Saturday, June 23, 2007


Now that Hamas had taken complete control of the Gaza strip, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has dissolved the Hamas-Fatah unity government and formed an emergency government of ministers from the Fatah movement which controls the West Bank. The United States and the European Union view Abbas and the Fatah led Palestinian Authority as "moderates" and were quick to promise their support for and aid to the emergency government and the Fatah militia.

The Bush Administration and the Europeans believe that, because the extremist Hamas movement has now been isolated, this is the best opportunity to pursue a new peace initiative between the Israelis and the Palestinians. President Bush cajoled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, an incompetent idiot, to support Abbas and the Fatah movement, and to restart negotiations with the goal of establishing a sovereign Palestinian state existing peacefully side by side with a secure Jewish state.

Just how "moderate" are Abbas and his cronies? For starters, all Muslims question the legitimacy of Israel and the overwhelming majority want to see the Jewish State wiped off the map. The Palestinians, including Abbas and his Fatah supporters, are the most committed to the destruction of Israel. They have hoodwinked the government of United States, the Europeans, and even the left-wing in Israel, into believing that the Palestinians only want a state of their own alongside the Jewish state, co-existing peacefully and happily ever after. To see the true face of the Palestinian Authority, one need only look at recent statements made and/or accepted by the so-called "moderates."

On April 20, 2007, Ahmed Bahr, the acting speaker of the Palestinian Authority's legislative council, made this statement: "ALLAH WILLING, AMERICA AND ISRAEL WILL BE ANNIHILATED ... COUNT THEM AND KILLTHEM TO THE LAST ONE AND DON'T LEAVE EVEN ONE."

On January 11, 2007, Mahmoud Abbas, speaking as President of the Palestinian Authority while addressing a rally of 250,000 in Ramallah, made this statement: "OUR RIFLES, ALL OUR RIFLES ARE AIMED AT THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION ... IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE THESE GUNS AGAINST PALESTINIANS." The rally celebrated the founding of the terrorist Fatah party which Abbas co-founded with the late Yasser Arafat. It is important to note that when the Palestinians refer to the "OCCUPATION" they mean the occupation of all of Palestine, AND THAT INCLUDES THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

In fact, the position of Abbas and his cronies is not much different than that of Hamas. Mahmoud A-Zahar, the Foreign Minister in the former Hamas-Fatah unity government, put forth the position that the struggle must continue for the complete obliteration of Israel. On March 25, 2007, the Palestinian Authority's Al-Ayyam newspaper quoted this statement by A-Zahar: "OUR POSITION IS THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINE, ALL OF PALESTINE. THIS IS THE FINAL AND STRATEGIC SOLUTION FOR US." Although a member of Hamas, A-Zahar's statement has not been repudiated by Abbas or any other member of Fatah. "The Final Solution" - Wasn't that Hitler's term for the extermination of the Jews?

The United States, the European Union and the United Nations jumped on the bandwagon of the recent Arab Peace Initiative put forth by the Saudis at an Arab summit in Riyadh. The Americans and Europeans refer to the Saudis as "moderates," but nothing could be further from the truth. Presently, textbooks in the government schools of "moderate" Saudi Arabia refer to Christians and Jews as enemies of Islam, equate Christians to swine and Jews to apes, and urge the faithful to spread Islam by waging Jihad against Christians and Jews. So much for moderation. Why then would the Saudis want to co-exist with a nation of apes allied with American swine?

At the closing ceremonies of the Arab summit, Abbas flat out warned of war if Israel rejected the Saudi "peace" initiative which calls for (1) the establishment of a Palestinian state in all of the territories captured in 1967, (2) the surrender by Israel of East Jerusalem to become the capitol of Palestine, and (3) the right of return to Israel of all Palestinian refugees. In effect, the Saudi plan would require Israel to retreat to its 1949 boundary and displace over 250,000 Jews from their homes, businesses and farms. An additional 200,000 Jews would be forced to leave their homes and businesses in East Jerusalem.

The United Nations, which has been historically unfriendly to the State of Israel, endorsed the Saudi plan when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told Arab leaders: "The Arab Peace Initiative is one of the pillars for the peace process ... This initiative sends a signal that the Arabs are serious about achieving peace." What a joke! This plan would leave Israel's borders indefensible and East Jerusalem would become a dagger pointed at the heart of the Jewish state. And with this plan, Israel would be inundated with Palestianian refugees. The Saudi "peace" initiative is nothing more than a prescription designed to achieve the eventual destruction of Israel.

I have published several blogs on the fate of Israel and on the Muslim world's committment to the annihilation of Israel. I have always thought that Olmert was not the man to lead the Jewish state. (Refer to my blog ISRAEL'S FUTURE SURVIVAL AFTER SHARON, January 7, 2006.) Olmert proved to be an incompetent idiot in the way he conducted the war against Hezbollah. As a result he is very unpopular now and his days are numbered. Israel still needs Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud party, as prime minister. Netanyahu is the only Israeli leader with the resolve to resist the pressure from the international community for concessions which will lead to the eventual disappearance of the Jewish state from the world map.

Why do the United States and the European Union keep pressuring Israel to make concessions? Think of a three letter word - oil. They, especially the Europeans, are so dependent on the Middle East's oil that they will do anything to curry favor with the Arabs. Why do they keep labeling the Saudis, Abbas, and Fatah as "moderates?" It is easier to gain public approval when you are currying good relations with Arabs who are not "radical." It is easier to pressure Israel into making self-destructive concesskons to Palestinians who are not "radical."

The Arabs are committed to the destruction of Israel and are willing, if necessaary, to let several generations pass if that's what it takes before that goal is accomplished. Theocracism and secularism aside, what then is the difference between those who openly call for the destruction of Israel and the "moderates" of the Palestinian Authority? This is the only difference - Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are openly proclaiming their determination to annihilate Israel, while Abbas and his "moderate" Palestinians promise peaceful co-existence, but with a hidden agenda designed to achieve exactly the same goal - the disappearance of the Jewish state.

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