Sunday, June 23, 2013


Cites troubled childhood as excuse for crimes and wants alternatives to prison terms for kids so they'll have a chance to overcome 'mistakes' and join with society

I just got through watching two videos on Borderland Beat that showed a group of very young Mexican cartel sicarios (hitmen) armed with AR-15s, AK-47s and semi-automatic pistols. I would estimate those boys were between 14 and 16-years-old. I’m sure that each of those boys had a troubled childhood.

The majority of Mexicans live in poverty. Children brought up in poverty are often abused by drunken fathers or by their mothers’ boyfriends. Scrounging around for something to eat can be rather troubling. Nevertheless, the majority of Mexico’s poor children do not become criminals, and most certainly not sicarios. That is why I do not believe the teen sicarios are killers for the cartels because of a troubled childhood. They are doing it because the pay is damn good.

And the claim that the brains of these young boys are not fully developed doesn’t hold any water. These kids have to be cunning and clever to carry out their hits without getting caught or killed. And as for all those brain development excuses, one only has to look at the teen soldiers that are fighting with insurgencies in Africa and Asia to debunk that malarkey. You can’t train a kid to use an AK-47 and fight in an insurgency if their brains are only partially developed.

Now, I want to hear someone tell me that when the teen sicarios kill for the cartels, what they've done is a mistake.


bob walsh said...

If you are going to be an amoral little shit you might as well be well paid for it.

bob walsh said...

Doing 30 in a 25 zone is a mistake. Bouncing a check on an active account is a mistake. Buying sourdough instead of sweet French bread is a mistake. Pumping a magazine of 7.62X39 into a person isn't a mistake. If you are old enough to commit an adult crime, you are old enough to do adult time.