Saturday, September 24, 2016


The Democratic candidate for President accuses the police of “systemic racism”

Hillary Clinton blamed the recent shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the "systemic racism" among police officers. On The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Hillary said:

"We have got to tackle systemic racism. This horrible shooting again. How many times do we have to see this in our country?"

After the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, N.C., Hillary tweeted:

“Another unarmed Black man was shot in a police incident. This should be intolerable. We have so much work to do. Keith Lamont Scott. Terence Crutcher. Too many others. This has got to end.”

The Congressional Black Caucus, a group that is solidly in Hillary Clinton’s camp, has demanded a nationwide investigation into "police violence."

In other words Hillary and the Congressional Black Caucus believe that America’s cops are out of control and it’s all because they are racists.

Hillary wants to know how police killings can be stopped.

I’ve got news for the bitch … instead of accusing cops of being racists and blaming the police, put the blame where it really belongs!

Granted, there have been some questionable shootings of black men and the shooting of Terrence Crutcher seems truly unjustified. But in most shootings, it was the action of a suspect that led the police to open fire.

Black Lives Matter, which has the enthusiastic support of Hillary and President Obama, is largely to blame for stirring up hatred of the police and the killings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Thus when the police confront a non-compliant black man, you really can’t blame them for having a nervous trigger finger. So, Hillary, instead of blaming the police, how about starting out with a strong condemnation of BLM and the other purveyors of hatred against the police.

And then put the blame on those blacks who are non-compliant during confrontations with the police.

Tell members of the black community that whenever they are stopped by the police, to obey all police orders, even if they believe the cops had no cause to stop them.

Tell members of the black community that in any confrontation with the police, not to make any moves that might cause the officers to be put in fear of losing their lives.

Emphasize to the black community that police confrontations with blacks are part of their effort to serve and protect the law abiding members of the black community. Tell the black community that even when these confrontations turned out to be a mistake, the police had the best interests of the black community in mind.

And Hillary, above all do not accuse the police of systemic racism! That’s pure horseshit and you know it. Your rhetoric only serves to stir up divisiveness and hatred of the police.

Oh by the way, Hillary, in case it escaped your anti-police mind, Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a black Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, not by a white cop.


Anonymous said...

To a certain extent everyone is a racist. Even Hillary.

BarkGrowlBite said...

True, Anon. You and I are probably considered racist in some quarters. But when Hillary and others blame racism for the police shootings of blacks, that is simply not true. Cops do not shoot at people because of the color of their skin. But hat's what the fucking bitch implies.

bob walsh said...

Hillary possibly actually believes that horseshit. More importantly to her, her voters believe it.