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Roman Forest is a little woodlands community north of Houston that depends on the ticketing of unwary motorists to fund its municipal operations. Such a town is a perfect fit for the Dudley Doorites in the police service. And sure enough, one of them has struck again by ticketing a horseback rider for littering when his horse pooped by the side of a road. Doorite's poop littering ticket is a load of pure horseshit, no pun intended. Here is the story:

HOUSTON -- A 2-year-old colt has gotten his owner in trouble with the law, Elizabeth Scarborough of KPRC Local 2 reported February 24, 2009.


"Whatever you want to do on him, you can," said Ben McCleary, who has been training Rascal to one day go on trail rides.

McCleary said part of that training means riding him near roads.

"So they won't spook," said McCleary. "And, of course, you don't want to get thrown 10 feet."

While McCleary and Rascal were walking Tuesday, McCleary said Roman Forest police stopped him because Rascal had left behind some evidence.

"Next thing I know somebody stopped me, searched me twice, and I got a citation because the horse pooped on the side of the road," said McCleary.

The ticket McCleary said listed the offense as "littering." Under vehicle registration, it said "not applicable, horse."

"I didn't know what to think," McCleary said. "I never heard of a law saying that."

Roman Forest's police chief said he would not comment about the ticket, but was looking into it.

Stable owner Robbie Jones said he's shocked.

"The horse is the one who littered," said Jones. "In all likelihood, Ben wouldn't even be aware of it. The horse just does it."

"I mean it's an animal, has bowel movements," said McCleary.

Jones and McCleary said they worried about what this could mean for all riders.

"In the next four days, trail riders will come right up 59," said Jones. "I hate to have police lined up writing them tickets."

They said the ticket, is downright un-Texan.

"Now I can't even walk a horse down the road to train it?" asked Jones. "It seems extremely anti-Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and that's 100 percent Texan."

McCleary is expected in court on March 11.

Here's the News video:

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