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The much maligned officer really had no choice

On Saturday it was announced that Darren Wilson had resigned from the Ferguson Police Department. The much maligned officer really had no choice. There is no way that he could have returned to duty in Ferguson. The minute he became the object of a media frenzy his career in Ferguson was kaput.

The question now is: What’s going to happen to his new bride? Will she be able to continue working as a cop in Ferguson? I seriously doubt it. And will Wilson be able to continue working as a cop? That all depends on whether another law enforcement agency is willing to fade the heat by hiring him. Even if a police department is willing to absorb a shit-storm of condemnations, will its city council approve the hiring of Wilson? I seriously doubt that too. His best chance would be with a sheriff's department because an elected Sheriff does not have to obtain the county government's approval.

Here’s wishing Darren Wilson the best of luck with the hope that some other police agency will give him a chance to resume his career in law enforcement.


Reducing the punishment of a cold-blooded murderer because he had a difficult childhood or had been sexually abused early in his life doesn’t pass the common sense test

In 1991, Bernie Tiede, an assistant funeral director in the East Texas town of Carthage, started living with Marjorie Nugent, a wealthy new widow 43 years his senior. He also became Nugent’s business manager. Their five-yhear relationship deteriorated as Nugent became increasingly belittling and scornful. In November 1996, Tiede picked up a rifle and shot the 81-year-old woman four times in the back. He stuffed her body in a freezer where she remained for nine months before her body was discovered.

According to the Houston Chronicle, between the time of the murder and the body’s discovery, “Tiede spent much of her fortune on others, bestowing college scholarships, cars, a home for a struggling couple and startup money for several small businesses.” He became a beloved figure in Carthage. Of course, he also lived high on the hog with the victim’s money.

After Tiede was arrested and charged with murder, people in Carthage besieged the prosecutor with pleas for leniency. However, because the prosecutor saw Tiede as “a cold-blooded killer who shot an old woman, then lived the high life for months as if nothing bad had happened,” he obtained a change of venue and got Tiede sentenced to life in prison.

Earlier this year, Tiede’s lawyers discovered that the killer had been sexually abused for six years by an uncle, starting around the age of 12. Psychiatrists who recently examined Tiede concluded that the sexual abuse had a devastating effect on his life. The shrinks claimed that is why he remained with Nugent despite the abuse she allegedly heaped upon him and why his mind snapped when he shot her.

In May, after 17 years behind bars, Tiede was released from prison and ordered to live in a garage apartment behind the Austin home of film director Richard Linklater who based his 2011 movie “Bernie” on the Tiede case. His lawyers had persuaded a court that the sexual abuse mitigated a shorter sentence. And on Thursday, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest court for criminal cases, ruled 5-3 that Tiede be given a new sentencing phase trial.

What is surprising here is that the Court of Criminal Appeals agreed with Tiede’s lawyers. The usually conservative Court did not have to take any mitigating circumstances into consideration because the U.S. Supreme court has ruled that mitigation applies only to death penalty cases.

The prosecutor now says he would have called for no more than a 20-year sentence had he known about the sexual abuse. During the new sentencing trial, he will call for a sentence of time served. That means this cold-blooded murderer will be set free.

To all of this I say horseshit! Call me a dinosaur if you like, but I will not buy into this psychobabble about an abusive childhood contributing to a horrific crime. So what if a cold-blooded murderer’s mother looked backwards in the mirror while she was pregnant or daddy took his rubber ducky away while he was in the bathtub. So what if a cold-blooded murderer was beaten or sexually abused during his childhood.

Tiede did not remain in an abusive relationship with Nugent because he was sexually abused for six years. He remained with the old woman because he was able to live high on the hog with her money. And he shot Nugent, not because he snapped, but because he got tired of taking her abuse.

I say forget mitigating circumstances. Never mind all the psychiatric baloney. Let the punishment fit the crime! That just seems like common sense to me.


The new TA-50 PAK FA Russian jet fighter outperforms America’s best jet fighters

As the mew cold war between the U.S. and Russia is heating up, the Russians are flexing their military muscles, both on the ground and in the air. U.S. military experts are marveling at the TA-50 PAK FA, Russia’s newest stealth fighter jet.

In addition to the new ‘super weapon’ fighter jet, the Russian navy is flexing its muscles with new nuclear submarines that are carrying the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile which has a range of 5,000 miles and can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads.

By Vladimir Isachenkov

Associated Press
November 28,2014

MOSCOW -- The Russian Navy on Friday successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile for a second time in as many months, proving its reliability following a troublesome development.

The Defense Ministry said the Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine test-fired a Bulava missile from an underwater position in the Barents Sea. The missile's warheads reached designated targets at a testing range in Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula.

The Bulava suffered many failures during a decade of tests, raising doubts about the fate of Russia's most expensive and ambitious weapons program since the Soviet collapse. But a series of recent launches has been successful and the Navy now has three Borei-class nuclear submarines armed with the Bulava.

Two of them, the Alexander Nevsky and the Yuri Dolgoruky, named after medieval Russian rulers, already have entered service. The third one has been completed and is waiting to be formally commissioned by the Navy. Overall, eight Borei-class submarines are set to be built.

Like the previous Bulava launch on Oct. 29 from the Yuri Dolgoruky, Friday's test was essential for confirming the capability of the missile, which Russia touted as a key part of its nuclear deterrent.

With Soviet-built nuclear submarines approaching the end of their lifetime, the Kremlin has made replacing them a top priority in the arms modernization program, which envisages spending 20 trillion rubles (more than $400 billion) on new weapons through 2020.

According to Russian media reports, the Bulava has a range of more than 8,000 kilometers (nearly 5,000 miles) and is capable of carrying up to 10 nuclear warheads. Military officials have boasted about its ability to penetrate any prospective missile defense.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Did a Cleveland cop act too fast when he shot a 12-year-old boy armed with an Airsoft pellet gun?

On November 22, a Cleveland citizen called 911 to report that a juvenile was wandering around on the outside of the Cudell Recreation Center and waving a gun around, thereby scaring people. He told the 911 operator that he thought the gun was a fake. A police unit was dispatched, but the 911 operator failed to advise the responding officers about the caller’s belief that the gun was a fake.

The police unit was driven by Officer Frank Garmback, 46, a six-year veteran. His partner was Officer Timothy Loehmann, 26, who had only been with the Cleveland PD since March. When they arrived, 12-year-old Tamir Rice had just left a gazebo and was walking in the direction of the arriving police unit with the gun tucked in his waistband.

As soon as the car came to a stop, Lohmann jumped out and shouted three times for Tamir to show his hands. Instead the boy appeared to reach for his waistband, at which point Lohmann shot him from about 10 feet away. He then ducked behind the patrol car. The boy was shot before Garmback exited the car. Lohmann radioed in to report he had just shot someone he believed to be 20-years-old. Tamir was taken to a hospital where he died.

At the request of the boy’s parents, the Cleveland PD released surveillance camera footage of the event. It clearly showed Tamir walking around repeatedly drawing and pointing what appeared to a semi-automatic pistol. The video also showed that Lohmann shot the boy within 2 seconds after he got out of the car.

Unfortunately for Tamir, Lohmann was unaware that the caller thought the gun was a fake. To compound matters, those Airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip so it would be recognized as a toy gun, but someone had removed the tip.

Was Lohmann justified in shooting Tamir so quickly or do we have Quick Draw McGraw here?

That Airsoft gun looked real with the orange tip removed. But 2 seconds does seem like a tad fast to me. This tragic shooting probably would not have happened if (1) the 911 operator had advised the responding officers that the gun might be a fake and (2) if the patrol car had stopped at a greater distance from the boy.

Here we have another case in which a black boy was shot by white cops. To their credit and unlike Michael Brown’s mother and father, Tamir’s grief stricken parents have remained very calm and reasoned. Although questioning the need for the shooting, Tamir’s mother and father have not accused Lohmann of murdering their son. They are cooperating with the police, not condemning them, and have asked people to refrain from participating in any unruly demonstrations. That must be why that rabble rousing charlatan Al Sharpton has not shown up at their side.

One thing I'm sure of: Lohmann must be devastated over having shot a 12-year-old armed with a toy gun.

A grand jury will decide whether or not the shooting was justified.


Mass rapist-murderer Steven Hayes claims to be an Orthodox Jew and has sued the Connecticut Department of Corrections for depriving him of kosher food

On July 23, 2007, Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky broke in the Cheshire, Connecticut home of Dr. William Petit Jr. where they killed Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her children, Michaela, 11, and Hayley, 17. Hayes sexually assaulted and strangled Dr. Petit’s wife. Komisarjevsky, sexually assaulted Michaela. The house was set on fire, and the two girls, who were tied to their beds, died of smoke inhalation. Dr. Petit was severely beaten but managed to escape and survived to identify the two scumbags.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky are among the few murderers that have been sentenced to death in the liberal death penalty-aversion state of Connecticut. (The state repealed the death penalty in 2012, but the repeal was not retroactive.) Hayes claimed he converted to Judaism after his arrival on death row. What a crock of supreme shit! I cannot envision any rabbi in his right mind who would convert this worthless piece of shit.

If Hayes is a Jew, then I am Jesus Christ. He is gaming the system by claiming that he is an Orthodox Jew and, as such, is required by his religion to eat only kosher food. Because his death row meals have not been kosher, Hayes claimed in a federal lawsuit that the Connecticut Department of Corrections deprived him of his First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. He also claimed that denying him kosher food is a violation of his Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment because he is forced to eat non-kosher meals in order to survive.

The prison system contends that it does offer kosher food. It has two rabbis who periodically monitor the kosher food preparation and certify that the food and its preparation process comply with Orthodox dietary laws. However, Hays contends the food is not really kosher because of cross-contamination.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Alvin Thompson rejected Hayes’ motions for a hearing and a temporary injunction. The judge noted that although Hayes “raises as an issue the lack of a reliable orthodox certificate or an onsite Jewish overseer, he provides no evidence suggesting that their absence leads to a finding that the meals are not kosher.” The judge did not throw out the lawsuit, but he found it unlikely that it will succeed.

From what I know about Orthodox Judaism, Hayes is probably correct in asserting that the food is not really kosher. So what! In my opinion, death row inmates do not deserve to be fed kosher food. And certainly not an ersatz Jew like Hayes. Fuck him!

Hayes says he has been subjected to “almost two years of emotional injury from having to choose between following God and starving or choosing sin to survive.” Yeah, right, and tell that to Dr. Petit.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Brown was little more than an out-of-control hoodlum under the influence of marijuana

Greg ‘Gadfly Doyle’ gives us an excellent perspective on the Michael Brown shooting, on an officer’s decision to shoot, and on the refusal of law enforcement to respond adequately to the rock and bottle throwing, to the looting of stores, and to the burning of Ferguson.

By Greg ‘Gadfly’ Doyle

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
November 27, 2014

This Thanksgiving, peace officers all across America have something of great significance to be grateful about. In the wake of a grand jury decision in the Show-Me State, which found no probable cause that a crime was committed on the part of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, peace officers of all jurisdictions within the United States should be breathing a collective sigh of relief. For the time being, law enforcement officers may still discriminate against unarmed assailants (by using deadly force) if they believe their lives are in imminent danger, regardless of ethnicity.

It is indeed unfortunate that Michael Brown was killed by a police officer; but not for the reasons regurgitated by the mainstream media. According to the evidence presented to a grand jury (as reiterated by the prosecutor after the decision was announced), Michael Brown engaged a law enforcement officer while under the influence of a mind-altering intoxicant (Marijuana.)

To make matters worse, Mr. Brown matched the description of someone who had just committed a felony (a strong-arm robbery of a box of cigars from a convenience store) prior to this encounter with a Ferguson police officer. (A video from the victimized business confirmed Brown was indeed the suspect.) When Officer Wilson attempted to contact him, Brown shoved Wilson back into his unit, forcing the door closed.

To complicate things further, Brown decided to challenge and assault an armed, uniformed officer. Officer Wilson had a duty to perform, which was to detain a suspect. Brown opted to ignore Wilson’s commands and escalated the situation through violence.

And that was a stupid decision on the part of Michael Brown. In fact, it was a fatal one. No one bears greater blame than Michael Brown, for Michael Brown’s death. At any point, prior to the discharge of Officer Wilson’s gun, Mr. Brown had ample opportunities to comply with the lawful commands given to him by Officer Wilson. Yet Brown not only failed to comply, he continued to up the ante by aggressively assaulting the officer and attempting to grab the officer’s firearm.

At what point can we agree that deadly force was an appropriate response? That is what the rule of law requires in the use of deadly force. Would a reasonable person, faced with similar circumstances, be compelled to defend themselves with the use of deadly force? Yes or No?

How many times should Officer Wilson have allowed Micheal Brown to punch him before deciding to draw his weapon? (Remember the officer was trapped in the driver seat of his patrol vehicle while Brown leaned in the window to assault him.) If you consider yourself a reasonable person, at what point would you believe your life was in imminent danger?

In my estimation, the mainstream media picked one terrible poster-child to assert racism as the catalyst of this shooting death. This incident was less about color and more about criminality. Bad behavior is the best determinant of criminal intent. Not only did Brown match the description of an alleged felony suspect, he continued to prove he was one bad actor when confronted by the police. And many bad acts have followed as a result.

In its eagerness to paint Ferguson Police Department as a racist and discriminatory arm of local government, the media failed to collect and review the facts. Instead, they took the word of a potential accomplice to a felony and projected his words across every television screen in the nation as if what he had to say was gospel truth. Those inflammatory and incendiary words were later discredited after a thorough investigation and review by Ferguson Police Department, State authorities, and the FBI.

The rush to judgment by the mainstream press was relentless. Unchallenged accusations of racism were regurgitated for months. Rioting, arson, and looting were treated as a natural and justifiable response to an ethnic perception of a systemic injustice. By most press accounts, one might deduce that White police officers regularly selected and killed unarmed Black males in Missouri for target practice.

But the truth, as presented by witness statements, physical evidence, and corroborating video tape suggests that Michael Brown was little more than an out-of-control hoodlum leading up to his demise. And this is where the press refuses to do its due diligence in reporting factually on this case. Mister Brown’s actions are mulled over and dismissed; Officer Wilson’s are scrutinized and ridiculed because the facts won’t fit the narrative of racism otherwise.

America is a nation that subscribes to the rule of law. Last time I checked, rioting was illegal. Looting and arson are still felonies. Throwing rocks and bottles at police officers constitutes assault with intent to commit great bodily injury. Where are all of the arrests? For all the rioting in Ferguson and elsewhere, where was the enforcement to quell the unrest?

It seemed fairly clear from what I could observe that the police were allowing the agitators to vent (however unlawfully) at the direction of the body politic. In other words, they were merely appeasing the protesters until the energy was spent. Meantime, the rule of law has been largely ignored.

Did that discourage unlawful protests and rioting? No. It just signaled a weak government unwilling to act or enforce the law in the face of willful violence and lawlessness; appeasement, plain and simple.

That is no way to run a government. That is no way to lead a nation. And that is what we have to look forward to—more lawlessness—if laws are not properly and immediately enforced. It was indeed a stunning contrast to see our president making a speech after the grand jury decision juxtaposed against the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.

That image reminded me of his great effectiveness in the Middle East, especially against ISIS; all talk and little action; no law and lots of lawlessness.

I do feel sorry for the Brown family. No parent wants to believe their child is a criminal. And certainly no parent wants to see their child killed at the hands of anyone, let alone the police.

But if the Brown’s truly want change within their community, perhaps they should consider what’s wrong within their own neighborhood and ethnic community. What reasonable person condones strong arm robbery, assault on a peace officer, rioting, looting, and arson as acceptable behavior?

In my opinion, Michael Brown’s death was not an injustice, nor was the decision handed down by the grand jury. The true injustice appears to be disenfranchisement—a community that feels disaffected from its government and is entrenched in its own unique brand of self-fulfilling discrimination. Regardless of a universe of evidence to the contrary, for this specific ethnic community, the White cops ALWAYS have it out for the Black kids, and no one can convince them otherwise.

Let’s all breathe a collective sigh over the Ferguson incident. There are only losers in this scenario. Michael Brown is dead. Officer Wilson’s career is dead. Much of Ferguson lies in ashes.


Witnesses against Officer Darren Wilson fed the Ferguson grand jury and the FBI a pack of lies

The Ferguson grand jurors were fed a pack of lies by witnesses trying to convince them Michael Brown had been shot down in cold blood.

One witness, who told the FBI that Wilson shot Brown in the back and then "stood over him and finished him off," admitted that he had not seen that part of the shooting, and that what he told the FBI was "based on me being where I'm from, and that can be the only assumption that I have.” Obviously, he was speaking as a black person who is convinced that white cops mistreat blacks, and that probably applies to most of the other witnesses who gave false testimony against Wilson.

Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump and their ilk, however, continue to insist that the false versions of how Brown was shot are true.

By Holbrook Mohr, David A. Lieb and Phillip Lucas

Associated Press
November 26, 2014

FERGUSON, Mo. -- Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson "finished him off." Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all.

An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back.

Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown's death.

Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor, said the grand jury had to weigh testimony that conflicted with physical evidence and conflicting statements by witnesses as it decided whether Wilson should face charges.

"Many witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown made statements inconsistent with other statements they made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. Some were completely refuted by the physical evidence," McCulloch said.

The decision Monday not to charge Wilson with any crime set off more violent protests in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and around the country, fueled by claims that the unarmed black 18-year-old was shot while surrendering to the white officer in the mostly African-American city.

What people thought were facts about the Aug. 9 shooting have become intertwined with what many see as abuses of power and racial inequality in America.

And media coverage of the shooting's aftermath made it into the grand jury proceedings. Before some witnesses testified, prosecutors showed jurors clips of the same people making statements on TV.

Their inconsistencies began almost immediately after the shooting, from people in the neighborhood, the friend walking with Brown during the encounter and even one woman who authorities suggested probably wasn't even at the scene at the time.

Jurors also were presented with dueling versions from Wilson and Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Brown during the Aug. 9 confrontation. Johnson painted Wilson as provoking the violence, while Wilson said Brown was the aggressor.

But Johnson also declared on TV, in a clip played for the grand jury, that Wilson fired at least one shot at his friend while Brown was running away: "It struck my friend in the back."

Johnson held to a variation of this description in his grand jury testimony, saying the shot caused Brown's body to "do like a jerking movement, not to where it looked like he got hit in his back, but I knew, it maybe could have grazed him, but he definitely made a jerking movement."

Other eyewitness accounts also were clearly wrong.

One woman, who said she was smoking a cigarette with a friend nearby, claimed she saw a second police officer in the passenger seat of Wilson's vehicle. When quizzed by a prosecutor, she elaborated: The officer was white, "middle age or young" and in uniform. She said she was positive there was a second officer — even though there was not.

Another woman testified that she saw Brown leaning through the officer's window "from his navel up," with his hand moving up and down, as if he were punching the officer. But when the same witness returned to testify again on another day, she said she suffers from mental disorder, has racist views and that she has trouble distinguishing the truth from things she had read online.

Prosecutors suggested the woman had fabricated the entire incident and was not even at the scene the day of the shooting.

Another witness had told the FBI that Wilson shot Brown in the back and then "stood over him and finished him off." But in his grand jury testimony, this witness acknowledged that he had not seen that part of the shooting, and that what he told the FBI was "based on me being where I'm from, and that can be the only assumption that I have."

The witness, who lives in the predominantly black neighborhood where Brown was killed, also acknowledged that he changed his story to fit details of the autopsy that he had learned about on TV.

"So it was after you learned that the things you said you saw couldn't have happened that way, then you changed your story about what you seen?" a prosecutor asserted.

"Yeah, to coincide with what really happened," the witness replied.

Another man, describing himself as a friend of Brown's, told a federal investigator that he heard the first gunshot, looked out his window and saw an officer with a gun drawn and Brown "on his knees with his hands in the air." He added: "I seen him shoot him in the head."

But when later pressed by the investigator, the friend said he had not seen the actual shooting because he was walking down the stairs at the time and instead had heard details from someone in the apartment complex.

"What you are saying you saw isn't forensically possible based on the evidence," the investigator told the friend.

Shortly after that, the friend asked if he could leave.

"I ain't feeling comfortable," he said.


A team of 20 burglars smashed into a high-end clothing store with a van and grabbed designer jeans, shoes and belts worth tens of thousands of dollars in 2-1/2 minutes, an operation that would even make the Navy SEALs envious

CISCO NYC is a chain of high-end clothing stores. Around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, a CISCO NYC store in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood was attacked by a 20-man special op burglary team that smashed into the store with a van. Three cars pulled in behind the van and parked in front of the store. Four men were inside the van and 16 additional men rushed into the store from the parked cars. They tried but were unable to back the van out.

The burglars must have planned the heist well ahead of time because they emptied the shelves only of the most expensive jeans, shoes and belts in the store. They grabbed Giuseppe-brand shoes that cost as much as $1,000 a pair, jeans that go for $400 to $800, and belts that run as high as $350 and up. Their loot was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Some of the thieves entered the store carrying large garbage bags. They loaded up the parked cars. Some of them reentered the store to grab more loot. And several even reentered the store a second time. The whole operation was over in 2-1/2 minutes. The burglar alarm was going off the whole time, but by the time the cops arrived, the burglars were long gone. The swiftness and precision of this operation would even make the Navy SEALs envious.

Lately there has been a rash of similar burglary operations at high-end stores in Chicago and its suburbs, but none of them involved as many thieves as the smash and grab operation at the CISCO NYC store.


The new TA-50 PAK FA Russian jet fighter outperforms America’s best jet fighters

As the mew cold war between the U.S. and Russia is heating up, the Russians are flexing their military muscles, both on the ground and in the air. U.S. military experts are marveling at the TA-50 PAK FA, Russia’s newest stealth fighter jet.


The Inquisitr News
November 26, 2014

A new Russian jet fighter, using stealth technology designed to conceal the plane from radar, is being called a “super weapon” by military experts who say that the fifth-generation Russian fighter jet actually surpasses United States fighters and could give Russia an advantage in the skies.

Known as the TA-50 PAK FA, the new Russian stealth fighter is developed by the Russian aeronautic giant Sukhoi and is set to go into action in 2016. Russia is developing the new super fighter together with India, which is kicking in 25 percent of the T-50 program’s $20 billion projected cost.

Each T-50 PAK FA stealth jet fighter costs about $50 million to build. Russia is India’s second-biggest supplier of weapons, behind only the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the new fifth-generation stealth fighter “superior to our main competitor, the F-22, in terms of maneuverability, weaponry and range.”

The Lockheed F-22 Raptor is one of the two most sophisticated stealth fighters in the U.S. arsenal, matched only by another fifth-generation Lockheed plane, the F-35 Lightning II. And according to U.S. military aviation experts, Putin’s claim was not just an empty boast.

“The analysis that I have seen on the PAK-FA indicates a pretty sophisticated design that is at least equal to, and some have said even superior to, U.S. fifth-generation aircraft,” said former U.S. Air Force intelligence head Lt. Gen. Dave Deptula, in an interview with the National Interest magazine. “It certainly has greater agility with its combination of thrust vectoring, all moving tail surfaces, and excellent aerodynamic design, than does the F-35.”

A top U.S. military aviation official, who spoke anonymously to the National Interest, seconded Deptula’s opinion.

“Performance-wise it certainly looks to compete with the Raptor,” the official told the magazine.

While the new Russian stealth fighter is said to be less “stealthy,” that is, able to evade radar detection, than its U.S. counterparts, it makes up for that slight disadvantage with its incredible maneuverability in the skies that experts say is at least on par with the Raptor and far exceeds the Lightning II.

But the U.S. fighters still hold one advantage — data technology. The U.S. fighter jets still have better “sensor and data fusion,” in other words, technology for processing information about the jet fighter’s surroundings and feeding it to the pilot in a way that lets him make quick decisions.

“In the future — while aerodynamic performance will continue to be important — [planes require] speed, range and payload to a greater degree than maneuverability,” Deptula said. “Even more important will be the ability to ubiquitously share knowledge to the point that we have faster decision advantage than any adversary.”

The Russians, however, are already at work on their sixth-generation jet fighters, which could solve the data problems and are scheduled to be ready for action by 2025.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Texas High Court: Warrantless DWI Blood Draws Are Unconstitutional
By Craig Malisow

Houston Press
November 26, 2014

Just in time for the holiday weekend, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals [the state’s highest court for criminal cases] has upheld a lower court's ruling that warrantless blood-drawing in DWI cases is unconstitutional.

In a split 5-4 decision Wednesday, the majority justices disagreed with prosecutors' argument that driving on Texas roads is a privilege -- not a right -- and that "the driving public" is presumed to have read the statute outlining no-refusal blood draws. (We must say, there are plenty of roads in Houston that don't really feel like a "privilege" to drive on [because of the potholes].)

The case stemmed from felony DWI charges against a Neuces County nuisance named David Villarreal, who was stopped for suspicion of DWI and found to have "multiple prior convictions" for DWI as well.

The arresting officer argued at an evidentiary hearing that he did not believe he had to obtain a warrant to draw Villareal's blood "in light of the mandatory-blood-draw provision" in the Texas Transportation Code that requires a blood or breath sample anytime someone's been convicted of at least two prior DWIs.

But the majority justices found that the Code's provisions "do not, taken by themselves, form a constitutionally valid alternative to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement."

The lesson from this ruling is clear: you might want to stay off the streets when Villareal's behind the wheel.


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
November 26, 2014

The New York Times did something very interesting today. They published an article about Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Part of that story was a copy of his recent marriage license, showing the home address of Officer Wilson and presumably that of his new wife, also a Ferguson PD Officer.

Did the NY TIMES purposefully set up Officer Wilson to be murdered? Probably not. Did they act with reckless disregard to his safety. I think so. Were they journalistically irresponsible? Definitely. In some jurisdictions this would also be illegal.

They have pulled the image of the marriage license from their website.

I sincerely hope that nothing bad happens as a result of this AT BEST incredibly irresponsible act. If something bad does happen I hope the Wilson’s sue the living crap out of the NY TIMES. Whether they would be successful or not is doubtful. It would never the less be worthwhile.


When Barack Obama and Bill de Blasio put their trust in racial arsonist and Jew-baiter Al Shapton, it points out a lack of good judgment by our president and the mayor of New York

Al Sharpton, who has been labeled a ‘Racial Arsonist’ by sociologist Orlando Patterson, has a sordid history that should have disqualified him from becoming a trusted advisor on racial issues to President Obama and NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and from being made the host of an MSNBC talk show. The slogan of his National Action Network, “No Justice, No Peace,” can be construed as advocating violent protests wherever blacks suffer some perceived injustices. Here are some incidents that expose Sharpton as the race-baiting, anti-Semitic charlatan that he is:

The Tawana Brawley Hoax

In 1987, Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old black girl, was found was found lying in a garbage sack in Wappinger, a town 70 miles north of NYC. She was smeared with shit, her clothes were torn and bujrned, and with racial slurs and obscenities written on her body with charcoal. She claimed she had been kidnapped and raped by six white men, one being a prosecutor and some being cops.

The Tawana Brawley case put a hitherto unknown Al Sharpton in the public limelight. Sharpton, along with two soon to be disbarred attorneys, took up the case. They accused Dutchess County prosecutor, Steven Pagones of being a racist and of raping Brawley. A grand jury spent seven months examining police and medical records before finding that the alleged kidnapping and rape was a hoax. Brawley had made the whole story and scenario up to keep her parents from finding out she had spent the night with a boyfriend. The boyfriend helped her stage the scene.

Sharpton and the two attorneys were sued by Pagones for defamation. He won his case and was awarded $345,000. Sharpton refused to pay his $66,000 share of the damages, but a group of black businessmen and attorney Johnnie Cochran paid it for him. To this day, Sharpton insists that the Tawana Brawley kidnapping and rape was not a hoax.

The Crown Heights Riots

In 1991, an orthodox Jew was part of a funeral procession led by an unmarked police car. As he drove through an intersection in the predominantly black Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, he was struck by another car. He swerved onto a sidewalk killing a small black boy and injuring a small black girl. The crowd that had gathered became infuriated when a private ambulance whisked the Jewish driver away while leaving the boy pinned underneath his car. Actually a police officer had called for the ambulance because he feared the angry crowd would attack the Jewish driver.

Blacks rioted for four consecutive days, looting stores, beating up Jews wherever they could find them, and stabbing to death a Jewish seminary student from Australia as bystanders shouted "Kill the Jew", and "get the Jews out". Sharpton made his presence at the rioting, leading a protest of angry people shouting "Whose streets? Our streets!" and "No justice, no peace!" Sharpton himself shouted, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” Sharpton’s participation helped prolong the rioting.

And at the little boy’s funeral, Sharpton ranted against “Jewish ‘diamond merchants’ who bought their wares from apartheid South Africa, then ran down black kids in Brooklyn.”

Freddie's Fashion Mart

In 1995, the United House of Prayer, a black Pentecostal Church, owned some property in Harlem which it rented to Fred Harari, a Jewish merchant who operated Freddie’s Fashion Mart. Harari had a black subtenant who operated the Record Shack. The church told Harari to evict the black tenant. The eviction led to months of increasingly clamorous protests.

Sharpton had a radio talk show at the time. He often invited Morris Powell, head of the local vendor’s association and a well-known Jew-baiter, to appear on his show and he allowed Powell to make anti-Semitic rants. Sharpton and Powell showed up at the protests.

Sharpton shouted, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.”

Powell shouted, “We are not going to stand idly by and let a Jewish person come in black Harlem and methodically drive black people out of business up and down 125th St. If we stand for that, we will stand for anything.”

On December 8, Roland James Smith, Jr. walked into Freddie’s Fashion Mart and with gun in hand, ordered all the black customers to leave. He then doused several clothing bins with paint thinner and set them on fire. Eight people were burned to death. Smith also died in the fire.

There can be no doubt that Sharpton and Powell inflamed the protestors and led Smith to carry out his

Trusted Advisor

Sharpton has become President Obama’s ‘go to guy’ on matters of race. Obama called on Sharpton to advise him on the Trayvon Martin case and now on the Michael Brown case.

Last month, Politico Magazine declared Sharpton “the national black leader Obama leans on most.” Sharpton is now the man President Obama and Mayor de Blasio rely on for advice on matters of race. Turning to a race-baiter and anti-Semite for any kind of advice shows that Obama and de Blasio both lack good judgment. Relying on Sharpton’s advice on race matters is akin to Gov. Jerry Brown relying on Charlie Manson to advise him on California prison matters.


By Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

“A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.”

“And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It’s called prison.”


The Unconventional Gazette
November 26, 2014

A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt.

He put on his shoes and drove home. 'Where have you been?' his wife demanded.

'I can't lie to you,' he replied, 'I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.'

She looked down at his shoes and said: 'You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!'

A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen.

He told his wife: 'There's no way I can be the father of this baby. Look at the two beautiful daughters I fathered! Have you been fooling around behind my back?'

The wife smiled sweetly and replied: 'No, not this time!'

Jake was dying. His wife sat at the bedside. He looked up and said weakly: 'I have something I must confess.'

'There's no need to,’ his wife replied.

'No,' he insisted, 'I want to die in peace. I slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend, and your mother!'

'I know,' she replied. 'Now just rest and let the poison work.'

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton and their ilk are all accusing Robert McCulloch of being in league with the police and presenting a biased case to the Ferguson grand jury, and the media is blaming him for the violence because he chose to announce the jury’s decision in the evening

Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump, rabble rouser Al Sharpton, black preachers in Houston and black community leaders all over the U.S. are calling the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson a travesty of justice. They blame St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch for the jury’s decision, accusing him of being in league with the police.

Crump ranted and raved at a Tuesday press conference about McCulloch’s police-ties and exclaimed that Michael Brown is calling out from the grave along with thousands of other blacks that have been killed by white cops. Sharpton bellowed that right after Brown’s death he had called for the federal government to handle the case instead of the local authorities. Both Crump and Sharpton called for a complete overhaul of the grand jury system which they said was unfair to people of color.

The media blames McCulloch for the riots because he chose to announce the grand jury’s decision in the evening rather than during the daytime. Yeah right, announcing the decision during the daytime would have prevented the riots. I’m surprised the media hasn’t blamed McCulloch for global warming.

McCulloch is not responsible for the grand jury’s decision and he most certainly is not responsible for the riots that followed.

He did, however, handle the grand jury investigation differently from the way such cases are usually handled. Usually the prosecutor will present just enough evidence to show probable cause for an indictment and recommend that the accused be indicted. Instead, McCulloch presented all the evidence that had been gathered by the police and by his office, as well as some experts hired by the Brown family. Then he let the jurors make their own decision based on what had been presented to them.

Who is responsible for the violence that has broken out. It’s not McCulloch. Let’s start out by blaming those who claimed that Brown was running away from Wilson or had his hands up to surrender when he got shot. That was an outright lie resulting from a deliberate fabrication or from what some witnesses who dislike the police wanted to see. Next to blame are the rabble rousers like Sharpton and the community leaders who were quick to accuse Darren Wilson of murder and shout “no justice, no peace.” And last but not least, there is the media.

For days after the shooting, the media kept emphasizing that Wilson had shot an unarmed teenager. It kept repeating that witnesses had said Brown was running from Wilson or had raised his hands in surrender. It painted Brown as just an innocent fun loving child. It repeatedly fed off the anguish of Brown’s mother and father. In effect, the media fueled the black community’s anger.

The black community refused to acknowledge that Brown had attacked Wilson. It refused to see how a much smaller Wilson could be put in fear for his life by the ‘gentle giant.’ When the authorities revealed that Brown had manhandled a small clerk while robbing a convenience store, they accused the police of character assassination. Ditto when it was revealed that the autopsy showed Brown had marijuana in his system. And instead of waiting for the facts to come out, black community leaders constantly referred to Wilson as a murderer and demanded he be charged and tried for murdering Michael Brown.

McCulloch is getting piled on by blacks and by white intellectuals from all over the country. But it is the media and black community leaders that sanitized a big black pot smoking thug and demonized a brave police officer who are responsible for the bottle and rock throwing, for the window smashing, for the looting and for the burning of Ferguson.

What is so sad is that the businesses looted and burned were not a Walmart or a Target. They were small mom and pop stores. And if you look at the TV footage, you’ll see a lot of young white demonstrators. You can bet those were college students eager to participate in any anti-government demonstration because left-wing professors have led them to believe that ours is an evil government that favors the rich and the corporations over the common folk.

Rather than getting piled on, McCulloch deserves to be praised for not caving in to public pressure. The grand jurors deserve to be praised for overcoming the fear that their decision would lead to violence. And both McCulloch and the grand jury deserve to be praised for withstanding the demands of a lynch mob.

ADDENDUM: Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden may have called for the demonstrations to be peaceful, but when the grand jury announcement was made, her current husband, Louis Head, was seen consoling his wife in front of the Ferguson police station and then shouting “Burn this bitch down” at the crowd gathered there. And he shouted it not just once, but at least 10 times. McSpadden made no attempt to stop him from inciting the crowd.

I think it’s safe to say that when Louis Head used the term ‘bitch’, he was referring to the police station and not Michael Brown’s mother.

Oh by the way, McSpadden and Head are under investigation for assaulting and robbing some Michael Brown commemorative merchandize vendors last month. Like mother, like son.


Brown’s mother may have called for the demonstrations to be peaceful, but her current husband shouted for a crowd to burn down the Ferguson police station

Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden may have called for the demonstrations to be peaceful, but when the grand jury announcement was made, her current husband, Louis Head, was seen consoling his wife in front of the Ferguson police station and then shouting “Burn this bitch down” at the crowd gathered there. And he shouted it not just once, but at least 10 times. McSpadden made no attempt to stop him from inciting the crowd.

I think it’s safe to say that when Louis Head used the term ‘bitch’, he was referring to the police station and not Michael Brown’s mother.

Oh by the way, McSpadden and Head are under investigation for assaulting and robbing some Michael Brown commemorative merchandize vendors last month. Like mother, like son.


the smoking gun
November 25, 2014

Michael Brown’s stepfather last night repeatedly urged protesters to “Burn this bitch down” after a prosecutor announced that no criminal charges would be filed against the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed the unarmed teenager.

Louis Head, an ex-con who is married to Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was with McSpadden outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters Monday evening as prosecutor Robert McCulloch disclosed that a grand jury declined to vote an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting.

After consoling a weeping McSpadden, the 38-year-old Head--who was standing atop a platform in the middle of the agitated crowd of several hundred protesters--began screaming “Burn this bitch down!" He did this at least ten times, and at one point yelled for a microphone so that he could broadcast his incendiary message beyond the range of his unamplified voice.

While trying to incite the crowd, Head (pictured above) was wearing a commemorative t-shirt with the words “I Am Mike Brown” and a beanie, both of which bore a silkscreened photo of Brown in his high school cap and gown.

In the days preceding the grand jury announcement, McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. issued statements calling for peaceful protests in the wake of the panel's decision. Head, however, counseled arson. After a night of chaos and rioting in Ferguson, at least 10 businesses and two police cars were destroyed or damaged by fire, and 61 individuals were arrested.

Head is an ex-convict whose rap sheet includes two felony narcotics convictions, according to state records. He pleaded guilty in 1997 to a marijuana distribution charge and was put in a shock incarceration program and placed on probation for five years. After violating probation, Head’s release was revoked and he was remanded to state prison.

In mid-2003, Head was charged with narcotics trafficking, a felony count to which he later pleaded guilty. The St. Louis native was sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released in June 2008 after serving about five years in custody.

Along with McSpadden, Head is at the center of an ongoing Feguson Police Department investigation of an incident last month during which three vendors selling commemorative Michael Brown merchandise were assaulted. One of the victims, Michael Brown, Sr.'s mother-in-law, identified McSpadden and Head as among the “attackers” who ransacked her stands and stole $400 in cash and merchandise valued at $1500.

According to USA Today, McSpadden and Head were married earlier this year, before Brown's killing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The Ferguson grand jury clears Darren Wilson of all charges despite fears that no indictment would bring about violent protests

I want to praise the Ferguson grand jury members who voted not to indict Darren Wilson on any charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown. They were under a great deal of public pressure to indict the officer in order to prevent the outbreak of violent protests. It took a lot of courage to no bill Wilson.

Frankly, I was surprised the grand jury withstood the lynch mob. Had they indicted Wilson, he would have been victimized out of fear.

Witnesses who claimed that Brown was running away from Wilson or had his hands up when he was shot were contradicted by other witnesses. Those who said Brown was running away or had his hands up, either deliberately fabricated their accounts or simply saw what they wanted to see. And those who continue to believe these false accounts simply believe what they want to believe.

Wilson has been demonized by a vindictive community out for blood. Forgotten in all the hullabaloo is the fact that shortly before he got shot, Brown had committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store.

Now Eric Holder and his politicized Justice Department will try to go after Wilson for violating Brown’s civil rights, but I do not see how such a charge can hold any water.

Wilson just got married to a Ferguson policewoman. What does the future hold for Wilson? I just cannot see how he can continue to be a cop in Ferguson. Hopefully some other police department will pick up this brave, falsely accused and wrongly maligned officer.


Despite the fact that 18 women have now come forward alleging they were drugged and raped by Bill Cosby, the accused serial rapist received two standing ovations from his Florida audience

18 women have now come forward and accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them. One of the latest to come forward, former model Jewel Allison said, “We may be looking at America's greatest serial rapist that ever got away with this for the longest amount of time. He got away with it because he was hiding behind the image of Cliff Huxtable.” [The character Cosby played on his long-running family sitcom.]

Cosby’s accusers claim they did not report the rapes to the police because they feared that no one would believe that America’s beloved TV father would ever commit such crimes. That certainly seems plausible.

Also coming forward is Frank Scotti, 90, a former NBC employee who worked for Cosby from 1984-92. Scotti says he brought young women to Cosby at his dressing room. He claims those women were made available to the entertainer by a modeling agency. Cosby would tell him, “Stand outside the door, and don’t let anyone in.” According to the former NBC employee, some of the girls were as young as 16. Scotti also says Cosby put women he especially liked up in apartments and had him give them up to $2,000 a month. He says he can prove it because he saved the money order receipts. Scotti said he eventually quit his job because “I felt like a pimp.”

Cosby has refused to comment on the allegations. His attorneys say the accusations are without merit and the women making them were long ago discredited, and are merely seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

Scotti says he came forward now because Cosby’s attorneys were maligning the entertainer’s accusers.

On Friday night, in Melbourne, Florida, the accused serial rapist was given two standing ovations by his audience, one before he started his routine and the second at the end. What were those dipshits thinking when they gave Cosby those standing ovations? Obviously, a lot of Americans are not concerned when an entertainment giant is accused of committing a series of serious crimes.

Monday, November 24, 2014



Partners in prestigious NY law firm sling mud at each other with accusations of infidelity and cavorting with prostitutes

Not only is it said, “The only difference between a lawyer and a liar is the spelling,” but the partners of Napoli Bern, a prestigious NY law firm, are accusing each other of infidelity and cavorting with prostitutes. I’m willing to bet a bundle that such misadventures are quite common throughout the legal profession. All in all, it can’t get any better than this. This story would make a great TV movie, or even a TV series.

Court papers claim Paul Napoli had an affair with colleague Vanessa Dennis, but he accuses partner Marc Bern of using prostitutes and having a liaison with a receptionist during a Christmas party

By Willis Robinson

Mail Online
November 24, 2014

The co-founder of a New York law firm that represented thousands of first responders and workers affected by 9/11 has accused his partner of using prostitutes and having a liason with a receptionist.

Paul Napoli, 46, whose affair with colleague Vanessa Denis was recently exposed as part of an on-going legal dispute, made the claims against Marc Bern.

Their firm Napoli Bern has raked in billions of dollars representing diet-pill users and workers who helped clear up the Ground Zero site.

In continuous attacks, Napoli said Bern's behavior were 'unbecoming of a lawyer' and also accused him of charging fancy dinners and plane trips to Aspen on the corporate credit.

He said Bern had oral sex with the employee during a Christmas party, according to the New York Post.

After the allegations came out and Napoli was diagnosed with leukemia in May, Bern took over the finances of the firm and said he found some 'horrific irregularities', his lawyer said in court.

Napoli, who was diagnosed with leukemia in May, also allegedly sent an email around the office suggesting Bern had neglected his son - who died of a drug overdose in 2010.

In October the situation worsened when Napoli sued his partner for breach of contract.

He then, according to court papers, tried to 'hurt anyone he perceives as being allied with Marc Bern against him.'

Bern’s lawyer, Clifford Robert, told the Post: 'Paul and Marie Napoli’s transparent attempts to divert attention away from the very serious claims against them are unfortunate.'

In April 2013, Mrs Napoli, 47, hired a private investigator to spy on her husband and Dennis during a Chicago business trip.

The suit claims she then emailed the young associate, saying, 'I have evidence that is going to be forwarded to your husband if you do not stay away from my husband.'

Mr Napoli demanded Dennis erase correspondence between the pair and admitted he had authorized access for his wife to see both his and Dennis' e-mail accounts, state legal papers.

Court papers say Mrs Napoli messaged Dennis' brother to tell him of the affair and then found Dennis' husband, Richard Buonauito, in Dennis' personnel file as an emergency contact and contacted him.

The 33-year-old was fired from Napoli Bern on May 2, 2013, with a $150,000 severance.

But Mrs Napoli allegedly did not stop the harassment and e-mailed Dennis writing: 'Happy Mothers Day! Oh yea I should say happy motherless day. Tick tock.'

Dennis had previously told Mr Napoli that she might not be able to have conceive.

The Napolis have three young children - including a baby.

In June 2013 an email included in court papers shows an angry Dennis wrote to Mr Napoli: 'What's more believable Paul — that a 32-year-old junior attorney who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet seduced and physically attacked her 40 something year old boss (who happens to be a managing partner and a millionaire) and twice her size or the other way around.

She emailed him again to remind him of intimate details he had shared about his view of his wife's body since she became a mother.

Dennis, who has since split with her husband, moved to Texas, but she claims Mrs Napoli sent cards to the wives of Dennis' new bosses, warning them about her and even describing Dennis' private body piercing.

She also sent messages to everyone on LinkedIn associated with Dennis' new firm.

Dennis claims that in one day she came out the bathroom of her Houston apartment to find her back door open and her cat, Padme, missing - she says she received a series of texts written as if from Padme, with one saying, 'How do u think I got out . . .'

Three months later Dennis filed a defamation suit in state Supreme Court against the Napolis, Marc Bern and Napoli Bern with preliminary paperwork indicates she is seeking at least $9 million.

She declined to comment when contacted by the Post and Mr Napoli said he saw nothing wrong 'with confronting a person that there was an affair with.'

'Everything my wife said in any e-mail whether it sounds terrible or not was all true and was all factually correct.'

He denied reports he had previous affairs at the firm and denied that his wife had killed Dennis' cat.

The couple, who have met at St. John’s University School of Law, briefly split up, but are now back together - they live on Long Island.

A Facebook photo shows Mrs Napoli kissing her husband in Mexico's Cancun this year - the couple are outlined in a heart.

Last week Mrs Napoli filed her own legal action, claiming Dennis enticed her husband into having sex on the Chicago business trip in violation of the 'Illinois Alienation of Affections Act.'

On his firm's website Mr Napoli's bio reads: ' Paul J. Napoli, a Senior Partner in the firm, has achieved more than 100 verdicts and settlements over one million dollars.

'He is nationally known as a tenacious and unrelenting advocate for his clients’ rights in courts around the country, where he consistently achieves results in the multiple millions of dollars for injured plaintiffs.

Mr Napoli has been named in New York Super Lawyers® each year since 2007, and in 2010, was named as one of the top 100 lawyers in the New York Metropolitan area.'


Woman accidentally kills herself with a gun bought to defend herself against violent protestors

Becca Campbell, 26, and her unnamed 33-year-old boyfriend bought a gun to protect themselves from the violent protests they feared would break out if the Ferguson grand Jury fails to indict Darren Wilson.

On Friday night the couple was driving in downtown St. Louis. According to the police, as the boyfriend was driving, Becca playfully waved the gun around while joking “Ready for Ferguson.” When she pointed the gun in his direction, the boyfriend ducked and – oops – struck the rear end of another car. The crash caused – double oops – the gun to discharge, the bullet – triple oops – striking her in the head.

The ‘Ready for Ferguson’ woman was rushed to a hospital where she croaked.

The cops are looking into the possibility that the boyfriend shot Becca.


Here is a digest of some noteworthy news items:


In January 2005, NYPD officer John Florio ordered a Big Mac at a Bronx McDonald’s. After picking up his order he accused McDonald’s worker Albert Garcia, then 18, of lacing his Big Mac with shards of glass. Four NYPD detectives took Garcia, who had an IQ of only 81, into a small windowless room at the restaurant and questioned him for several hours. He finally admitted placing the glass in Florio’s burger, but soon recanted his confession.

Assault charges against Garcia were dismissed in 2012 because of several inconsistencies in Florio’s testimony. Garcia sued NYC and his lawyers were able to convince the court that Florio put the glass in his burger, hoping to get rich by suing the fast food chain. Last month the city agreed to pay Garcia $437,000. Florio’s get rich scheme turned out to be very costly.

Four detectives questioning a mentally-challenged youth for several hours – now that’s what I call real police work.


Ricky Jackson, 57, and Wiley Bridgeman, 60, have been roosting in an Ohio prison for the murder of a business man on May 19, 1975. They were convicted on the testimony of a 13-year-old boy who told a jury that the two and Bridgeman’s brother Ronnie killed Harry Franks.

The witness recanted his testimony last year. He claimed that Cleveland police investigators coerced him into identifying Jackson and the two Bridgemans as Franks’ killers.

On Thursday Cuyahoga County prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss all charges against the trio. Ricky and Wiley were freed Friday. Ronnie, 57, who now goes by the name of Kwame Ajamu, was release from prison in January 2003.

Coercing a 13-year-old kid to make a false identification - now that's what I call more real police work.


In May 1987, Warren Darrell Rivers, now 47, killed 11-year-old Carl Nance Jr. by beating and stabbing him to death. Rivers also stuck a broken broomstick up the young boy’s ass. In 1988 a Houston jury sentenced Rivers to death.

In 2001 the Supreme Court ruled that jurors should consider mitigation evidence in the punishment phase of death penalty trials (Perry v. Johnson, 532 U.S. 782). That had not been done in Rivers’ case.

On Tuesday, a new Houston jury took just four hours to send Rivers back to death row.

So maybe, just maybe, this worthless piece of shit will be executed ten years or so from now.

Beating, stabbing and sticking a broomstick up an 11-year-old boy’s ass – why even consider mitigating circumstances?

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Max Soffar, who has been on Texas death row for 33 years, has liver cancer and is expected to die within months

In July 1980, Max Soffar, now 58, shot to death Stephen Sims, 25, Arden Fischer, 17, and Tommy Temple, 17, during a Houston bowling alley robbery. A fourth victim survived a shot to the head. Soffar was tried, convicted and condemned twice and has been on Texas death row for 33 years. He has been diagnosed with cancer and is expected to croak within months.

Sister Helen Prejean, of ‘Dead Man Walking’ fame, is leading the charge by death penalty abolitionists to free Soffar from prison so he can spend his last remaining days at home with his wife. Prejean is presenting a 116,000 signature petition to Gov. Rick Perry that calls for the compassionate release of Soffar.

Soffar’s supporters also claim he is innocent of the triple murders. They claim the victims were shot by Paul Reid, because several days before the killings, he had a disagreement with and threatened to shoot one of the victims. A year ago, Reid,55, died of natural causes in a Tennessee prison where he had been confined for seven murders.

Should Soffar be released from prison so he can spend his last remaining days at home with his wife? Hell no! Soffar did not show his victims any compassion. When he shot them, he took away their ability to spend the rest of their lives at home with their families. Fuck Max Soffar!


Even though Indonesian policewomen applicants are not necessarily disqualified from service in the National Police if they are not virgins, they are still forced to undergo a ‘two-finger test’

Thanks to Dorina Lisson for forwarding the following article:


The Jakarta Post
November 18, 2014

“Virginity tests” applied on female applicants to the National Police are discriminatory and degrading, a New York-based human rights advocacy group has said.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Tuesday that based on its documented research, applicants who “failed” were not necessarily expelled from the force, but all of the women described the test as painful and traumatic. The finding was revealed during interviews with female police and police applicants in six Indonesian cities who had undergone the test, two of them in 2014.

The HRW said policewomen had raised the issue with senior police officials, who had at times claimed the practice had been discontinued. The test is listed as a requirement for female applicants on the official police recruitment website, however, and HRW interviews suggest that it is still being widely applied.

“The Indonesian National Police’s use of ‘virginity tests’ is a discriminatory practice that harms and humiliates women,” HRW associate women’s rights director, Nisha Varia, said in a release made available to The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

“Police authorities in Jakarta need to immediately and unequivocally abolish the test and then make certain that all police recruiting stations nationwide stop administering it,” she went on.

It was said the tests contravened National Police principles that recruitment must be both “non-discriminatory” and “humane” and that they violate international human rights of equality, non-discrimination and privacy.

“Coerced ‘virginity tests’ can also constitute cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment prohibited under international law,” said Varia.

The HRW interviewed eight current and former policewomen and applicants, as well as police doctors, a police recruitment evaluator, a National Police Commission member and women’s rights activists between May and October 2014.

The interviews took place in six cities: Bandung, Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, Padang and Pekanbaru. All of the women who underwent the test said it was applied to all other women in their police class as well.

The “virginity tests” are conducted under the National Police Chief Regulation No.5/2009 on Health Examination Guidelines for Police Candidates.

“The examination has included a discredited and degrading ‘two-finger test’ to determine whether female applicants’ hymens are intact,” said HRW.

EDITOR’S COMMENTS: Dorina notes that Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated nation on Earth.

Hmmm, I wonder if the two-finger tests are administered by male officers. If so, I’ll bet they are falling all over themselves volunteering to perform this vexatious pre-employment screening task.


The Unconventional Gazette
November 22, 2014

Bill Clinton was driving home when he accidentally ran over his neighbor’s new puppy Sunny, crushing it flat as a fritter. He climbed out of his car and sat down on the grass totally distraught. He knew his neighbor’s family would go friggin' ballistic.

Then he noticed a lamp half-buried in the ground. He dug it up, brushed it off and immediately a Genie popped out. "You have freed me from thousands of years of imprisonment," said the Genie "As a reward I shall grant you one wish."

"Well," said Bill, "I have all the material things I need, but let me show you this poor dog."

They walk over to the splattered remains of Sunny. "Do you think you could bring this dog back to life for me?" Bill asked. The Genie looked at the remains and shook his head. "This critter is too far gone for even me to bring it back to life. Maybe there's something else you'd like?"

Bill thought for a minute, reached into his pocket and pulled out two photos. "I had an affair with this beautiful young girl called Monica," said Bill, showing the genie the first photo. "But I’m actually married to this woman,” showing the genie a photo of Hillary. "You see Hillary isn't beautiful at all, so do you think you can make her look like Monica?"

The Genie studied the two photographs and after a few moments said, "Damn it, let's have another look at the dog!"


The Unconventional Gazette
November 22, 2014

Darqueeze played football on an inner-city high school team. He was a great running back and pass receiver, but a really poor student.

At graduation, he didn't have enough credits. But he was a great football star and the students held a rally and demanded the principal give him a diploma anyway. They were so insistent that the principal agreed if Darqueeze could answer one question correctly he would give him a diploma.

The one question test was held in the auditorium and all the students packed the place. It was standing room only. The principal was on the stage and told him to come up. The principal had the diploma in his hand and said, "Darqueeze, if you can answer this question correctly I'll give you your diploma." He said he was ready and the principal asked him the question.

"Darqueeze," he said, "How much is three times seven?"

Darqueeze looked up at the ceiling and then down at his shoes, just pondering the question.

The other students began chanting, "Graduate him anyway! Graduate him anyway!"

Then Darqueeze held up his hand and the auditorium became silent. He said, "I think I know the answer. Three times seven is twenty-one."

A hush fell over the auditorium and then all the other students began another chant. "Give him another chance! Give him another chance!"


The Unconventional Gazette
November 22, 2014

During an international medical conference, an Italian doctor says: "In Italy, medicine is so advanced that we Cut off a man's testicles, put them on another man, and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work."

A Dutch doctor says: "That's nothing, in Holland we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work."

A Canadian doctor says: "Gentlemen, we take half a heart from a Man, put it in another's chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work."

An American doctor laughs: "You are all behind us. Six years ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart, and no balls and made him President. Now, the whole country is looking for work !"

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Where was the outcry by the Republicans when presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush issued executive orders giving amnesty to illegal immigrants?

Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not a Democrat and I have no use for President Barack Obama. He was not fit to be president. He never held a real job. He was a community organizer, the job description for which is rabble rouseer. No other president has been as hostile to Israel as Obama. His foreign policies have been in shambles. He has lied more than any president that I can remember. I am firmly convinced that Obama, along with Jimmy Carter, is the worst president of modern times.

However, I cannot get excited about Obama’s executive order banning the deportation of five million illegal immigrants. Whether Obama violated the Constitution by bypassing Congress remains to be determined by the courts. I do know that there are plenty of precedents. All presidents have bypassed Congress by issuing executive orders. And Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush issued executive orders giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. Where was the outcry by Republicans then?

The overwhelming majority of the five million illegals granted amnesty by Obama are not going to take any jobs from American citizens. They are going to take low paying jobs that most Americans refuse to take. They are going to pick our crops. They are going to repair our roofs. They are going to dig ditches. They are going to cut our grass. Etc., etc.

Let’s be honest. The only reason Obama issued his executive order is because the congressional Republicans have blocked any attempts at immigration reform. The Republicans are determined to defeat or thwart Obama on every issue. That’s what this is really all about.


Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman is bankrupt because his parents squandered all his money and some more

In 2011, Columbus Blue Jackets star defenseman Jack Johnson singed a power of attorney which granted his mother full control of his finances. Shortly thereafter he signed a $30.5 million contract with the LA Kings, the team he was playing for at the time.

The parents then went on a spending orgy with his newly acquired riches, using his money to buy luxurious cars, an expensive home in Manhattan Beach, California, along with $800,000 in upgrades, and travel. Johnson’s mother also took out huge unconventional loans against his future earnings at interest rates of 12 and 24 percent, leaving him with less than $50,000 and debts of more than $10 million.

Jack is no longer speaking to his parents from hell.

The parents of Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson spent all his money and also took out non-conventional loans, and defaulted on them

By Chris Spargo

Mail Online
November 21, 2014

At just 27-years-old, Jack Johnson has had a remarkable hockey career.

The Coulmbus Blue Jackets defenseman, who previously played for the Los Angeles Kings, was selected third in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, played for Team USA in the 2010 Olympics, and has earned a staggering $23million during his career.

And now all that money, and some more, is gone - because of his parents.

After parting with his agent in 2008, Johnson, who attended University of Michigan but has little financial knowledge, turned control of his money over to his parents.

Then, in 2011,Johnson signed a power of attorney that granted his mother full control of his finances shortly before signing a $30.5million contract with the Kings.

That is when things started to go horribly wrong.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Tina Johnson, Jack's mother, borrowed at least $15 million in her son’s name against his future earnings.

What's more, she borrowed from nonconventional lenders and defaulted on the loans.

The loans included one from Iowa Congressman Rodney L. Blum for $2million, with an interest rate of 12 percent, and one from Pro Player Funding for $3 million, with an interest rate of 24 percent.

Now, Jack has been sued repeatedly for $6million in loan repayments after his parents splurged on cars, a home in Manhattan Beach, California, along with $800,00 in upgrades, and travel.

He has also been forced to declare bankruptcy.

'Jack would ask [his parents] questions: "What’s this? What are these guys calling about?",' a source told the paper.

'And they would tell him not to worry about it, just worry about playing hockey.'

Now all Jack can claim is assets 'less then $50,000' and 'debts greater than $10million.'

His paychecks from the Blue Jackets meanwhile, who are paying him $5million this season, are garnished as soon as he receives them.

The source said he is no longer speaking to his parents.

'I’ve seen lots of instances of parents riding their kid’s coattails around,' said one NHL executive.

'I’ve never seen a case as ugly as this one, where the parents took such advantage of their kid.'

Jack, who has hired a new team of financial advisers, is taking the high road still somehow, despite this awful setback.'

'I’d say I picked the wrong people who led me down the wrong path,' he said.

'I’ve got people in place who are going to fix everything now. It’s something I should have done a long time ago.'


If you want to submit a fake resume, several internet services will compose one for you

L.M. Sixel tells us how easy it is for a job applicant to submit an apparent authentic fake resume.

By L.M. Sixel

Houston Chronicle
November 19, 2014

Did I ever mention that I used to be the CEO of a fast-food operation based in San Francisco? And before that I boosted burger sales 100 percent in just one year when I was vice president of a growing but small fast-food chain on the East Coast?

None of it's true, but it would be really easy to fabricate that story by hiring a company that will design fake websites of my "companies," provide folks to verify my credentials and write dazzling letters I could show potential employers about my amazing on-the-job successes.

I know there are plenty of examples of people embellishing their resumes by adding degrees they never received or job titles they never had. But fabricating companies, supervisors, co-workers - essentially creating a whole new work history - takes the fakery to a whole different level.

At CareerExcuse the motto is, "You fake it, we make it!"

Among the services it advertises is "Eliminate Gaps in Resume." The company's "blue collar plan" will establish a five-page company website along with a "professionally located street address," local phone number, corporate voicemail greeting and one live reference provider acting as "your supervisor."

That basic plan, which is designed for those who don't make more than $20 an hour, costs $100 followed by a $25 monthly subscription.

Optional upgrades include a reference letter from your supervisor for $50, a real company office that will receive mail monthly for $150 and registering the company in your state for $150.

A more expanded white-collar version that includes more live references, including "co-workers," and more elaborate website design is $195, followed by a $50 monthly subscription fee.

The company did not return a request for comment.

"Oh my gosh," said Bill Bux, an employment lawyer with Locke Lord in Houston. Like several
employment experts, Bux was stunned to hear about the fabrication services.

Bux, who represents management clients, said he's run into cases in which people have printed fake diplomas or claimed they graduated from a school that no longer exists. But to create a fictional company and fictional references and go so far to register it with the secretary of state? Never.

The chance of detection is minimal, Bux said. Most companies contact a reference and that's as far as it goes. Most of the time, the previous employer won't say much beyond confirming the dates and location of employment.

And most aren't willing to take on the expense of hiring a private investigator to find out whether the company really existed or whether the employee received income, he said. Unless it's a high-level job, the cost would be prohibitive.

"We've seen job candidates dropped from consideration for providing erroneous start and end dates, inflated job titles, unsubstantiated accomplishments, and made-up degrees," said Keith Wolf, managing director of Murray Resources, a Houston recruiting and staffing firm.

"It probably goes without saying that any candidate who would knowingly supply misinformation when applying for a job has a high likelihood of demonstrating similar integrity issues once brought on board," he added.

At Fake Your Job - which offers fake job and fake landlord references - job seekers can get "professionally written job recommendations on company letterhead" for $30 each or a dedicated phone line in your local area code for $30 a month. Those seeking a more corporate-like atmosphere can pay $45 a month to add extensions to the line so callers can hear a greeting or music while they wait.

The company doesn't provide anyone to answer the phone but it does forward the calls so the job seeker or the job seeker's friend can answer the call, according to the company's website.

Fake Your Job also did not respond to a request for comment.

"The potential employer and/or landlord will never know the call was forwarded," according to Fake Your Job's website. The transfer system is designed so the person receiving a call will see the business name and number on their caller identification and not the actual number that the call originated.

"Our service is very authentic," according to the website. "Unless you tell someone, the party calling will never know your reference was given by us."

At a recent luncheon sponsored by the greater Houston chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, Joe Bontke, outreach manager for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Houston, drew laughs when he pointed out the frequently asked questions cited on the website. First on the list: "Is what you are doing legal?"

The answer, on the site: "In short, yes. Although people may find this type of act to be unethical, it is legal as long as you are not trying to defraud or fabricate yourself to your local, state, or federal government."

Another common concern on the list is whether someone can go to jail or be arrested for using the company's services.

"If you're doing this for employment or for renting a place to live, no," according to the company. "However, if you are trying to deceive any government agency, you very well can get fined and thrown in jail. This is why we only offer this service for personal endurance. Any place that is not government run is eligible."

But it could raise an issue of liability, said Bux.

Say a company hired an engineer to design a product but there were dangerous defects. A good lawyer will find out that the engineer was hired under false pretenses and the company providing the false credentials could face liability, he said.

Friday, November 21, 2014


The Mongols catapulted decomposing corpses of their own soldiers who had died from the bubonic plague

With all the attention Ebola is getting, it might be noteworthy to remember that the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, was a far deadlier disease. The plague was spread by rats, or rather by the infected fleas from rats, and killed millions of people.

And here is a bit of history. The plague led to the first recorded use of biological warfare. From the November 20 issue of Houston Press Hair Balls:

The Black Death is believed to have begun with the first recorded instance of germ warfare, described by the Centers for Disease Control as "the most spectacular of biological warfare ever." A Mongol army had been sitting outside of Caffa (now a part of Crimea) for years trying to get in. Well, as luck would have it, soldiers in the army started dying from a mysterious sickness, and, even though they were in the grips of plague and thus losing interest in the siege, the Mongols didn't waste an opportunity, reportedly catapulting decomposing infected corpses into Caffa. With that we have the beginning of the Black Death, a pandemic that historians believe caused a loss of regard for life, general social upheaval and a hell of a lot of wars.

So now we also know that in addition to the origin of biological warfare, the plague infected corpses catapulted at their enemies by the Mongols were history’s first weapons of mass destruction.


Can a Houston school teacher refer to Muslims as “Goat-Fuckers” on a cable access TV show? We’ll know at contract renewal time

Third-grade teacher Angela Box made some really disparaging remarks about Muslims on a conservative cable access TV show she regularly participates in. There have been calls for the Houston Independent School District to fire her. Quanell X, a local rabble-rouser and self-anointed community leader, has accused Box of being a racist.

While we may or may not agree with her comments, she made them off campus while off-work. As long as she does not express any untoward remarks to her third-graders she should be free to express her off-work views, controversial as they may be. It’s a matter of exercising her rights of free speech. But I’ll bet her contract will not be renewed, that is if she isn’t pulled out of her classroom before contract renewable time.

Here is Hair Balls’ take on the matter:

By Angelica Leicht

Houston Press Hair Balls
November 20, 2014

The controversial HISD teacher who made disparaging comments about Muslims on a local conservative cable access TV show is now challenging community activist Quanell X for accusing her of being a racist.

Angela Box, a third-grade teacher at HISD's Ray K. Daily Elementary School on the West side of Houston, was accused by Quanell X late last week of using the "N word" while referring to President Obama in a press conference in front of the school.

It was a charge Box vehemently denied, and it turns out she was telling the truth. Quanell addressed the war over the "N word" accusation Wednesday, saying that it turns out his "publicist made a mistake." Box is now demanding an apology from the community leader.

"This is a lie," she said. "I demand that Quanell X apologize to me."

But Quanell is refusing to apologize, offering Box $1,000 to debate him face-to-face instead. The host of Tommy's Garage, the cable access show that sometimes hosts Box, countered that challenge with $1,000 of his own during Wednesday's taping.

The cast also offered up offered clips from the show to counter the recent anti-Muslim accusations against Box. On one of the clips, Tommy, the host of the conservative show, points to a female Muslim pilot who flashes on a TV screen.

He then proclaims, "She led the first strikes on ISIS." Box responds, saying "Could we please, pretty please trade her in for Obama? And we'll throw in Joe Biden too!"

On the surface, it appears to be positive exchange. What you don't see, however, are the comments that follow.

In the moments following Box's comment, Tommy and another panelist exchange some very enlightened chatter about how the female soldier manages to lead those strikes "without a burka," which they say is impressive.

There's also some chatter about "boobs on the ground" before Tommy says, "I'd take her right now!"

That's when Box replies, saying "Even with that thing on her head!"

That thing is a hijab, guys. Not a thing, but a hijab, which is a religious garment worn by a Muslim woman beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. The panel then follows that up with some crass talk about a cockpit, and then they move on.

Was Quanell X wrong about his "N word" accusations? It would sure seems so. But what Box and her supporters have still not addressed is the blatant xenophobia on display, of which there is videotaped proof. And Box still makes no bones about dropping divisive terms like "goat-fucking Muslims" or "bacon-haters" on the show.

HISD says that a number of parents pulled their children from Box's classroom following the accusations. The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has also called for the district to launch an independent investigation into whether a teacher's blatantly anti-Muslim views have bled over into the classroom.

Meanwhile, Box doesn't seem to be faring too poorly on the publicity circuit. She found her way on to Michael Berry's show earlier this week, and has been quite active on Twitter since word of the accusations spread.

And three days earlier, here is how Hair Balls excoriated Angela Box:

By Angelica Leicht

Houston Press Hair Balls
November 17, 2014

Should you be an elementary school teacher who wants to make racist comments, just go the full Monty and do so in someone's garage while seated next to a guy in a Metallica shirt.

After all, that's exactly what Angela Box, a third grade teacher from Houston Independent School District's Daily Elementary School, does when she appears on the weekly public access TV show "Tommy's Garage."

Box, a regular on the show, recently came under fire after community leader Quanell X called for her to be fired from her job teaching third-graders at Ray Daily Elementary School, attributing a quote that uses the "N word" to the teacher. Box denies the accusations, calling the charges "inflammatory" and "offensive," and so far, Quanell has provided no evidence to the contrary.

But even if Quanell never hands over evidence of Box dropping the n-word, there's still plenty of material to work with from "Tommy's Garage," where Box openly spouts off on politically charged topics, making racist comments and spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric like it's going out of style. She also uses terms like "goat-fucking Muslims" and "boy-fucking Muslims," which seems awesome for an elementary teacher, right?

Oh, and she also says stuff like this:

"Let the bacon-haters shoot up their own targets," says Box on one video as the panel discusses terrorism. "Then it's a big win for all of us."

Yeah, bacon-haters. That term comes up a lot.

"I am so sick of the bacon-haters coming here and demanding that we bend to their culture -- no," she says in another video.

Later, on the same video, and somehow without using the "bacon-haters" term, Box tells Muslim leaders to "fuck off," and does so while jiggling her tits at the camera for good measure.

From week to week, that's how this garage thing goes. Box acts like a complete Islamophobe train wreck, which would be hilarious if it weren't so appalling. But that violent, anti-Muslim rhetoric is just the tip of the iceberg.

Box doesn't just dislike Muslims; she also dislikes Democrats, Black people and the "Uncle Tom syndrome," and "abortion Barbie" Wendy Davis. And she really, really dislikes Wendy Davis. Maybe even more than Muslims.

When asked about the best part of the midterm elections, Box says it was seeing "abortion Barbie's lower lip tremble," and, referring to Davis' election loss earlier this month, says the gubernatorial candidate was "late-term aborted."

Yeah, because that's pretty much how this show goes.

"We have to remember, the Democrats own the ghettos. The Democrats own food stamps. The Democrats own Section 8. The Democrats own welfare," says Box.

But it's not just Box's overt xenophobia that's disconcerting. Her willingness to validate the hot mess of intolerant rhetoric from the other panel members is really unnerving, too.

When the host of the show says on one episode that poor people are poor because they're stupid, Box laughs hysterically, nodding in the process. When he calls people tolerant of the Islamic religion "communist bitches," she yells yes in agreement.

Such opinions would be troubling in any situation, but Daily Elementary, where Box is employed, is a minority-majority school.

Daily not only has a student population made up of about 29 percent African American students and 38 percent Hispanic students, but over half of students are economically disadvantaged.

HISD officials say they are aware of the concerns, and will be monitoring the situation.

"Our focus at Daily Elementary School continues to be making sure students feel safe and maintaining an instructional environment in which they can learn," HISD said in a statement. "We respect the First Amendment and the rights of employees and community members, and will continue to monitor the situation."

The response by HISD is in stark contrast to the response by Duncanville ISD officials in a somewhat similar situation earlier this month, when school officials fired a teacher who posted racially charged tweets about the killing of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Duncanville ISD school board voted to fire high school teacher Vinita Hegwood after she tweeted the statement, "Who the fuck made you dumb ass crackers think I give a squat fuck about your opinions re: #Ferguson? Kill yourselves."

Hegwood was suspended without pay and later resigned. She also sent out a written statement apologizing for the profanity-laced tweet. It was still mandatory for the school board to vote on whether to terminate Hegwood's contract, despite the fact that she'd already opted to resign, and the board ultimately fired her.

So Hegwood, who is black, was ultimately fired by the Duncanville school board for her Ferguson tweet, even after resigning and apologizing.

But Box, who is white, is somehow cleared by HISD on First Amendment grounds and is free to educate the next generation of minority students, while foaming at the mouth over the bacon-haters and goat-fuckers.

Totally seems fair.