Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hey, Dittoheads! Now is the time for "you people" to admit yourselves to a hospital for a long overdue treatment of your Limbaugh addiction. When are you going to wake up and realize that you have been conned by your hero, that pompous buffoon of a blowhard? Considering his oxycontin and Viagra escapades, you are really in need of help if you continue to believe in that clown.

Dittoheads are like professional wrestling fans. I used to live in the same Times Square area hotel where pro wrestlers stayed while in New York. The hotel had a small gym where I watched them rehearse for their coming matches. There is no way anyone will ever convince rabid pro wrestling fans that the matches in their favorite sport are nothing more than well rehearsed theater, starring very good athletic actors who, on occasion, may experience a real, but accidental injury. Likewise, there is no way anyone will ever convince Limbaugh's rabid fans that their hero's broadcasts are really nothing more than theater, starring a good four-flushing phony actor.

Let's start with the latest episode, in which he was detained at the Palm Beach International Airport when he was found in possession of Viagra pills without a prescription. He laughs it off by saying that "I got my blue M&Ms at the Clinton Library gift shop." Ha, ha, ha! But, that's really no laughing matter. While Rush Limbaugh may not have violated any Florida laws, the laws in many states make it a crime to be in posession of prescription drugs which have been prescribed to another patient and they make it a crime for a doctor to facilitate such prescriptions. Most certainly, the possession of Viagra in another patient's name and a doctor's complicity in this scam constitute unethical behavior, even though those acts are not illegal in Florida.

Now lets go back to the oxycontin episode. Oxycontin, a controlled substance, is a powerful narcotic which is known on the streets as "hillbilly heroin." Limbaugh, who claims to have been addicted to this drug for years, was initially prescribed oxycontin to treat a recurring pain problem. However, once he became addicted, he started committing "doctor shopping" felonies by fraudulently obtaining amounts of oxycontin and other narcotics far in excess of that which would be prescribed to treat his pain problem. Limbaugh, who was arrested and charged with several felonies, avoided a trial by accepting placement in a pretrial diversion program, which requires him to adhere to a number of conditions, including the completion of a drug addict treatment program. If he successfully completes the terms of his pretrial diversion program, the felony charges will be dismissed.

I don't have a problem with Limbaugh being placed in a non-punitive pretrial diversion program and I do wish him well in any effort he makes to overcome his drug addiction. What I do have a problem with is that this strong law and order advocate obviously believes that laws exist for everyone but Rush Limbaugh, and that he considers himself to be above the law.

For a long time I enjoyed listening to Limbaugh on the radio. However, after a while I discovered that he often played loose with the facts. Because many of his factual presentations were simply incorrect, I tuned him out and thereby, thankfully, avoided becoming a Dittohead Limbaugh addict. It makes just as much sense, if not more, to listen to that foul-mouthed, but non-pretentious shock-jock, Howard Stern. Shame on the Republicans for pandering to Limbaugh's legions by continuing to invite this charlatan to address their conferences. If "Roach Limburger" (oops, my mistake) is representative of conservatives, then I will have to call myself - ugh, God forbid - a liberal.

As for the Dittoheads, "you people" better seek treatment for your Limbaugh addiction before it is too late. If "you people" still believe in this loud-mouthed jerk, you obviously don't know it, but some of you are very stupid, while most of you are sick and in serious need of help!


onfoyou said...

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firefuzz said...

You nailed one. Now if you will just reexamine the "free market" that you so often phraise, you migh tfind some more hipocracy.