Sunday, August 23, 2009

BIBI NOT SEEKING APOLOGY Foreign Ministry of Sweden funded research for the blood libel

In "Another Blood Libel" [8-21-09], I wrote: The Israelis are not asking the Swedish government to prevent the publication of any article. They are not asking the Swedish government to apologize for a patently false story designed to inflame Swedes and others against Jews and the State of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has told the Swedes he is not seeking an apology for the Aftonbladet article which accused the Israeli army of killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs. But he clearly wants the Swedish government to condemn an article that is patently false - a blood libel whose real purpose is to serve the Palestinian cause by inciting hatred against Jews.

Don't look for an official condemnation because has now reported that Sweden’s government helped fund the "research" for the story. "Most of the material in last week’s controversial article is old, having appeared in a book written in 2001 by the author of the article. The book, entitled Inshallah, was funded by various bodies, including the Foreign Ministry of Sweden, Swedish labor unions, and some organizations based in the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas."

By Barak Ravid and Assaf Uni
August 23, 2009

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called for the Swedish government to condemn an article in a Stockholm newspaper suggesting Israel Defense Forces troops harvested the organs of Palestinians they killed.

An official present at the weekly session of the cabinet said Netanyahu told his ministers he did not expect the Swedish government to apologize for the article in the tabloid Aftonbladet but he did expect it to take a stand.

"We’re not asking the Swedish government for an apology, we’re asking for their condemnation," the official - speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with Cabinet rules - quoted Netanyahu as saying.

The prime minister added that the story was "reminiscent of medieval libels that Jews killed Christian children for their blood," said the official.  

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