Sunday, July 31, 2011


A friend of mine just got back from visiting Las Vegas. While there, she met a retired California correctional officer who had worked at Folsom. He told her an interesting story. Here is what my friend wrote:

During my stay in Las Vegas, I met a retired correctional officer who had worked at Folsom Prison. We had an interesting and informative conversation. He is in the belief that if a troubled child is not given appropriate help by the age of 12, then he/she has a high chance of ending up in prison in later life.

He told me about a prisoner at Folsom called the 'ice-man'. Apparently ice-man made a good profit from making and selling little ice blocks to both prison staff and prisoners. Every prisoner knew and envied the ice-man.

Eventually, ice-man was released on parole and another prisoner took over the business of making and selling ice blocks. Unfortunately, ice-man couldn't make as much money on the streets as he could inside prison, so ice-man deliberately committed another crime to get back inside Folsom. Ice-man believed he would get back his prior prosperous prison job of making and selling ice blocks. Alas, the most shocked and unhappy once ice-man was sent to San Quentin Prison.

I wonder what made ice-man believe he would again be sent to Folsom and also be given back his old job ???

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