Saturday, April 04, 2015


By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
April 3, 2015

A federal judge has just ordered CDCr to spend a buttload of money for sexual reassignment surgery for one of the guests of the state

U. S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar has ordered that Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy, 51, be given surgery to make him into Michelle Lael Norsworthy.

The department is actually contemplating appealing the ruling. I am not sure why they are bothering, it will only cost us about $100,000. Maybe they think the precedent is dangerous. You never know, it is barely possible that there are enough people high up in the department that think this is a stretch to make a point.

Convicted of murder, Norsworthy has been in prison since 1987.

I’ve seen Jeff’s mug shot and I don’t think changing him to Michelle will help.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The appeal will cost more than the operation. The 9th Circuit will probably uphold the District Court Ruling. And if CDCR wants to take the appeal to SCOTUS, that court will probably refuse to accept the case.

Those appeals are lengthy and costly. Maybe CDCR thinks that, because it will take years for the appeal to run its course, Norsworthy will croak before it’s rejected by SCOTUS.

Judge Tigar’s ruling is outrageous! The state should never be burdened with the sex change operation of a convict. Let his family, the ACLU and the human rights groups pay for that operation – not the taxpayers! What’s next – nose jobs and boob jobs? How about penile implants?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the Editor's Note on this issue. This is not a life threatening condition and the tax payers shouldn't pay the bill!