Thursday, January 12, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Sara Packer, 41, used to work for Northampton County, PA, as a supervisor in the Children, Young and Families Division. She was there from 2003 thru 2010 and during that time adopted a 3-year old girl, Grace. She was separated from that organization due to unspecified "allegations of misconduct." She is now in the slammer, along with her boy friend, Jacob Sullivan, 44, for suspicion of the rape and murder of the girl, now 13.

Allegedly Packer and Sullivan acted out a rape-murder fantasy for real with the unfortunate girl, Grace, as the object of the exercise. The cops assert that they kept Grace's body in cat litter for several months, then dismembered it and dumped it in the mountains near Scranton. Her remains were found on Halloween by hunters.

The Bucks County D. A. may seek the death penalty against this disgusting pair of quasi-humans. The two allegedly initiated a suicide pact on December 30, but fucked it up. Sullivan has been in the hospital ever since. At some point during his stay he made incriminating statements to staff and the cops got involved.

Sullivan asserts that they raped and beat Grace over several hours, then suffocated her and left her trussed up in a hot attic to die. When they came back the next day they find that she had perversely refused to die and they strangled her, then packed her in cat litter.

Perhaps they will get life trussed up in a hot attic with a gag in their mouths, waiting forever for help that never comes.

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