Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Blitzkrieg promotions for those of the right color. From a former California correctional officer:

The warden at one of the institutions I worked could barely put a coherent sentence together. Unless you understand Ebonics [ghetto speak]. Even with her secretary helping her out, many of her memos read like something written by a 12 year old ghetto child.

We once had to endure an hour of "training" featuring this gal telling us how great she was, how she and her driver had just returned from Rancho Cucamonga after an on duty visit to the CALPERS (retirement) office to determine benefits and how great they were, and how much she loved running our institution.

She spent two years on the line as a visiting officer before the first of many rapid promotions, but she never forgot to tell us how she spent her time on the line and was one of us.

We once promoted six to sergeant at that joint. Five of them were short....(under 5'8") black females. The warden was a short black female. Don't get me wrong here.....the other promotion did go to a white guy. At the time....I was accused of being racist for pointing this out.

It was and is blatant and disgraceful. In my experience, on a good day....about half of the promotions that were doled out were due to actual competence. One could still promote based on actual competence......but I personally got so pissed off at the system that I said "fuck it" early on.....

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