Thursday, December 18, 2014


The President and the First Lady also tell People Magazine that both have been victims of racism

It's one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It's another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.

Thus spoke President Obama as he and the First Lady were interviewed by People Magazine.

Now let me digest that statement. It would appear that Obama was referring to the deadly confrontation between Ferguson cop Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. Mistaken for a robber? What a load of crap. Brown had just robbed a convenience store. Dressed the way teenagers dress? More shit! The clothing Brown wore was exactly like the clothing described by the robbery victim.

As for Eric Garner’s fatal confrontation with NY cops, Obama praised basketball superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers for wearing an ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-shirt during his pregame workout before the start of the Cavaliers-Brooklyn Nets game on December 9. Obama also said he would like to see more athletes do that.

It sure looks to me like Obama was piling it on the cops.

Obama and Michelle also told People that both had been victims of racism. One time, before he became President, Obama was waiting for his car outside a restaurant when a man came up to him, flipped him his keys and told Obama to fetch him his car. On another occasion, Obama was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner when someone mistook him for a waiter. And the President said that as a black man living on the South Side of Chicago, he had trouble getting cabs to stop for him.

Michelle said that after she became First Lady, she made an inconspicuous shopping trip to a Target Store where a woman customer mistook her for a Target worker and asked her to get something from a shelf.

Pardon me, but I cannot go on. Suddenly I’m being overcome by a bad case of white guilt.


The movie ‘comedy’ about the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader is trash that is in very bad taste

Kim Jong Un is not a likable guy. In fact, North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’ is a despicable human being. And he is also a nuclear armed enemy of the United States.

The Interview is a Sony Pictures movie ‘comedy’ about a TV host and his producer who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong Un. At the end of the film, the Dear Leader’s head explodes. The movie is scheduled for release on December 25.

A hacker group calling itself the Guardians of Peace breached Sony’s company servers, thereby gaining access to emails between top executives and private information about Sony employees and the actors starring in its films. The group has threatened terrorist attacks on theaters showing The Interview.

The New York premiere planned for the Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan’s Lower East Side has been cancelled by Landmark Theaters. Carmike Cinemas, a theater chain with 278 theaters and 2,917 screens in 41 states, has announced it will not show the movie. ArcLight Cinemas, with five upscale movie theaters in Southern California and one in Bethesda, Maryland, also will not screen the movie. Other theater chains could follow.

The Guardians of Peace released emails by Sony executives which reveal that two high-ranking State Department officials, including ambassador Robert King, U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues, were shown a rough cut of the film and gave it their blessing, including the gruesome scene at the end.

The State Department’s approval of a film that ends with Kim Jong Un’s head exploding is just one more example of the Obama administration’s foreign policy failings. That anyone in the Obama administration would even consider giving their stamp of approval to this inflammatory farce befuddles a normal mind beyond the pale.

Now let me pose these questions: What if the movie had depicted the assassination of President Obama? Would that have been funny? Of course not … and it would have brought out Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton howling about a racist movie. What if the movie had depicted the assassination of German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Or of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? Would those have been funny? Of course not. As a matter of fact, a movie depicting the comedic assassination of Abdullah would have led to bloody riots and attacks on Americans and U.S. government facilities throughout the Muslim world.

Some movies are truly funny. The Interview may get a lot of laughs, but funny it is not! It’s nothing more than Hollywood trash that is in very bad taste. That’s my opinion.

UPDATE: AMC, Cinemark, Cineplex and Regal all announced Wednesday that they would not show The Interview. Those four theater chains, along with Carmike, operate more than 90 percent of this country’s multiplex cinemas. Sony followed by announcing that for now it would not release the film.


The time to end the trade embargo against Cuba and reestablish diplomatic relations with the Castro regime is long overdue

President Obama plans to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after the Castro regime released American contractor Alan Gross in exchange for three former Cuban spies imprisoned by the U.S. Obama ordered Secretary of State John Kerry to begin high-level discussions with the Cubans to reestablish a U.S. embassy in Havana and to lift the trade embargo established by the Eisenhower administration in January 1961.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro sealed the historic deal in a 45-minute telephone conversation Tuesday after 18 months of secret talks between the two governments. Canada's government hosted most of the talks, but they included a meeting arranged by Pope Francis, the first Latin American pontiff, at the Vatican in October.”

Obama’s plans were denounced by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and other members of Congress. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) called Obama the “appeaser in chief.”

I have been a longtime critic of Obama’s foreign policy, but I’m with the president on this move. The U.S. is the only country that does not trade with Cuba. Our trade embargo has not hurt the Castro regime. Instead, it probably strengthened Fidel and Raul Castro’s grip on the country. The embargo only hurt American businessmen and farmers, as well as the Cuban people.

As for those who point to Cuba’s dismal human rights record, let me point out that we have diplomatic relations with countries whose human rights records are far worse than those of the Cubans, starting with China. And some of our allies, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia, also have human rights records worse than Cuba’s.

We probably would have reestablished relations with Cuba long ago were it not for the vocal opposition of Cuban-Americans in Florida and other states. If we are going to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba it better happen while Obama is still in office because it ain’t about to happen under a Republican administration.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Where is the outrage by Obama, Holder and Sharpton when police officers are murdered by black men and where are the protests by the ‘community’?

When cops are killed by black men, where is the outrage by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and inflammatory protest leader Al Sharpton? And where are the protests by the ‘community’? They’re all missing in action!

With the recurring shootings at and killings of police officers by black men, is it any wonder cops have a nervous trigger finger?

By George Gould

The Police News
December 15, 2014

Does anyone remember Detective Melvin Santiago? He was a Jersey City police officer who was shot to death just a month ago, on July 13th. Santiago was white. His killer, Lawrence Campbell, was black. Does anyone recall Obama appearing before national television and calling for justice for Officer Santiagos family? Does anyone recall Eric Holder rushing to Jersey City to see that justice was done?

How about Officer Jeffrey Westerfield? He was a Gary, Indiana police officer who was shot to death on July 6, 2014. Officer Westerfield was white, his killer, Carl LeEllis Blount, Jr. was black. where was Obama? Where was Holder?

Officer Perry Renn was an Indianapolis, Indiana police officer who was shot to death July 5, 2014, the day before Officer Westerfield was killed. Officer Renn was white. His killer, Major Davis, was black. I don't recall any mention by Obama about the untimely death of Officer Renn. and, I doubt that Eric Holder rushed to Indianapolis to make sure justice was served.

Vermillion Parish Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was gunned down by two men June 23, 2014 in Louisiana. Deputy Bares was white. His two killers, Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor were black. was Obama outraged? Did Eric Holder rush to Louisiana to make sure that the family of Deputy Bares found justice?

Detective Charles Dinwiddie of the Killen, Texas Police Department was murdered on May 11, 2014 by Marvin Lewis Guy, a black male. Officer Dinwiddie was white. Do you recall seeing anything about that on the news? Certainly, the white citizens of Killeen didn't take to the streets to loot and burn businesses. Do you recall any mention of Obama or Holder here?

Then, there is Officer Kevin Jordan of Griffin, Georgia Police Department. He was gunned down on May 31, 2014. Officer Jordan was black, his killer, Michael Bowman was white. This was a white man murdering a black police officer. Where was Jesse Jackson? Where was "The Reverend" al Sharpton? Was there looting and burning on the streets of Griffin, Georgia? No, in fact, we don't recall hearing about this one in the news as well. Why? You can draw your own conclusions.

During a two-month period this year, there were six reported deaths of police officers by gunshot in the U.S. Of those, five were white officers who were murdered by black men. Blacks complain that white officers treat black men more aggressively on the street. You can draw your own conclusions on that one, as well.


The NY mayor had the city file a law suit to prevent the illegal sales of untaxed cigarettes at the same time he said Eric Garner died for the ‘minor’ offense of selling untaxed cigarettes

New York’s Sandinista-loving mayor had the city file a lawsuit to prevent the illegal sales of untaxed cigarettes at the same time he was telling everyone that Eric Garner did not have to die for the ‘minor’ offense of selling untaxed cigarettes. You can’t get any more four flushing phony than that.

Pat Lynch, head of the patrolmen’s union, called de Blasio a hypocrite for filing the lawsuit while criticizing the cops for doing their job in the Garner incident. "This proves that it was his policy why those police officers were sent to that corner [where Garner was arrested],” said Lynch. "The community complained, he made a policy, and we went out to enforce that policy. So for him, after this tragedy, to throw us under the bus — then we find out he was still moving forward with that policy [by filing the lawsuit], but on the lowdown … that shouldn't be."

By Bruce Golding

New York Post
December 16, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered city lawyers to stay silent about a groundbreaking lawsuit to keep bootleg cigarettes out of the Big Apple — because it came as Hizzoner was downplaying the illegal cigarette sales that led to the ill-fated police arrest of Eric Garner, The Post has learned.

The city Law Department drafted the civil racketeering suit the same week that a Staten Island grand jury did not indict NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s chokehold death, and it was quietly filed in Brooklyn federal court on Dec. 9.

The Law Department drafted a press release boasting that the suit “is the first of its kind brought by the city against an out-of-state entity for supplying cigarette traffickers,” sources said.

But City Hall suppressed the news, ordering the Law Department not to put out the release, according to the sources.

The move kept de Blasio from looking like a hypocrite for cracking down on illegal tobacco sales at the same time he was minimizing Garner’s criminal activity, which led to his deadly July 17 arrest.

“Eric Garner was a decent man. Obviously, it was a minor offense he was committing — there’s no way it should have ended up in this situation,” de Blasio told HOT 97 radio on Dec. 4, a day after the grand jury ruling.

One city official said, “City Hall knew they had screwed up, so they squashed the press release.

“You can’t have the mayor blabbing away that selling loosies is a ‘minor offense,’ but then have the Law Department, which represents and protects the city and the mayor’s interests, file this suit,” the official said. “It reeks of duplicity.”

The official, citing de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” campaign rhetoric, added that “the mayor has a problem with two cities, and he created it.”

“On one hand, to pander to his voting base, he spews some nonsense that selling loosies is a ‘minor offense,’” the official said.

“But, on the other hand, he realizes this is a major issue with serious ramifications if left unchecked and he has the city’s Law Department file this first-of-its-kind federal lawsuit against the smoke shop.”

According to a March report by Bloomberg News, an estimated 57 percent of the cigarettes smoked in New York are smuggled across state lines to avoid hefty state and city taxes that add $58.50 to the cost of a carton.

The city’s suit targets Discount Tobacco & Things of Woodbridge, Va., and its president, Gaby Nouhra, who are accused of conspiring to violate the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Court papers say the smoke shop, located in a suburban strip mall outside Richmond, is where alleged Staten Island bootlegger Michael Zekry bought more than 2,500 cartons of cigarettes that cops found in his van last month.

“Zekry had for at least the prior two years purchased similar quantities of cigarettes from DT&T, and made those purchases far more frequently than every 10 weeks,” according to the suit.

The suit seeks a court order barring DT&T from distributing cigarettes in New York, along with all illegal profits and unspecified damages, including three times the amount of tax money lost to the alleged trafficking scheme.

Nouhra didn’t return a request for comment.


With everyone piling on NYPD, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York cops are reluctant to do their jobs for fear of jeopardizing their careers

You could see this coming – cops afraid to do their jobs. With everyone piling on them, including their Sandinista-loving mayor, New York cops are reluctant to do their job for fear of jeopardizing their careers. Look to them to stop making misdemeanor arrests.

By Greg Richter

December 16, 2014

New York police officers are becoming increasingly hesitant to do their jobs for fear of hurting their careers, Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, told Fox News on Tuesday.

"Cops are beginning to take the attitude of I got to be careful what I do. I can't jeopardize myself, my future, my pension, everything that's on the line," Mullins said on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Police have been under a microscope since a Staten Island grand jury earlier this month declined to indict a white police officer in the death of Eric Garner. That was just a week after a Missouri grand jury did not indict a white cop in the death of Michael Brown. Both Garner and Brown were black.

Protests have focused on police, and two NYPD officers were attacked by a group of protesters over the weekend.

Police unions are upset with Mayor Bill de Blasio, who they say threw police under the bus in a speech after the grand jury decision. They say the mayor essentially accused them of racism while he seemed to side with protesters, even those who have engaged in violence.

Mullins said that as officers begin to pull back, it will have a bad effect on the public.

"Ultimately it's going to spill over into the citizens of New York, and you can see the ramifications of this as it's running across the country," Mullins said.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, told O'Reilly that many of the protesters are not from the community but are members of the Occupy movement.

"When you work these rallies on a regular basis like our members do, you'll see the same people over and over in each one of these rallies no matter what the cause," Lynch said.


A fleeing driver often crashes because he has more enthusiasm than driving skills

By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
December 15, 2014

Three California fools found out the hard way early Saturday that fleeing the cops, especially in a Kia Soul, is not necessarily a smart thing to do.

The CHP tried to stop the Soul for doing 90 + on the Costa Mesa freeway about 2 a.m. The driver refused to pull over and instead exited onto 17th St. in Tustin at high speed. The driver, utilizing more enthusiasm than driving skills, slammed into a brick column. The four-wheeled box did a couple of tuck-and-rolls and burst into flames.

The cops managed to get one suspect out of the carbeque alive. The others, not so much.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The 25th woman to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault claims he spiked her drink and she woke up ‘buck naked’ in a Playboy Mansion bedroom with the comedian licking her toes and giving himself a hand-job

Chloe Goins, a lap dancer, has now come forward to allege that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Goins, 18 at the time, says that she was introduced to Cosby by Hugh Hefner. Cosby brought her a drink – the only drink she had that night - which she believes was spiked because she became dizzy and felt ill immediately after consuming it. Hefner suggested she lie down in one of the mansion’s bedrooms. Cosby then began to escort her .. but that’s the last thing she remembers until she woke up on a bed ‘buck naked.’

Goins says she saw Cosby hunched over licking her toes. His pants were down to his ankles and he was giving himself a hand-job. She is sure he also licked her breasts because they were covered with saliva. When Cosby saw she was awake, he let go of his pecker, pulled up his pants and rushed out of the room.

Because these allegations occurred just six years ago, they fall within the statutes of limitation. Goins has contacted LAPD which will investigate the case.

Now this is just awful. If the truth be known, ole Bill was merely washing the poor child’s feet and in her awakening stupor, Chloe was just imagining the hand-job. And what about all those other women? That's easy ... this is all just a devious liberal plot to discredit Cosby for having at one time or another expressed some conservative views.

Seriously though, I know many of you will say that because Goins is a lap dancer, her allegations are not credible. However, since she is the 25th woman to come forward and accuse Cosby of sexual assault, it would seem to me that her story may very well be true. And about those other women ... they had nothing to gain with their accusations. On the contrary, they expected to be and have been vilified for outing Cosby as a sexual predator.

In the meantime, Cosby is beginning to play the race card. He feels the mainstream media has painted him guilty and that only the black media has treated him fairly.


The negligence and wrongful death lawsuit says that the AR-15 rifle should not have been made publicly available because it is a military weapon unsuited for civilian use

Nine families of the 26 killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and one of the surviving wounded teachers have filed a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit Monday against several military-style gun makers, including Bushmaster Firearms International, the manufacturer of the AR-15 used December 14, 2012 by Adam Lanza in his shooting spree. The lawsuit also named firearms distributor Camfour and Riverview Gun Sales, the gun store that sold the Bushmaster AR-15.

The lawsuit maintains that the AR-15 rifle should not have been made publicly available because it is a military weapon unsuited for civilian use.

Josh Koskoff, one of the lawyers who filed the suit, said "The AR-15 was specifically engineered for the United States Military to meet the needs of changing warfare. In fact, one of the Army's specifications for the AR-15 was that it has the capability to penetrate a steel helmet."

The lawsuit detailed other mass shootings with AR-15s. “[The defendants] knew, or should have known that the sale of the AR-15 posed an unreasonable and egregious risk of physical injury to others. In addition, it should’ve known it would’ve been used in a mass shooting to inflict maximum casualties.”

It also states that “These defendants know that as a result of selling AR-15s to the civilian market, individuals unfit to operate these weapons gain access to them... Despite that knowledge, defendants continue to sell the XM15-E52 rifle to the civilian market.”

It is my opinion that the plaintiffs filed this lawsuit solely in an attempt to make all gun manufacturers end the sales of military-style firearms to American civilians. I hope that the judge will see the lawsuit for what it is and toss it out of court. However, since the lawsuit has been filed in Connecticut, a state that is almost as liberal as San Francisco and Berkeley, that ain’t gonna happen.


Anti-Semitism is rampant in Turkey, starting with President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

While many like to blame the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East on Israel’s ‘treatment of the Palestinians, the truth is that hatred of Jews was well established long before the rebirth of the Jewish state.

By Joel Himelfarb

December 15, 2014

Anti-Semitism is alive and well in modern Turkey, where the nation’s embattled Jewish community is the target of a modern-day form of ethnic cleansing, according to a Turkish journalist.

"The sweet little secret in both Turkey and Europe is that anti-Semites do not need the existence of a Jewish state to attack or threaten Jews," journalist Uzay Bulut writes in a column published Monday by the Gatestone Institute. "Hatred of Jews did not start with the re-establishment of the state of Israel."

Bulut points to the example of Edirne, a city of more than 140,000 in northwestern Turkey near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. While approximately 13,000 Jews lived in Edirne in 1923, only two live there today in the wake of a 1934 pogrom and decades of persecution and forced assimilation and resettlement pushed by various Turkish national governments.

Last month, Dursun Ali Sahin, governor of Edirne, announced he would turn the city’s synagogue into a museum because he was angry at Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

"While those bandits [Israeli security forces] blow winds of war inside al-Aqsa and slay Muslims, we build their synagogues " he said.

"I say this with a huge hatred inside me," Sahin added. "We clean their graveyards, send their projects to boards. But the synagogue here will be registered only as a museum, and there will be no exhibitions inside it."

An uproar followed, Sahin apologized, and officials announced that the synagogue would not be turned into a museum after all.

But there is a larger question, Bulut asks:

"Now that the ethnic-cleansing campaign of the Turkish regime has been ‘successfully’ completed, and there are only two Jews left in Edirne, why is the governor of the city still so angry and filled with such a ‘huge hatred?’ Is he angry that there are almost no Jews left to persecute . . . so that he has to threaten a synagogue instead?"

Public attitudes toward Jews in Turkey — a country whose president likened Israelis to Nazis while on the campaign trail — are unlikely to soften anytime soon.

During his successful run for president this summer, Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a longtime supporter of Hamas, accused Israel of deliberately killing Palestinians and likened Israel’s actions to those of Hitler.

"Just like Hitler, who sought to establish a race free of all faults, Israel is chasing after the same target," Erdogan told cheering supporters at an Istanbul arena. "They kill women so that they will not give birth to Palestinians; they kill babies so that they won't grow up; they kill men so they can't defend their country ... They will drown in the blood they shed," he said.


88.7 percent of verified and confirmed Darwin Award winners were males, with almost all of them getting killed by their idiotic actions, thus proving that men are idiots

I just watched some amazing TV news footage of two base jumpers flying off a Swiss mountain top in their wing suits. Their GoPro camcorders showed them barely missing the rocky mountain sides as the descended at breath-taking speeds. But here comes the most amazing part. Ground crews at the bottom of the mountain filmed one of the lunatics high-fiving a a large foam hand being held on, what I would estimate to be a six-foot pole at he came whizzing by. That would put the base jumper flying by only about 10-12 feet off the ground. Now only a complete idiot would do that.

New research confirms that men are more likely than women to engage in idiotic behavior

By Melissa Healy

Los Angeles Times
December 12, 2014

Finally! A scientific explanation for Johnny Knoxville — he of “Jackass” fame — and the fans who keep him at his dangerous and moronic antics: Male Idiot Theory.

New research has rigorously tested Male Idiot Theory, which posits that, well, men are idiots and are driven to take ridiculous risks despite the clear prospects for self-harm, and for no defensible reason. Newly published by the venerable British Medical Journal (in its annual BMJ Christmas issue), the landmark study has shown that Male Idiot Theory holds up under strictly scientific scrutiny.

While the latest research does confirm that males can be idiots, it fails to shed light on a larger mystery that has preoccupied this correspondent since girlhood, growing up in a household with six brothers: How did these idiots ever convince the non-idiot gender that they were somehow superior (and worthy of earning close to 30% more, on average, in the United States)?

But I digress. The latest BMJ inquiry plumbs an important but little-known database to assess gender differences in an individual’s likelihood to engage in profoundly idiotic behavior: the Darwin Awards. Winners of the Darwin Awards, which are handed out at random times and almost always posthumously, must be found to have died (or to have sterilized themselves) in the conduct of activity that is so stupid, pointless and predictably self-destructive that they can truly be said to have done humanity a great service. By removing themselves from the human gene pool, the awards note, these honorees have done their part to eliminate impediments to the sustained survival of humankind (note that I do not write mankind).

Since 1995, 413 nominations have been forwarded to the Darwin Award committee, and 332 have been independently verified and confirmed by the awards panel.

Recipients of this award include the terrorist who posted a letter bomb with insufficient postage, and who unthinkingly opened his own letter when it was returned (apparently, because he was conscientious enough to include a return address). The award was bestowed on a thief who died after unbolting the steel clamp from an elevator while standing inside, causing him to plummet to his death. But the rules did not allow the award to go to a man who, in the course of using a belt sander as an auto-erotic device, merely lost a testicle. (The latter’s case for award eligibility was done further damage after he salvaged his remaining testicle with a staple gun, though he did merit an honorable mention.)

After excluding urban legends, unverified accounts and honorable mentions, the study's four authors, all male, found that 318 awardees met their study’s eligibility requirements. A lopsided 282 of those awardees — 88.7% — were male.

If men and women were equally prone to idiocy, that would be a statistical improbability, the authors concluded. Null hypothesis discredited, QED: Men are idiots.

Embracing a broad view of evolution, Wendy Northcutt, the UC Berkeley graduate who founded the Darwin Awards, has suggested that awardees may, perhaps unwittingly, be engaged in some form of altruistic behavior. By sacrificing themselves — or their ability to reproduce — they have contributed the survival of the species.

“We believe this view to be flawed,” write the authors, who were led in their analysis by Ben Alexander Daniel Lendrem, a student at the King Edward IV School in northeast England. Nevertheless, the authors wrote, the now-demonstrated phenomenon of Male Idiocy should be seen in evolutionary terms.

“Presumably, idiotic behavior confers some, as yet unidentified selective advantage on those who do not become its casualties,” wrote the authors. “Until MIT gives us a full and satisfactory explanation of idiotic male behavior, hospital emergency departments will continue to pick up the pieces, often literally.”


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
December 14, 2014

CHCF (California Health Care Facility, the mega-prison hospital complex outside of Stockton) has another problem. Their more or less new heating system went toes-up again and…..wait for it…..they ran out of blankets.

It has been chilly in Stockton recently. Today it didn’t get above 56 degrees, which is chilly, especially if you are living in a concrete box. How grotesquely incompetent is that? I realize that stuff happens. Heating systems break down, sometimes even new ones (though they shouldn’t). How the hell does a hospital run out of blankets?

Is anybody going to try to find out who screwed the pooch on this one? Unless it was the federal receiver, which I sort of doubt, you know how many cells you have. You know how many blankets you might need if your heating system crashes.

I grant you that a couple of thousand blankets cost some money and takes up storage space, but a lot of what a prison, a hospital, and therefore a prison hospital must do is plan for contingencies. Somebody didn’t.

Monday, December 15, 2014


The Ferguson Police Department announced this morning that all its German shepherd police dogs will be replaced by coon dogs because the city is not having any problems with Germans.

Warning: If you laughed at this, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright will be comin' over to deal with your racist, cracker ass.



Newt Gingrich blasts the Senate CIA torture report as a partisan Democrat report

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, appearing on Sunday’s ABC This Week, got it exactly right when he said:

This is not a Senate report, it's a Democratic partisan report. They did not interview a single person, not one person, at the CIA. Every CIA leader says they are factually false, that it in fact did work. And I'll just tell you, the morning any president finds out that there's a dirty bomb in an American city and we have found the person who knows where that bomb is, we're going to do anything necessary to stop the death of thousands of Americans.

The context of 2001 was a different world. This is war. It is not civil litigation, it is not criminal justice, it's war. And we need to have a debate in this country of whether or not we're prepared to fight people like ISIS in a war.

To that I say Amen! Amen!!


All we have to do is to adopt the Indonesian concept of ‘rehabilitation’ and change our laws to allow for the release of inmates once they are considered rehabilitated

In Indonesia, a prisoner is considered rehabilitated if he admits guilt and apologizes in public for having committed the offense, shows remorse, and behaves himself in prison.

Now if we just adopted the Indonesian rehabilitation concept and changed our laws to allow for the release of inmates once they are considered rehabilitated, there would be no overcrowding and we could probably shut down two-thirds of our prisons.

Seriously though, here from Dorina Lisson is some interesting information about prison systems other than our own:

By Dorina Lisson

In some countries, as opposed to the United States, prisons are merely like small cities within walls. The rules and regulations differ from country to country. Prison authorities and officers use their discretion with certain prisoners. There is often corruption within many prisons with impunity. eg. bribes for day release, special favors/requests, secret conjugal visits, early release, etc. At times, prisons become overcrowded and many prisoners receive unexpected clemency and are released. All this is rampant mostly in Asian prisons.

Norway has the most humane and lenient prison sentences. European countries and Australia are not far behind. As for South American prisons, they are a joke - planned escapes are common.


A prisoner in Indonesia is considered 'rehabilitated' if he/she admits guilt, shows remorse, is not troublesome whilst in prison, and more importantly apologizes in public of their wrongful deeds. Indonesian authorities despise people who claim to be not guilty of the crime. Most of the time, if a prisoner apologizes for the crime they are forgiven and treated more humanely whilst serving time.


Under Islamic/sharia laws, if the victim of crime or the family members forgive the offender he/she cannot be executed. Middle-Eastern prisons are the most inhumane and cruel.


There are approximately 20 prisoners in Australia serving life without parole. Of course, there is the odd heinous crime committed, but in 90 percent of all homicides the victim and offender are known to each other. The homicide rate per capita, in Australia has remained stable for the last two decades - average of 360 nationally per year.

Prisoners that are reaching the end of their sentence are always given either day leave, weekend leave, a few hours outing with a counselor, study leave, or day work leave. If they stuff-up, they know they will end up in maximum security.

Some prisoners have been given permission to go shopping for toys for their children (escorted by plain-clothed prison staff). Sometimes a prisoner needs to be handcuffed if deemed unpredictable, but the public doesn't notice at all - a garment of some sort covers the cuffs.

In Australia, an offender can be sentenced to prison and released on 'Warden's Pleasure'.


Prof. Robert Goldstein had to apologize for an exam question dealing with Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head shouting “Burn This Bitch Down”

"Write a memorandum for District Attorney Robert McCulloch on the constitutional merits of indicting Michael Brown's stepfather for advocating illegal activity when he yelled 'Burn this bitch down,' after McCulloch announced the grand jury's decision."

That was a question UCLA law professor Robert Goldstein posed on an exam for his students. Some of his students reacted as if he advocated the shooting of unarmed black men by white racist cops. He was branded a racist and accused of being insensitive.

Above the Law blogger Elie Mystal condemned the question as “racially insensitive and divisive” because it was asking students to “advocate in favor of extremist racists.”

What a supreme crock of shit!

George Mason University law professor David Bernstein came to Goldstein’s defense. He called the complaining students “delicate flowers” and suggested they find another career.

Nevertheless, Goldstein offered a profuse apology to the complaining students.

Another supreme crock of shit! I suspect Goldstein offered his apology because he feared retribution form fellow academicians and the UCLA administration.

I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the question. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a good question. I would have answered it by pointing out that freedom of speech is not absolute – as Prof. Goldstein experienced firsthand – because you cannot incite to riot. And then, to complete the answer, my memorandum would strongly recommend that Louis Head be indicted for inciting to riot.

I suppose that makes me an insensitive racist.


Although Charles Manson and Elaine ‘Star’ Burton obtained a marriage license, and California prison authorities said they could get married in the visiting room at the state prison in Corcoran, I cannot find out if they have actually had a wedding ceremony.

I thought you all might find interesting how Phil Burton, Star’s father, felt about his daughter’s relationship with Manson. From Mail Online:

By Laura Collins

Mail Online
December 14, 2014

Star's father Phil Burton spoke exclusively with Mail Online in July, to describe the moment his daughter called to announce her engagement.

'Daddy I'm getting married to Charlie,' Star gushed to her 45-year-old father.

Mr Burton, of Bunker Hill, Illinois, said that while he loves his daughter, he would not be attending her wedding and does not support her relationship with Manson.

‘We have not, we are not going to and we never will, no matter what she does in her life, disown our daughter. I love my kids more than life itself. I love my daughter, my wife loves my daughter and I know she still loves us,' Mr Burton told MailOnline.

Mr Burton revealed that his daughter first discovered Manson in high school, when a friend profiled the mass-murderer for a school project.

‘This particular friend of hers got hold of a lot of pro Manson literature. She’s a kid. She didn’t dig. She didn’t research. She’s just wanting to do her paper. And it had a lot to do with what he’s doing now with ATWA (Air Trees Water Animals and All the Way Alive),' Mr Burton said.

Mr Burton says his young daughter was drawn to ATWA and its naturalistic ideals, which led her to first reach out to Manson through letters.

However, Mr Burton says he was not aware of his daughter's first contact with Manson, and would have stopped the correspondence had he known.

‘If I could have shut it down when it started, of course I would have. But we couldn’t. She was already 18 by the time we found out,' he said.

Mr Burton also revealed his opinion about Manson, who he has spoken to over the phone.

‘I’ve talked with him and I don’t mean this as an insult, it’s an observation, I think maybe there’s been a bit of Napoleon syndrome over the years. He’s not a tall man and perhaps he’s made up for that by becoming this big personality,' he said.

While Mr Bruton is troubled by his daughter's fascination with Manson, he says he is comforted by the fact that Manson will be behind bars for their marriage.

‘It’s never going to be able to come to fruition. It’s never going to develop into a full blown relationship and I think that may be a part of what eases me a little as a parent,' he said.


The Unconventional Gazette
December 14, 2014

A drunk man who smelled of booze sat down on a subway next to a priest.

The man's tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half-empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket.

He opened his newspaper and began reading. After a few minutes the man turned to the priest and asked, "Say Father, what causes arthritis?"

The priest replies, “My Son, it's caused by loose living, being with
cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol, contempt for your fellow man, sleeping around with prostitutes and lack of a bath."

The drunk muttered in response, "Well, I'll be damned.” Then returned to his paper.

The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized.

"I’m very sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?"

The drunk answered, "I don’t have it, Father. I was just reading here that the Pope does."


The Unconventional Gazette
December 14, 2014

Two hunters are drinking in a bar. One says, "Did you know that Elks have sex 10 to 15 times a day?"

"Aw shit," says his friend, "and I just joined the Knights of Columbus!"

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Correctional institutions serve to punish criminals and the belief that inmates are rehabilitated in prisons is a fallacy

Drug traffickers in Indonesia can expect to be executed by firing squad. Australia is in an uproar because two of its citizens, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, are nearing execution for ignoring the well-known fact that Indonesia along with Malaysia and Singapore do not give clemency to drug traffickers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the legal team for Sukumaran and Chan is “surprised, stressed and horrified” because Indonesian President Joko Widodo is not “taking note of Sukumaran's and Chan's rehabilitation.”

It is hilariously laughable to think that the two young Australians have been rehabilitated since their confinement. Those lawyers must have been indulging in some of the dope their condemned clients were trafficking.

Let me turn to America’s correctional institutions by saying prisons cannot rehabilitate anyone and to believe otherwise is a fallacy.

Prisons serve to punish criminals, not to rehabilitate them. American prisons do however provide inmates with various programs – educational, vocational, psychological (counseling) – designed to give them tools with which they can rehabilitate themselves once they are released into the free world.

Unless one interprets the term ‘rehabilitated’ to mean that inmates are not committing crimes while confined in prison – not trafficking drugs in the Indonesian case – there is no way someone in the structured society of prisons can be rehabilitated.

The difference between life inside the prison and life in the free world is like the difference between day and night. The prison society is a very structured one in which inmates are told when to get out of bed or go to bed, when to speak up or shut up, when to stand up or sit down, when to shit, shower and shave, when to go to their work assignment, etc. In the unstructured fee world they are on their own, even when they are on parole. There are no authority figures to tell them what to do and when to do it.

Once in the free world it is up to the former inmate to rehabilitate himself by using the tools provided him while he was confined in prison. Prison did not rehabilitate him, nor will his parole officer. He must rehabilitate himself and if he fails to do so, he will end up back in prison.


Judge Larry Goodman apologized to the family of Julie McElhiney for the sentence given Curtis Tucker, the rapist-killer of the 13-year-old girl, , a sentence that could lead to his release after serving only five years in prison

In 1974, Curtis Tucker, now 66, brutally raped and murdered 13-year-old Julie McElhiney at her home in East Oakland, California. He was not arrested until two years ago when DNA from Julie’s clothing identified him as the perpetrator. On Friday, Tucker was sentenced to 5 years to life after he pled guilty to second-degree murder. He could be paroled after serving only five years in prison.

After imposing the sentence, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman left the bench and apologized to Julie’s family members for the lenient sentence Tucker received. "Sometimes there's nothing I can say,” he said. “I can't imagine the pain you've gone through." Goodman, who was on the verge of tears, explained that he was bound by the (sentencing) law as it was in 1974.

The family had been highly critical of the Oakland police for zeroing in on Julie’s 16-year-old brother as the primary suspect in the rape and slaying.

Jenny McElhiney, one of Julie's older sisters, said, "I pray that we never repeat an era like the 1970s when the life of little girls meant so little and murderers walked free after five to seven years."

It is hard to believe that the brutal rapist-killer of a 13-year-old child, who should have been sentenced to death, could be freed after serving only five years in the slammer. Justice has been denied to Julie and her family, as well as to society at large.


Catherine Armstrong Bell, assistant principal at Pelham High School in Shelby County, Alabama, lost her job and her home after being falsely accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a student under 19

34-year-old Catherine Armstrong Bell, the assistant principal at Pelham High School in Shelby County, Alabama, became the victim of what started out to be a rumor and turned into false accusations that she had engaged in sexual intercourse with a student under the age of 19. She was arrested, lost her job and home, and couldn’t find another job because of the accusations against her. Electronic and DNA evidence together with a recantation by the alleged victim cleared her of all charges one year after she was arrested. By then though her career had been completely destroyed.

Catherine Armstrong Bell, 34, was fired after she was arrested in December 2013 and charged with 4 counts of sexual intercourse with a student under 19; on Monday the student recanted the allegations

By Mia De Graaf and Wills Robinson

Mail Online
December 13, 2014

An assistant principal falsely accused of having sex with a teenage student was forced to sell her home and has revealed everyone 'turned their back' on her in the wake of the allegations.

Catherine Armstrong Bell, 34, was arrested in December 2013 and charged with four counts of abuse during her tenure at Pelham High School in Shelby County, Alabama.

But on Monday, exactly a year later, a judge dismissed the case and ruled that Bell can never face charges over the same incident in the future.

In a teary interview with ABC 33/40, she described how she had dedicated her whole life to teaching, but woke up one day to find it had all been taken away.

She said: 'I dedicated and invested a large part of my life into doing that. And I loved doing what I did.

'To wake up and have that all taken away and gone, and have people say the things that they said about me, that were not true. And to have people turn their back on you really hurt.'

According to Bell's defense attorney Rick Lyerly, the case started as a school rumor that 'accelerated' into accusations.

He revealed that Bell was forced to move in with her mother when the allegations surfaced, lost her job and couldn't get work.

He said electronic and DNA evidence 'came back negative' and the student has since stated that 'these events never occurred'.

Lyerly told 'Our position was always that she was wrongfully accused, that these events never occurred.

'I think once all the evidence was gathered and presented to the District Attorney's Office, they did the right thing and agreed to the dismissal.'

He added that Bell is the victim in the case, having 'lost her job, sold her home, moved in with her mom,' and 'couldn't get work'.

The indictment, filed last May, alleged that Bell had engaged in sexual conduct with a male student between December 2012 and November 2013.

She was charged with three counts of engaging in sexual intercourse with a student younger than 19 and one count of touching a student.

In an order passed this week, Bell was granted 'full, complete, and absolute release from all civil and criminal liability stemming directly or indirectly' from the case.

'The District Attorney's got more important things to do than fool with cases that have no merit,' Lyerly said.

'I think this was the right result and nobody wants to see teachers take advantage of students. But when the teacher did nothing wrong and still gets charged, it makes a sad story.

'She is actually the real victim in this case.'

Saturday, December 13, 2014



Top U.N. officials demand that all senior U.S. officials and CIA agents who authorized or carried out ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ like waterboarding be prosecuted

"In all countries, if someone commits murder, they are prosecuted and jailed. If they commit rape or armed robbery, they are prosecuted and jailed. If they order, enable or commit torture - recognized as a serious international crime - they cannot simply be granted impunity because of political expediency."

So spoke Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, on Wednesday when he said that the U.N. Convention Against Torture, which the U.S. ratified in 1994, made it “crystal clear” that all senior U.S. officials and CIA agents who authorized or carried out the torture of 9/11 detainees must be brought to justice.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also called for the prosecution because the "prohibition against torture is absolute."

Referring to Tuesday’s release of the CIA torture report by the U.S. Senate, Ben Emmerson, the U.N.'s Special Rapporteur [a person appointed by an organization to report on its proceedings] on Counterterrorism and Human Rights, said:

"There was a clear policy orchestrated at a high level within the Bush administration, which allowed (it) to commit systematic crimes and gross violations of international human rights law. The fact that the policies revealed in this report were authorized at a high level within the U.S. government provides no excuse whatsoever. Indeed, it reinforces the need for criminal accountability."

When al-Hussein referred to all senior U.S. officials and CIA agents, that had to include former President George W. Bush, because he authorized the CIA’s use of what it calls ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’

Fortunately, the Justice Department announced long ago that none of those who authorized or participated in the torture of 9/11 detainees would be prosecuted. So, if President Obama or his successor does not deliver the ‘culprits’ to the International Criminal Court, the U.N. is just pot-shit out of luck.

On several occasions I have said that the U.N. can go fuck itself because of its one-sidedness in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here is my final word on the U.N.’s demand for the prosecution of those responsible for the torture of 9/11 detainees: Fuck the U.N.!


Political expediency led Obama to cut his ties to his mentor Jeremiah Wright in 2008, and since then, an equally unscrupulous Al Sharpton has been a White House guest at least 61 times

My only comment about Sharpton’s close ties to our president is to say that with those ties, Obama has disgraced the Office of the Presidency.

By John Blosser

December 12, 2014

Not everyone gets to drop in at the presidential residence for a chat with President Barack Obama, but the White House welcome mat most definitely has been out for one frequent visitor — the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Since 2009, Sharpton has visited the White House no fewer than 61 times, reports the National Review, citing the White House visitor log, which "illustrates the extraordinary access Sharpton has had to the president and his top advisers."

Many of the visits were for official events, such as the Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement and the jobs bill signing in 2010.

However, many events were of a more personal nature, such as the 2011 Super Bowl Party thrown by the Obamas, movie screenings and the president's birthday party in 2011, which would indicate "a close personal relationship between Sharpton and the first family," National Review said.

The invitations came despite Sharpton's spotty record on paying his taxes. His organization, the National Action Network (NAN), is listed as being $1.33 million in debt and owes the IRS around $819,000, according to its 2013 tax filing, while paying Sharpton a $241,545 salary, National Review reports.

When Sharpton has visited the White House and Obama on matters involving job creation, immigration, education and voting rights, the administration has publicized the meetings, but in 17 of those meetings, there is no record of what was discussed.

Sharpton, who hosts his own show on MSNBC, has bragged publicly that he was involved in the selection of New York federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch, the nominee to replace Attorney General Eric Holder, and has visited her office, the Daily Caller reports.

Sharpton's connection with Obama comes through his contact with top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and her White House public relations office, the National Review reports, noting that he has met personally with Jarrett four times and often meets with members of her staff.

During the Ferguson, Missouri, riots, Sharpton was often texting and speaking with Jarrett while she was vacationing with the Obamas on Martha's Vineyard, Politico said.

Prior to the Obama administration, Sharpton was considered a "pariah" and race agitator by White House occupants, Politico reports.

But today, his sometimes-colleague the Rev. Jesse Jackson told Politico, "He’s arrived at the level he always wanted to arrive at, which is gratifying. He’s the man who’s the liaison to the White House. He’s the one who’s talking to the Justice Department.”

Politico described Sharpton as Obama's "go-to man on race."

Sharpton told Politico that Obama ”realized I wasn’t as irrational or as crazy as people thought," and the NAN website boasts that Obama has referred to Sharpton as "the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden."

A White House official told Politico, “There’s a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down. He gets it, and he’s got credibility in the community that nobody else has got. There’s really no one else out there who does what he does.”


After getting caught poking racially-insensitive fun of President Obama, Sony Entertainment executive Amy Pascal not only made a public apology, but she reached out to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to ‘heal’

Let me take a few deep breaths because I just got through puking when I learned that Amy Pascal, the Sony Entertainment executive who got caught poking racially-insensitive fun at President Obama, has reached out to those racial rabble rousers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, in order to, as she put it, ‘heal’.

Americans may not know much or care about the Ukraine, ISIS or the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, but they sure as hell want to know what’s going on in Hollywood. I’m sure they are paying close attention to the information leaked by a Sony Corporation hacker.

From emails exchanged between Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin, Americans have learned the two made disparaging remarks about Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise among other Hollywood luminaries. Pascal and Rudin also discussed how she should handle Obama at a Hollywood fund raiser a year ago. Pascal poked fun at Obama by implying that he would only be interested in films with black casts, specifying the movies Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, and The Butler.

With the media shitstorm that followed release of the emails, you would think Pascal had told Rudin that they should serve the attendees KFC fried chicken and watermelon in honor of Obama at that fundraiser.

Pascal made an immediate public apology and then she turned to, of all people, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to ask their forgiveness and to “start the healing process.” Yeah that’s right, Jesse ‘Hymie Town’ Jackson and Al ‘Diamond Merchants’ Sharpton.

Excuse me, but I’m going to puke again.

OK, I'm back. There is speculation that Pascal may lose her position with Sony. If she worked for me I would fire her, but not for what she said in those emails. I would fire Pascal for reaching out to Jackson and Sharpton.


According to the Pew Poll, 52 percent of Americans believe it was more important to protect gun ownership rights, while only 46 percent said the priority should be controlled access to firearms

A survey conducted last month by the Pew Research Center showed that 52 percent of Americans believe it was more important to protect gun ownership rights, while only 46 percent said the priority should be controlled access to firearms. It was the first time in 20 years that Americans favored gun rights over gun control.

57 percent of those surveyed said gun ownership helped to protect people from becoming crime victims while 38 percent believed gun ownership was more likely to endanger their lives.

According to The New York Times, Dr. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, the Pew Poll questions were slanted to give the results they did. Webster said:

“Pew’s question presents one side emphasizing the protection of individual rights versus restricting gun ownership. The question’s implicit and incorrect assumption is that regulations of gun sales infringe on gun owners’ rights and control their ability to own guns. The reality is that the vast majority of gun laws restrict the ability of criminals and other dangerous people to get guns, and place minimal burdens on potential gun purchasers such as undergoing a background check.”

It figures that The Times would turn to academia and dig up some anti-gun professor to debunk the results of the Pew Poll.

Friday, December 12, 2014


By 2050, infections from drug-resistant superbugs will kill an extra 10 million people a year if they remain unchecked

Overlooked in all the concern about global warming is an equally if not more serious problem facing mankind. Deadly drug-resistant superbugs are on the rise and if they remain unchecked, an extra 10 million people a year will die by 2050.


Bloomberg News
December 11, 2014

Drug-resistant superbugs could cost the global economy as much as $100 trillion between now and 2050, a threat that warrants as much attention as climate change, according to a review led by economist Jim O’Neill.

If unchecked, the infections may mean 10 million extra deaths a year, with an impact on global wealth roughly equivalent to losing the U.K.’s economic output every year, O’Neill, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economist, told reporters in London yesterday.

The analysis, commissioned by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in July, highlights the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and calls for “coherent international action” on drug regulation and use. A continuing review will explore topics such as how to stimulate the development of antimicrobial medicines and the potential of alternative therapies such as vaccines.

“This is a significant global problem, perhaps on the same dimension as climate change,” O’Neill said. “Trying to solve it is a bit like climate change. The cost of stopping the problem is significantly lower than the cost of not stopping the problem.”

The projection of 10 million deaths a year by 2050 is greater than the current annual death toll from cancer, which is about 8.2 million, according to the report.

Global Issue

Drug-resistant superbugs now account for at least 700,000 deaths a year, and the problem isn’t limited to the developing world. While Africa and Asia will see the most deaths by 2050, mortality may reach almost 400,000 in both Europe and Latin America, and more than 300,000 in North America.

“The world needs to get serious about tackling the rise in antibiotics resistance,” Lawrence Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary and president emeritus of Harvard University, said in a statement. “Ignoring the tide of drug-resistant infections risks rolling back the hard-won medical advances of the last century.”

Antibiotic resistance has become so acute that a post- antibiotic era in which common infections and minor injuries lead to death is a possibility this century, the World Health Organization said in April. Overuse of antibiotics among humans and farm animals is the main culprit.

Drug Company Solutions

While many companies stopped developing anti-infection drugs years ago to focus on the treatment of more profitable chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, others are seeing an opportunity and a growing unmet need.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. sells three medicines for hard- to-treat infections and has four others in the pipeline, making it the world leader in antibiotics. Merck & Co., the second- biggest U.S. drug companies, agreed this week to buy Cubist for $8.4 billion, a vindication for the smaller company, which toiled for two decades on an area largely neglected by the rest of the industry.

The analysis published today was conducted by accounting firm KPMG and the RAND Corporation with input from scientists. The group studied the future impact of resistance for six common infections: three bacterial infections including E. coli, as well as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV.

Further reports from the U.K.-commissioned panel will be published through the summer of 2016.

O’Neill, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, is also a Bloomberg View columnist.


A lawsuit has been filed in a case where L.A. sheriff’s deputies shot the wrong man by mistake

On April 7, L.A. sheriff’s deputies shot John Winkler, 30, by mistake, thinking he was the suspect in a reported knife attack. The parents are now suing L.A. County, the sheriff’s department and the deputies at the scene. Look for a substantial settlement in this case.

John Winkler was mistakenly killed by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies April 7 as they searched for a knife-wielding assailant

By Kate Mather

Los Angeles Times
December 10, 2014

The parents of an aspiring television producer taken hostage in a West Hollywood apartment and then killed by sheriff's deputies who mistakenly thought he was a suspect have filed a federal lawsuit alleging the deputies were negligent and used excessive force.

The lawsuit offers new details about the killing of John Winkler, 30, who was shot April 7 by deputies responding to a report of a man with a knife at a West Hollywood apartment complex.

Winkler was visiting friends in the complex when Alexander McDonald, 28, attacked the men with a knife, the lawsuit said. Winkler rushed at McDonald and then pushed a friend to the door and opened it, the lawsuit alleges. Deputies outside the room began firing and the friend was struck in the leg.

"Mr. Winkler jumped over him with his hands above his head," the lawsuit said. "He was shot several times."

The lawsuit alleges that before the shooting a woman in the apartment complex showed deputies pictures of McDonald and Winkler, identifying McDonald as the assailant. One deputy allegedly showed the photo of McDonald to other deputies, saying "Alex is our guy."

Officials said Winkler fit the general description of the suspect, and when he bolted out of an apartment, deputies believed he was the assailant and opened fire. Authorities later said Winkler was actually being held hostage by the suspect.

"The family is devastated," Simeon Osborn, one of the attorneys representing Winkler's parents, said Wednesday. "No one should ever have to bury their child, but no one should ever have to bury their child who was saving someone else, only to be shot by the people they called for help."

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, seeks unspecified damages. It names Los Angeles County, the sheriff's department and three deputies: Michael Fairbank, Byron Holloway and Gerardo Baldivia.

Capt. Shaun Mathers, a sheriff's spokesman, said he could not immediately confirm the names of the deputies involved in the shooting. He called the incident "tragic."

"I think this is something the department hopes it can resolve," he said.

The incident took place in an apartment complex on Palm Avenue off Santa Monica Boulevard. When deputies arrived, sheriff's officials said, a witness told them there were two men in the apartment, and that the attacker was a thin white man wearing a black shirt.

Deputies announced themselves at the apartment door but got no response, according to a sheriff's statement. Then, officials said, the door "suddenly opened" and a man rushed out, covered in blood.

"Simultaneously, Winkler ran out of the door, lunging at the back of the fleeing victim," the sheriff's department said. "Both ran directly at the deputies."

Three deputies opened fire, striking the first man in the leg and Winkler in the chest.

McDonald pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, attempted murder and torture.

In a statement, Winkler's mother said she hoped her son's death would help stop "unnecessary violence."

"My son was helping a wounded friend escape a dangerous situation, but the greater threat was just outside the door," Lisa Ostergren said. "Law enforcement must change the way they approach hostage situations so tragedies like this don't happen again."