Sunday, January 22, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Manteca, CA. was a nice little town when I lived there more than 30 years ago. It is still pleasant for the most part, but not nearly so little any more as it is largely now a bay area bedroom community. Cesar Aaron Montalvo, 45, used to be a denizen of Manteca. He is now dead. He was also allegedly the neighborhood asshole, responsible for a reign of terror in the neighborhood. He (again allegedly) is said to have with some regularity prowled the neighborhood in possession of an improvised weapon, like a tire iron or hammer, being a threatening jerkoff.

It seems that yesterday he decided to wander the area slashing tires and smashing car windows on Sun Haven Place. I do not say allegedly as I have seen the video. This all went down just before 3 p.m. yesterday so the visibility was pretty good. There was also at least one eyewitness to this incident.

Someone called the cops to report Montalvo slashing tires. The cops did not respond, at least immediately. Then someone reported shots fired and a man down. That got a response. It seems that someone in the neighborhood did not appreciate his tires being slashed and when he challenged Montalvo, Montalvo approached and threatened him with whatever weapon he was using. At that time the threatened citizen opened fire, terminally rehabilitating Montalvo.

The shooter was detained for questioning but was not arrested. This was the first homicide in Manteca in about 14 months.

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