Friday, April 03, 2015


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
April 3, 2015

Two men who were employed in San Francisco’s anti-violence program were arrested for a double homicide at a parking lot near Amazon Playground.

Davante Robinson and Gregory Morton III were charged with the March 9 deaths of Kenyatta Butler Jr., 18, of San Leandro and Donzel Gaines, 19, of S.F. The cops believe that the two anti-violence program workers committed the murders on behalf of a street gang.

The program is called Interrupt, Predict and Organize. The program is supposedly intended to give work experience to at-risk youth. The two men had been working for about six months with the Parks and Rec Department doing maintenance in city parks.

Trent Rhoer, the executive director of the agency that oversees the funding of the program, has said, “We feel that, so far, it has been a successful diversion in keeping people off the streets.”

I can think of at least four people Interrupt, Predict and Organize has been successful with by keeping them off the streets - the two dead guys and the two now locked up guys.

The two suspects are being held pending a $5 million bond.

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