely rove the property by foot as well as with the Four Oaks Place
security vehicle

*Provide fire, life and safety services; there are officers stationed in each lobby, on the loading docks and in the garage (parking enforcement and patrol)

*Safe and secure environment for all employees, tenants and visitors

*24/7 security on-site and each officer generally works an 8-hour shift

*State of the art surveillance and monitoring system in place



by Sean Kennedy

AMI Newswire
January 10, 2017

The record-setting violence in Chicago is even worse than announced as new evidence shows the city suffered 50 more homicides last year than the numbers publicly reported in the past week.

The city posted a decades-high homicide count of 812 in 2016, per the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. That’s 15% greater than the 762 murders reported by the city's police department.

The discrepancy is largely due to the fact that the county tallies “homicides” while the police number counts “murders.” Murders are defined as violent acts subject to criminal prosecution. Homicides, according to the medical examiner, include instances “when the death of a person comes at the hand of another person. This does not imply that all homicides are murders that would be subject to criminal prosecution.”

The city police count is also lower because it excludes violent, intentional deaths if the act is deemed justified, including police killings of residents.

Per the county’s count, homicides rose 54% in 2016 over 2015 when Chicago had 528 deaths determined to be homicides.

Gun violence is the leading cause of death for victims of homicide in Chicago with 725 decedents being felled by at least one gunshot wound.

African Americans also bore the brunt of the violence in Cook County, which includes Chicago. They accounted for 710 of the county-wide total of 915 (88% of which occurred in the city). Men comprised 90% of the homicide victims in the county.

Other cities saw similar increases in homicides per a recently released FBI data. Cities with over one million inhabitants saw murder rise by 21.6% in the first half of 2016 over the first half of 2015, when homicide jumped in most urban centers after decades of falling murder rates.

Murder, per the FBI, is different than homicide. The former is defined as “murder and non-negligent manslaughter as the willful (non-negligent) killing of one human being by another.”

The distinction accounts for some of the discrepancy between the oolice department’s official count of 762 and the medical examiner’s report of 812 in the city. The remainder may be due to jurisdictional issues (such as a murder occurring within city limits but under the jurisdiction of a different agency like the Illinois State Police) and victims’ dying in the following calendar year (12 individuals died in 2016 from assaults in previous calendar years per the Chicago Sun-Times.)


by Bob Walsh

Sara Packer, 41, used to work for Northampton County, PA, as a supervisor in the Children, Young and Families Division. She was there from 2003 thru 2010 and during that time adopted a 3-year old girl, Grace. She was separated from that organization due to unspecified "allegations of misconduct." She is now in the slammer, along with her boy friend, Jacob Sullivan, 44, for suspicion of the rape and murder of the girl, now 13.

Allegedly Packer and Sullivan acted out a rape-murder fantasy for real with the unfortunate girl, Grace, as the object of the exercise. The cops assert that they kept Grace's body in cat litter for several months, then dismembered it and dumped it in the mountains near Scranton. Her remains were found on Halloween by hunters.

The Bucks County D. A. may seek the death penalty against this disgusting pair of quasi-humans. The two allegedly initiated a suicide pact on December 30, but fucked it up. Sullivan has been in the hospital ever since. At some point during his stay he made incriminating statements to staff and the cops got involved.

Sullivan asserts that they raped and beat Grace over several hours, then suffocated her and left her trussed up in a hot attic to die. When they came back the next day they find that she had perversely refused to die and they strangled her, then packed her in cat litter.

Perhaps they will get life trussed up in a hot attic with a gag in their mouths, waiting forever for help that never comes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A federal judge has just approved the bankruptcy plan of the Diocese of Stockton. This action came about two years after the Diocese filed for bankruptcy protection due to massive lawsuits over pedophile priests and the cover-up of their actions by the church.

The plan kicks down about $15 million for survivors and gives "at least" 50% to unsecured creditors.

The lawyers for many of the survivors of the pedophiles are not completely satisfied however, They want to know the current whereabouts of Father Michael Kelly and if the church is continuing to support him. Kelly fled to Ireland in 2012 to avoid prosecution but was most recently known to be in Morocco.

Prior to this settlement the Diocese had paid out several tens of millions of dollars to victims. Neither the church nor Father Kelly has ever admitted to any wrongdoing in the case.

Just goes to show you, even if the cover-up isn't worse than the crime it can be more costly. At the time of the initial filing Stockton was the tenth Diocese in the U. S. to file for bankruptcy. As far as I know all of these filings were related to judgments concerning pedophile priests and-or church cover-ups of their actions.


by Bob Walsh

A federal judge ruled today that the civil lawsuit against State's Attorney (local prosecutor)Marilyn Mosby can proceed. The suit was filed by five of the six Baltimore police officers who were charged by Mosby in the death of Freddie Gray.

U. S. District Court Judge Marvin J. Garbis ruled that the action for malicious prosecution, defamation and invasion of privacy can move ahead. Assistant Sheriff Samuel Cogen is also named in the suit. He wrote the probable cause statement in the action against the officers.

Mosby's attorney are asserting that she has absolute immunity from actions taken as a prosecutor. The judge has pointed out that, by her own statements, her office conducted an independent investigation of the officer's actions and that she is being sued as an investigator and not as a prosecutor.

All claims against the state of Maryland were dismissed by the judge, as were claims of false arrest, false imprisonment and abuse of process.

Barring an appeal (which is likely) the case will move into discovery and will include depositions of Mosby and others involved in the hatchet job, sorry, I mean investigation.

Officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the police van, did not join in the civil action against Mosby.


by Bob Walsh

An executive of VW of America was actually arrested over the weekend in Florida for criminal charges of deceiving the feds with regards to the fraud in the VW diesel smog scandal.

Oliver Schmidt, 48, a resident of Germany, was arrested on criminal charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. The feds want him detained as a flight risk. He will be transported to Detroit this week for further court action.

Schmidt is the general manager for engineering and environment for VW of America.


by Bob Walsh

Readers will probably remember the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, shot down by a revolving door felon illegal alien. A federal magistrate has just ruled that her survivors can NOT sue the People's Republic of San Francisco over the sanctuary city policy that resulted in her murderer being on the streets in San Francisco in 2015. The magistrate also ruled that the family can not sue ICE over the matter.

Magistrate Joseph C. Spero did, however, rule that the lawsuit against the BLM can continue. The gun that Steinle was murdered with was the property of the BLM and was stolen from the car of one of it's agents. The BLM is defending that action, pointing out that leaving the gun locked in an unattended car was completely legal and they should not be held liable for criminal use of a stolen weapon. Unfortunately I am inclined to agree with them.

Recent California law forbids leaving unsecured handguns in locked vehicles though it is doubtful that this would apply to federal employees, federal guns and federal vehicles (though I think the car in question was a personally owned vehicle and not a government vehicle). That law was not in effect when Ms. Steinle was murdered.


After a great trip to the Philippines, I returned to the States only to catch a really lousy cold/cough which has sapped me physically and mentally. Until I recover I'm counting on good old Bob Walsh to keep things going.