Monday, January 22, 2018


by Bob Walsh

On Friday morning at about 8:45 a woman was driving along Airport Way at the intersection of Hazelton in south Stockton. (That is the very shitty part of a moderately shitty town.) She saw a woman laying in the street and stopped to see if she could lend aid. At that time a man with a toad sticker walked up and demanded the woman's car. She refused to hand over the keys (not smart probably) but the thug did take some other unspecified property and then fled in another nearby vehicle. Presumably along with the woman who had been laying in the street though the newspaper article does not actually say that..

I am not saying the woman driver should have ignored the situation or run over the woman in the street. It might have been a good idea to call the cops before getting out. Being a good person can get you hurt these days.

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