Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It has just been revealed that Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, administered the following drugs to Wacko Jacko in the hours before his death.

1:30 A.M.: Valium

2:00 A.M.: Lorazepam (Intravenously)

3:00 A.M.: Midazolam

5:00 A.M.: Lorazepam (Intravenously)

7:30 A.M.: Midazolam

10:40 A.M.: Propofol (Intravenously)

Dr. Murray administered Valium, Lorazepam and Midazolam to induce sleep. When these drugs failed to work, Jackson begged him for a dose of Propofol. Jackson died shortly after the injection of Propofol. The combination of these drugs probably led to a fatal Synergistic Effect.

The effect of two drugs on a person can be greater than the effect of each drug individually, or the sum of the individual effects. The presence of one drug enhances the effects of the second. This is called Synergistic Effect or Synergy. In simple terms it’s the same as 1+1=3.

Any physician, other than an out and out quack, knows about the dangers of the synergistic effect. Shit, most police officers who work in drug enforcement are well aware of this problem. So there is little excuse for a doctor to administer multiple drugs designed to achieve the same end over a relatively short period of time.

Many people die every year from the synergistic effect. Movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Allan Ladd both probably died from the unintended synergistic consequences of mixing alcohol and sleeping pills.

I suspect that Dr. Murray’s medical career appears to be in extreme jeopardy. It sure looks like 1+1=3 killed Michael Jackson.

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