Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A former student and long-time friend asked me to blog her unfortunate experience with a prominent motor club because, according to her, I had such a "way with words" and could "blast all holy hell at Triple A." Well, I could not have put it any better myself, so here in her own words is what happened.

I want you to put a story on your blog for me.

A friend of mine and I were in Clear Lake (a Houston suburb) tonight. We stopped at the Popeye's on Bay Area at Space Center. She locked her keys in her truck. Then the fun began.

She called Triple A at 9:00 pm.

We were told it'd be 40 minutes.

She told them that her dog was locked in the truck and the windows were not rolled down; they promised to "put a rush on it."

She called back at 9:45 and was told that they needed another 45 minutes.

I called at 9:57 using my Triple A card and was told that they were "trying to find someone to come out and help us."

I was put on hold for about ten minutes while the lady mumbled and typed on her computer. I finally told her my cell phone was going dead. She said "I'm sorry."

I then asked if she had found someone else yet. She again said "I'm trying to find someone."

I then told her it was a pretty sorry state of affairs when two women were left in a dark parking lot.....alone....both of them with Triple A memberships....and NO ONE in the Houston / Clear Lake area could come to help them.

I was then told that I could call a wrecker myself and they would "SEE if I could get reimbursed."

By now it was 10:15 and she said again that it would be at least 30 more minutes.

At 10:45 my friends husband showed up... driving all the way from their home south of Alvin (a neighboring city) and unlocked the truck.

We left at 10:50.....and still there was no wrecker in sight...........

Tomorrow......we are both cancelling our memberships with Triple A.

I'm sure that you....with your way with words... can blast all holy hell at Triple A. It's a sad thing when two Senior disabled.... are left in a dark parking lot for almost two hours with no help coming.........and with a dog locked in the truck. (It's a good thing it wasn't summer time and hot.....the dog would have been in sad shape.)

Ok.....that's it....I've vented....thanks for listening...

I certainly don't blame these two ladies for cancelling their AAA memberships. They might have been better served had they called for police assistance. Some police agencies will allow their officers to carry "slim jims" for this purpose. This incident should serve as a warning to those expecting a rapid response for roadside assistance from AAA, or from any other motor club or insurance company for that matter.

I would, however, like to add one comment: NEVER, EVER LEAVE A DOG LOCKED UP UNATTENDED IN A MOTOR VEHICLE!

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