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FedEx delivered a package as addressed that contained coke, meth and heroin, but it was not the address the sender intended his goods to be delivered to

Recently a home owner in the Houston area was surprised when FedEx delivered a package to him that contained coke, meth and heroin. The package, which had obviously been addressed incorrectly, was turned over to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. With the help of an anonymous tip, sheriff’s investigators got the correct nearby address.

On Friday, October 10, when sheriff deputies raided the house for which the drugs were intended, they made quite a haul. Marijuana, pain pills, cocaine, morphine, LSD, hashish, steroids, black tar heroin, codeine and other drugs including a variety of medications typically prescribed to cancer patients, were found and seized. The cancer drugs were believed to have been stolen from pharmacies. The street value of the drugs was estimated at $100,000. Drug paraphernalia, including scales and the usual baggies, were also seized.

Also found and seized was $6,700 in cash and a number of shotguns, handguns and an AR-15 with a full 30-round clip and a military-grade night scope.

Arrested on drug and weapons charges were Michael Taylor, 45, Stephanie Adams, 30, and Leslie Peck, 32. Adams’ five-year-old child was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

The moral of this story is that when you get ready to mail a letter or package, always carefully double check, or better yet, triple check to make sure you got the address correct.


A 28-year veteran LAPD cop may get fired for making inappropriate remarks while teaching a class to other cops

I have observed many poice training classes in which the instructor got carried away and would say something entirely inappropriate. I have noted something common to many police officers who are called upon to conduct a training class.

The officer will try to get the trainees to like him. He will try to impress them by telling ‘war stories’ throughout the session. He will refer to people using cop jargon, some of which is considered insensitive by minorities. And sometimes, he will get so carried away that he starts expressing his personal beliefs and opinions. That insensitive jargon and those personal opinions, especially when they involve internal department conflicts or politicians, can leave the officer waddling around in deep shit, and may even cost him his job.

That is what’s happening now to a 28-year veteran LAPD cop. In November 2013, Frank Lyga, a detective in LAPD's gang and narcotic division, was teaching a class to other cops when he shot his big mouth off on matters not dealing with the class subject. A black officer made a recording of Lyga’s presentation and gave it to Internal Affairs because he was offended by what he felt were racist remarks. Last June, the 28-year veteran was removed from street duty pending outcome of the investigation. And now, the LAPD Board of Rights has recommended Lyga be fired.

It seems that Lyga got way off the subject when he started talking about shooting Kevin Gaines, a black LAPD officer, way back in 1997. Gaines was off duty and in civilian clothes and Lyga had just come off an undercover narcotics investigation wearing grubby clothes. The two, neither of whom knew the other one was a cop, got involved in a traffic dispute. For some reason Gaines pulled his gun, and Lyga fearing for his life shot him dead. The shooting became controversial when several black cops and community activists claimed the shooting was racially motivated. Lyga was absolved of any wrongdoing.

Johnnie Cochran, of O.J. Simpson fame, and black civil rights lawyer Carl Douglas represented the Gaines family in a lawsuit. Here is how Jasmyne Cannick described part of the recording on her Jasmyne website, in which Lyga tells about a conversation he had with Douglas:

Lyga says, “The last thing I want to say is that Carl Douglas hit me up and said, ‘did you intend to shoot him’?”

With his colleagues laughing in the background, Lyga says he responded to Douglas by saying, “I hit him, didn’t I?”

He says that Douglas asked if it was an accident to which Lyga replied “No it wasn’t an accident.”

Lyga then says Douglas asked if he had any regrets. “I said yeah,” according to Lyga. “No, I regret that he was alone in his truck at the time.”

Lyga then goes on to say to his colleagues, “Figure that one out. Hear that? Alone in the truck at the time. I could have killed a whole truckload of ‘em…and would have been happily doing it–doing so.”

Cannick also reported Lyga as “saying how Capt. Lillian L. Carranza couldn’t find her ass with both her hands because someone else’s hands were always on it and because she’s been ‘tossed around’ a couple of times.” She also reported that Lyga was heard on the recording as referring to Johnnie Cochran as a “crooked-lipped motherfucker” and Douglas as [Johnnie Cochran's] “little Ewok assistant.”

What Lyga said about Carranza, Cochran and Douglas may very well have been true, but those kind of comments have absolutely no place in any classroom presentation.

In his appearance before the Board of Rights, Lyga admitted he made those and other remarks and he apologized profusely. Apparently the board was not impressed with his apologies.

I cannot comprehend what possessed Lyga to make those extremely inappropriate remarks. They were beyond the pale for whatever subject he may have been teaching.

Should Lyga be fired? My heart tells me no, but my brain says yes. It will be up to Chief Charlie Beck whether to fire Lyga or hand out a lesser punishment.

Now here’s my advice to police, parole and correctional officers. If you’re called on to teach a training class, stay strictly on the subject that you are supposed to teach. Save your war stories for coffee breaks. Above all, don’t get into internal department conflicts and keep your damn personal beliefs and opinions to yourself. What you say in the classroom does not stay in the classroom.


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
October 17, 2014

The basic facts are not in question. Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney, 38, was sent to Red Arrow Park six months ago on a welfare check of a man sleeping on a park bench. The man was Dontre Hamilton, 31.

Hamilton was a bit of a paranoid schizophrenic. Manney initiated a contact with Hamilton and attempted to pat him down, which may or may not have been appropriate. Hamilton went off and a fight ensued. Hamilton allegedly got control of Manney’s baton and hit him in the neck with it. At that time Manney drew his service pistol and fired 14 rounds at Hamilton, striking him 14 times. Hamilton died. Manney was fired yesterday.

The local police union is outraged, and have said so.

Chief Edward Flynn said that, “you don’t go hands-on and start frisking someone only because they appear to be mentally ill.”

At least two additional outside investigations are under way in addition to the one already completed. No charges have been filed. Yet.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The frisk may or may not have been appropriate. But 14 shots? No way Jose! I suspect Manney was pissed off because Hamilton whacked him with the baton. I don't see any PC sleaze here.

Friday, October 17, 2014


A mother who shot at and missed a water moccasin that interrupted a Pop Warner football practice got busted along with the mother who handed her the gun

Everyone knows there are lots of critters – both animal and human – in Florida, including gators and snakes, especially snakes. Last week, a slimy water moccasin was discovered on the Bay High School football field in Panama City, Florida. That was probably not unusual, except that it was found in the middle of a Pop Warner football practice.

The football coaches attempted to beat the poor snake with sticks, but when they failed to get rid of the poisonous critter, they ordered the young players off the field. That didn’t sit too well with April DeMarco, 30, the mother of one of the boys. Miren Gregory, 31, another of the mothers watching the practice, told April she had a concealed carry license and had a gun in her purse. Miren offered to hand Apridl the gun so she could shoot the snake and let the football practice continue.

At this point, a busybody mother told April it was against the law to have a firearm on any school grounds. April replied, “I will take the blame.”

While the children were at least 20 yards away, April strode over to the snake, took careful aim with the .380 caliber pistol and squeezed off one shot … but the deadeye mom missed.

On Monday, April got arrested for discharging a firearm on school property and possession of a firearm on school property. April’s excuse, that as a mother she was merely trying to protect the children, did not fly with the authorities.

Miren got busted Tuesday for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a firearm on school property. Florida law prohibits firearms on school property and makes no exception for concealed carry license holders.

As for the lucky snake, nobody knows what happened to it.


Texas man installs cost-free security system that also provides him with round-the-clock personal protection

The Unconventional Gazette
October 16, 2014

Bob resides in the Dallas suburb of Plano. Even though he lives in an upscale gated community, many residents there have suffered from burglaries and home invasions. Bob decided he needed a better home security system.

In order to obtain better security, Bob tore out his ADT alarm system and notified his Neighborhood Watch captain that he no longer wanted them to watch his property.

Bob then purchased two Pakistani flags and one ISIS flag. He raised the three flags in his front Yard, the Pakistani flags at each corner and the black flag of ISIS in the center.

The Plano police, Collin County sheriff's deputies, Texas DPS, FBI, U.S. Marshals, CIA and other intelligence services are all watching Bob’s house 24/7. Furthermore, Bob has officers from those agencies following him everywhere he goes.

Bob now has a near-perfect security and personal protection system, and he only had to pay for the flags and flag poles. Plus, he no longer has to pay those monthly ADT charges.

Bob never felt safer in his whole life.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The investigation into whether or not Bowe Bergdahl deserted was completed last week, but the Pentagon refuses to say when the report will be released

Members of Bowe Bergdahl’s unit testified that he deserted to the Taliban when he abandoned his outpost on the front lines in Afghanistan in June 2009. The investigation into whether or not he is a deserter was completed last week but the Pentagon refuses to say when the report will be released.

Soldiers from Bergdahl’s unit who testified and provided documentation that he deserted to the Taliban, and Republicans are furious about the delay in releasing the report. Some are suggesting that the Pentagon does not want to embarrass the Obama administration by releasing the report ahead of the November elections.

If you recall, Bergdahl was released last May after five years in captivity in exchange for five high-ranking Taliban members who had been held at Guantanamo. The release was heralded with great fanfare. The president even met with Bergdahl’s parents in a White House Rose Garden ceremony. And Susan Rice, the President’s National Security Adviser, went on the Sunday morning TV news shows to declare that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” even though the government knew he had been accused of desertion by members of his unit.

Bergdahl was promoted to sergeant while he was held in captivity. He’s been assigned to a desk job at a military base in San Antonio pending a decision on whether or not he will be court martialed. If cleared of wrongdoing, Bergdahl will receive $200,000 in back pay and $150,000 compensation for suffering at the hands of the Taliban.

The Pentagon is prohibited from engaging in politics, but if it is delaying release of the investigation report until after the November elections, the Pentagon is clearly playing politics with a potentially embarrassing situation for the President and his administration. If Bergdahl were to be charged with desertion before the November elections, that would be embarrassing to the administration and could hurt the Democrats in their attempts to maintain control of the Senate.


The Bloomberg administration appealed a ruling by anti-police Judge Shira Scheindlin that NYPD’s stop-and-frisks discriminated against minorities. Sandinista-loving Bill de Blasio campaigned against the stop-and-frisks when he ran for mayor. One of the first things he did when assuming office was to drop the appeal. NYPD’s unions are attempting to replace the Bloomberg administration in the appeals process and de Blasio’s lawyers are trying to stop them.

City's police unions are arguing they should be able to continue to appeal a federal judge's ruling that the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy violated civil rights

By Colleen Long

Associated Press
October 15, 2014

NEW YORK -- Police unions should be able to appeal a federal judge's ruling that the New York Police Department's stop and frisk policy violated civil rights even though the city no longer wants to fight, union lawyers argued Wednesday.

A lower court judge has said the unions did not signal soon enough their wish to be included in the case, heard last year in federal court. U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled after a 10-week civil trial that the NYPD's stop, question and frisk policy sometimes discriminated against minorities. She ordered sweeping reforms and installed a monitor to oversee the changes.

Then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration appealed her decision, but Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped the appeal when he came into office this year. The police unions want to continue the fight.

The unions believe the ruling damaged their officers' reputations and worry they won't be able to bargain on the reforms ordered that involve training, discipline and other changes, their lawyers told a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

The judges peppered the attorneys with challenges. Judge Barrington Parker Jr. said it would be highly unusual for an appeal to proceed when the actual parties in the case have agreed to settle — whether the unions like it or not.

It's a new regime "that wants its police department to behave differently," Parker said. "It's a part of the democratic process."

"You can't rewind the clock to what it was before the de Blasio administration took office," Judge John Walker Jr. said.

Meanwhile, the NYPD has already started implementing some of the suggestions made in the ruling on its own. For example, a pilot program of body-worn cameras is being developed in five precincts, and the form officers fill out to record a stop and frisk was being revised. Officers already receive training on how to properly stop someone.

Since before the trial, streets stops have been on decline from a high of more than 685,000 in 2011. In the first half of this year there have been 27,527 stops. In two of the precincts that recorded the most stops, both in Brooklyn, there have been 126 stops, compared with 10,540 in 2011.

Lawyers for the city, which spent years fighting the case, now say they're ready to turn the page. They say it will take five years to reform the process, three under a court monitor and two with the city's new inspector general overseeing reforms.

"The city's policymakers have decided to reform stop and frisk and not to continue this fight," said attorney Richard Dearing. "We are looking forward."


The Unconventional Gazette
October 15, 2014

Bob met an older woman at a bar last night. She looked pretty good for a 60+year-old. In fact, she wasn't too bad at all. Bob found himself thinking she probably had a really hot daughter.

They drank a couple of beers, and she asked if he'd ever had a Sportsman's Double?

'What's that?’, he asked.

'It's a mother and daughter threesome,' she said.

As Bob’s mind began to relish the idea, and he wondered what her daughter might look like, he said, 'No, I haven't.'

They drank a bit more, then she said with a wink, 'Tonight's your lucky night, Bob.'

They left the bar and went to her place, all the while he was trembling in anticipation. They walked in. She put on the hall light and shouted upstairs:

' still awake?'

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The NIH spent millions of dollars on wacky projects like an origami condom design, a study of sex among fruit flies, an online game for Michelle’s anti-obesity campaign, a study of chimpanzee poop-throwing skills, etc., and now complains it did not have any money to develop an Ebola vaccine

Talk about your tax dollars at work, the expenditures by the National Institutes of Health are absolutely mind-boggling.

The NIH spent $2.4 million for a new ‘origami’ condom design. Daniel Resnic, the creator of the origami condom, conned the idiots at NIH into wasting all that money on condoms based on Japanese folding paper. Resnic is now under investigation for fraud, accused of spending some of the money on cosmetic surgery, a Playboy Mansion party and exotic trips..

$939,000 was spent on the sex habits of fruit flies and concluded that the males prefer younger females. In other words, they spent nearly a million dollars to learn that male fruit flies are just like their human counterparts, since men prefer to fuck younger women.

$257,000 was spent to produce “Virtual Sprouts” an online game which is a companion to Michelle Obama’s White House garden and is designed to teach nutrition and to fight obesity.

$592,000 was spent studying the shit slinging skills of Chimpanzees which found that chimps with the best communication skills were also best at flinging poop. Another $117,000 was spent to learn that most chimps are right-handed.

$325,000 was spent studying arguments between husbands and wives. The study found that when wives ‘downgraded’ [calmed down] their anger during an argument, both spouses had a more satisfying marriage over time. Not so, however, when men calmed down.

$666,000 was spent studying the effect on old people of watching reruns of sitcoms like Seinfeld and watching old movies.

$181,000 was spent on a study which found that cocaine use ‘enhanced’ the sex drive of the Japanese quail.

$548,000 was spent on a study that found partygoers in their 30s felt immature after binge drinking while those in their 20s didn’t.

$610,000 was spent on a survey of 120 countries to see how satisfied people are with their lives in those countries.

$484,000 was spent on a study to see if hypnosis can reduce hot flashes in women. Another $294,000 was spent to see if yoga could do the same.

$1.1 million was spent studying how athletes perceive their in-game surroundings. Among other things, the study found that golfers can putt better if they imagine the hole is bigger. [I think that men would enjoy sex better if they imagined the hole was smaller.]

$832,000 was spent to learn if it was possible to get South African tribesmen who had not been circumcised into the habit of washing their dicks off after having sex.

Those expenditures totaled $9.345 million, and that's only a partial list of studies, the expenditures for which would be considered by any reasonable person as wasteful spending. But then, we can all sleep better now knowing that the bigger a golfer imagines the hole to be, the better he can putt.

Providing us with a perfect example of chutzpah, NIH chief Dr. Francis Collins is now complaining that lack of funding prevented his agency from developing an Ebola vaccine.

I believe that Dr. Collins, and every person at NIH who had any part in approving these grants, be made to stand in front of the best communicating Chimpanzees every day for a month and let those chimps pelt them all day long with ape shit. Maybe, just maybe, that would teach them to stop wasting our tax dollars.

Wait a minute, not so fast. Maybe I can get a $500,000 grant from the NIH to conduct a study on the pleasure a man gets from having sex with a woman depending on the size of her hole.


In order to meet street patrol specs, LAPD station commanders falsified reports by creating “ghost cars” to make it appear as though the mandated number of cops were patrolling the streets

First it was crime stats that were being manipulated in New York, Los Aneles, Houston and elsewhere, and now it’s the reports on the number of cops on patrol that are also being falsified. If you can’t trust police reports, how can you trust the police?

By the Times Editorial Board

Los Angeles Times
October 13, 2014

An Inspector General's report released Friday confirmed what many Los Angeles Police Department insiders have been complaining about for months: Officers have routinely falsified records to make it appear that they were patrolling the streets, when in fact they were doing paperwork, working desk jobs or handling other duties at stations.

The investigation found false reports of patrols — so-called “ghost cars” — in at least five of the department's 21 geographic areas. The falsifications were carried out over multiple shifts by officers of various ranks, but the sole purpose was to make it appear that station commanders were meeting staffing levels set by a computer program and rigidly watched by department brass. As Alex Bustamante, the LAPD's inspector general, wrote, commanding officers are responsible for 100% compliance with daily patrol staffing levels, and when they fail (or are unable) to meet that goal, they must answer to top leaders of the department. Union officials said captains are under “intense pressure” to hit their patrol numbers, and that urgency trickles down to lower-level supervisors who order officers to fill out logs showing they are on patrol when they are not.

The Inspector General's revelation is troubling for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's dishonest. False data lead city leaders and the public to believe the streets are more heavily patrolled than they really are. That undermines our sense of how safe we are, and also influences policy decisions on, for example, whether the city should hire more civilians for administrative tasks or keep hiring officers. And if supervisors can justify lying about staffing levels in order to keep the bosses happy, what other transgressions or omissions will they allow?

Most worrisome is that this is the second report in recent months to conclude that the LAPD has been relying on bad data and inaccurate reporting. A Times investigation in August found that the department understated violent crime in the city by misclassifying nearly 1,200 violent crimes as minor offenses during a one-year period. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck chalked that up to human error, although department insiders said deliberate miscoding had become common as captains and other supervisors were — again — under intense pressure to meet crime-reduction targets set by the brass.

Together, these investigations suggest that Chief Beck and his administration are so focused on maintaining good metrics that they're ignoring what's happening on the ground. Or worse, that they've created a culture in which officers and supervisors feel they have to cook the books to succeed. Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Police Commission must hold the LAPD responsible for these specific lapses, but they also must determine whether there are deeper problems within the department.


By Sim Tack

Stratfor Global Intelligence
October 14, 2014

As student protests in Hong Kong continue, memories of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations naturally spring to mind. Less iconic but no less notable were the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which began as a student movement; the 2007 Venezuelan protests, which started with a group of students demanding constitutional reform; and the 1929 protests in Paris, which challenged the role of churches in education.

Of course, each student movement is unique; the one underway in Hong Kong concerns Hong Kong affairs, not widespread democratic reform in China proper. And yet all such movements share characteristics that transcend borders, making them an ideal phenomenon through which to study geopolitics.

Student protests lay bare the social and cultural layers that move beneath the surface of geopolitics, much like subsurface currents flow beneath the waves of the oceans. Human geography forms the foundation of society and thus the systems that govern it. Even if we regard the state as the highest level of global policymaking and interaction, these social undercurrents are what move the generations, ideologies and cultural changes that shape the constraints under which states operate.

Patterns Emerge

From ethnic and religious sects to socio-economic divisions, human geography is as important to a state as the physical topography and resources that constitute it. Human geography exists in all states, and as with physical geography, revelatory, even educational, patterns emerge over time.

The way in which the ruled rise up against the rulers is one such pattern. These kinds of movements take a variety of forms, from peaceful demonstrations and strikes to violent insurgencies. Of these, student protests are perhaps the most intriguing because of the unique position in society that students occupy -- they are at the vanguard of a generation that often differs markedly from that of their forebears. It is at this fault line that competing ideologies and changing cultural identities collide.

That they are students means they are intellectually engaged, frequently espousing distinct political beliefs. But to be successful, student movements must galvanize the other areas of civil society. In that regard, they are often a good catalyst for change. Students are already grouped together at universities, often in urban areas, enabling student campaigns to evolve into broader protest movements. Of course, social media has made physical congregation somewhat obsolete, but proximity still simplifies the logistics of political action.

Even under ideal circumstances, student movements can fail, and indeed history is rife with failure. But more often than not, student uprisings tend to be part of longer-term social, cultural or political change. After all, when student protests disappear, students themselves often go on to become part of a more mature generation that retains much of its ideological conviction.

Think, for example, of the May 1968 movement that shook France and several other countries in Europe. Despite failing to achieve many of its goals as it occupied university buildings in Paris, the baby boomer generation later became part of post-graduate society, fomenting far-reaching social and cultural change throughout Europe as the ideas of the New Left continued to bleed into the mainstream.

When a student movement fails to create change, oftentimes it will join or be subsumed by an existing political movement, acting either as a force that advances change or one that that highlights the continuation of ongoing social trends. France's revolution in June 1832 is a prime example. The notion of popular sovereignty had been in place ever since the French Revolution ended the monarchy. The return of the monarchy in 1814, after Napoleon's fall, however, ultimately compelled students to take to the streets in what was essentially an extension of the very same social pressures that had dominated the internal evolution of France for more than three decades. These particular protests in 1832, eternalized in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, were struck down. But the underlying desires of the masses persisted, culminating in 1848, when the "Year of Revolution" saw the final collapse of the monarchy in France and generated a broader wave of social change throughout Europe.

Student campaigns have by no means been relegated to Europe. The United States witnessed profound student activism during the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the anti-war movement brought about countless protests. At its core was a demographic shift -- the baby boom, which spawned the primary group challenging policy at the time. Of course, these movements did not end the war in Vietnam; they barely convinced Washington to end the draft. But they exemplified the trends of the time, namely, the introduction of a new generation with a distinct ideology.

When student movements emulate broader social unrest, the results can be dramatic. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution radically changed the political identity of the country, facilitated in part by students who stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The ensuing hostage crisis united many sections of Iranian society in support of the revolution. Ironically, it was this generation of students that put down a later generation of students during the 2009-2010 Green Revolution.

A Society in Motion

Even prior to the current Hong Kong protests, China has had a rich history of student activism influencing society. In fact, the establishment of the People's Republic of China itself had its roots in student movements: Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai discovered socialism and began to organize politically as student leaders in the early 20th century. In 1919, the May 4th Movement, which grew out of student demonstrations, arguably ushered in what would become the beginning of China's contemporary history when it lashed out against Beijing's response to the Treaty of Versailles.

Students were also at the forefront of the Cultural Revolution in 1966. They helped reinforce the personality cult of Mao as Chinese citizens revolted against capitalism and traditional Chinese culture. It was student repudiation of university leaders accused of opposing the Chinese Communist Party that initiated the actual protests, which in turn started the Cultural Revolution -- something much larger than a student cause, to say the least.

Considering China's long history -- and the history of student movements -- the current protests in Hong Kong will not be the last time China faces social unrest. As a one-party state with immense geographic, social and economic diversity, China has faced significant calls for reform throughout the years. And the Communist Party will inevitably face more pressure as China changes. For China's is a society in motion: It is creating an urban middle class as its economy matures. Rising urbanization and private consumption have altered the interests and expectations of Chinese citizens, and as expectation rise, so too will pressure on the government to meet those demands.

Along with the emergence of a Chinese urban consumer class, there has been a veritable explosion in the number of students in China as higher education has expanded over the past decade. China is spending more money on higher education to create an educated work force better suited for the economy to which China aspires. But creating more students creates more opportunities for social unrest. The ability of these students to function the way China intends hinges heavily on the performance of the Chinese economy. If economic growth slows, the potential for unrest hastens.

It is difficult to gauge the ultimate effect of the protests in Hong Kong. Still, the student activism there reminds us why these subjects of society are well-suited to protest. Because of their position in the human geography, students will often be at the front of generational changes in their respective societies, even if they are not always the most decisive agents of change.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The voice recorder revealed that just before the Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic, one of the pilots shouted “Fuck, we’re dead!”

On May 31, 2009, Air France Flight 447 took off from Rio de Janeiro headed for Paris with 228 people onboard. The flight crew included Captain Marc Dubois, 58, and junior copilots David Robert, 37, and Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32. Prior to the flight, Capt. Dubois had spent the night on the town with his girlfriend, an off-duty flight attendant and opera singer, who accompanied him on the trip. 4 hours and 15 minutes after taking off from Rio, the Airbus 330 smacked onto the surface of the Atlantic, killing all 228 onboard. After a long search, a French submarine carrying special equipment, found the wreckage. Two years after the crash, the flight recorders and all bodies were finally recovered.

The October issue of Vanity Fair carries an account of the investigation. Sometime after takeoff, Robert retied to the plane’s rest compartment, a small cabin with two berths behind the cockpit, to take a nap. About 15 minutes before the crash, Dubois also retired to the rest compartment, leaving Bonin in control, even though he knew a storm was ahead. If he had delayed his nap for only 15 minutes, he would have been at the controls instead of the inexperienced Bolin.

When the plane hit the bad weather, its airspeed sensors malfunctioned and the Airbus 330 went into a stall. 1 minute 39 seconds later, Dubois and Robert reappeared in the cockpit. But by then Bonin had made a fatal mistake by raising the plane’s nose instead of lowering it as the procedure for coming out of a stall calls for. Raising the plane’s nose just increased the stall.

Here are a few pertinent excerpts from the flight recorder:

Dubois: “I didn’t sleep enough last night. One hour, it’s not enough.”

Robert: “Fuck, we’re going to crash. It’s not true. But what’s happening?”

Robert or Bonin shouted: “Fuck, we’re dead!”

And dead they were, along with all the flight attendants and passengers. Dubois and Robert did not break any rules by leaving the cockpit to take a nap. But Dubois is guilty of using bad judgment twice. First by staying out all night in Rio with his girlfriend and then when he left an inexperience pilot at the controls to take a nap, even though he knew bad weather was ahead.

So now we can add the phrase, “Fuck, we’re dead!” to famous last words.


Seattle thugs use stolen cellphone to out 16-year-old victim to his mother

The depravity of today’s young criminals knows no bounds. Not satisfied with beating up their teenage victim, Seattle thugs used his stolen cell phone to text his mother that he was gay.

Seattle police report that the unidentified 16-year-old was waiting for a bus in the afternoon when he was suddenly assaulted by four thugs. In trying to defend himself, he dropped his cellphone and backpack. The thugs fled with the phone and backpack when a passerby yelled at them to cuti it out. Before he got home, his mother had received the following text message from the stolen cellphone:

“I’m gay you know that.”

The boy suffered a gash on his face and a busted tooth. He was able to identify one of the robbers to the police as a former classmate. The cops are looking for the assholes.

I don’t know whether this kid is gay or not, but after beating that poor sucker up and taking off with his belongings, that text message was downright depraved.

Strong-arm robberies for cellphones have become a runaway nationwide problem.

Monday, October 13, 2014


I have a very close friend who has been an outstanding law enforcement officer for 40 years and is thinking about finally retiring next year. Here is how he summed up his career:

I turn 60 this year and I hate to admit it, but I will probably pull the pin in 2015. It has been a career of excitement, disappointment, satisfaction and fulfillment all rolled into one.

If I can offer some advice to career cops it is: Stay true to yourself. Remember who you work for and obey the oath of office.

My friend has had a very successful career, and his advice is absolutely spot on!


The definition of adultery in the Talmud absolved the President of cheating on his wife while he got all those blow jobs from Monica Lewinsky

A new batch of records released by the Clinton Library reveal that Ruby Shamir, Hillary’s domestic policy adviser, gave White House officials and Bill an excuse to claim that the philandering president did not cheat on Hillary when he got all those blow jobs from Monica Lewinsky.

Shamir found a Jewish professor who supplied her with the definition of adultery from the Talmud. Susannah Heschel, a professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth, claimed that the Talmud defines adultery as a married man having intercourse with a married woman. And since Monica was not married during the nine different times she gave Bill blow jobs, the President did not commit adultery and did not cheat on the First Lady.

What a crock of supreme shit! The Talmud notwithstanding, any way you look at it, Bill was clearly cheating on poor ole Hillary. Now, if Bill had converted to Judaism, he might possibly have gotten away with that excuse.

Actually, the Talmud defines adultery as sexual intercourse between a married woman and a man other than her husband. If I haven’t misread it, that seems to put the onus all on the woman.

So fellows, those of you that have been cheating on your wives, just convert to Judaism and then, since you will not be committing adultery, you can get over any guilt feelings you may have.


A New Jersey high school football team initiated new team members by pinning them down, sticking a finger up their bare asses and making them lick those fingers clean

Arrest warrants were issued last week for seven football players on Sayreville War Memorial High School’s football team and the school superintendent has cancelled the rest of the New Jersey team’s football schedule.

Three football players have been charged with aggravated sexual assault involving anal penetration, criminal restraint, hazing and other crimes. The other four have been charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact and other crimes. The assaults took place from September 19 to 29.

An unnamed parent of one of the victims revealed what form the hazing took. Boys new to the football team were assaulted in the locker room. Four team members would pin a freshman down, two would stand guard and the seventh would howl, then turn off the lights and stick his finger up the victim’s bare ass. And for the hazing climax, the victim was then forced to lick his own shit from the assailant’s finger.

If all this sounds revolting, it is! The assaults are beyond comprehension of any sane person. The superintendent was right in canceling the rest of the football season and he should fire the school’s athletic director and all of the school’s football coaches. There’s simply no way they were not aware of what was going on.

Now a lot of parents are upset that the season has been cancelled. They are complaining that players who did not participate in the sexual assault rituals are being punished for what others have done. Their whining doesn’t hold water because, like the coaches, the 'innocent' players had to be aware of what was being done to the new team members. By keeping silent, they must share some of the blame.

A family court will have to decide whether those arrested will be released to their parents or held in a juvenile detention facility. My feeling is that they should be held in an adult jail where they could experience what forcible anal penetration feels like.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


An Avella, Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for committing multiple unspeakable acts of child abuse against her 16-year-old adopted daughter

Rana Cooper, 46, of Avella in Washington County, Pennsylvania, was arrested Monday, accused of:

Forcing her 16-year-old adopted daughter to eat used cat litter

Threatening to gouge her eyes out and slice off her tongue

Attempting to sew her mouth shut with a needle and thread

Choking her until she blacked out on two occasions

Striking her in the face with a belt buckle

Shoving a Q-tip in her ear, causing a hearing loss

Forcing her to run her finger along the rim of the toilet and lick off what was on her finger

Beating her with a hair brush

Spitting on her

Forcing her to eat half a tube of toothpaste

Biting her nose until it bled

Cooper and her husband adopted the victim in 2008 when she was 10 years old. They have six other children.

Washington County child welfare authorities were alerted to the abuses last May as they were investigating an assault at the victim’s school.

The victim told the cops that she was allowed to eat only once a day, and then only when the rest of the family had finished their meals. She said that when Cooper would choke her, her husband told her to stop, but then he just stood by and watched as his wife continued with the choking. She also claimed she was repeatedly bitten by the family’s Dobermans.

Rana Cooper is facing numerous charges including child endangerment, reckless endangerment and assault.

Cooper’s 24-year-old son Ronnie told authorities that all the charges are a pack of lies.

I don’t know whether all the allegations are true or not, but if only half of them are, Rana Cooper is truly a mother from hell.


When Richard Young was taken away in an ambulance, Joseph Marshall promised to look after his $10,000 motorized wheelchair, but the slimeball put it up for sale on Craigslist

Richard Young is a cerebral palsy victim who needs a motorized wheelchair to get around. On September 7, while he was returning to his nearby home, Richard suffered a seizure at 3rd Ave. and Oxford St. in Chula Vista, California. A passerby who introduced himself as Joe called 911. When the paramedics loaded Richard into an ambulance, Joe told him that he lived close by and would look after the wheelchair for him.

After Richard was released from the hospital, there was no Joe and no $10,000 wheelchair. After three weeks or so, Chula Vista police investigators decided to go public Wednesday with the theft of the wheelchair. An alert citizen notified the investigators that he had seen the wheelchair for sale on Craigslist. The cops then set up a sting by pretending to be interested in purchasing the wheelchair. They asked the seller to come to their ‘house.’

When the cops grabbed the ‘seller,’ he told them he never had the wheelchair, but that he had put the ad on Craigslist for a friend. He identified the friend as Joe Marshall. With the cops standing by, the friend called Marshall to bring the wheelchair to the house. Joe than rode the wheelchair to the house where the cops grabbed his once-happy ass and hauled him off to Hotel Pokey, charged with suspicion of grand theft. For good measure they added a charge of possession of methamphetamine, because in searching Joe, they found some meth on him.

Richard was thrilled to get his wheelchair back and he even expressed his appreciation for Joe helping him by calling 911.

You can’t get much lower than what Marshall did. Unfortunately, what with Governor Moonbeam’s realignment and the resulting overcrowding of county jails, the slimeball will probably get off with a mere slap on the wrist – probation.