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Getting killed by racist cops is not the leading cause of death


How a war between Russia and the US would kill 34 MILLION in hours: Horrific simulation shows Earth obliterated by carpet of atomic bombs

By Ian Randall

Daily Mail
September 17, 2019

Researchers have developed a terrifying simulation that shows how an escalating nuclear war between the United States/NATO and Russia would play out.

The model — based on realistic data on nuclear force postures, targets and causality estimates — predicts that 34.1 million people would die within hours.

The catastrophic conflict would leave another 55.9 million injured — figures which do not include subsequent deaths from nuclear fallout and other effects.

The team behind the video hope that the simulation will highlight the apocalyptic consequences and cost to humanity of nuclear war between the two blocs.

The four-minute video was created by engineering and international affairs expert Alex Glaser of Princeton University and colleagues.

The simulation, dubbed 'Plan A', was drawn up based on various independent assessments of current US and Russian military postures, nuclear war plans and corresponding weapons targets.

It included extensive data on the number of nuclear weapons currently deployed, bomb yields and the order in which such a war would likely progress.

A nuclear war would likely evolve from an initial phase of tactical targeting through to a strategic period intended to take out each side's offensive nuclear capacity.

Finally, a phase of targeting key cities to impede opposition recovery would begin.

'It is estimated that there would be more than 90 million people dead and injured within the first few hours of the conflict,' the researchers wrote.

The simulation begins within the context of a conventional, non-nuclear conflict.

In the scenario, Russia fires a nuclear warning shot from a base near Kaliningrad, on the Black Sea, with the aim of halting a US–NATO advance.

In response, NATO hits Russia with a single tactical nuclear air strike, from which the conflict escalates to a tactical nuclear war across Europe.

At this point, the simulation anticipates that Russia would deliver around 300 nuclear warheads — carried either by aircraft or short-range missiles — against NATO bases and advancing troops.

The international military alliance would then respond with around 180 aircraft-borne nukes.

At this stage, casualties would be expected to reach around 2.6 million people within a three-hour period and Europe is left essentially destroyed.

Following this, NATO acts from the continental US and nuclear submarine fleets, launching a strategic nuclear strike of around 600 warheads with the aim of taking out Russia's nuclear capability.

Before this strike hits, Russia launches nukes from its complement of missile silos, submarines and mobile launch pads.

The model projects 3.4 million casualties from this phase of the war, which would last only 45 minutes.

In the final phase of the conflict, both sides take aim at each other's 30 most populated cities and economic centres — deploying 5–10 nukes for each one — to attempt to inhibit each side's recovery from the war.

Such a move, the researchers conclude, would see 85.3 million casualties within the space of 45 minutes.

The total number of immediate fatalities in this scenario would exceed 34.1 million people — and does not include the subsequent deaths that would invariably result as a consequence of nuclear fallout and other related long-term effects.

The researchers said that the project is intended to highlight the potentially devastating consequences of the current nuclear war plans maintained by the US and Russian military forces.

'The risk of nuclear war has increased dramatically in the past two years,' the researchers wrote.

'The United States and Russia have abandoned long-standing nuclear arms control treaties, started to develop new kinds of nuclear weapons and expanded the circumstances in which they might use nuclear weapons.'


Cokie Roberts

by Bob Walsh

The well known and at one time well respected broadcast journalist Cokie Roberts died yesterday at age 75 from complications relating to breast cancer.

She was generally thought of as a decent, competent journalist until a few years ago when she did a major hit piece on the Second Amendment in general and gun owners specifically, thereby revealing herself to be a sad and sorry political hack who was pushing an agenda and not reporting news or even doing legit commentary.

I guess I am just a reactionary angry old man, but I am not going to cry in my beer over her passing.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bob, I think you are unfair and dead wrong in your opinion of Cokie. Just because you and I may be pissed off at her presentation on gun control, that does not make her a political hack. I, for one, will miss her contributions as a panelist on ABC's Sunday morning program This Week. Cokie was always the voice of reason among contentious panelists of the left and the right.


by Bob Walsh

The formerly great state of California has had a plan for some time to reintroduce Chinook salmon in significant numbers into the McCloud River, which flows uninhibited into Lake Shasta in NorCal. This involved marshaling some equipment on the lake prior to moving it into Battle Creek. The feds control the lake.

About ten days ago the Forest Service (feds) told the Dept. of Water Resources (state) to get their shit out of the lake. It seems they lack a special use permit necessary to move and temporarily install their equipment.

This is further interesting as another federal agency, the Bureau of Reclamation (they actually operate the dam) withdrew its support for the fish.

The McCloud River stays cold year around so it is ideal for spawning Chinook salmon. Warm water is bad for both the eggs and the hatchlings.

The cease and desist order pointed out that a fine and imprisonment could result from non-compliance.


by Bob Walsh

I saw some very interesting video clips on the news yesterday morning. The clips were of a mob of over a dozen people being the shit out of and robbing people. The interesting thing is that from the video clips it looked like all the victims were white and all the attackers were black. Nobody mentioned it, not even once.

One of the commentators did dance around the subject, indirectly. He asserted that the matter is not being investigated as a "hate crime" because the victims were not attacked because they were white, they were attacked because they were intoxicated and therefore fairly safe targets. I guess there were no drunk black people in Minneapolis that night.

The Chief of Police, who is also black, was interviewed for one of the video clips. He didn't mention it either. The clip did say that he has been asking for more cops for some time and the city is not being very helpful with funding. I guess the city council doesn't care if drunk white guys get the shit beat out of them.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bob, where have you been? It hasn't been politically correct for some time to mention the color of a criminal. Way back in the 1970s, College of the Mainland's president reprimanded the school's chief of police for describing the suspect of a crime on campus as a black male.


by Bob Walsh

On Monday morning in Rockdale County, GA. there was a bit of unpleasantness between an armed homeowner and three masked, armed bad guys on his front lawn about 0400. It ended up with the masked "men" doing the dirt dance and the home owner still standing.

The three "men" were actually teenagers, two brothers and a friend. Two hand guns were found at the scene so it seems that two of them were armed. For some reason not yet clear the home owner, who is a truck driver, showed up on his front lawn at about 4 a.m. to confront the three masked trespassers. At least one of the masked bad guys fired on the home owner with a hand gun. The home owner returned fire with what is being described as a semi-automatic rifle. The bad guys missed. The good guy didn't.

The bad guy's families and friends are pissing and moaning about why did the home owner have to shoot them all. Nobody is saying jack about why three teenagers were out wearing masks and armed on some guys lawn at 0400. The home owners property is posted heavily with NO TRESPASSING signs. His mother lives there and he is said by neighbors to be a good guy and very protective of his mother. I suspect he has some sort of external surveillance system that alerted him to the presence of the armed, masked trespassers and that is how he came to confront them outside of the home at that time.

In any event the cops are taking no action against the home owner, at least as of yet. It isn't real clear from news stories but I think all the actors in this drama are black, so the BLM psychos are not being stupid so far.


AOC blames US immigration crisis on climate change

by John Gage

Washington Examiner
September 16, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that climate change was behind the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border, saying the country needed to consider "climate refugees in our immigration policies."

"Remember when we said climate change would cause mass migration, & the right called us crazy?" the New York Democrat said Monday on Twitter. "Well, it’s happening. And walling ourselves off from the world isn’t a plan for our future."

The 29-year-old congresswoman attached an article to her tweet from Mic that claimed 7 million people were forced from their homes because of extreme weather.

Ocasio-Cortez made a similar claim in April linking illegal immigration to climate change.

"The far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants. But have you ever noticed they never talk about what‘s causing people to flee their homes in the first place? Perhaps that’s bc they’d be forced to confront 1 major factor fueling global migration: Climate change," she said.

Ocasio-Cortez has been outspoken on both climate change and illegal immigration, proposing the Green New Deal in February and protesting against President Trump's hard-line positions on illegal immigration.


Nadler: Judiciary too busy impeaching Trump to focus on accusations against Kavanaugh

By Alex Moe and Rebecca Shabad

NBC News
September 16, 2019

WASHINGTON — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., responded to calls for an investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in light of new sexual misconduct allegations by saying that the panel has "our hands full with impeaching the president."

In a radio interview with WNYC on Monday, Nadler was asked if he’d be concerned with Democrats thinking he’s not taking the Kavanaugh allegations seriously enough. He said his committee has too much on its plate.

"We have our hands full with impeaching the president right now and that’s going to take up our limited resources and time for a while," Nadler said.

Asked about whether he plans to keep his promise from last October of investigating Kavanaugh over his Senate confirmation hearing, Nadler was candid about his position on impeaching the president.

"Frankly, we are concentrating our resources on determining whether to impeach the president. Personally I think the President ought to be impeached but we have to concentrate on that for the next few months," he said.

Over the weekend, a pair of New York Times reporters in an opinion-section article previewing their upcoming book on Kavanaugh's confirmation said they found new corroboration for accusations that Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a classmate at Yale. NBC News has not verified that reporting.

The reporters said that former Yale classmate Max Stier told senators and the FBI about a different episode of alleged sexual misconduct. Two people with first-hand knowledge confirm to NBC News that the FBI was notified of Stier's claim.

The chairman said that his committee plans to question FBI Director Christopher Wray next month including about the agency’s investigation into Kavanaugh.

Nadler continued by saying he personally believes impeaching the president is "imperative" so that Democrats can "vindicate the Constitution," acknowledging that its purpose would not be removing Trump from office because the GOP-controlled Senate wouldn’t do that.

Nadler said that while he feels there is already enough information to impeach the President, he believes the Committee needs to educate the public to get behind impeachment before moving forward.

"We have to show that there are adequate grounds for impeachment, that there are imperative grounds for impeachment and convince people. If that happens, if people are convinced after the hearings that the president should be impeached then we will be able to get the votes, if that doesn’t happen, we won’t be able to get the votes," Nadler said.

The Judiciary Committee approved a resolution last Thursday that set procedures and rules for future impeachment investigation hearings. The first such hearing will be held on Tuesday afternoon with Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, as the first witness.

Some top Democrats, including Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., called for Kavanaugh to be impeached in light of the new allegations against him.

Kavanaugh was sworn in to the high court last October after senators investigated sexual assault and misconduct allegations made against him by Christine Blasey Ford and other women during his Senate confirmation process. He has denied the allegations made against him.


Florida couple had sex in the back of a police car after DUI arrest, cops say

By C. Isaiah Smalls II

Miami Herald
September 17, 2019

There is a time and place for everything. And, more often than not, that place is rarely in the back of a police car.

A Florida couple face a list of charges after a deputy said they had sex in the back of his patrol car.

The Nassau County deputy originally arrested 31-year-old Aaron Thomas and 35-year-old Megan Mondanaro on DUI charges. And then things got a little frisky in the back seat.

According to an arrest report, a deputy observed the couple riding bikes with no lights in the middle of South Fletcher Avenue. After they narrowly escaped being hit by a car, the deputy pulled them over. He noted that the couple smelled from alcohol and had bloodshot eyes.

Eventually, the deputy placed the couple in the backseat of his patrol car. That’s when the couple started going at it.

“While I was outside of my patrol vehicle, Megan and Aaron took their clothes off and started to have sex,” the deputy wrote. “When I opened up the door to stop them, Aaron was naked and Megan had her pants down.”

Thomas, while being removed from the vehicle, somehow managed to escape the grasp of the deputy and took off running through a nearby parking lot. He was later caught behind a Cold Stone Creamery. The sheriff’s office added an extra theft charge after deputies said he took the handcuffs with him during his brief time on the lam.

Thomas and Mondanaro are being held at a detention facility in Nassau County. Mondanaro’s bond was set at $12,508; Thomas is being held without bond.

Mondanaro and Thomas have extensive rap sheets. Most recently, Thomas served 46 days for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Mondanaro recently served 60 days for a parole violation stemming from a prior conviction.


Man who ran over ex-girlfriend 4 times sentenced to 20 years in prison, DA says

By Brittany Taylor

September 16, 2019

HOUSTON - A man who ran over his ex-girlfriend four times with his vehicle on Sept 11, 2016, was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said.

Rogelio Alberto Guardado, 72, was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he ran over 41-year-old San Juanita Herrera.

Herrera was critically injured, suffering broken ribs and legs, a shattered pelvis, head trauma and life-threatening internal injuries.

“He tried to kill her and she wouldn’t die,” Ogg said. “Domestic violence fuels our murder rate. We are lucky she was strong enough to survive this horror.”

Witnesses said Herrera was standing near the entrance of an apartment complex at 6767 Long Drive near Telephone Road in southeast Houston when the driver of a gray Nissan Frontier pickup truck hit her. They said Guardado then traveled to the rear of the complex entrance, accelerated toward Herrera and hit her again.

Guardado put the vehicle in reverse and struck Herrera a third time, and as he left the apartment complex, he struck her a fourth time, according to police.

The vehicle was found the same day.

Guardado was identified as a suspect in the case and was arrested without incident Sept. 19, 2016.

Herrera, who was identified by her son, spent two months in a hospital after the attack and two years recovering in a wheelchair. Herrera used a walker to come to court and testify against Guardado.

“She was incredibly brave. She told about how this was someone she loved, someone she trusted and how bad things got after they broke up,” Assistant District Attorney Nicci Campbell said. “She told about hearing her bones being crushed under the tires and seeing her own blood on the ground. Her body was essentially severed in half.”

Guardado pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of a family member causing serious bodily harm. As part of his plea agreement, he was able to avoid life in prison by being sentenced to 20 years. He will not be eligible for parol until he has served at least half of his sentence.


The Saudi attack finds the oil market's Achilles heel

Bt John Kemp

September 16, 2019

Oil security experts have worried for decades about the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq processing complex to an attack by militants, foreign special forces or missile strikes.

Oil fields make a difficult target because of the dispersed nature of the wells and associated infrastructure, but processing facilities and export terminals are concentrated and therefore more vulnerable.

Abqaiq processes about half of all crude produced in the kingdom, including output from the super-giant fields of Ghawar (3.8 million barrels per day) and Shaybah (1.0 million bpd).

Abqaiq is a single point of failure that could remove millions of barrels per day from the global oil market for an extended period if damaged badly enough. It has long been identified as the top security risk worldwide.

For that reason, Abqaiq has been one of the most heavily protected places on the planet. Saudi Arabia has armed guards to protect the perimeter, and security forces actively target threats from foreign militants and domestic dissidents.

In addition, the United States maintains a large CIA station in the country and has military personnel stationed in the Eastern Province to help protect against external threats.

Abqaiq has always been a much greater source of risk for the oil market than the Strait of Hormuz. But until the weekend attack, it was assumed to be a high-consequence, low-probability danger so any risks were largely discounted.

Saudi security forces foiled an apparent suicide car bomb attack on the facility in 2006, when guards opened fire on at least two cars carrying explosives as they tried to ram the gates, according to contemporary reports.

As a result, security experts concluded Abqaiq was relatively safe in most circumstances short of an open military conflict with Iran; Saturday's attack has shown that assessment was wrong.

The Abqaiq attack will therefore force a major re-evaluation of security risks in the oil market, where it has highlighted global vulnerability to a single point of failure.

Following the simultaneous attacks on Abqaiq and the Khurais oil field, Saudi Arabia has suspended production amounting to 5.7 million barrels per day, or more than 5% of global supply.

In the short term, the critical questions are how to repair Abqaiq and protect it from further attacks. In the long term, the issue is how to reduce reliance on the site by rerouting oil flows and creating more redundancy in the oil export system.

Abqaiq will also force a reassessment of the kingdom’s security strategy, which has centered on reinforcing its alliance with the United States; encouraging maximum pressure on Iran; cultivating closer links with Israel; and a forward posture in Syria and Yemen and to a lesser extent in Lebanon and Iraq.

The strategy assumed armed confrontation with Iran could be kept outside the kingdom’s borders while oil output and the major population centers could be kept safe, which is no longer the case.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has publicly blamed Iran for the attacks on Abqaiq and Khurais in messages posted on Twitter.

The White House, the Saudi government and US allies in Europe and the Middle East have so far been more cautious and not identified the group or country they believe is responsible.

US President Donald Trump has nonetheless warned that US armed forces are "locked and loaded depending on verification."

While Iran has denied blame for the attacks, its Yemeni allies have promised more strikes to come. Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said the group carried out Saturday's pre-dawn attack with drones, including some powered by jet engines.

In the event of retaliation, the problem would be how to control the resulting escalation cycle, the same issue that arose in relation to attacks on shipping in the Strait of Hormuz earlier this year.

The attack on Abqaiq is too significant for the United States to ignore. But once started, escalation cycles can be difficult to control.

In the face of military reprisals, Iran might feel compelled to respond. Oil facilities and infrastructure in eastern Saudi Arabia as well as shipping in the Gulf would be prime targets that would be difficult to defend.

Under attack from US air power, Iran’s military commanders might feel compelled to make a rapid decision to “use it or lose it,” hitting back hard before their assets and capabilities are destroyed by airstrikes.

In the event of open conflict between a US-Saudi alliance and Iran, oil production and exports could sustain even more serious damage.

One option would see the United States try to limit the conflict by attacking non-core Iran-aligned targets in Yemen and Iraq.

Attacking Iran itself would make escalation harder to control, though targets could be selected for their symbolic rather than practical value and carefully circumscribed.

The aim would be to create a firebreak in the escalation cycle and try to convince Iran to absorb the attack and not respond or at least limit its response.

Careful target selection could be used to signal the limited nature of the US response and try to avoid further escalation.

But it would require exquisite strategic finesse by the White House and the US regional combatant command as well as urgent messaging to Iran’s government and local commanders.

More generally, the United States and Iran appear locked into a cycle of escalating pressure on each other, which neither side appears able to control.

Escalation is pushing both sides toward a major armed confrontation neither claims to want, but which would drag in regional and global allies.

Neither side appears to have identified good exit options or a political-diplomatic alternative at this stage, though both have mentioned an interest in negotiations.

But the attacks on Abqaiq and Khurais underscore the fact that regional security is deteriorating and the confrontation between the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran is becoming much more unpredictable and dangerous.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


But Texas has an even better method by executing multiple death row inmates together


Joe Biden says “Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime”

By Howie Katz

Big Jolly Times
September 16, 2019

Is Bernie Sanders crazy? Not if you compare Crazy Bernie to nutjob Joe Biden or lunatic Beto O’Rourke.

Commenting on criminal justice reform during Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Houston, Joe Biden said:

“The fact of the matter is that what's happened is that we're in a situation now where there are so many people who are in jail and shouldn't be in jail. The whole means by which this should change is to — the model has to change. Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime.”

Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime? You can’t get any crazier than that!

Nutjob Joe’s proposal is not only downright crazy, but it is also absolutely dangerous because sooner or later, a significant number of nonviolent criminals will become violent. Some years ago, for example, a man with an arrest history for passing bad checks shot to death a Houston grocery store cashier when she refused to accept his check.

And what do you suppose will happen if you catch a burglar in your home, and while unarmed, you try to stop him from taking off with your valuables? You’ll likely end up in a hospital or in the morgue … and one of Biden’s un-jailable nonviolent violent criminals sent you there.

You can be sure that Biden now has the grateful support of all big-time dope dealers with no history of violence, burglars, thieves, white-collar criminals and the scam artists who wipe out the life savings of the elderly.

You have to wonder why the anti-Trump media has remained absolutely silent about Nutjob Joe’s crazy proposal. If Trump or any other Republican had proposed that nonviolent criminals should not be locked up, the media would trumpet that story for weeks on end.

Almost as nutty as Biden was Beto O’Rourke when he was asked if he would confiscate AR-15s and AK-47s. O’Rourke answered:

“……… When we see that being used against children and in Odessa I met the mother of a 15-year-old girl who was shot by an AR-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that AR-15 in Odessa and Midland there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time. Hell yes we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

How crazy is O’Rourke’s plan? Well, in Texas and other pro-gun states, any attempt to confiscate AR-15s and AK-47s would lead to open warfare between the owners of such guns and the authorities.

Responding to O’Rourke, Texas state representative Briscoe Cain from Houston tweeted, “My AR-15 is ready for you, Robert Francis.” And you may recall that Charles Heston once declared, “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.” Cain and Heston were expressing exactly how the owners of AR-15s and AK-47s are going to react when the authorities come to take those guns away.

You don’t have to worry about Lunatic Beto ever becoming president. What is really frightening though is that Biden will very likely be the Democratic nominee and that all the polls show if the election were to be held today, Nutjob Joe would beat Trump by a comfortable margin.


by Bob Walsh

A "youth" has died in Tulare County CA, apparently from some complication related to vaping. He makes seven known nationwide. There is some reason to believe that the problem is coming from non-standard or altered cartridges which coat the lungs with some sort of crud that prevents oxygen from passing into the blood.

In any rate the maximum leader of the formerly great state of California has directed the dept. of Public Health to spend (blow) $20 million on more advertising on how evil and counter-revolutionary vaping is. I am fully confident that will do the job. Or not.

I guess all you vapers are going to have to switch back to Marlboros, or Swishers, or Wolf Brothers Crooks, or some other way to get your nicotine fix. What the hell, just cover your body in nicotine patches. That should do the job.


by Bob Walsh

No, it is not an old Perry Mason episode. Some lady in Sonora, CA. found an adult cougar taking a nap (maybe it was drunk and passed out) on the floor in her bathroom. She closed the door and called the cops.

The cops decided that the best way to deal with it was to break the window out of the back wall in the bathroom then make a LOT of noise just outside the door. It worked. The cougar beat feet.

Since it had not exhibited any hostility towards humans Fish and Game didn't much care so, all's well that ends well.


by Bob Walsh

A 45-year old teacher in New Jersey carried out a hot-and-heavy relationship over a period of about 15 months with one of her students, starting out when he was in the 6th grade. At some point the teachers own children, at that time 12 and 13, found out about it and confronted her about it. It got so intense that the kids father called CPS over it.

The teacher, Elyse Castillo, was arrested on August 29 and charged with aggravated sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child and a diseased person committing an act of sexual penetration. Apparently she has herpes and "neglected" to tell her young partner about it.

Castillo has allegedly confessed and could be looking at 10 to 20 as a guest of the state. She is now out of the slammer under a court order to have zero contact with any children other than her own.

No wonder they are having trouble getting teachers. Most people are not screwed up enough to make the cut.


by Bob Walsh

Gavin Newsom is the Supreme Leader of the formerly great state of California. There are now several fairly interesting bills sitting on his desk.

Back in 2018 voters of the state rejected a rent control initiative. However, our political masters don't give a shit about what the voters want, so they have crafted a bill which has made its way to the governor's desk that would bring in a large chunk of rent control to CA. Not as bad as say NYC, but not great either. The problem is that we need more housing and by the time you wade thru literally YEARS of permit procedures and tens of thousands of dollars in fees, a lot of housing does NOT get built. We either need more housing or less people. It isn't rocket science.

AB61 by Phil Ting, Communist from San Francisco, expands the "gun violence restraining order" parameters and would increase the number of people who could sign a rat-o-gram so the cops grab you and your guns and you have to talk to a judge to get them back. Under the new proposal co-workers, employers and school employees (like little Johnnie's second-grade teacher, who hates guns and who hates gun owners) could also file. In addition AB12 by Jacqui Irwin, Communist from Thousand Oaks, increases the current one year period of such a restraining order to five years. I suspect Gavin will love both of these. Further, AB879 by Mike Gipson, Communist from Los Angeles, would forbid persons from buying "gun components" (parts?) other than thru a licensed firearms dealer adn would limit buyers to one semi-automatic rifle per month. CA already has such a limit on new hand guns within the state.

AB 32 by Rob Bonit, Communist from Alameda, would shitcan private prisons in CA.

AB1215, Ting, would ban cops from using facial recognition tech in body cameras.

SB310 by Skinner, would allow convicted felons to serve on juries.

SB136, Weiner, would eliminate an automatic one-year sentencing enhancement for each prior felony term.

I can feel California sliding deeper and deeper into the abyss. And most of the people who live here are only interested in when the next I-phone is coming out or if they can dodge ICE for another week.

Hey Dave, are there still houses available in Arizona?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Arizona, shit! 'Yall come on down to the Lone Star State, padner!!


by Bob Walsh

The history of government in North America is interesting. The first formal government document for Europeans who migrated here was, as far as I know, the Mayflower Compact. It created a socialist-communist form of organization, though of course they did not call it that. It was a miserable failure. The colonists quickly discovered that some people would dog it if they knew their neighbors would be required to take care of them and others who were industrious became resentful that they could not profit as they felt they should by the fruits of their labor and the things they stole from the natives because they had to carry the slackers. They changed direction in less than a year.

The first formalized government for the new United States of America was the Articles of Confederation. They were approved by congress in 1777 but not ratified by the states until 1781. They gave very little power to the central government and a great deal of functional autonomy to the states. It turned out to be unworkable as a form of government.

The Articles of Confederation were ashcanned by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and the new structure was adopted in 1787, giving us our current United States Constitution. It isn't perfect, that is why it has been amended along the line. The structure however is pretty darn good. The ultimate justification for any such arrangement is how well it worked. This one has worked tolerably well for over 230 years. That may not be a world record for stable government, but it has given us a country that much of the population of the world works hard to come to, many literally at the risk of their lives.

I think we can, and should, be proud of that.


by Bob Walsh

In 1787 the Constitutional Convention, meeting in Philadelphia, approved the Constitution of the United States of America. THIS ONE IS A BIGGIE PEOPLE.

In 1862 the bloodiest day in the history of America occurred at Antietam Creek. A total of 26,293 Americans died on this day, mostly in a modest size cornfield at creekside. I have been there and there is a very definite vibe off the place. I honestly believe that that much death happening in that short a time in that defined a space has left an imprint on the land that can still be felt if you are at all sensitive to that sort of thing.

In 1903 the Turks destroyed the town of Kastorai in Bulgaria and murdered the 10,000 inhabitants, just because.


Trump claims Brett Kavanaugh is 'the one who is actually being assaulted' and says he should SUE New York Times writers after newspaper walks back bombshell about new sexual misconduct 'accuser'

Daily Mail
September 16, 2019

President Trump teed off on the New York Times Monday after the paper was forced to issue an editor's note about its weekend report on Brett Kavanaugh accusations.

'They should be sued!' wrote President Trump on Twitter. He called Kavanaugh 'The one who is actually being assaulted.

Early on Sunday, the paper published a 'bombshell' report describing a new sexual assault allegation against the Supreme Court justice, then later was forced to revise the story to say the accuser refused to be interviewed and that her friends told the newspaper's journalists that she did not remember the alleged assault and has no memory of a dorm party in the 1980s.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that the Times has all but admitted that its journalists knowingly reported a phony accusation, what will Kamala Harris and all the other Democrats do now after screaming for Kavanaugh’s impeachment?


Houston police officer shot near Democrat debate after priest assaulted in violent crime spree

By Paulina Dedaj and Edmund DeMarche

Fox News
September 14, 2019

A Houston police officer is in serious condition and one suspect is dead after a violent crime spree came to an end in a shootout just a mile away from the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night.

The injured officer, 29, was still in surgery at Memorial Hermann hospital Friday morning after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds during a shootout on the 3900 block of Tristan at Scott - just a mile south of Texas Southern University where 10 Democrats were rallying for stricter gun laws.

Authorities identified the victim as a six-year veteran with the Houston police force, whose father also served for 42 years, the Houston Chronicle reported. He was also said to be a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin.

Police said that the officer was not in critical condition but that he was not “out of the woods yet.”

Trouble began at around 9:56 p.m. on the 5800 block of Scott when 4 black males carjacked a man at gunpoint, FOX26 reported. The 2003 Chevy Tahoe, which eventually ran out of gas, was found abandoned at 6300 Tierwester.

Less than 15 minutes later, a priest was reportedly approached by the suspects on the 3600-block of Meriburr Street where he was robbed at gunpoint, assaulted and then robbed of his cellphone.

Police located one of the suspects near a shopping center at around 10:24 and chased him on foot.

One suspect was taken into custody while another opened fire, eventually striking an officer. He was taken to an area hospital where his current condition was not immediately known.

A second suspect was killed on the scene, a third was taken into custody and a fourth was still on the loose.

Teen accused of shooting HPD officer during crime spree was out on bond

By Brittany Taylor

September 15, 2019

HOUSTON - A teen who was fatally shot after police say he shot a Houston police officer during a crime spree Thursday night was out on bond before he was killed.

The suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Brandon Bell.

It has recently been discovered that Bell was already out on bond for another carjacking case. Bell was charged in that case with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and criminal trespassing in a motor vehicle.

He and two others, a 15-year-old girl who is not being named and a 17-year-old, Cedric Paddio, are accused of carjacking a woman at gunpoint as she passed out campaign flyers in Sunnyside on Wednesday.

According to the Houston Police Union, the Harris County District Attorney's Office accepted a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass in a motor vehicle on Bell, for which he was granted a "personal bond" at no cost. The union said Bell's court date was set for Sept. 10 but he jumped bail and was not penalized, nor was his bail revoked.

Bell went on another crime spree on Houston's south side Thursday that ended with a five-year veteran police officer being shot, Bell being killed by another officer, two people being taken into custody and a third suspect being sought, authorities said.

The names of the two other suspects arrested have not been released.


Iran fired cruise missiles in attack on Saudi oil facility: Senior US official

By Martha Raddatz

ABC News
September 15, 2019

Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from its territory in the attack on a key Saudi oil facility Saturday, a senior Trump administration official told ABC News Sunday.

It is an extraordinary charge to make, that Iran used missiles and drones to attack its neighbor and rival Saudi Arabia, as the region teeters on the edge of high tensions.

President Donald Trump warned the U.S. was "locked and loaded" to respond to the attack on Sunday, waiting for verification of who was responsible and for word from Saudi Arabia on how to proceed.

The Trump administration, in particular Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has blamed Iran for the attack since Saturday, but so far, there's been no public accusation that Iran launched missiles.

The Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen claimed responsibility for the assault, which hit one of the world's largest oil processing facilities, hundreds of miles from the Yemen-Saudi border, and sharply impacted global oil supplies.

But a senior U.S. official told ABC News Saturday that was false: "It was Iran. The Houthis are claiming credit for something they did not do."

Pompeo tweeted that there was "no evidence the attacks came from Yemen."

The attack on the Saudi state-owned oil company Aramco also included more than 20 drones, the official said.

Iran has denied responsibility for the attack, accusing Pompeo of "max deceit," as the country's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted Saturday.

In a Sunday evening tweet, Trump did not share the definitive accusation against Iran, instead saying the U.S. had "reason to believe that we know the culprit ... but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] as to who they believe was the cause of this attack."

The senior official told ABC News the president is fully aware that Iran is responsible, but he wants the Saudis to acknowledge it if they want U.S. help.

Trump promised the U.S. was "locked and loaded depending on verification" and waiting for the Saudis to say "under what terms we would proceed!"

Critics condemned Trump's threat to act, especially at the Saudis' behest. Rep. Justin Amash, of Michigan, a former Republican and now Independent, tweeted, "Under our Constitution, the power to commence war lies with Congress, not the president and certainly not Saudi Arabia. We don’t take orders from foreign powers."

The attack and ensuing threats of retaliation had the region on edge Sunday, with heightened fears of a conflict -- Iran and its proxies against the Saudis and U.S.

Tensions have been high since Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and strictly reimposed sanctions, including on Iran's oil industry -- its economic lifeblood.

In an escalating series of moves, Tehran has sought to counter or undermine those sanctions -- attacking a handful of oil tankers, seizing others and their crews and assaulting Saudi oil facilities, according to U.S. officials.

The risk of conflict seemed lower less than a week ago, with the departure of hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump seeming to embrace the possibility of talks with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly later this month in New York. Pompeo said Tuesday that Trump was "prepared to meet with no preconditions."

But in a reversal Sunday, Trump tweeted it was "incorrect" to say he was willing to meet without conditions, blaming the "fake news" despite his repeated statements saying so.

In July 2018, the president first said "no preconditions ... If they want to meet, I'll meet -- anytime they want."


by Bob Walsh

The US revealed yesterday that the recent drone attack that put a major ding in Saudi refinery output was without question launched from Iran and not, as claimed by various Yemeni groups, from Yemen. This assertion is based on surveillance and tracking information so it seems pretty solid.

The question then becomes what, if anything, will Saudi Arabia and the US do about it?

Personally I don't give a shit if we (or the Saudis) turn Yemen into a parking lot. It isn't much better than that right now anyway. I grant you that isn't very WOKE and not very nice and more than a little reactionary. Strangely I find I can live with that.


How California’s ‘red flag’ law thwarted gun threats at Sunnyvale Ford, Netflix, and Palo Alto City Hall

By John Woolfolk

The Mercury News
September 16, 2019

Just days after a fired employee fatally shot his supervisors at the Ford Store Morgan Hill this June, an eerily similar threat emerged at the automaker’s Sunnyvale dealership: A mechanic about to lose his job for drunkenness had recently threatened to kill a supervisor and brought guns to work.

The owner of the Sunnyvale dealership called police, but there was not enough evidence to charge the fired worker with making criminal threats. So authorities turned to California’s “red flag” law, getting a court order that allowed them to temporarily take away the 54-year-old mechanic’s cache of seven rifles, three shotguns, four handguns and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

“It’s a very effective tool in preventing acts of violence involving firearms,” said Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Chief Phan S. Ngo. “Potentially we prevented somebody from going and doing major damage with his arsenal, and I’d rather go this route of prevention than responding to a mass shooting incident.”

It was among several recent Bay Area cases in which police used California’s gun violence restraining order law to temporarily disarm allegedly threatening employees or lovers and others reported to be delusional or suicidal.

Among other examples this year: A fired Netflix security contractor in July who allegedly threatened to use his guns to take revenge at the Los Gatos company, and a Palo Alto city employee who in April menacingly likened her “continued mistreatment” to that of a 1988 workplace shooter.

In the East Bay, cases included a man whose psychiatrist called Hayward police in July concerned the patient was hearing voices and had guns, prompting authorities to seize a rifle and pistol from him last month. And Pleasanton police in August seized firearms from a woman after her husband called to report she suffered from mental health issues, had recently purchased a lot of guns, and made a suicidal gesture with one of them.


Turkey slams PM Netanyahu for Jordan Valley annexation announcement

By Herb Keinon

The Jerusalem Post
September 15, 2019

Turkey accused Israel of becoming a “racist, apartheid regime” on Sunday, with Foreign Minister Israel Katz firing back that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in no position to be giving Israel morality lessons.

“Erdogan’s regime systematically violates human rights, brutally persecutes the Kurds, and supports the terrorists of Hamas,” Katz said in a tweet. “He is the last person who should be preaching morals to Israel.”

Katz’s comment followed an attack on Israel by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu at a special meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah. The OIC was discussing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement last week of his intent to annex the Jordan Valley if he wins Tuesday’s election.

Speaking in Jeddah, Cavusoglu said Netanyahu’s “embarrassing” plan was a “despicable” attempt to earn votes ahead of the election, and criticized what he called a lack of reaction from other Muslim countries.

“Israel, encouraged by the support of certain countries, is continuing its aggressive policies that are turning it into a racist, apartheid regime,” Cavusoglu was quoted as saying by the state-run Anadolu news agency.

“If the whole Muslim community had reacted together, the reckless plans, policies and behavior of the United States and Israel would never have reached this point,” he said.


Diary of 'Polish Anne Frank' to be published after being rediscovered

By Linda Givetash

NBC News
September 13, 2019

The profound and heartbreaking account of a Jewish girl trying to survive the terrors of occupied Poland during the Holocaust is being published.

"Renia's Diary," set to be released on Sept. 24 in the United States, has been likened by publishers to the story of Anne Frank and is poised to become a classic of Holocaust literature.

Renia Spiegel, born in eastern Poland in 1924, began writing her diary in 1939 with dreams of becoming a poet. She'd been living with her sister and grandparents in the south-eastern city of Przemysl when the war broke out, separating her from her mother who was in Warsaw.

While her story reflects the terror of living in war — fleeing overnight air raids and noticing the disappearance of Jewish families — it is also an earnest account of falling in love and finding her voice as a writer.

"I just want a friend. I want somebody to talk to about my everyday worries and joys," she wrote in 1939.

She documented mundane shifts in her school and life amid the onset of the war to document the violence of the Nazi occupation and the creation of a ghetto.

"I live here now; the world is separated from me and I’m separated from the world," she wrote in July 1942.

She also described how the Nazis forced Jews to wear armbands with the Star of David and pervasive hunger.

Spiegel was shot dead by German soldiers in 1942, just before her 18th birthday, after being found in hiding.

The 700 pages she filled over a four-year period were left with her boyfriend, Zygmunt, who also wrote the final entry following her death.

He managed to share the diary with someone for safekeeping before he was sent to Auschwitz. Publisher St. Martin's Press says it's unclear how the text survived the war, but Zygmunt recovered the diary and eventually return it to Spiegel's sister, Elizabeth Bellak, who escaped to New York City.

Elizabeth couldn't bring herself to read the diary and instead stored it in a bank vault until 2012, when her daughter rediscovered the diary and had it translated. Elizabeth contributed a prologue and epilogue to the publication.

Monday, September 16, 2019


And those police haters stick to Grits like those flies stick to fly paper

From time to time, I read Grits for Breakfast. Most of the posts on Grits are authored by Scott Henson, its founder. Scott is an uber-left criminal justice watchdog.

On Friday, Scott posted "Needless shooting shows why cops shouldn't be first response to mental health calls," with reference to a Corpus Christi police officer “gunning down a mentally ill man wielding a metal pipe at point blank range.” Scott believes the shooting was not necessary.

The post attracted the usual cop haters. One penned by ‘Oil Lease’ was particularly malicious. Here is what the asshole wrote:

I don't fear anything but a badge and the thing wearing it.

A friend was being chased by his mentally ill GF with a 5.5" Buck knife. I could have killed her....legally since her attention was turned to me.

It was easy for a sane person to make the choice to not kill someone who would kill you. I punched her and knocked her down and took the knife. There is an average of 3.5 people killed by cops everyday.

I've seen countless outright murders by them on people who hadn't even committed a crime but they took offense to. They have become a murderous lot.

I was looking at a history of psychedelics yesterday starting more than 6000 years ago. Everyone involved in making same without govt. approval(I forgot where it said you could control what people imbibed in the Constitution). The incarceration rates became horrendous AFTER 2000. The entire country changed then and not for the better. I can't count the times I've heard one say "The law is what I say it is".

There's one thing that's hard to stomach though, that flat-out murders of innocent people have the cops walk away and never face charges. They want people to believe their job is really dangerous but unlike the work I do, trucking, they're not even in the top ten.

My response was: “Oil Lease, the next time you are being robbed, beaten or threatened with a deadly weapon, please do not call for those murderous cops ... call for a social worker to come and rescue your worthless ass.”

Then an Anon wrote: “I have said this before...bark would defend dirty cops even if they were caught on camera throwing a baby into a wood chipper. ‘

My response

Anon, you don't know me. I do not defend dirty cops. The problem with you and many other followers of Grits is that you consider all cops to be dirty.

I've got news for you. There are more than 800,000 law enforcement officers in the US. I doubt that more than five percent of them are dirty. Those that are dirty deserve to be punished by the law. The overwhelming number of police shootings are justified, even the controversial ones. Daily media reports obviously leave your clueless mind believing all that cops do is shoot people. The majority of those 800,000 LEOs have probably never drawn their guns while on duty.

When Oil Lease says, "I've seen countless outright murders by them on people who hadn't even committed a crime but they took offense to. They have become a murderous lot," you know he is telling a damn lie! Anyone who believes Oil Lease must still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

The trouble with Grits for Breakfast is that it attracts police haters like fly paper attracts flies. And those police haters stick to Grits like those flies stick to fly paper.


Harris bashes Kavanaugh's 'sham' nomination process, calls for his impeachment after sexual misconduct allegation

By Aris Folley

The Hill
September 15, 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a 2020 presidential contender, on Sunday called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached following the latest allegations of sexual misconduct against him, blasting his confirmation process as a “sham.”

“I sat through those hearings,” she tweeted, referring to the Senate hearings after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

“Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people," she added. "He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached."

Harris is the second Democratic White House hopeful to call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment after a report published by the New York Times late Saturday detailed another allegation of sexual assault against the justice.

The Times reported that one of Kavanaugh’s former male classmates witnessed him allegedly press his genitals against a woman without her consent. The paper also reported that the allegation had not been investigated by the FBI.

Kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations he has faced, calling them politically motivated, and he declined to answer questions about the new allegations to the Times on Saturday.

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro also called for the justice’s impeachment hours after the report was published.

“It’s more clear than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be impeached,” he tweeted on Saturday night. “And Congress should review the failure of the Department of Justice to properly investigate the matter.”

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a 2020 presidential contender, on Sunday called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached following the latest allegations of sexual misconduct against him, blasting his confirmation process as a “sham.”

“I sat through those hearings,” she tweeted, referring to the Senate hearings after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

“Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people," she added. "He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached."

Harris is the second Democratic White House hopeful to call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment after a report published by the New York Times late Saturday detailed another allegation of sexual assault against the justice.

The Times reported that one of Kavanaugh’s former male classmates witnessed him allegedly press his genitals against a woman without her consent. The paper also reported that the allegation had not been investigated by the FBI.

Kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations he has faced, calling them politically motivated, and he declined to answer questions about the new allegations to the Times on Saturday.

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro also called for the justice’s impeachment hours after the report was published.

“It’s more clear than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be impeached,” he tweeted on Saturday night. “And Congress should review the failure of the Department of Justice to properly investigate the matter.”

President Trump, however, took aim at news media and what he called the “radical left Democrats” on Twitter the morning after the report, accusing them of trying to “scare” Kavanaugh “into turning liberal.”

“Now the Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, the LameStream Media, are after Brett Kavanaugh again, talking loudly of their favorite word, impeachment. He is an innocent man who has been treated HORRIBLY,” he tweeted. “Such lies about him. They want to scare him into turning Liberal!”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also took aim at The New York Times after the report, saying on Sunday that he thinks “this article just shows the obsession with the far left with trying to smear Justice Kavanaugh by going 30 years back with anonymous sources.”

"I bet you, the next Democratic debate, they'll all be saying, 'Impeach Kavanaugh. Impeach Trump,'" Cruz also said. "There's nobody they don't want to impeach. And at some point, they just have to let the anger go and recognize that the democratic process actually moves on."

EDITOR’S NOTE: Personally, I believe most of the sexual misconduct charges that have been made against Justice Kavanaugh are true. But that was 30 years ago at a time when men were more prone to treat women as sex objects. Then excessive drinking and lewd behavior were quite common among college fraternity members. Kavanaugh should be judged by his post-college conduct, and there is nothing in that conduct which would justify his impeachment.


Britney Taylor has filed a civil lawsuit against Antonio Brown accusing the NFL player of sexually assaulting her three times

In a civil lawsuit according to ABC News, Britney Taylor alleges that NFL player Antonio Brown sexually assaulted her twice in June 2017 while she was working as his trainer, and a third time after a night out in Miami in May 2018.

Brown repeatedly exposed himself to Taylor and sent graphic text messages, according to the lawsuit, which includes texts allegedly from Brown. After the two were at a strip club in Miami last May, Taylor alleges in the lawsuit they went back to Brown's hotel room and he raped her despite crying and screaming for him to stop.

That just does not pass the smell test! Despite crying and screaming for him to stop, Taylor did not go to the police and charge Antonio with rape.

If Brown sexually assaulted Taylor twice in 2017, why did she go to a strip joint with him a year later and then up to his hotel room?

Let’s face it. It sure looks like she went with Antonio to his room for a roll in the sack and is now trying to extort him for the tidy sum of $10 million.


Boat full of marijuana found on California beach

By Danielle Radin

Fox 5
September 10, 2019

OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- A 26-foot boat abandoned and loaded with bundles of marijuana was found near St. Malo Beach Sunday morning, U.S. Border Patrol agents said. The marijuana on board had an estimated street value of over $4 million.

The boat was discovered around 11:30 a.m. and phoned into the Department of Homeland Security. Witnesses told agents the white vessel came ashore with two passengers who ran along the shoreline.

Once agents responded to the area, the vessel was discovered beached with no sign of the occupants. Agents discovered several packages of marijuana hidden in the cabin of the boat.

The weight of the packages totaled 1,079.82 pounds and has an estimated street value of $4,319,280. The vessel was seized by the Border Patrol and the narcotics were turned over to the Maritime Task Force for further investigation.

“Although the State of California has legalized marijuana for recreational use, we still see criminal organizations attempting to smuggle illicit narcotics in elaborate methods,” said Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison.


Houthi military spokesman Yahia Sarie says “The only option for the Saudi government is to stop attacking us.”

Israel Hayom
September 15, 2019

Iran denied on Sunday it was involved in Yemen rebel drone attacks the previous day targeting the world's biggest oil processing facility and an oil field in Saudi Arabia, just hours after America's top diplomat alleged that Tehran was behind the "unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply."

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi, speaking on state TV, dismissed the US allegation as "pointless". A senior Revolutionary Guards commander warned that the Islamic Republic was ready for "full-fledged" war.

The attacks Saturday claimed by Yemen's Houthi rebels resulted in "the temporary suspension of production operations" at the Abqaiq processing facility and the Khurais oil field, Riyadh said.

That led to the interruption of an estimated 5.7 million barrels in crude supplies, authorities said while pledging the kingdom's stockpiles would make up the difference.

While markets remain closed Sunday, the attack could shock world energy prices. They also increased overall tensions in the region amid an escalating crisis between the US and Iran over Tehran's unraveling nuclear deal with world powers.

Late Saturday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo directly blamed Iran for the attack on Twitter, without offering evidence to support his claim. The US, Western nations, their Gulf Arab allies and UN experts say Iran supplies the Houthis with weapons and drones – a charge that Tehran denies.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi dismissed Pompeo's remarks as "blind and futile comments."

"The Americans adopted the 'maximum pressure' policy against Iran, which, due to its failure, is leaning towards 'maximum lies,'" Mousavi said in a statement.

The attacks were the latest of many drone assaults on the kingdom's oil infrastructure in recent weeks, but easily the most damaging, resulting in "the temporary suspension of production operations," Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said in a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The fires "were controlled," the statement said, and no workers were injured.

The Iranian-backed Houthis, who hold Yemen's capital, Sanaa, and other territories in the Arab world's poorest country, took responsibility for the attacks in the war against a Saudi-led coalition that it has fought since 2015 to reinstate the internationally recognized Yemeni government. But the US blamed Iran, as stated, with Pompeo tweeting: "There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen."

"Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply," Pompeo said.

In a statement, the White House said, "The United States strongly condemns today's attack on critical energy infrastructure."

In a short address aired by the Houthi's al-Masirah satellite news channel, military spokesman Yahia Sarie said the rebels launched 10 drones after receiving "intelligence" support from those inside the kingdom. He warned that attacks by the rebels would only get worse if the war continues.

"The only option for the Saudi government is to stop attacking us," Sarie said.

Houthi rebels have been using drones in combat since the start of the Saudi-led war. The first appeared to be off-the-shelf, hobby-kit-style drones. Later, versions nearly identical to Iranian models turned up. Iran denies supplying the Houthis with weapons, although the UN, the West, and Gulf Arab nations say that Tehran does.

UN investigators said the Houthis' new UAV-X drone likely has a range of up to 1,500 kilometers (930 miles). That puts the far reaches of both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in range.

The first word of Saturday's assault came in online videos of giant fires at the Abqaiq facility, some 330 kilometers (210 miles) northeast of the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Machine gun fire could be heard in several clips alongside the day's first Muslim call to prayers, suggesting that security forces tried to bring down the drones just before dawn. In daylight, Saudi state television aired a segment with its local correspondent near a police checkpoint, a thick plume of smoke visible behind him.

US deputy press secretary Judd Deere said the attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis "only deepen conflict and mistrust." He added that the US government is "committed to ensuring global oil markets are stable and well supplied."

US President Donald Trump called Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to offer his support for the kingdom's defense, the White House said. The crown prince assured Trump that Saudi Arabia is "willing and able to confront and deal with this terrorist aggression," according to a news release from the Saudi Embassy in Washington.

The UN special envoy for Yemen said he was "extremely concerned" by the attacks.

The United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths urged all parties to "prevent such further incidents, which pose a serious threat to regional security" and complicate the already fragile situation.

Saudi Aramco describes its Abqaiq oil processing facility in Buqayq as "the largest crude oil stabilization plant in the world."

The facility processes sour crude oil into sweet crude, then transports it onto transshipment points on the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea or to refineries for local production. Estimates suggest it can process up to 7 million barrels of crude oil a day. By comparison, Saudi Arabia produced 9.65 million barrels of crude oil a day in July.

"This is one of the biggest central processing facilities in the world. The Iran conflict is going to be hitting the world in a new way," said Kevin Book, managing director, research at ClearView Energy Partners LLC.

The Khurais oil field is believed to produce over 1 million barrels of crude oil a day. It has estimated reserves of over 20 billion barrels of oil, according to Aramco.

The US Energy Department said the US "stands ready to deploy resources from the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserves if necessary to offset any disruptions to oil markets" in the wake of the drone attack.

In a statement on Saturday night, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry directed department leadership to work with the International Energy Agency on available options for collective global action if needed. Nations of the 30-member IEA seek to respond to disruptions in the oil supply and advocate for energy policy.

The US strategic oil reserves holds 630 million barrels.

There was no immediate impact on global oil prices as markets were closed for the weekend. Benchmark Brent crude had been trading at just above $60 a barrel.

While Saudi Arabia has taken steps to protect itself and its oil infrastructure, analysts had warned that Abqaiq remained vulnerable. The Rapidan Energy Group, a Washington-based advisory group, warned in May that "a successful attack could lead to a monthslong disruption of most Saudi production and nearly all spare production." It called Abqaiq, close to the eastern Saudi city of Dammam, "the most important oil facility in the world."

In a report published Saturday, Helima Croft, global head of commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, noted that although Aramco officials have indicated that exports will resume in the next few days, "there is nothing to suggest that this is a one-off event and that the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels will forgo further strikes on Saudi sites."

The war in Yemen has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis. The violence has pushed the country to the brink of famine and killed more than 90,000 people since 2015, according to the US-based Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, or ACLED, which tracks the conflict.

The rebels have flown drones into the radar arrays of Saudi Arabia's Patriot missile batteries, according to Conflict Armament Research, disabling them and allowing the Houthis to fire ballistic missiles into the kingdom unchallenged. The Houthis launched drone attacks targeting Saudi Arabia's crucial East-West Pipeline in May. In August, Houthi drones struck Saudi Arabia's Shaybah oil field.


Vote for Me, or Go to Hell

By David Lazarus

Israel Today
September 15, 2019

The ultra-Orthodox Shas party campaign to elect their representatives to the government in next week’s general election in Israel advises and warns that a vote for them will secure righteousness on the Judgement Day of the Lord – not voting for them will bring eternal condemnation on that terrible Day of the Lord.

These kinds of religious fear-tactics are illegal in Israel, though it is almost impossible to enforce the law. There is no official separation between state and religion as found in many democracies. Israel does understand that it is an abuse of their power when respected religious leaders use fear and reward tactics to manipulate voters into choosing their party. It is disturbing too that the Shas campaign is invoking Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the founder and long-time leader of the Shas party who passed away six years ago (and can somehow speak from the grave?) to assure voters that there is either an eternal blessing or curse depending on who you vote for.

In Israel, this is obviously wrong and even illegal. Yet, when I hear my American friends summoning religion to influence voters I wonder if they understand the dark side of using faith to manipulate voter conscience. Many high-profile Evangelical Christian leaders declare openly that unless US citizens vote for Trump in 2020 their nation will slide into eternal damnation.

Here is a recent post from a prominent former American in the Messianic community in Israel: “President Trump must win the 2020 election … the alternative is unthinkable… We are fighting evil and strong powers … it is clear to me that the Lord wants President Trump for another four years… let’s join the battle…”

To an Israeli, this sounds a lot like our ultra-Orthodox. They may not be threatening damnation on the Day of Judgement, but these influential Evangelical leaders are conjuring up religious and spiritual concepts to spread fear and influence voters.

In the US, if an Evangelical Christian wants to vote for a Democratic candidate, I hear many Christians call it sin. That is wrong because it turns voting in a national election into a religious act governed by dogma, and not the matter of conscience that it is supposed to be, and that is against the law.

Thomas Jefferson, in reference to the US Constitution’s First Amendment and the Bill of Rights on the separation between Church and State wrote to the Baptist Church Association that, “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship … they do not have to fear interference in their right to expressions of religious conscience…” The Bill of Rights, adopted in 1791 as ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States, was one of the earliest political expressions of religious freedom and remains an important rule to protect our society and the right to vote freely without fear according to one’s conscience.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Animal services received dangerous dog warning before attack

By Nick Natario

September 13, 2019

PEARLAND, Texas -- A family believes a dog attack could've been prevented after learning Galveston County Animal Services received warning.

The gruesome attack happened Wednesday. Pearland Police said two women suffered injuries after a Rottweiler-mixed breed attacked them.

The incident was captured on the victim's home surveillance video. Family member David Jennings shared it with Eyewitness News.

"I really just wanted to throw up," Jennings recalled after watching the video. "Very nauseous. It was just so hard to watch."

Officers say the women didn't own the dog, but the animal was known to them. While the video is hard to watch, Jennings said he's even more mad, thinking this could've been prevented.

Galveston County Animal Services said it received a warning from California about a dog deemed dangerous coming into the area.

Galveston County employees attempted to find the owner, but said he wasn't living at the address he provided.

ABC13 contacted the agency in California that sent the warning. The director wouldn't provide details over the phone.

She told Eyewitness News to file a records request, which could take up to ten days.

On Wednesday, Pearland Police said when officers arrived, they found the women hiding in a room and the dog covered in blood. The dog charged at officers, which forced them to open fire, killing the animal.

They're investigating, but no one has been charged. Jennings said his sister-in-law agreed to watch a friend's dog, unaware of the danger.

"If you are a dog owner, and you know your dog has problems, don't send it someone else's home," Jennings said.

Jennings said his sister-in-law isn't bitter. Instead, she's grateful her friend risked her own life and pulled her to safety.

"I think her words were, angel," Jennings recalled. "That's what her words were, I believe."

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although I have never met him, I consider Davis Jennings a friend. I am so sorry to hear about the dog attack against his sister-in-law. I hope and pray she makes a full recovery.


10 drones launched by Yemen’s Iranian allied Houthi rebels bombed two major oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia

Two of Saudi Arabia’s major oil production facilities were bombed by 10 drones early Saturday. The attacks caused major damage. Yemen’s Iranian allied Houthi rebels claimed they launched the drones. But the US believes Iran was behind the attack.

The drones used to attack Saudi Arabia were not your backyard variety of drones. They required quite a bit of sophistication for the operators to hit their targets, more sophistication than the drones that are attacking Israel from Gaza. They are probably similar to US UAVs, but are smaller and less costly than the UAVs used by the US and Israel.

The bombings knocked out half of the Saudi oil capacity, forcing a cut in oil production of 5.7 milli0n barrels a day.

In the US, gasoline prices at the pump could rise as much as 25 cents a gallon because of the destructive attack.

The question is, what will the Saudis and the US do now? Will they retaliate, and if so, how?


by Bob Walsh

Hamza bin Laden, son of Osama, has had his meeting with his black camel, courtesy of a U S Military Special Operations Group. Too bad, so sad. Just think of how many goats and sheep will sleep better tonight knowing he is gone.

One more reason to vote for Trump, even if he is an irritating schmuck.


by Bob Walsh

The "mainstream" Democrat-Socialist party (which may not even exist any more) has long asserted that they don't want to take guns from honest, law-abiding gun owners but merely want to enact "common sense gun control laws" which has morphed into "common sense gun safety laws." When fake Mexican Bobby Frank O'Rourke said "Hell YES we want to take your AR-15s and AK-47s" he kind of put the lie to those assertions, but that's OK, because everybody knew they are lying anyway.

You can count of that clip of O'Rourke being played at every pro=Second Amendment rally in the country for the next ten years at least.


by Bob Walsh

On Thursday a total of eleven people were shot, with five fatalities. It is unknown (at least for public consumption) if these shootings were related. The city, with a population of 500,000, has had a lot of trouble with violence as well as commercial crime with a huge spike in auto theft and burglaries, one of the highest in the nation.

I'm not sure why they are bothering, soon-to-be-president Bite-Me has already declared that nobody should ever go to prison for non-violent crimes, so I guess auto theft and burglary are now legitimate occupations.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nobody should ever go to prison for non-violent crimes? And you think Crazy Bernie is crazy.


by Bob Walsh

Back in 1919 a young army officer by the name of Eisenhower was given an interesting assignment. He was ordered to take a military convoy by road from New York to SF.. essentially to see how long it would take. It took 62 days and was the impetus for President Eisenhower to start the ball rolling on the Interstate Highway System after WWII. It was, at least officially, a military highway system. That is part of the reason they standardized the overpass clearances. It was so a tank on a tank transporter could clear the over passes.

In any event the Military Vehicle Preservation Society has been rerunning the route, which follows the old Lincoln Highway. On Friday night they stopped at the American Legion Hall in Stockton. They began in York, Pennsylvania on August 10 and will have ended up in Lincoln Park in San Francisco last night if all went well.

This years convoy contained a lot of WWII and Korean War era vehicles and even more modern vehicles, but also included a 1918 Harley Davidson and a 1918 Dodge staff car.


Donald Trump lends support to embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of critical election by touting plans for mutual defense treaty between the countries

By Keith Griffith

Daily Mail
September 14, 2019

President Donald Trump is lending support to embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of a critical election Tuesday by publicly backing one of his key priorities.

Trump tweeted on Saturday that he spoke with Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a formal mutual defense treaty between the two nations.

Trump says it would 'further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries.'

The comments just days before Israeli voters are set to decide Netanyahu's political fate are the latest effort by Trump to back Netanyahu, perhaps his closest personal ally on the world stage.

Trump added that he looks forward to continuing the discussions after the election when they meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly later this month.

Trump is spending the weekend at the White House in Washington DC, and on Saturday morning took his motorcade to Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

His plans for the day and potential golf partners were not made public.

Opinion polls predict a close race when Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday, five months after an inconclusive election in which Netanyahu declared himself the winner but failed to put together a coalition government.

'A Likud victory is possible but it's hanging by a thread,' said Abraham Diskin, political science professor at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, referring to Netanyahu's right-wing party.

An end to the Netanyahu era after his 10 successive years in power would be unlikely to lead to a dramatic change in Israel's policy on hotly disputed issues in a peace process with the Palestinians that collapsed five years ago.

Relations with the United States would be likely to remain on track, despite Netanyahu's close relationship with Trump.

Likud is running neck-and-neck with the centrist Blue and White party led by former armed forces chief Benny Gantz, who has focused heavily on looming corruption charges Netanyahu faces.

But Netanyahu's political fate could ultimately end up in the hands of the far-right Yisrael Beitenu headed by former Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a potential kingmaker in the coalition-building certain to follow the vote.

After the election in April, Lieberman blocked Netanyahu's attempts to form a coalition, citing differences with the prime minister's ultra-Orthodox allies. Opinion polls indicate Yisrael Beitenu will emerge stronger in the new ballot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beware of impossible promises. Trump would find it hard, if not impossible, to get the Senate to approve a mutual defense treaty with Israel. While the majority of Americans favor the Jewish state, they will not want to get into a war in behalf of Israel.


Police ID man who died in Thursday night crash

By Jess Huff and Austin King

The Lufkin Daily News
September 13, 2019

Lufkin Police have identified the man who died in Thursday night’s car chase as LeEdward Hopkins, 43, of Houston.

Hopkins and 42-year-old Tony Wayne Mitchell of Houston robbed First State Bank of Louise at gunpoint about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, according to authorities. They fled the bank at 505 E. Boling Highway in Wharton with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Special agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division assisted Wharton Police Department with the investigation and identifying the men.

DPS was told that Hopkins was in the Lufkin area, heading north on Loop 287 in a black Dodge Challenger R/T about 7 p.m. Thursday, according to a statement from Lufkin Police.

A Lufkin officer saw the vehicle near the intersection of Old Moffett Road about 7:10 p.m. The officer tried to make a traffic stop, but Hopkins didn’t pull over.

Hopkins continued on to U.S. 59 Highway north toward Nacogdoches as multiple agencies, including Pct. 1 Constable Tom Selman joined the pursuit. Selman tried to shoot out Hopkins’ back tire but was unsuccessful, according to the statement. Selman and the lead officer in the pursuit also told Hopkins to pull over using their PAs, however he refused to stop.

The pursuit reached speeds of more than 130 mph as Hopkins neared the Nacogdoches city limits. He lost control of the vehicle after one of his tires was spiked near Woodland Hills Golf Course, according to the statement.

The vehicle veered off the road, hit a power pole and went airborne into a tree before eventually coming to a stop in a tree line near the 12th hole. The engine block caught fire, but it had been thrown from the vehicle, according to the statement.

Hopkins was pronounced dead at the scene by a Nacogdoches County Justice of the Peace. No one else was injured in the crash.

An undisclosed amount of cash was recovered from the vehicle, along with a loaded pistol and additional magazines, according to the statement.

The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office, Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office and Nacogdoches County constables also assisted with the incident.

At this time, Mitchell remains at large. Lufkin Police shared an image of his mugshot that notes he appears to be 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds. Those with information Mitchell's whereabouts are asked to contact the Wharton Police Department at (979) 532-3131.

LPD also released dashcam footage from the point of view of Selman and one of the responding officers. The footage can be viewed at the Lufkin Daily News website. Viewer discretion is advised.


Woman who claimed she was raped by two NYPD cops in the back of police van accuses their lawyers 'slut-shaming' her with provocative photos from social media and says there is 'no justice' after they avoided jail on lesser charges

By Ralph R. Ortega

Daily Mail
September 14, 2019

A woman who alleged she was raped when she was 18 by two NYPD cops in the back of a police van while handcuffed and under arrest for drugs says her credibility was smeared, and that helped the accused get off on lesser charges.

Going by the alias Anna Chambers, the woman claimed that attorneys for Eddie Martins and Richard Hall dug up provocative selfies of her from social media posts, which they claimed in a letter to prosecutors were 'unprecedented' for a victim of a 'vicious rape.'

To that she now says, 'They were trying to slut-shame' her, Chambers told Inside Edition.

Chambers adds that attorneys John Arlia and Mark Bederow at the time were trying to make her feel like she was asking for it, based on what she was wearing.

Bederow declined comment on Chambers' remarks when reached by

Arlia was not immediately available when reached out for comment.

The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office had also raised questions about the woman's credibility, when Chambers could not recall what she wore on September 15, 2017 - the night she alleged she was attacked in the back of a police van in Brooklyn's Coney Island section.

'Those inconsistencies that they were claiming, our position is that they were unrelated, they were irrelevant and immaterial to what took place in that van,' Chambers' attorney Michael David tolf Inside Edition.

Rape and kidnapping charges against Martins and Hall were dropped when the now-former undercover narcotics detectives plead guilty to 11 counts of felony bribery and misdemeanor conduct last month. They each will be required to serve 5 years probation and avoided jail time.

The deal was kept quiet when the plea was kept off an official court calendar, at the request of the ex-cops' lawyers, and their appearance before a judge was not mentioned to the media by the district attorney's office.

Even Chambers wasn't alerted, reports the New York Post.

'This is not justice for me. I'm sorry. It's really not,' she told Inside Edition.

Prosecutors had sought one to three years prison time for the disgraced officers, but the request was denied, according to the Post.

Martins and Hall had quit their jobs a month after the alleged rape. Both were accused of offering to let Chambers go after she was arrested for drug possession if she had sex with them.

The two officers then admitted they had sex with Chambers, but claimed it was consensual and that she was not handcuffed.

At the time, it was a crime for corrections and parole officers to have sex with suspects in custody, but not for police.

The district attorney's office argued that rape would not have been an appropriate charge and that securing a conviction would have been too challenging.

The state legislature has since closed the loophole.

'We believe – as a newly-created statute recognizes – that any sexual contact between police officers and a person in their custody should constitute a crime,' a spokesperson from the Brooklyn DA's office said in March, when the rape charges were dropped.

'However that was not the law at the time of the incident. Because of this and because of unforeseen and serious credibility issues that arose over the past year and our ethical obligations under the rules of professional conduct, we are precluded from proceeding with the rape charges.'

The 'credibility issues' prosecutors referenced were raised by Martins and Hall's defense attorneys who previously requested Chambers be charged with perjury for allegedly lying under oath about the details of her encounter.


Former NFL player allegedly staged hate crime at his own business, police say

By Taylor Denman

Gwinnett Daily Post
September 13, 2019

Police said Friday a business owner and former NFL player allegedly staged a burglary in a restaurant he owned and vandalized the building, possibly trying to make it look like a hate crime.

Edawn Coughman, 31 of Buford, owns multiple Create & Bake Pizza franchises in Gwinnett County along with Coughman's Creamery, an ice cream shop in Lawrenceville. Police said Coughman allegedly vandalized his own business, marking it with graffiti that included "Nigger," "Monkey," "MAGA" and swastikas on the walls and booths of the restaurant in spray paint.

Cpl. Michele Pihera with Gwinnett County police said investigators have not pinpointed a motivation for the staged burglary. Police said Coughman contacted his insurance company to report damages to his businesses and did not report the crime to police until officers approached him at the scene.

Pihera said police would have investigated the incident as a hate crime if a witness hadn't reported the suspicious situation quickly, allowing officers to find Coughman at the scene.

"It's possible he was trying to stage this as a hate crime," Pihera said. "We don't know if he was trying to get attention for this. What we do know is, if that witness had not called us and if those officers had not responded as quickly as they did, we would probably be sitting here talking about a completely different crime in which Mr. Coughman would be trying to say he's a victim."

Pihera said Coughman denied he staged the burglary when asked by police.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Gwinnett County police received a burglary-in-progress call. A witness told a 911 call-taker there was a person inside the conjoined pizza joint and ice cream shop damaging the businesses. The caller described a suspicious vehicle, a black Chevy Silverado with no license plate.

Officers responding to the scene and saw the vehicle at the shopping center. Officers identified the driver as Coughman and learned he was the owner of the businesses that the witness said was being vandalized.

Police grew suspicious for several reasons. Coughman was wearing gloves and a hoodie. They noticed several flat-screen TVs in the vehicle that had been hastily pulled from walls with mounting brackets still attached. Coughman told police he was the victim of a burglary earlier in the day and had returned to the business to retrieve the items in the vehicle.

"It's possible they were taken in an effort to make it look like a burglary," Pihera said.

When officers went inside, there were "racially motivated comments and symbols" on walls and booths inside. Police noted the smell of fresh paint, some of which was wet.

Police also noticed pry marks on the back door, which were connected to evidence later found in the truck Coughman was driving. Police said investigators found a license plate, spray paint and a yellow crowbar inside the truck, which does not belong to Coughman.

"We believe he used that possibly not to have the truck or identity of the truck return back to him," Pihera said.

Police said they believe everything took place shortly before officers arrived at the scene of the incident.

"The crime is the fact that her reported to us he was a victim of a burglary," Pihera said. "We're also looking into the fact that his insurance company could also be a victim, depending on if a claim was in process. ... There's also a possibility the owner of the building could also be a victim."

Coughman was arrested and taken to Gwinnett County Jail, charged with false report of a crime, insurance fraud and concealing a license plate. He has since bonded out. Pihera said there is a possibility additional charges will be filed.

"The case does not fit the mold of our typical criminal investigations, so we have to look outside of the box to see how many victims we truly have," Pihera said.

Coughman owns two Create & Bake locations in Gwinnett, including a restaurant located east of Mall of Georgia near Georgia Highway 20.

Police said Coughman has one prior arrest in Gwinnett County for traffic violations. Coughman had stints with multiple NFL teams as an offensive tackle from 2012 to 2016. Coughman was signed out of Shaw University to the Seattle Seahawks practice squad in 2012. He spent parts of the 2013 season with the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers claimed him before the 2014 NFL season and was signed by the Washington Redskins later that season.

In 2015 and 2016, his final NFL season, he bounced around between the Buccaneers, Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals.

Pihera said, if the scene was forged, the crime takes away from the needs and concerns of legitimate victims of hate crimes.

"This diminishes those cases in which we have true victims of hate crimes," Pihera said. "We wanted to make sure we got in front of this to explain to the community that this was not a hate crime, we believe that Mr. Coughman was responsible for the vandalism inside the business."


Former candidate for ID governor investigated in 1984 Colorado cold case killing

By Ruth Brown

Idaho Statesman
September 13, 2019

A former candidate for Idaho governor says he is under investigation in the killing of a 12-year-old girl in Colorado 35 years ago.

Authorities last week searched the Twin Falls home of 68-year-old Steve Pankey, serving him a warrant that said investigators had probable cause to believe he kidnapped and killed Jonelle Matthews in 1984.

Jonelle was reported missing from her home in Greeley, north of Denver, on Dec. 20, 1984, after returning from performing a Christmas concert with her classmates, according to the Denver Post. At the time, Pankey and his former wife lived about 2 miles away.

Pankey, a 2014 Constitution Party candidate for governor who also ran in the 2018 Republican primary, disclosed the investigation this week in interviews with the Idaho Statesman. The search, Pankey said, came about a month after he gave police a DNA sample.

Pankey told the Statesman on Thursday that he was shocked when police searched his home. The Twin Falls Police Department verified Thursday that it had executed the warrant on Wednesday, Sept. 4, at Pankey’s condo in the 300 block of Elm Street North.

A SWAT team arrived, rifles in hand, to search his cars and his condo, and the team seized his electronic devices and financial documents, Pankey said.

Though Jonelle was reported missing in 1984, it wasn’t until July 23 of this year that her body was found, according to Greeley police.

A construction crew found remains while excavating in rural Weld County, which includes Greeley, for a pipeline. Once her remains were identified, the police department issued a news release saying that the case was now a homicide investigation.

Since Jonelle’s disappearance, Pankey said, investigators have asked multiple times to talk to him about her. He said he has repeatedly told them that he won’t speak without his attorney.

The Statesman reached out to the Greeley Police Department for comment on Thursday and did not receive a response. The department did issue a brief statement Friday in which it called Pankey “a person of interest in the murder investigation of Jonelle Matthews.”

Pankey said he wants his story to be heard in case he is arrested. As of Thursday, no criminal charges had been filed.

Pankey’s story

Pankey said he had brushes with the law in Colorado before Jonelle’s disappearance that led police to mistrust him.

He said he moved to Greeley in 1973. In 1977, when he was 26, he was accused of what he called “date rape” by a 23-year-old woman he was seeing.

He maintains the sex was consensual. He was criminally charged, but the charge was later dismissed by prosecutors.

At the time, Pankey was a youth minister at Sunny View Church of the Nazarene in Greeley. Pankey said he had gone to church with many people who knew Jonelle Matthews’ family, but he did not. After being charged, he left the position.

Pankey said he had a bad relationship with Greeley authorities afterward. “Once you’re accused of something like date rape, you’re forever stigmatized,” he said.

He said he was charged over his years in Colorado with as many as 20 other “arbitrary” misdemeanors, such as battery and harassment by phone, and went to trial multiple times. He said he “won” all the trials.

The Statesman could not immediately verify that. Colorado courts do not have an online records system, so the Statesman on Thursday requested via U.S. mail copies of Pankey’s criminal charges in Weld County.

On the night Jonelle went missing, Pankey said, he was home with his then-wife. His 1980 Toyota Corolla was packed to visit family in California for the Christmas holiday. They planned to leave at 5 a.m. the next day for the drive to Big Bear Lake to visit his parents.

They returned to Colorado on Dec. 26, 1984, he said, and heard the news of a missing child on the radio.

“I never met Jonelle, I never met her family, I didn’t know she existed or disappeared until Wednesday, Dec. 26 (1984),” Pankey said.

But he said he met with an FBI agent at the Greeley police station shortly after he returned, because he heard from his father-in-law, who worked for a cemetery, that someone had asked about getting rid of a body. The comments made him suspicious given Jonelle’s disappearance, he said, so he reported them to the FBI rather than to local police.

Pankey said he left Greeley in 1987 and hasn’t been back to Colorado since.

And except for that meeting with the FBI, Pankey said he has never been formally interviewed by police about Jonelle’s disappearance, although they have tried. Pankey said two Greeley detectives came to his condo around Aug. 15 and asked to interview him, but he told them that he would speak to them only if his attorney was present. The detectives then left.

A few days later, on Aug. 19, he said, law enforcement asked him for a DNA sample, and he gave it.

Pankey said he also has volunteered to take a polygraph test.

Why Pankey says he’s talking

Pankey told the Statesman he was sure that after police had his DNA, they would stop investigating him. He was surprised when they didn’t.

So, Pankey said, he decided to speak publicly now, because of his concerns about law enforcement’s ideas about him, and because he is a public figure in light of his runs for office.

He gave the Statesman a copy of the search warrant, signed on Sept. 3 by Idaho Magistrate Judge Calvin Campbell.

“I’m trying to be transparent,” he said. “... I have nothing to hide.”

Pankey said he has great empathy for the Matthews family. Pankey’s youngest son, Carl, a 20-year-old college student, was shot and killed by his girlfriend in 2008 in Phoenix.