Friday, April 03, 2015


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
April 2, 2015

A group of hard-core liberal idiot teachers are pressing CalSTRS, the California state teachers pension fund, to divest from a profitable investment because the company makes guns that are illegal to sell in the formerly great state of California.

Cerberus Capital Management is a private equity firm. They own the Freedom Group, which owns Bushmaster. A Bushmaster rifle was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and that investment really pisses off the liberals. They are holding a teach-in with video presentation (after all, what is a teach-in without visual aids) at the CalSTRS building and at the Cerberus office in Brentwood today.

So far CalSTRS has expressed sympathy, but pointed out they can not force Cerberus to sell the gun maker and can not at this time unload its investment in Cerberus.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If CalSTRS has invested in Boeing and Lockheed Martin, will the protesters demand that CalSTRS divest these two companies because their fighter jets are bombing civilians in Iraq and Syria? Boeing makes the F/A 18 and Lockheed Martin makes the F 16.

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