Saturday, February 25, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Greece has another loan which falls due on July. This is tied to their third bailout by the E.U. It is $6.7 billion and is looking like they will default.

Some of the other members of the E.U. (notably Germany) are not interesting in throwing more money into the porcelain fixture unless the IMF is going to assist. They did so in the first two Greek bailouts. They have, thus far, refused to do so with #3.

The Greek GDP has shrunk by 25% In slightly less than ten years. Its unemployment rate is around 25%.

So, will Greece be kicked out of the E.U. Probably not immediately but the outlook beyond immediately is not so hot.

They could always sell the Acropolis to Trump for a hotel.

EDITOR'S NOTE: What got Greece into this mess in the first place is that no one pays their taxes and the government does little to make the Greeks pay up.


by Bob Walsh

This one is a little complicated as it involves two generations and anonymous charges, but I will have a shot at it.

The only parent that we know of by name is Antonio Parra-Rodriguez, 25, a denizen of Concord, CA. Also involved is a girl who he knocked up four years ago, when she was 12 and the girls parents, who approved of and encouraged the relationship. None of them are named as it would put the name of the girl in the public domain.

This situation came to the attention of the authorities when someone made a domestic violence complaint against Parra-Rodriguez. It wasn't explained whether that was this girl or a second under-14-year old that this guy also knocked up.

All three of the adults involved in this sorry mess are in the Contra Costa County slammer right now.


by Bob Walsh

J. C. Penny company announced Friday that it was closing about 13-14% of it's stores in the near future. These stores (about 130 to 140) represent less than 4% of the net for J. C. Penny. It is also closing down 2 distribution centers and offering early retirement to a significant number of workers.

They are also shifting some of their focus, among other things Penny's is now selling major appliances again, an area they got out of some time back. They are also expanding their in-store beauty parlor operations.

The brick-and-mortar retail operation is rough, and getting rougher all the time.


by Bob Walsh

As of Friday the Dow Jones Industrial Averages has climbed for eleven days straight. Apparently this is some sort of record. I would venture a guess that, at least so far, the business community likes what Trump has been saying and doing.


by Bob Walsh

Brunhilde Pomsel died last month in her native Germany at the age of 106. You probably never heard of her. Neither had I until I read about her in the Economist this week. During WW II she was one of six private secretaries to Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for Nazi Germany.

If you believe the recent biopic about her she had no idea whatsoever what the Nazi's were up to with regard to rounding up and slaughtering Jews. In fact her best girlfriend was a Jew as was the love of her life. The gf died in Auschwitz. The boyfriend fled to Amsterdam. She continued to visit him for a while but eventually that became untenable.

After the war she spent five years doing menial labor in a Soviet prison camp. When she returned to her flat in Berlin afterwards her place was still intact including her clothes in the closet.

She asserts that she had no idea what was going on until the last ten days of the war, which she spent in Hitler's bunker, stinking drunk. Goebbels and his wife killed themselves after murdering their own children. She barely knew her boss, but said that Mrs. Goebbels was a very nice lady and was kind to her.


by Bob Walsh

One of the good-bye presents from the God-King, Barack I, Emperor of the Known Universe, was an order thru the DOJ to shut down the federal relationship with private prison operators.

The new A.G. has just reversed that decision, asserting that the previous order impaired the BOP's ability to manage their population.


Number of female IDF combat soldiers to increase significantly this year

By Anna Ahronheim

The Jerusalem Post
February 20, 2017

There has been a significant increase of interest by religious female draftees to serve in combat- intelligence (reconnaissance) units where fighters are placed in one of the IDF’s co-ed battalions. There has been a significant increase of interest by religious female draftees to serve in combat- intelligence (reconnaissance) units where fighters are placed in one of the IDF’s co-ed battalions.

A new mixed-gender army battalion will increase the number of female combat soldiers in the next year, specifically those stationed on the country’s borders.

According to a senior military officer, 2017 will see the enlistment of more than 1,130 female combat soldiers, with close to 900 serving in combat-intelligence units, 200 in the artillery corps and another 50 in the army’s infantry units.

There has been a significant increase of interest by religious female draftees to serve in combat- intelligence (reconnaissance) units where fighters are placed in one of the IDF’s co-ed battalions – Caracal, Bardalas and Lions of Jordan – and are assigned to guard the borders with Egypt and Jordan.

Enlistment for the IDF’s fourth mixed-gender battalion, which is yet to be named and will be stationed in the Jordan Valley, will be launched in March and be operationally active by November. This new unit accounts for the spike in female combat soldiers, the senior officer said, adding that all mixed-gender battalions will be united into one professional division.

According to IDF figures, 38% of female recruits have asked to serve in combat roles, which is one of the reasons the army is opening new combat positions to women.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, a second senior officer called the move to increase the number of female combat soldiers “a smart and good revolution,” because it increases the number of potential top commanders exponentially.

While his battalion is currently composed of 35% female combat soldiers and 65% male, he told the Post he hopes it will be 50%-50% in the near future.

“What a woman brings to the battlefield is her maturity and calm nature and we need this,” he said. “A woman doesn’t need to act a man, carrying 45 kilos, for example, she needs to be a woman bringing her unique strength to the unit in the field.”

An estimated 90% of positions in the IDF are currently open to women, including combat roles in the navy, Home Front Command, Artillery Corps and Military Police in the West Bank. Other combat posts that have been cleared for female soldiers include operating the Spike (Tammuz) missile and the hand-launched Skylark UAV.

Despite the push for more female combat soldiers, however, combat units remain overwhelmingly male, with female combat soldiers still accounting for only 7% of frontline troops.

Nevertheless, that is an increase from 3% four years ago, and the army expects that number to continue to rise.

The army is considering opening additional options to women to make up for the loss of manpower since reducing the mandatory service period for men from three years to 32 months. These include positions aboard the navy’s Sa’ar missile ships and in the Armored Corps, a controversial move harshly criticized by former top IDF officers.

According to the first senior officer, the army is continuing to examine the option of opening the armored corps to women, saying the army will be launching a pilot project to see how suitable women would be to serve in tanks from a physiological, technical and professional perspective.

While the move will be “studied seriously,” he said, there would be no mixed-gender tank crews, and female tank crews would not be part of battalions that operate in enemy territory.

They, instead, would be deployed only to the borders.

The army has admitted that the training of female combat soldiers has not been ideal, so the training of all combat companies will be moved to one base and soldiers will receive specific training based on the borders on which they will be stationed.

“Those who guard the borders might not know how to fight in Beirut, but they are experts in guarding our borders and that is one of the most important jobs in the army,” the first senior officer said.

The IDF will also make several modifications to enable more women to complete their training in accordance with operational necessity. The IDF will allot more time to achieve the minimum level of physical fitness needed for combat positions to female recruits, and changes will be made to the equipment of female soldiers, such as replacing heavy Tavor assault rifles with lighter M-16 rifles and smaller kneepads, helmets and armored vests that better fit women’s bodies.


Two Argentinian police officers caught on video having sex in their patrol car as they receive robbery call on the radio

By Gerard Couzens

Daily Mail
February 24, 2017

Two Argentinian police officers are facing disciplinary action after they were filmed having sex inside a atrol car as they received an alert about a robbery on their radio.

In vidpeo of the incident, the unnamed female officer can be seen pausing as she hears the call to head to a crime scene, but then continues to lift up her unnamed male colleague's T-shirt, which features the slogan, 'Core Durability and Strength'.

An investigation into the video started after the mobile footage, which featured a clip of the woman's police badge on her arm that detailed her force, led to her and her colleague's identification. It is unknown how the footage was made public.

The two officers work for the police force in Rosario, Argentina, where football star Lionel Messi was born.

In the clip, the female officer can be seen putting her hand up to the mobile phone to stop her colleague from filming them before appearing to allow him to carry on recording the sex scene.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe, the province Rosario forms part of, released a statement following the incident.

The statement said: 'The Ministry of Security of Santa Fe informs, with regards to the video in which two police officers appear having sex in a patrol car, that the Violence and Institutional Office of the local State Prosecutor's Officer led by Karina Bartocci, has been informed.

'Also a disciplinary probe which will involve the suspension of both officers has been initiated.

'We condemn this extremely offensive incident for the people of this province, given that we're dealing with public servants on duty who should be protecting the lives and security of our people.'

This isn't the first scandal to come out of Rosario's police force this month.

Earlier in February, footage emerged of two female community police officers in Rosario celebrating the seizure of a cannabis plant.

One of the women was filmed laughing and joking as she held the massive plant up and shouted: 'Who wants to smoke this? This is what we took off someone we stopped and searched.

'We asked him, "Do you want to run off home and leave us with this or do you want us to take you into custody and he wisely decided to leave it with us?" And this is what we got.'

Both were ordered to hand in their weapons and uniforms as part of an ongoing probe.

In December a police officer in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires was filmed snorting what appeared to be cocaine inside his patrol car while on duty.

The cop was still wearing his bulletproof vest when he bent his head down to take the drugs as messages came across his police radio.

Friday, February 24, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The Trump administration announced on Thursday that they will likely take enforcement action against recreational pot users in the nine states (including D.C.) where recreational marijuana is legal. This could put a major crimp in what is said to be a potentially $5 billion a year industry.

Personally I hope he does. Disregard for one law breeds disregard for all laws. Of course, in the People's Republic of California, you can get a medical marijuana card essentially for asking for one. I understand that one of the leading causes for issuing them is stress over the possibility that you will no longer be allowed to smoke marijuana.

The feds assert that they will NOT be going after medical marijuana users even though that is just as illegal under federal law as recreational pot use.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, by all means, unleash the DEA!


by Bob Walsh

U.S. District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson has just ruled that the Fort Collins ordinance against women appearing topless in public is unconstitutional and unenforceable due to gender discrimination.

I understand that area is very pretty. Depending on the general appearance of those likely to avail themselves of this new-found freedom that situation may improve, or then again maybe not.


by Bob Walsh

Regular news followers will remember that there was a pretty serious riot and partial takeover at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware on February 1. One would tend to expect a few staff members to transfer, resign or retire after such an incident, especially involving a prolonged hostage situation and the murder of a staff member.

What has actually happened in the three weeks since the incident 29 staff members, primarily health care workers, have resigned. An additional eight people, custody employees, have put in their papers.

Maybe its just me, but I can't help but think that when that many staff bail out they believe that there is something monumentally wrong with the facility and that it is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future.


If the DEA is turned loose to enforce the federal marijuana laws, it would nullify the recreational use of pot in those states that have legalized it

By Howie Katz

Big Jolly Politics
February 23, 2017

In 2013, President Obama’s Justice Department ordered federal prosecutors to stop enforcing federal drug laws that contradict state marijuana policies. That order also put a leash on the DEA.

Now a number of states, most notably Washington, Colorado and California, have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. That blue haze you see in Denver is not car pollution, it’s pot pollution.

The DEA has classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, the same as heroin and cocaine. Under federal law it is illegal to possess, use, buy, sell, or cultivate marijuana. The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) holds that in case of conflict between federal and state law, the federal law must be applied.

Now that Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General, it’s time to unleash the DEA and put a stop to the marijuana legalization nonsense. If the DEA is turned loose to enforce the federal laws against marijuana in those states that have legalized its recreational use, it would in effect nullify the state legalization laws.

More and more recent studies by reputable researchers have shown that marijuana is indeed a dangerous drug, contrary to the claim by pot proponents that it is innocuous. Marijuana should not be legalized.

The pro-pot crowd claims that by legalizing marijuana, the Mexican drug cartels would be driven out of business. That is patently untrue! In Colorado for instance, the cartels are doing a thriving business. Many stoners prefer to buy their pot on the black market because it’s cheaper on the street corner than in the ‘legal’ pot shops where they would have to pay the added on state and local taxes.

Will Trump and Sessions unleash the DEA to go after the federal law violators in Washington, Colorado, California and the other states that have legalized pot? I’m not holding my breath.


Milwaukee Police Sued Over 'Stop-and-Frisks' of African-Americans and Latinos

By Gina Barton and Ashley Luthern

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
February 23, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Police Department performs thousands of illegal stop-and-frisks targeting African Americans and Latinos every year, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the ACLU of Wisconsin.

The suit, filed against the city, the Fire and Police Commission and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, claims police routinely pull people over and stop them on the street without cause, demanding identification and searching them or their vehicles. Such stops are a violation of the fourth amendment, which requires police to have "reasonable suspicion" that the person is dangerous or has committed a crime, the suit says.

The suit also accuses officers of conducting stop-and-frisks "motivated by race and ethnicity" in violation of the 14th amendment.

Named plaintiffs in the class-action suit include a mother who says police stopped her son just blocks from his school when he was 11 and a 60-year-old school secretary who says police followed her and her 4-year-old granddaughter into her house without her permission, claiming they had evidence of heroin use.

"Black and Latino people throughout Milwaukee -- including children -- fear that they may be stopped, frisked, or otherwise treated like criminal suspects when doing nothing more than walking to a friend's house or home from school, driving to and from the homes of loved ones, running errands, or simply taking a leisurely walk or drive through the city," the suit says.

On Wednesday, Flynn denied the allegations.

"The Milwaukee Police Department has never used the practice of 'stop and frisk,' nor has there ever been a quota for traffic stops," he said in a written statement. "However, traffic stops in high-crime areas have been proven to reduce the number of non-fatal shootings, robberies and motor vehicle thefts."

One the plaintiffs, Charles Collins, has been repeatedly stopped by police during the 55 years he has lived in Milwaukee.

"As a black man in Wisconsin, I'm edgy when I'm going outside," said Collins, a veteran and retired nursing assistant. "You should have the freedom to move around freely with no apprehension, no dread."

The Milwaukee Police Department's crime-prevention strategy includes "blanketing certain geographic areas in which residents are predominantly people of color with 'saturation patrols' by MPD officers, who conduct high-volume, suspicionless stops and frisks throughout the area," the suit says.

"As a result, the combined number of traffic and pedestrian stops skyrocketed" from 66,657 in 2007 to a high point of 268,809 in 2012, according to the suit and police department data. It has mostly trended down since, coming in at 196,434 in 2015, the most recent year available.

Milwaukee's population is about 600,000.

Mike Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association, denied officers make stops based on race or ethnicity. The problem is Flynn's emphasis on "quantity of work over quality," he said.

"It is unfortunate that the mandated quota-like demands of the chief of police, sanctioned by the mayor, has sown the seeds of distrust," Crivello said in a statement.

The police department and Fire and Police Commission have been on notice since at least 2011, when a Journal Sentinel investigation revealed that black Milwaukee drivers were seven times as likely to be pulled over as whites, the suit says.

At the time, Flynn conceded that not all those people were involved in criminal activity.
"Yes, of course, we are going to stop lots of innocent people," he told the Journal Sentinel in 2011. "The point is, do folks understand what their role is as a cooperative citizen in having a safe environment."

A new analysis by the ACLU "strongly suggests" Milwaukee police officers often don't have legal reasons for stops, the suit says.

"The bottom line is that the data we have so far on this unlawful and massive stop-and-frisk program show that black and Latino people are far more likely to be targeted for police stops, which raises serious concerns," said Nusrat Choudhury, the lead attorney on the suit.

Alicia Silvestre, who is Latina, says she was targeted in 2015. Police pulled her over, followed her home, aggressively entered her house and dumped out her purse looking for her driver's license -- all while her 4-year-old granddaughter cried, according to the suit. When she called to complain, an officer told her she was pulled over for running a red light. But there was no light at the Bay View intersection where the stop occurred, the suit says.

Flynn maintains the disparities in stops reflect demographics of victims and perpetrators. In 2016, 79% of homicide victims and 75% of aggravated assault victims were African-American, as were more than 80% of the suspects in those crime categories, he said Wednesday.

"What we've been doing is using lawful traffic enforcement in public spaces to affect the environment," he said during a news conference.

The stops often don't result in citations or arrests and despite more police contact with citizens, the number of complaints against officers has declined annually since 2007, he said Wednesday.

Cumbersome complaint process

Tracy Adams, another plaintiff in the suit, said she tried to file a complaint but got only vague answers about how to do so.

Her son has been stopped at least three times over the past several years, beginning in 2010 when he was 11, the suit says. When no one answered the door at a friend's house, he took out his phone. Police grabbed it and took him to a squad car, where they patted him down.

When Adams called to complain about how officers treated her son, a sergeant at District 7 explained "that MPD officers have 'a policy to stop young men walking through alleys,' " the suit says.

It seemed to her the officers thought the issue was a "waste of time."

Earlier this month, the commission made it possible to file complaints online and began offering forms in Spanish and Hmong. It also relaxed the initial filing requirement so people do not need to have the forms notarized before submitting them.

DOJ report awaited

The ACLU's lawsuit comes as the public awaits the outcome of a collaborative reform report from the U.S. Department of Justice, which is expected to evaluate the Police Department's use of force, training and policies, including those that address stops and searches of citizens.

Department of Justice report on Milwaukee police is being 'finalized'

Flynn requested the voluntary review more than a year ago -- on the same day federal prosecutors announced they would not charge a now-fired Milwaukee police officer with the on-duty fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park.

The ACLU filed the suit while the report is pending because the Justice Department's recommendations through the collaborative reform process are not legally binding, said Choudhury, the attorney. If a department is violating constitutional rights, the process cannot ensure those violations stop, she said.

"This lawsuit at its core seeks to advance evidence-based and bias-free policing as do other civil rights lawsuits challenging massive stop-and-frisk programs," Choudhury said.

In 2013, a judge forced the New York Police Department to curb the practice of stop-and-frisk after a similar lawsuit.


Officer who fired gun with live rounds charged in Citizen's Academy death

By Carlos R. Munoz

Saratoga Herald-Tribune
February 23, 2017

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida -- The Punta Gorda police officer involved in the fatal shooting of a retired librarian during an August community police academy has been arrested and will face manslaughter charges, state prosecutors said.

Lee Coel, 28, was arrested earlier today, accused of felony manslaughter.

Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis was charged with culpable negligence, a misdemeanor, but not arrested. Lewis received a summons to appear in court.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents completed their criminal investigation into the Aug. 9 shooting and submitted their report to prosecutors in the 20th Judicial Circuit, who found probable cause to charge both Coel and Lewis.

"There is a very voluminous amount of information we reviewed," State Attorney Stephen B. Russell said during a press conference on Wednesday. "We looked at the crime scene, photographs and videos of the incident. We went through a large volume of investigative material from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Many people were interviewed for what happened at the scene.

"Looking at the totality of the facts and evidence brought our office to this decision."

Russell said the FDLE report would not be available until discovery is requested by the defense. The report would then be made public to those who request it. That may not happen for several weeks, he said.

"To the citizens of Charlotte County, I want to say that while my office is endeavoring to responsibly address this difficult, somewhat unique, tragic event, Charlotte County continues to be well served by its law enforcement community," Russell said.

In what was billed as a training demonstration as part of a special "Chamber Police Night" for local business leaders and others at the police department, Coel pointed a revolver -- which he believed was loaded with blanks -- at 73-year-old Mary Knowlton and pulled the trigger several times, according to accounts.

Knowlton fell dead. Her husband watched just feet away.

Lewis placed Coel, hired by the agency in 2014, on paid administrative leave, a common response to officer-involved shootings.

Punta Gorda City Manager Howard Kunik said in November that a "fair" and "mutual" deal was reached between the family of the retired librarian and the city of Punta Gorda. The Knowlton family was paid $2,060,234.23 from the city's insurance and damage recovery funds.

The settlement agreement signed by Gary Knowlton and his attorney was approved unanimously by the Punta Gorda City Council as a consent agenda item.

"Obviously, this is a sad tragedy for everyone involved," said Julie McGillivray during citizen's comments.

Kunik said the agreement did not affect the FDLE investigation, and that the settlement was not an admission of guilt. He said it was meant to avoid the cost of a lawsuit.

Coel, a K-9 officer, also was involved in a $70,000 settlement between Punta Gorda and Richard Schumacher. The settlement stemmed from an October 2015 incident where Coel attempted to stop Schumacher from riding his bike, which had a broken taillight, using his trained police dog.

In Coel's dashcam video he is heard saying, "Stop now or I'll send the dog."

Schumacher did not obey and the 28-year-old officer parked his car and released his dog, "Spirit," which chased Schumacher who was on foot.

Schumacher' had bite injuries that were so severe he required surgery and an 11-day hospital stay. He pled guilty to DUI on a bicycle and obstructing a police officer without violence.

Kunik said an outside consultant who specializes in cases involving police dogs said in October that Coel should not be fired.

That was two months after the death of Knowlton.

EDITOR’S NOTE: That’s why Houston Police Department uses plugged up guns with vents drilled into the bottom of the barrels in training programs where blank firing is used.


Protesters gather in Anaheim over LAPD officer firing gun during confrontation with teens

By Joshua Sudock and Chris Haire

Los Angeles Daily News
February 23, 2017

ANAHEIM -- Chaos erupted Wednesday night after what started as a peaceful assembly on the street where a shooting happened the day before — involving an off-duty LAPD officer — devolved into a protest involving as many as 300 people.

The confrontation began Tuesday over ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer’s property near Euclid Street and Palais Road, Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

A 13-year-old boy is accused of threatening to shoot the off-duty officer, at which time the officer attempted to detain the boy until Anaheim police arrived, he said. That led to a physical confrontation between the officer and several other juveniles. At that time, the officer, who hasn’t been identified, discharged his gun once.

The 13-year-old was booked at Orange County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of criminal threats and battery. A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery and released to his parents.

The off-duty officer had not been arrested, and a criminal investigation into the incident was underway. The LAPD’s Force Investigation Division is also looking into the altercation and the officer has been placed on administrative leave, the LAPD said.

Earlier in the day, YouTube videos surfaced that show the Tuesday altercation.

Protesters gathered Wednesday night in the neighborhood of the shooting, eventually making their way to the officer’s home. Community leaders were initially speaking through a PA system in front of the homes where the fight occurred. They encouraged calm, togetherness and expressed dismay at Tuesday’s events.

The calm ended when someone with a can of red spray paint began writing profanities about police on a garage door of the officer’s neighbor. Chants of “No justice — no peace,” “Killer cops, off our streets!” “Don’t shoot our kids!” and profanities directed at police dominated the group’s evolving message.

Dozens of protesters spilled onto the officer’s driveway — kicking his garage, banging on his front door shouting and climbing atop an unoccupied pickup truck before others coaxed them back into the street.

Some began throwing trash and hard objects at Anaheim police officers observing the demonstration across the street. Protesters then took to Euclid Street, blocking traffic and marching north toward Ball Road, where they congregated in the intersection for several minutes.

The sound of sirens sent the mob running south on Euclid, but their scramble was halted by Anaheim police officers in riot gear who had established a skirmish line at Euclid Street and Palm Lane.

Police created a second skirmish line around the LAPD officer’s home.

The crowd began to thin around 10:15, after officers declared an unlawful assembly through a helicopter’s PA system. A large firework exploded shortly thereafter.

The police skirmish line began pushing the remaining people away from homes and out of the streets shortly before 11 p.m.

At least five people appeared to be arrested around 11:30 p.m. as the police skirmish lines met along Euclid between Ball Road and Palm Lane.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said Wednesday the city is committed to a thorough, impartial investigation of Tuesday’s incident.

“Like many in the community, I’ve seen the video and I’m very concerned about what it shows,” Tait said. “Anaheim is committed to a full and impartial investigation. Our city will move forward without delay.”

The gun that was fired was not the officer’s service weapon, Wyatt said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another case of ‘Smile, You’re on Cellphone Camera’ show time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yup, it is true. Our former President, the God-King Barack I, was enthralled, obsessed and fascinated by shitters. So much so that it became the official position of his government that public schools and even private schools that accepted federal bribe money MUST allow self-declared transgender students to use whatever bathroom and locker room facilities the mood struck them as being appropriate to them on the day in question.

Our current El Presidente, Donald Trump, has decided that he doesn't give a shit. He has disentangled the federal government from their extortion position in that matter and has announced that each state is free to set their own policy in the matter.

Damn, this is noteworthy. The federal government is getting their nose out from underneath the tent. It might not be an earth-shattering occurrence, but it is certainly noteworthy.

EDITOR'S NOTE: OK, but here in Texas we've got the fucking NFL and NBA sticking their shitty noses in our tent with threats to keep future Super Bowls and NBA All Star Games out of the state if we prohibit transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice.


The Fourth Circuit decision is the first to expressly reject a right to bear an AR-15 or other "weapons of war"

By Alex Yablon

The Trace
February 21, 2017

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld Maryland’s ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, ruling that Second Amendment protections do not extend to what it called “weapons of war.”

Writing for the 10-4 majority, Judge Robert King of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, said that the landmark Heller v. District of Columbia decision rendered in 2008 explicitly allows governments to regulate firearms similar in design and function to those issued to members of the military.

“We are convinced that the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are among those arms that are ‘like’ M-16 rifles — ‘weapons that are most useful in military service’ — which the Heller Court singled out as being beyond the Second Amendment’s reach,” the decision reads. “Put simply, we have no power to extend Second Amendment protection to the weapons of war that the Heller decision explicitly excluded from such coverage.”

The decision marks the fifth time that a federal appeals court has upheld a state assault weapons law, but it goes further than those previous decisions. It is the first to exclude AR-15s and other similar guns from Second Amendment protection on the grounds that they are virtually indistinguishable from weapons of war. The court found that such designation overrides considerations of the common usage or suitability for home self-defense of a gun like the AR-15.

The ruling is a resounding defeat for the National Sports Shooting Foundation, the gun manufacturers’ trade group which, along with two Maryland gun owners, had sued to overturn the state’s sweeping assault weapons ban, which prohibits the possession, sale, transfer, or transportation into the state of certain weapons, including all variants of the AR-15 and AK-47 rifle platforms, along with certain kinds of pistols, including semiautomatic versions of the Uzi.

More broadly, Maryland’s law applies to all center-fired semiautomatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines and have two or more features like a flash suppressor or a pistol grip. After the expiration of the federal assault weapons ban in 2004, millions of such guns have been manufactured for civilians and remain unregulated in much of the country. Maryland’s assault weapons law is similar to California’s, requiring registration of those weapons lawfully possessed before the passage of the ban.

The Maryland law also prohibits the sale and transfer of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Maryland residents who owned magazines affected by the law before its passage may keep them. In comparison, California gun owners must surrender their large-capacity magazines to authorities by July 1.

“It’s a huge victory,” said appellate attorney Deepak Gupta, who submitted a brief on behalf of the defendants. “It shows that a Second Amendment right to bear arms can coexist with common-sense gun legislation.”

John Parker Sweeney, who represented the plaintiffs, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Judge William Traxler, a President Bill Clinton appointee, was joined by three colleagues in a dissenting opinion. Traxler argued that “the majority has gone to greater lengths than any other court to eviscerate the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.”

The majority opinion extensively describes the history of assault-style weapons, and the extent to which they are created to mimic the functionality of military-grade guns.

“The banned assault weapons ‘are firearms designed for the battlefield, for the soldier to be able to shoot a large number of rounds across a battlefield at a high rate of speed,’” the opinion reads, citing filings in the case. “Their design results in ‘a capability for lethality — more wounds, more serious, in more victims — far beyond that of other firearms in general, including other semiautomatic guns.’”

The opinion cites a 1994 Treasury Department study that found the technical features singled out by assault weapons bans — flash suppressors, barrel shrouds, folding and telescoping stocks, pistol grips, grenade launchers, night sights, and the ability to accept bayonets and large-capacity magazines — “serve specific, combat-functional ends.”

Significantly, Judge James Harvie Wilkinson III, a conservative appointed by President Ronald Reagan, wrote in a separate concurring opinion that assault weapon laws are a “wholly separate subject” from constitutionally protected handgun ownership for self defense. He wrote that judicial decisions to reject assault weapons bans would be “disenfranchising.”

“To say in the wake of so many mass shootings in so many localities across this country that the people themselves are now to be rendered newly powerless, that all they can do is stand by and watch as federal courts design their destiny — this would deliver a body blow to democracy as we have known it since the very founding of this nation,” Wilkinson wrote.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m sure glad to live in Texas!


Vehicles that stop for pedestrians could be a gift to thieves

By Corin Faife

February 22, 2017

One moment you're cruising to a halt at a red light; the next, being pulled roughly out of your vehicle by an armed man in a mask. It's every driver's nightmare and the crime that helped Grand Theft Auto become a multi-billion dollar franchise: carjacking.

There are endless depictions of carjacking in popular culture, perhaps tied to the role that the automobile occupies in the American psyche. Certain places like Los Angeles, New Jersey or Detroit are notorious for it, with some incidents linked to organized crime rings who will steal to order and arrange international shipments for their discerning (if unscrupulous) foreign customers.

But the vehicles we drive are changing, as is the way we drive them. As a world of widespread autonomous vehicles moves from the realm of science fiction into near-future possibility, it's important to consider how vehicle crime will change, and how the benefits from the elimination of certain categories of crime linked to vehicles—drunk driving, for example—could be tempered by the growth of other types.

When parked, advances in security have made modern cars far more difficult to steal than used to be the case. But if a thief can stop a car with the driver in it, say by bumping it deliberately with another car, creating a distraction or blocking the road with some kind of physical barrier, immobilizing technology is made irrelevant by having access to the ignition keys and an unlocked vehicle.

This creates a problem for self-driving cars, which are explicitly designed to be risk averse when it comes to interactions with pedestrians. In a paper in the Journal of Planning Education and Research, Adam Millard-Ball, an assistant professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, argued that pedestrians would learn to become more aggressive when crossing roads in front of autonomous vehicles in the knowledge that the vehicle would be forced to stop. Although Millard-Ball wasn't addressing malicious intent, it's not hard to imagine criminal gangs using the same principles to "herd" an autonomous vehicle into a position where it could be commandeered, or the driver harmed. (Of course, the possibility of stealing a car in this situation also depends on the steering system: a vehicle with a manual override would be simple enough to take, but a fully autonomous vehicle with pre-programmed destination, say an airport-to-city shuttle taxi, would be difficult to make off with.)

Mary "Missy" Cummings, Director of the Humans and Autonomy Lab at Duke University, says that the optimism surrounding driverless cars has discouraged people from talking about the darker aspects of the behavior they could enable.

"I've been saying for a long time [that] I think that there's a lot more criminal behavior that will happen in these cars than people understand," Cummings said in a phone call. "Interiors of cars will be gutted, hubcaps will be destroyed, headlights will be taken out of these cars. Without a human driver in the car, we're going to see some really bad behavior."

Cummings says that she's more cynical about this kind of behavior happening in America than in, say, Europe, citing the sad tale of Hitchbot as an example of what can happen when people choose to enact violence on anthropomorphic robots. But in the case of carjacking it's not just the robotic cars, but their occupants, that could be at greatest risk.

"There's a section of society, like it or not, that's going to be predatory towards these vehicles," she said. "Hacking of cars is real. It's not hard at all to GPS spoof any vehicle that relies on GPS—that's true of drones and driverless cars—and so at a minimum we have a real vulnerability that if you're in a driverless car you could be kidnapped, electronic locks could be engaged externally, and if there's no steering wheel, good luck!"

Nonetheless, Cummings is clear that the possibility of police being able to remotely control driverless cars is not an appropriate response. Instead, closer liaisons will need to be made between the police and a new kind of dispatch center run by Tesla, Uber or other driverless car manufacturers, which will allow for quick reaction when a problem occurs—whether mechanical or criminal—that necessitates the intervention of an engineer, either physically or remotely.

Although autonomous vehicle systems look set to revolutionize urban transport, designing for these kind of edge cases will be a crucial part of the transition from human-controlled to self-driving transport networks.


Refusing to Watch LGBT Video, Houston Judge Sues Employer for Religious Discrimination

By Meagan Flynn

Houston Press
February 22, 2017

While some florists and bakers have refused to serve gay couples in the name of "religious freedom," an administrative social security judge in Houston is taking that argument to a whole new level.

Judge Gary Suttles has refused to watch a 17-minute LGBT diversity training video, which gives all federal employees tips on how to treat LGBT people with respect and how to "increase cultural awareness in a diverse and inclusive environment," as Suttles's boss described it in an email to employees. After facing disciplinary action for his repeated objection, Suttles has now filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that he has faced religious discrimination in the workplace.

"The Agency's repeated direct orders to Judge Suttles to watch or read a transcript of the religiously obejectionable [video] and threatening to discipline him for his faith-based refusal is unwelcome and is sufficiently severe to create an intimidating and hostile work environment," his attorney, Robert Painter, wrote in the lawsuit.

The LGBT sensitivity video stems from a 2011 executive order from President Barack Obama directing federal agencies to develop new plans to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Last May, Suttles received an email from his superior asking all employees to carve out 17 minutes of their day sometime in the next few months to watch the video. But according to the lawsuit, Suttles responded:

"I will not be participating in this training. I am already fully aware to treat all persons with respect and dignity and have done so my entire life. Furthermore, this type of government indocrination [sic] training does not comport with my religious views and I object on that basis as well."

(Evidently, Suttles's squeaky-clean record of treating people with respect excludes the time in 2015 he reportedly told a Gulf War Navy vet suffering from PTSD and in need of disability benefits: “I mean, hey, you were in the Navy. You weren’t even fighting on the ground. To me it would have been exciting. What do you mean stressful?” The comments sparked calls for his removal from the bench, according to the Austin-American Statesman. But, anyways.)

Suttles nor his lawyer explained in the lawsuit what exactly about training video defies his religion. His attorney did not respond to a request for comment.

Suttles requested a religious accommodation from the Houston office's Hearing Office Chief Administrative Law Judge Monica J. Anderson, which would exempt him from the training. But Anderson denied his request, apparently also failing to see what about the "treat people how you want to be treated"-esque video could be so objectionable. According to the lawsuit, she wrote:

"Allowing employees to remain untrained on the topics covered by the mandatory video creates a risk of liability to the agency, poses a potential harm to other employees, and threatens the agency's core public service mission. Indeed, the agency is committed to providing the highest standard of considerate, thoughtful, and culturally sensitive customer service to the public. The agency must also ensure that all employees treat each other with courtesy and consideration. In mandating all employees to view the LGBT mandatory training video, the agency is ensuring all its employees are trained about, and will comply with, agency workplace rules and EEO principles."

Since Suttles's rejection, according to the lawsuit, his employer has revoked his privileges to work from home or to transfer to a more convenient location, and has caused superiors to not trust him to do his job despite his history of good standing at the agency (besides that time the feds had to apologize for his offensive comments to the sailor, of course). Superiors have also threatened more serious discipline should Suttles continue to refuse the mandatory training.

Fearing that he will soon be fired, Suttles is asking a U.S. District Judge to block the Social Security Agency from mandating that he watch that 17-minute LGBT video, and blocking the agency from imposing any further disciplinary action.

For now, is unclear whether Judge Suttles has the wherewithal to ascend to Kentucky clerk Kim Davis-level infamy. No judge has upheld Davis's or other stubborn florist or cake bakers' claims that religious freedom exempts them from serving or tolerating gay people in their businesses.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I do not believe Judge Suttles will prevail. After all, he is not being required to view a video in which couples give each other blow jobs or punk each other in the ass.

As for those diversity training programs, are they really necessary? They rarely erase the participant’s bigotry. Most cops, for instance, know they better treat minorities with respect if they want to keep their jobs. In some cases those diversity training programs actually reinforce bigotry and leave the attitudes of some of the participants worse off than before.

The best diversity training programs are the ones that get the participants to recognize their prejudices and how to deal with them so that they will treat minorities the same as anyone else..

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


'She is a true hero': Good Samaritan bravely comes to the rescue of a Louisiana police officer being beaten with his own baton and JUMPS on the suspect's back until back-up arrives

Associated Press and Ariel Zilber for Daily Mail
February 21, 2017

A Louisiana woman is being hailed as a hero after police say she saw an officer struggling with a suspect and jumped on the man's back to help the officer subdue him.

Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56, was driving to a store Sunday morning, with gospel music on her radio, when she spotted the Baton Rouge officer, Billy Aime, and the suspect, according to The Advocate.

Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. L'Jean McKneely says the suspect grabbed the officer's baton and repeatedly bashed him on the head with it, and also tried to grab the officer's gun.

Police say that after Williams-Tillman jumped on the man's back, police backup arrived and the suspect was apprehended after being shot with a stun gun.

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broome called the woman a courageous hero.

The incident occurred just before 8:00am on Sunday, when a 44-year-old police officer found the suspect, 28-year-old Thomas Bennett, asleep in his car.

The officer allegedly noticed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

When the officer approached Bennett's car to make an arrest, Bennett is alleged to have become violent.

Bennett allegedly grabbed the officer's baton and began hitting him over the head.

He also took the officer's flashlight and radio, according to the arrest report.

Bennett also allegedly reached for the officer's gun.

‘[Maybe an] angel, whatever it was…God was watching down on both of us and told her to stop,’ Aime told WAFB.

Seeing the scuffle unfold, Williams-Tillman initially pulled up alongside the police officer, rolled down the window, and asked if he needed help.

When the officer didn't respond, Williams-Tillman 'locked eyes' with him and realized that he could not speak.

That is when she sprung into action. She called 911 and notified the police that an officer needed help.

Immediately afterward, police say that she stepped out of her car and jumped on Bennett's back, helping to subdue him.

The officer said that Williams-Tillman may have saved his life.

‘Next thing I knew she was pulling the suspect’s hand off of my gun,’ Aime said.

‘Without her stopping, I can’t tell you what the outcome would have been.’

'I could see in [the officer's] eyes he needed help,' said Williams-Tillman.

'You don't have time to think about it … I did what God needed me to do.'

'It was something that went through my soul,' she said. 'You don't think about the risk.'

More police arrived as backup and took the suspect into custody.

Bennett faces charges including aggravated battery, disarming a police officer, battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and drug possession.

A spokesperson for the Baton Rouge Police Department said the officer suffered injuries to his head.

'Vickie Williams-Tillman epitomizes the true Good Samaritan,' Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broome said in a statement.

'She reached out and offered a courageous and unconditional response to the officer. Ms. Williams-Tillman is a hero and demonstrates the true meaning of loving God and loving your neighbor.'

The BRPD hailed Williams-Tillman on its Facebook page, posting a message of thanks that generated over 7,000 likes and 2,100 shares.

For a special #BRPDSalutes today we want to thank a very special lady.

'Early this morning one of our officers performed a traffic stop just before 8am in the 8400 block of Harry Drive, finding drugs in the man's vehicle,' the BRPD wrote.

'Our officer tried to secure the man in handcuffs when the driver became aggressive. The 28-year-old man, grabbed the officer's baton and used it to repeatedly hit the officer in the head.'

'As the officer struggled with his assailant, 56-year-old Vickie Williams-Tillman saw that our officer needed help.'

'Ms. Williams-Tillman immediately called for more police but then went so much further.'

'Risking her own safety she jumped out of her vehicle and onto the back of the 28-year old assailant. Ms. Williams-Tillman was able to help hold off the assailant until other officers arrived.'

'For going above and beyond in that moment to help our officer and possibly save his life we are forever grateful to you Ms. Vickie! For showing so much love and concern for one of our officers BRPDSalutes you!'

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wow, this 56-year-old black lady risked her life to save a white cop’s ass. I’ll bet she is not a member of Black Lives Matter.

Vickie Williams-Tillman is a true hero and deserves a salute not only from BRPD, but from every law abiding American.


by Bob Walsh

This is one of those stories that, except for the tragedy involved, a normal, reasonable person would be inclined to laugh at as being so incredibly stupid that no one in their right mind would believe it.

It happened Sunday in Memphis, TN. The cops showed up at the house about 8 p.m.. There was a report that someone had fired shots into the house. When the cops were there they heard another gunshot from inside the house. It seems that the four-year old in the house had just been shot by the three-year old. The kid was only hit in the arm and is likely to make a full recovery.

Allegedly when the original shots fired incident happened grandmamma opened up her lock box, retrieved her handgun and pumped a few rounds into the ground in front of the house in order to discourage further incoming fire. Allegedly she then returned the gun to the lock box but did not actually lock it.

The cops now think that she in fact put the gun down in plain sight and while she was talking to the cops the second shooting took place in which the rugrat was shot. Someone, presumably granny, is asserting that the kid dropped the gun and it fired accidentally, hitting the brother. That isn't bloody likely.

Granny is now in custody for felony child abuse, neglect and stupidity. (Actually there is no criminal charge of felony stupid in Tennessee. That doesn't mean that there shouldn't be.)


Gang member accused of killing Whittier cop had cycled in and out of jail, records show

By Richard Winton

Los Angeles Times
February 21, 2017

The gang member accused of killing a Whittier police officer Monday has cycled in and out of jail for repeatedly violating the terms of his release, records show.

Sheriff's Homicide Capt. Steve Katz on Tuesday identified the suspect as Michael C. Mejia, 26, a career criminal with a history of drugs and violence. Mejia has a "history of control problems," Katz said.

Mejia is suspected of killing Whittier police Officer Keith Boyer and wounding another officer in a shootout following a crash involving a stolen vehicle.

Court records show that Mejia was sentenced in 2010 to four years in state prison for robbery and was convicted in July 2014 of grand theft auto and attempting to steal a vehicle. He was given another two-year sentence.

Mejia, who was shot by officers in the deadly gunfight that claimed Boyer's life and left Officer Patrick Hazell wounded, has been arrested and jailed for short stints several times since July. State officials said he was on probation and under supervision of the L.A. County Probation Department.

In July, he violated terms of his release and got 10 days in jail. He was arrested again in September after authorities moved to revoke his community supervision.

He was arrested in January for again violating the terms of his release and sentenced to a combined 40 days in jail. But he was out again after 10 days, records show. Then, Feb. 2 he was arrested by East L.A. sheriff’s deputies for violating his release terms and "flash incarcerated."

Mejia was sentenced to 10 days and released Feb. 11. On Monday, before his run-in with Whittier police, he allegedly went on a deadly rampage that began at an East L.A. home, where authorities suspect Mejia in the fatal shooting of a man believed to be his his 46-year-old cousin, Ray Torres. Mejia then allegedly stole his car.

Whittier Police Chief Jeff Piper said Mejia is an example of how statewide efforts to reduce incarceration of certain criminals can have tragic consequences.

“We need to wake up. Enough is enough,” Piper said at an emotional news conference Monday, the day Boyer was killed. “This is a senseless, senseless tragedy that did not need to be.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell pointed to three measures enacted in the last seven years — Propositions 47 and 57 and Assembly Bill 109 — that he said have led to the release of too many criminals without creating a proper safety net of mental health, drug rehabilitation and other services.

“We’re putting people back on the street that aren’t ready to be back on the street,” McDonnell said. He said the county jail system he runs, the largest in the nation, has become a “default state prison.”

Sheriff’s officials have long criticized Proposition 47, which was approved by voters in 2014 and downgraded some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors.

They say AB 109 — which moved state prisoners to local lockups — has pushed lower-level offenders out of custody and onto the streets, offering little deterrent against committing new crimes.

Proposition 57, which passed last year, changed California’s “three strikes” rule and made sentencing more flexible, allowing some prisoners who wouldn’t normally have been eligible for early parole to be considered for release.

It was unclear if Mejia’s releases were related to any of the measures.

In Los Angeles County, the jail population has decreased, from 18,500 inmates just before Proposition 47 passed to about 16,500 inmates in November. Narcotics arrests have dropped, with busy police officers deciding that the time needed to process a case is not worth it.

The result, some law enforcement officials say, is that more criminals are now on the streets instead of in jail and are not receiving the drug and mental health treatment the measure had promised. Without the threat of a felony prosecution, they say, defendants are less likely to choose treatment as an alternative to serving time.

But supporters of Proposition 47 dispute the theory that crime increases are connected to the measure. Misdemeanors can still result in sentences of up to a year in jail, and it is up to police officers and prosecutors to enforce those penalties, Michael Romano, a lecturer at Stanford Law School, told The Times in December.

“The idea that Proposition 47 has been responsible for an increase in crime in California over the past year or two is fake news, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: What in the fuck was this sorry piece of shit doing on the streets? This motherfucker should have been locked up for life. Now a good cop is dead because of the lenience shown criminals.


by Bob Walsh

On Monday a "non-violent, low-level" gang involved violent asshole murdered his cousin, stole the cousins car, wrecked the car and shot two cops who responded to the wreck attempting to render assistance. One of the cops died at the scene. The other was wounded. The asshole was also injured in the exchange and later captured.

The asshole is Michael C. Mejia. He was released about two weeks ago from state custody as an AB-109 client and was subject to monitoring by the L. A. County Parole Office rather than state parole agents. He had numerous RTCs (returned to custody) on his record including one "flash incarceration" of ten days.

The dead officer was Keith Lane Boyer and the wounded officer is Patrick Hazel, both of the Whittier P. D. That department has about 125 sworn officers and has lost two others in the line of duty, both about 40 years ago.

It would be nice if they scrag this piece of shit, but California does not have an actual death penalty and likely will not anytime in the reasonably foreseeable future.


ACLU sues San Diego police over how it collects DNA from juveniles

By Dana Littlefield

The San Diego Union-Tribune
February 20, 2017

A black teenager who was stopped by police last year while walking through a San Diego park is challenging the Police Department’s policies and practices for obtaining DNA from minors without first notifying a parent.

Lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties filed a federal lawsuit last week on behalf of the boy and his mother, Jamie Wilson. They contend police officers violated the boy’s civil rights in March when they detained, handcuffed and searched him at Memorial Community Park in Logan Heights, and then took a sample of his DNA without a warrant or his mother’s consent.

According to the complaint, San Diego Police Department policy allows officers to obtain consent from a minor for DNA collection the same way they would for an adult.

California law restricts the collection of DNA from a juvenile for inclusion in California’s DNA database, but the lawsuit says San Diego has “sidestepped” that by maintaining its own local database. Officers are required to notify a juvenile’s parents only after a DNA sample has been taken.

San Diego’s policy “systematically works to circumvent parents’ right to advise their kids,” said Jonathan Markovitz, one of the attorneys representing Wilson and her son.

A Police Department spokesman declined to comment about the lawsuit but provided a copy of the agency’s procedures for dealing with juveniles. The document states that a minor’s DNA can be taken and stored in the department’s own data bank if obtained legally and for investigative purposes.

“We have just been made aware of the lawsuit filed by the ACLU. This case is pending litigation we therefore cannot comment further,” police Lt. Scott Wahl said in an email.

The plaintiffs are seeking a permanent injunction from the court that would forbid the San Diego Police Department from enforcing the city’s policy on DNA collection from juveniles without a warrant or parental consent. They are also asking for an order compelling the Police Department to return any DNA samples from the teen identified in the lawsuit.

They also are seeking unspecified monetary damages.

According to the lawsuit, police officers chose to conduct a pat-down search of the 16-year-old boy — identified in the document by the initials P.D. — and four of his friends not because there was a reasonable suspicion they had been involved in a crime, but because “they were black juveniles, some of whom were wearing blue, walking through a park in southeast San Diego on a particular day.”

The officers expected gang activity in the park that day, March 30, a supposed gang “holiday,” the lawsuit said. Blue is a color associated with a particular street gang.

P.D. and the other minors told the officers they had been playing basketball in the area.

After the pat-down search, the officers searched a duffel bag P.D. had with him that afternoon and found an unloaded handgun. They collected DNA samples from him and his four companions after obtaining their signed consent.

The friends were released and P.D. was booked into Juvenile Hall.

“The difficulty with kids giving consent is that they are particularly vulnerable to authority,” Markovitz said, noting that children and teens are less likely to think through the consequences of their actions — a concept state and federal laws have acknowledged.

He said the search of the teen’s duffel bag was unlawful and any consent the teen had given for the taking of his DNA sample was essentially coerced, given that the officers let his friends go after they each signed a form agreeing to let the officers swab the inside of their mouths to collect DNA.

“There wasn’t anything approaching knowing and voluntary consent. ... He wasn’t given the opportunity to talk to his mother,” Markovitz said.

Per department procedure, a San Diego police officer has to notify a supervisor or contact a field lieutenant for approval before collecting a mouth swab DNA sample from a juvenile. The office must also fill out a “Consent to Collect Saliva” form and obtain the minor’s signature.

An officer who takes a mouth swab sample from a juvenile “will notify the parent or legal guardian that a sample was taken” and document that information on a report, according to the department.

According to the lawsuit, the District Attorney’s Office filed charges in Juvenile Court against P.D. on April 4, stemming from the discovery of the gun in the duffel bag. He remained in Juvenile Hall until April 8, when he was released and placed on home supervision.

On June 27, a judge threw out the evidence related to the gun because it was “fruit of an unlawful search that violated P.D.’s Fourth Amendment rights,” under the U.S. Constitution. A month later, the court dismissed the charges but no order was made to destroy the teen’s DNA sample.

“It’s caused tremendous emotional and financial suffering,” Markovitz said, referring to the effects of the arrest and subsequent court proceedings on the teen and his family.

His mother is expected to appear at a news conference Wednesday, when ACLU representatives will discuss the lawsuit and issues related to local policing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


John McCain has been trying to destroy Donald Trump ever since, back in July 2015, Trump said McCain is no war hero … and Trump has been helping him

Back in July 2015, while campaigning in the Republican primary, Trump belittled John McCain during a presidential forum in Ames, Iowa. Here is what Trump said:

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

That was a dumbass statement if there ever was one. And it’s come back to bite Trump in the ass time after time.

John McCain is unforgiving. Ever since Trump belittled him with that stupid statement, McCain has been out to destroy Trump. At every opportunity, McCain has criticized Trump in Congress, before the media and on the world stage. And Trump has been helping McCain get his pound of flesh.

McCain’s most recent blast implied that Trump was trying to become a dictator when the President used Twitter on February 17 to say:

“The FAKE NEWS media is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Another dumbass statement, even if true, which it is not. There is no doubt that the media is Trump’s enemy, but that does not make it the enemy of the American people, it just makes it untrustworthy.

Also on February 17, McCain made a blistering attack on Trump’s policies without naming him during a speech before the Security Conference in Munich, Germany. While blasting the President’s policies, he went so far as to compare today's American political atmosphere to the Nazi years of the 1930s and 1940s.

Trump continues to suffer from a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease which no one has been able to cure. During a rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday, the President said:

“Here’s the bottom line. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden!”

No, we can’t believe that because nothing untoward happened in Sweden Friday night, or the night before, or the night before that. And they used to make fun of Joe Biden.

As for John McCain, he is belittling himself by getting his revenge for what the president said about him in Ames back in 2015. While McCain was without question a true war hero during the Vietnam War, he is no hero now! He’s just a bitter old man getting his pound of flesh by bashing the President at every opportunity … and Trump is giving him plenty of opportunities.


by Bob Walsh

Lake Don Pedro is a decent size reservoir in the formerly great state of California. When completely full it holds a tad more than 2 million acre-feet of water. It is completely full.

The Turlock Irrigation District, which operates the reservoir under the oversight of the Army Corps of Engineers, anticipates that they will have to open the gates of the emergency spillway about 3 p.m. on Monday. This is an interesting set-up. I have taken a few photographs of it, it is visually interesting. You have this good-size industrial thing right at the top of this mild, short slope of rock and scrub. Unfortunately a major road, Bonds Flat road, crosses the path of the spillway. I drove up there yesterday to take a few photos. It is a good thing I did as the road is closed today. Maintenance people are taking out the guard rails and trenching the road so that the rail sections and slabs of blacktop do not travel down into the river.

When this happened 20 years ago the water flow and pressure ruptured 20 levees in the Manteca area and led to extensive local flooding and damage. It nearly flooded out Deuel Vocational Institution, the state prison where I worked at the time. It was "interesting." About ten years before that it did flood. It was a challenge running a prison with no electricity, no telephones and no functional sewer system. We walked across the parking lot in hip boots. The basement areas did flood but no water reached into the actual housing units. Fortunately there was very little trouble from the inmates. It was clear that we were not screwing with them, we had a very real situation and were doing out best to deal with it.

In the near-flood of 1997 they decided to move out a lot of the inmates. We moved slightly over 1,000 inmates out to other institutions in slightly over 24 hours, evacuating the bottom tiers of all the celled housing units. You learn a lot about creative problem solving under such circumstances.

The Tuolumne River and the San Joaquin River are expected to be under severe pressure the next few days as a storm may dump as much as 4 inches of water into the area.

I expect the firing range at the Manteca Sportsman's Club is currently under water. Oh well, excrement occurs. When you have property directly adjacent to the river these things can happen from time to time.


by Bob Walsh

There will be important parliamentary elections in the Netherlands in slightly less than four weeks. A fellow named Geert Wilders is dominant in the polling and he is strongly nationalistic-isolationist and is pushing for an exit from the E.U. (The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European Union. That country became rich and powerful on international trade going back hundreds of years.)

Few serious analysts think the Dutch will bail on the E.U. Then again, few thought that the U.K. would do so.

The Dutch port at Rotterdam is one of the largest and busiest in the world. There are something like 180,000 jobs in that country linked closely to the operations of that port and traffic would without a doubt suffer at least to some extent if they bailed out.

There have been over the last 12 years two popular votes in the Netherlands about exiting the E.U. The question was voted down both times.


On Monday bomb threats closed Jewish Community Centers in 10 states, making this now a total of at least 67 incidents at 56 JCCs in 27 states since the start of this year

By Matt Ferner

The Huffington Post
February 20, 2017

Jewish Community Centers were shaken by another wave of bomb threats, forcing evacuations in 10 states Monday.

Eleven Jewish Community Centers received threatening calls Monday, said Marla Cohen, communications manager for JCCA, the Jewish Community Center Association.

Incidents were reported at Jewish Community Centers in St. Paul, Minnesota; Buffalo and Amherst, New York; Birmingham, Alabama; Houston; Cleveland, Ohio; Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin; Nashville; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tampa, Florida; and Chicago.

Law enforcement officials were investigating the threats and, as of late Monday, centers were being reopened after explosive devices were not found.

For some of these organizations, it was not the first threat made in recent weeks. There have now been at least 67 incidents at 56 Jewish Community Centers in 27 states and one Canadian province since the start of 2017, Cohen told The Huffington Post.

Monday’s incidents are part a sharp rise in threats made against JCCs around the nation since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign, which was frequently criticized for winking at white nationalists and not forcefully condemning hate speech and extremism.

The far-right has become emboldened under Trump, and while the number of Americans who directly support hardened hate groups remains far lower than in earlier decades, the number of hate groups in America is rising, according to a recent report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate and extremism around the nation.

Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project at SPLC, said that this series of bomb threats since the new year is “unprecedented.”

“I’ve been working at SPLC since 1999. I’ve never seen a string of attacks like this that are targeting the same kind of institution in the same kind of way. This is new,” Beirich said.

She added that it remains unclear who is making these threats, if it’s one person or more, but it has rattled communities around the U.S.

“This threatens an entire community. It’s very scary,” Beirich said. “You’re terrorizing whole families and children. There are usually day care centers that serve an entire population in the area. These threats can make it impossible for those communities to function normally.”

Anti-Semitic hate crimes comprise the largest portion of religiously motivated attacks in the United States. But Trump has yet to address the issue. In news conferences last week, the president had multiple opportunities to address concerns over rising anti-Semitism, but each time he either downplayed or denied the rise. When a Jewish reporter asked Trump explicitly about the recent spike in bomb threats against JCCs, Trump cut him off, told him to sit down and told the reporter his question wasn’t fair and claimed to be the “least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

Deputy White House Press Secretary Lindsay Walters didn’t specifically address anti-Semitism, but did say in response to the latest bomb threats Monday, “Hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom,” adding Trump has “made it abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable.”

The Anti-Defamation League said it was “deeply disturbed” by the latest wave of bomb threats this week and issued bomb threat guidance for all Jewish institutions.

“We are confident that JCCs around the country are taking the necessary security protections, and that law enforcement officials are making their investigation of these threats a high priority,” said ADL Chief Executive Jonathan A. Greenblatt in a statement.

The FBI and Department of Justice have said they are “investigating possible civil rights violations in connection with the threats” to JCCs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: White supremacist groups have always been anti-Semitic and there is no doubt in my mind that these groups have been emboldened by Trump’s election.


… but you can't run America on your own, Mr President. So calm down and stop making it so easy for your enemies

By Piers Morgan

Daily Mail
February 20, 2017

Dear Mr President,

Slow down. Tone down. Calm down.

I know why you’re so angry.

It enrages you that the same media who blew so much collective smoke up your backside in the first few months of your campaign are now blowing so much collective fire and brimstone.

They’re behaving like Dr Frankenstein when he lost control of his creature, and displaying much of the same fevered hysteria.

It’s made some of them rankly hypocritical, demanding – rightly – that every word that comes from your presidential mouth is 100% accurate, whilst failing that simple test themselves through laziness or commercial greed.

When Buzzfeed published completely unverified claims that you had cavorted with urinating prostitutes in a Russian hotel, I despaired of my industry.

It was a disgraceful piece of opportunist click-baiting, and abrogated every basic rule of journalism.

I was similarly appalled when Time’s White House pool reporter informed the world you had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office.

The optics and implication of that report became instantly clear as it blazed around the world for 40 uncorrected minutes as hard evidence you’re a racist.

To quote Churchill again: ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.’

This report was untrue, the MLK bust was still there.

Time apologised within the hour but much of the damage was already done. I had someone the other day citing it to me on Twitter as proof you’re a racist.

‘Oh but that was a genuine mistake!’ bellowed the media, racing to offer their colleague far more latitude over mistakes than they ever afford this Trump administration.

You’ve also had to put up with CNN anchor, Carmen Aristegui, raising two fingers to her upper lip to compare you to Adolf Hitler, an evil genocidal monster who directly murdered 12 million people and started a world war that killed many, many millions more.

That should surely have been a firing offence for a network that prides itself on impartiality?

Oh, and the New Republic shamefully published an essay last week suggesting your ‘bizarre, volatile, behaviour’ may be down to the sexually transmitted infection, syphilis.

These are just some of the numerous examples of dreadful media behaviour that fully justify some of your fury.

Frankly, I have never seen such a concerted campaign of vicious personal vilification against a newly elected president.

However, it would also be true to say I have never seen a newly elected president mount such a concerted campaign of vicious vilification against the media.

I don’t have a problem with you describing specific stories as ‘FAKE NEWS!’ if they are indeed fake, like the ones I referred to.

But it’s ridiculous to describe, as you did on Friday, all of America’s main news networks, in their entirety, as ‘FAKE NEWS!’

And even more ridiculous to say they are now the ‘enemy of the People.’

They’re not. They, like you, are servants of the People.

Nor does it help your ‘FAKE NEWS!’ cause if a lot of statements from you and your team since Inauguration Day have been demonstrably inaccurate.

Truth matters from the media.

It matters even more from the President.

Speaking as a professional journalist for the past three decades, let me offer some perspective.

First, freedom of the press is an absolutely essential tool of any true democracy.

As Sir Winston Churchill, a man you admire so much you have restored a bust of him to the Oval Office, said: ‘A free Press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize; it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny. Where men have the habit of liberty, the Press will continue to be the vigilant guardian of the rights of the ordinary citizen.’

It’s OK to criticise the media, of course it is.

But if that criticism descends into a deliberate attempt to delegitimize, as it did on Friday, then it crosses a worrying red line that leads, as Senator John McCain correctly observed, into dictatorship.

The only thing more serious would be for a leader to try to delegitimize the judiciary, which you have also done during your breathless first four weeks in office.

You described Judge James Robart as ‘a so-called judge’ because he blocked your controversial travel ban.

He’s not. He’s a federal judge appointed by the last Republican president, George W. Bush.

You may not like his decisions, and you are free to challenge them.

But as President of the United States, you can’t question Judge Robart’s validity to administer justice without serious evidence to suggest he is unfit to serve. None of which has been forthcoming.

And anyway, he was right about the travel ban. It was poorly drawn up and badly executed, which is why you are now preparing an entirely new version.

As if your war with the media and judiciary wasn’t enough, you have also been engaged in a ferocious battle with your own intelligence agencies.

This has already led to the premature departure of your National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, after just three weeks.

I’m still not sure if he did anything seriously wrong, other than – and this is not an insignificant offence - mislead the Vice-President. But Flynn was tossed on the political bonfire by your vengeful spooks in collusion with the media, because they were all fed up with the abusive way you’ve been talking about them.

Those spooks’ own behaviour has also been lamentable and possibly criminally so.

It’s appears some of them have been deliberately leaking classified information to damage you and your administration. Even worse, we’re told they may have been withholding vital intelligence from you because they don’t trust you.

If true, this is shocking and unacceptable, and you must punish the culprits.

But you must also work quickly to restore mutual trust with your intelligence agencies. You need them on your side.

Just as I also urge you to restore some mutual respect with the media and the judiciary.

They must be free to do their jobs.

It’s perfectly legitimate for reporters to properly investigate any links that may exist between your administration and Vladimir Putin’s Russia. After all, you fired General Flynn, not the media.

They’re entitled to get to the bottom of why, particularly given the whirlwind of rumours surrounding Russian’s alleged attempt to rig and hack the US election to your benefit.

That is the whole point of the 1st Amendment, which is the bedrock of the Constitution that I know you love.

As for the media, Churchill had a valuable message for my profession too:

‘Everyone is in favour of free speech. Hardly a day goes by without its being extolled. But some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.’

In other words, stop throwing indignant, over-sensitive temper tantrums every time President Trump says anything about you.

He’s entitled to criticise you, just as you’re entitled to criticise him.

Both sides just need to do it with a little more respect, and a little less rage.

Bottom line, Mr President, is that you can’t keep expending all this time and energy waging war on the media, judiciary and intelligence agencies.

You’ve made your points, loud and clear.

Now you must dial down the aggressive rhetoric and move to delivering on what you promised the American people. That’s jobs, a healthy economy, security, improved education, better health, new infrastructure and the obliteration of Islamic State.

The frustration for people like me who know you well, Mr President, and who do not think you’re a monster, is that your more incendiary rhetoric sometimes suggests to your critics that you might be.

There’s enough pathetically over-the-top, and for the most part completely unwarranted hysteria sweeping the Planet about you as it is without you fuelling the fire.

You’ve got so many exciting plans, but the good stuff’s getting drowned out in the noise of your squabbles with the messengers.

Your announcement about US coal on Friday should have provided great feel-good headlines.

Instead, all the attention moved to your latest attack on the media.

That’s just bad politics.

Mr President, you won the battle for the White House in the greatest political coup America has ever seen.

Now you must win the real war - to Make America Great Again.


While Father O’Malley was presenting a children's sermon before the whole congregation, he asked the children if they knew what the Resurrection was.

In response to the question, little Earl raised his hand.

The priest called on him and Earl said, "All I know is if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor."

Monday, February 20, 2017


The NFL threatens to keep the Super Bowl out of Texas and the NBA threatens the same with its All Star Game if the state passes a bill prohibiting transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice in schools and government facilities

The Texas legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice in schools and government facilities. The NFL reacted by threatening to keep the Super Bowl out of Texas. And the NBA soon followed suite by threatening the same with its All Star Game.

Responding to the threat made by NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said:

“For some low-level NFL adviser to come out and say that they are going to micromanage and try to dictate to the state of Texas what types of policies we're going to pass in our state, that's unacceptable. We don't care what the NFL thinks and certainly what their political policies are because they are not a political arm of the state of Texas or the United States of America. They need to learn their place in the United States, which is to govern football, not politics.”

Well said, Gov. Abbott! The Governor could have added that rather than meddling in the affairs of Texas, the NFL should stick to dealing with its own problems – drug using players, bar brawling players, wife-beating players, etc. – and teach its players to respect our flag and National Anthem.

But then the NFL has a long and successful history of blackmailing the taxpayers in various cities into paying for new sports palaces of billionaire team owners under the threat of moving those teams elsewhere. The NFL rarely fails, but when the taxpayers of San Diego refused to pay for a new stadium, the league carried out its blackmail threat by moving the Chargers to Los Angeles starting next season.. Dean Spanos, billionaire owner of the Chargers, paid the NFL a $550 million relocation fee. That $550 million would have gone a long way toward paying for a new football sports palace in San Diego. .

As far as I am concerned, the NFL can stick the uber-hyped Super Bowl up its collective ass. The same for the NBA with its All Star Game.

The NFL, which allows if not encourages its players to disrespect our flag and National Anthem, has no right to dictate to the State if Texas that it must allow students with dicks to use a girl’s school restroom or that it must allow adults with dicks to use a government facility ladies restroom.

A sensible bathroom policy would require a person with a dick to use the boys/men’s restroom and one without a dick, the girls/ladies restroom.

The bill barring transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice may not pass, but in any event, Texas should not cave in to the blackmail being perpetrated by the NFL and the NBA, nor by any other organizations for that matter.


by Bob Walsh

The original K-Mart store (sometimes called Krap-Mart or K-Fart nowadays) was opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962. That icon of Americana is in the process of closing down with an everything-must-go sale currently under way.

Retailing is getting rough in a brick-and-mortar environment. There is still open speculation that the whole chain may close down in the not-to-distant future. That would be a shame. There is a large, older K-Mart not far from my house and it makes a handy reference point for giving folks directions. That being said, it would make one hell of an indoor go-kart track.


by Bob Walsh

There were two homicides recently in the crime-ridden and gang-infested hole that is Stockton that demonstrate this old adage most admirably.

At above 7:30 p.m. the local constabulary responded to a senior citizens home on East March Lane. They discovered an 80-year-old man had died of a heart attack while attempting to assist an elderly female resident who was being robbed in her room by an intruder. This facility is generally considered to be a very nice place but it would seem that have some security issues.

On Tuesday evening Ricardo Valenzuela Jr, 29, was shot to death when he and some of his relatives intervened in a domestic dispute. Valenzuela's brother was also shot numerous times, but survived.

In neither case has an arrest been made or the miscreant identified.


Military releases new details about Hamas 'honey trap' plot to hack Israeli soldiers’ phones

By Lilach Shoval, Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff

Israel Hayom
February 19, 2017

The cybersecurity company engaged by the Israel Defense Forces to help crack the Hamas 'honey trap' plot exposed last month has released a report about the security breach that includes new information. Hamas operatives had used fake social media profiles of alluring young women in order to entice IDF soldiers into downloading malware onto their mobile devices that would allow Hamas to collect information.

According to the report by Kaspersky Lab, released Thursday, the cyber attack is still in its initial stages and apparently ongoing. The report noted that the Hamas operatives behind the cyber plot were focusing mainly on soldiers and officers serving in and around the Gaza Strip, and that over 100 soldiers of various ranks had fallen prey to the attack, which turned the soldiers' personal Android mobile phones into spy machines for Hamas. The report said that the malware soldiers were tricked into downloading gave Hamas access to information about location, conversations, correspondence and also access to the devices' microphones and cameras. The attackers also managed to send out updates to the malware that increased their abilities to manipulate the users' smartphones.

The report said that after a victim was identified on Facebook, a fictitious profile of a young woman would tempt him into downloading a fake app granting the attackers user access. One version of the malware package included an invite to a fake YouTube app, while others offered fake messaging apps. Once the user downloaded one of the apps, the malware code would be installed on the device. One malware pack titled WhatsApp Update has been identified as having the ability to both execute commands on demand and conduct automatic data mining activity. Most of the data mining took place while the soldiers were using a wireless Internet connection.

The IDF discovered the scheme when soldiers began reporting other suspicious online activity on social networks and uncovered dozens of fake identities used to target the soldiers, he said.

The complaints led the IDF's Information Security Directorate to investigate the issue, with the duped soldiers' help. The soldiers were also ordered to reformat their phones, as this was the only sure way to remove the malware.

The IDF said all officers have been instructed to remind their soldiers of information security and social media use guidelines.

Current military guidelines already bar soldiers and officers in certain units, as well as officers holding the rank of lieutenant colonel and above, from disclosing any information about their service on social media. Following the recent events, it is expected that the directive will be expanded to include more units, as well as officers holding the rank of major.

One of the interesting points to come out of the report is that the IDF's Cyber Unit is cooperating with the civilian Kaspersky Lab. The IDF passed on the report about Hamas' cyber attacks on military phones to civilian firms working in the field of cyber defense, an IDF official told Channel 10 News.


What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100% How about achieving 103%?

What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:

If - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%


1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that, while Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there. it is the Bullshit and Ass Kissing that will put you over the top.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Biological terrorism could kill hundreds of millions of people as genetic engineering unleashes terrifying new weapons, warns Gates

By Dave Burke

Daily Mail
February 18, 2017

Governments overlooking the threat of biological weapons which could one day kill hundreds of millions, Bill Gates has warned.

The richest man in the world has said that biological warfare is not being taken seriously enough.

He warned world leaders in Munich today that a pandemic could wipe out millions of people, and said there is a 'reasonable probability' of this happening in the next 10 to 15 years.

Speaking to The Telegraph ahead of his speech at the Munich Security Conference, Gates said bioterrorism could wipe out far more people than nuclear weapons.

He stated: 'With nuclear weapons, you’d think you would probably stop after killing 100million.

'Smallpox won’t stop. Because the population is na├»ve, and there are no real preparations. That, if it got out and spread, would be a larger number.'

He believes breakthroughs in genetic engineering will make it easier for terrorists to plot attacks on a massive scale, but claimed security services 'haven't been following biology'.

He told the audience at the conference, The Guardian reports: 'Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.

'And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.'

The multi-billionaire added that the most effective way of preparing for a natural pandemic is to get ready for an act of bioterrorism.

He said: 'Getting ready for a global pandemic is every bit as important as nuclear deterrence and avoiding a climate catastrophe. Innovation, cooperation and careful planning can dramatically mitigate the risks presented by each of these threats.'


The Telegraph
February 18, 2017

As suggested by the name, bioterrorism is the deliberate release of biological agents such as viruses, bacteria or toxins to cause illness or death.

Animals and crops are considered likely targets of bioterrorist activity, with livestock diseases deployed to damage the economy and cause public concern.

The Centre for Disease Control categorises the following as Category A agents, posing a risk to national security:

*Tularemia or "rabbit fever" – Highly infectious and life-threatening

*Anthrax – Non-contagious disease. Notably used by persons unknown in a series of mail attacks in 2001

*Smallpox – Currently only existing in laboratory cultures, but would be a deadly weapon if released once again

*Botulinum toxin – A highly toxic substance that is readily available, due to its use in “botox” cosmetic procedures

*Bubonic plague – The disease that caused the Black Death in Medieval Europe and with a long history of use as a biological warfare agent

*Viral hemorrhagic fevers – Such as Ebola

The single largest recent incident of biological terrorism was the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack in Oregon, USA. Followers of Indian mystic Osho intentionally infected restaurants with salmonella, as part of a plan to incapacitate the electorate and win local elections. 751 people were infected, but there were no fatalities.