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President Trump's painfully deluded train-wreck HBO interview proved he hasn't just lost control of the coronavirus – he's lost control of reality


By Piers Morgan


Daily Mail

August 4, 2020


In every great American crisis, there is a moment where the whole world can see the true character of a President.

For George W. Bush it came when he was photographed staring down from the luxurious comfort of Air Force One on the wreckage wrought by Hurricane Katrina, after his government's woefully inadequate federal response. The picture made him look detached and uncaring, and worst of all, a weak and ineffectual leader. He never recovered from it.

For Bill Clinton, it came with his infamous 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky' declaration. When it turned out he had indeed had multiple sexual relations with that woman, his reputation was badly damaged.

Conversely, for John F. Kennedy, you could point to his rousing 1962 speech challenging America to go to the moon, instilling in Americans a spirit of unlimited optimism, as the moment when he sparked a deep abiding popularity that lasts to this day.

Similarly, for Ronald Reagan, his audacious 'Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!' command at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to the leader of the Soviet Union, cemented his place in history.

For President Donald J. Trump, there have been many grim moments during his catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic that may end up defining his presidency.

But last night, during an extraordinary, toe-curling HBO interview with AXIOS's Jonathan Swan, he exposed just why the US has become a horrifyingly bad template for how NOT to combat Covid-19.

In an attempt to defend his indefensible record, and specifically why the US has one of the worst death rates in the world, Trump suddenly produced a collection of graphics.

'Look at some of these charts,' he said. 'This one, right here, the United States is lowest…in numerous categories…lower than the world.'

'In what?' said an incredulous Swan.

'Take a look,' said Trump, handing the chart over.

Swan, a very good and well-prepared journalist, studied the chart quickly and forensically.

'Oh, you're doing death as a proportion of cases,' he replied. 'I'm talking about death as a proportion of population.'

'Well… well…' Trump stammered.

'That's where the US is really bad,' persisted Swan, 'much worse than South Korea, Germany etc.'

'You can't do that!' exclaimed Trump.

'Why can't I do that?' asked Swan, looking understandably confused.

'You have to go by the cases,' said Trump. 'We're last, meaning we're first!'

It was a stunning exchange.

Here was the President of the United States telling a journalist that he couldn't mention America's shocking coronavirus death toll because all that matters is not how many people have died, but how many people have been tested.

'You know there are those that say you can test too much,' Trump blathered. 'You do know that?'

Swan didn't know that, because nobody other than Trump has said that.

'Who says that?' Swan asked.

'Oh, just read the manuals,' Trump retorted. 'Read the books.'

'Manuals?' Swan pressed. 'What manuals?'

'Read the books, read the books,' Trump repeated.

Of course, there are no manuals, or books, that say you can do too much coronavirus testing.

Obviously, as any scientist will attest, you can never do enough testing. It's the only way to get on top of this virus until there's a vaccine.

What Trump actually means is that he wishes America did less testing so they didn't have so many cases because it makes HIM look bad.

That's why he doesn't want to talk about America's appalling death toll because, again, it makes HIM look bad.

'A thousand people are dying a day,' Swan told him.

'They are dying,' replied Trump. 'It's true. It is what it is.'


'It is what it is' - that was the President's staggering response to the ongoing horrific slaughter of Americans by a deadly virus.

No empathy, no apology, no expression of sorrow.

Just a heartless, dismissive shrug.

The problem for Trump in this crisis is that the stats don't lie like he does.

When Swan pointed out that South Korea has a population of 51 million people but has only suffered 300 coronavirus deaths, Trump inferred, with zero evidence, that the statistics were fake news.

It's his default response to any facts he doesn't like, but now he is being exposed by the cold, hard reality of data-backed truth.

The World Health Organisation reports today there have been 18,100,204 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world, and 690,257 deaths.

Of these, America has had 4,629,459 cases, which is 25% of the global total, and 154,226 deaths which is 22% of the global total.

Yet it has just 4.2% of the world's population.

So whichever way you look at the numbers, the United States is doing catastrophically badly.

Trump knows it, everyone knows it.

But he also knows if he admits it, it may cost him the election in November.

So, he's now reduced to lying, obfuscating, deflecting, and anything else he can think of to avoid being held accountable for what has happened on his watch.

Last night, Americans saw their President deny the incontrovertible.

They saw him pretend he's got coronavirus under control when he's completely lost control.

And they saw him challenged relentlessly on all this bullshit by a top-class journalist determined not to let him off the hook.

It made for electrifying but very unedifying viewing, combining the detached uncaring conduct of George W. Bush during the Katrina crisis with Bill Clinton's cynical lying about Monica Lewinsky.

There were many other awful moments during the interview, including Trump once again offering weirdly uncritical support to accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, refusing to call the late civil rights campaigning legend, Congressman John Lewis, 'impressive' because Lewis hadn't gone to his inauguration, and stoking self-serving fears of election night mail voting fraud.

But it was his meandering disingenuous nonsense about coronavirus that swiftly went viral around the world.

Some people on social media even assumed it must be a comedy sketch given how preposterous it appeared and the fact it was appearing on a network famed for shows like Veep and Succession.

This, sadly, was very real.

I didn't laugh.

Instead, I cringed, I despaired, and then I felt angry.

America is being overrun by coronavirus because its narcissistic President has put his personal ego before doing his job – from spewing his dangerous 'cure' theories to trashing his top medical experts if they dare to speak the truth and boasting inanely about his covid news conference TV ratings.

Trump's made the crisis all about him, not the American people.

As a result, the American people are dying in massive numbers all over the country.

Jonathan Swan's constantly bemused face last night perfectly summed up what we were all thinking as the President brandished his meaningless self-serving charts and spouted his nonsensical self-justifying drivel: what the fuck is he talking about?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Trump said that Joe Biden has 'been in the basement for a long time.'  For this disastrous interview with Jonathan Swan, Trump would have been better off had he stayed in the basement of the White House.


Why is Barack Obama reemerging with greater frequency now? There are a few reasonable suppositions

In his latest incarnation as president emeritus and corporate multimillionaire community activist, we are reminded of the earlier Barack Obama of “get in their face,” “take a gun to a knife fight,” and “punish our enemies” vintage. From time to time, Obama ventures from his hilltop, seaside, $12 million “you didn’t build that” Martha’s Vineyard Estate or his tony Washington, D.C. $8 million “spread the wealth” mansion to lecture the nation on all of its racist sins, past and present.

In these outings, he seeks to advise lesser folk on how we can still find redemption (make Puerto Rico a state?), given that his own eight years as president apparently proved that the United States remains hopelessly captive to the spirit of Bull Connor and that a president such as himself—starting out with complete control of the Congress—had no power to change much.
His latest weaponization of the funeral of John Lewis revealed all the Obama signature characteristics.


Obama knows that the Trump Administration’s use of federal marshals to protect a federal courthouse in Portland from nonstop street efforts to burn it down, along with its occupants, is not analogous to the Democratic Alabama Governor George Wallace, an honored speaker at the 1972 McGovern-run Democratic convention: “[Wallace] may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.”

He knows that such protesters in our major cities loot, burn, blind, maim, and occasionally kill people and are hardly “peaceful.”

He knows that asking for an ID at the polls, in the fashion of cashing a check, buying a beer, or getting a prescription filled is not racist (unless he believes that minorities are currently deprived of prescriptions, alcohol sales, or cashing checks), and are not “restrictive,” much less do they attack “our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the Postal Service in the run-up to an election that’s gonna be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick.”

He knows that if there are voting irregularities in November, they will come mostly from the Left and through the very mail-in balloting and vote harvesting they advocate. We in California’s 21st Congressional District can attest to that, after having witnessed winner and incumbent Republican David Valadao in 2018 see his sizable lead mysteriously erode over the next several weeks as batches of harvested and mail-in ballots steadily appeared until his challenger won by a few hundred votes.

Obama knows that making Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico states is simply a way of gaining four automatic left-wing senators to take back the Senate.

He knows that what he calls “partisan gerrymandering” is an ancient bipartisan enterprise, without which there would now not be a very sizable black caucus in the House.

He knows that what he suddenly now calls the “Jim Crow relic” Senate filibuster is a traditional and bipartisan lever. And so he knows that if Trump should be reelected, and should he retain a thin margin in the Republican Senate, and perhaps win back the House, and chose to end the now apparently racist filibuster to greenlight the Trump agenda, Obama would be the first to pivot and scream to high heaven about “partisanship” and “racism.”

Obama knows all this. Thus his politicizing riff is cynical and in some ways a cruel hijacking of a funeral.

  Ex-presidents—think Ford, Reagan, or the two Bushes—usually do not attack sitting presidents, unless of course they are morally superior liberals such as Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

And funerals are usually not appropriate venues for politics. Politicizing a death, at least since Mark Antony’s weaponization of the funeral of Julius Caesar, has been frowned upon—except in the case of the late Paul Wellstone, John McCain, or John Lewis. 

The eulogist can be exempt from the rules of decorum to go after a president, such as George W. Bush or Donald Trump. Obama reached a new low in cramming into a funeral eulogy the accusation that we are back to the spirit of Bull Connor, while jamming an entire political laundry list of policy preferences, from D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood and ending the filibuster, to mail-in voting and ending voting ID requirements, into praise of the dead.

  Obama has always been blind and deaf to the irony of himself. He strikes a moral pose about election sanctity at precisely the time serial disclosures reveal that he knew of—or indeed ordered—the weaponization of the FBI, and perhaps the Justice Department and CIA, in order to go after an opposition presidential campaign that by design further led to the subversion of a presidential transition and indeed a presidency itself. 

When the truth is finally known, the nation will learn that the Obama Administration was one of the most corrupt in its history by politicizing the IRS and FBI, surveilling the media, unmasking and leaking the names of U.S. citizens swept up in likely illegal surveillance, destroying the sanctity of the FISA court, and spying on a political campaign with the intent of destroying it before a U.S. election.

He laments our “Bull Connor America.” But as president, with a veto-proof Democratic Congress in 2009, he expended no effort to extend statehood to Puerto Rico or Washington, D.C., or to demand an end to the filibuster, or to enact anything he now insists we must do.

Partly the reason is that Obama is a politician, first, who wished to get reelected, and considered any of the nostrums that he now pushes on others an anathema to his own 2012 ambitions. Obama is also mostly a creature of rhetoric, and he knows that talking about pushing an agenda is easy to do now, but in the past it was hard to do the political work to see it enacted.

He is also ignorant of history and so refutes his own premises. The advocacy of John Lewis and others like him convinced the timid Kennedy Administration to break with their kindred Democratic Southern brethren and in 1963 nationalize state troops to ensure calm in the streets and the civil rights of the oppressed. 

How odd that Obama both praises such past federal activism and yet currently defends states-rights mayors and governors who nullify local, state, and federal law to the point of forcing the federal government to save its own property and personnel from mayhem.

  About 7,000 African Americans are murdered each year in the streets of our cities, mostly by other young African American males. About nine unarmed African Americans died last year in police custody, fewer than unarmed whites who were killed by the police, and a smaller number percentage-wise of blacks who were arrested in general by the police for suspected crimes. 

If Obama is truly concerned about the deaths of young African Americans he could return to Chicago in its hour of need, as people of color are currently being gunned down in the streets—even at funerals far less secure and guarded than those at which Obama speaks.

He could revisit his Chicago home, use his moral bona fides to restart his community activist career, and seek to quell the violence and save the lives of the innocent and unprotected—all concerns far more vital to the nation than ending the filibuster. He would receive bipartisan and overwhelming public support for such hard work. He has already reached the point at which he once advised us that one has made enough money. He is perhaps becoming isolated in living in non-diverse suburbs and estates of the sort that his erstwhile housing czars in his administration once deplored, and tried to integrate by executive orders.

Instead, he now and then pops up into a politically explosive scenario at a volatile time, adopts the cadence and patois of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his “spiritual mentor,” and begins his ministerial pontificating, as he seeks to wow the crowd with the old magic—soon only to disappear back to Martha’s Vineyard.

Why is Obama reemerging with greater frequency now? There are a few reasonable suppositions.

He has already made tens of millions of dollars in the last four years and now believes that he has the “security” of being a multimillionaire several times over, and so can once again dabble in politics.

His party has moved hard Left. And he rues now that he did not then lead the cultural revolution during his own tenure, given his community organizing Bill Ayers-youth, which as a badge of honor we should expect will now no longer be airbrushed away. His early revolutionary cred will likely resurface as the audacity of hope becomes the audacity of woke.

He resents those like “the squad” who usurped his hard-Left brand, which was tarnished during his past few years in his period of “not the time to profit” corporate profiteering.

He thinks Biden suddenly can now win. Yet better than any he knows that Biden is challenged and is a useful vessel. Thus, he envisions his sudden behind-the-scenes role as substantial. He can piggyback on the cultural revolution this summer and then claim that he helped “deliver” the progressive and identity politics vote—and thus becomes an active wise-man advisor to a challenged Biden.

Then again, there is always the chance that Biden’s unbreakable oath to appoint a woman as vice presidential nominee and his inference that she will be an African-American opens up all sort of wild card possibilities to Obama—given that he knows best the VP slot could well be a quasi-presidential nomination, given Biden’s cognitive issues, given that Biden is now ahead in the polls, and given that there is some chance that all the candidates whom Biden considers may have high negatives in his internal polling.

And thus Michelle Obama, the most popular woman in today’s polls, could “rescue” the Democrats, unite the party, and finish out an Obama 16-year term, with the last eight-year regnum revealing the inner and true Obama that was stymied the first go around.

These “are such stuff as dreams are made of.”


Woman allegedly bashed cop’s head into ‘concrete’ for asking her about mask 


By Lia Eustachewich


New York Posr

August 4, 2020


An Australian woman allegedly bashed a cop’s head into the ground after being stopped for not wearing a mask — and police believe she’s part of a growing trend of “sovereign citizens,” according to a report.

Two female police officers approached the maskless woman, 38, Monday night in Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne, to question her about why she wasn’t wearing the face covering, reported.

The woman allegedly flew into a rage, striking one officer in the head and shoving the other.

“After a confrontation and being assaulted by that woman, those police officers went to ground and there was a scuffle,” said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton. “During that scuffle, this 38-year-old woman smashed the head of the [26-year-old] policewoman several times into a concrete area on the ground.”

The injured cop was taken to the hospital with “significant head injuries.” She suffered a concussion and lost a chunk of her hair.

Police believe the alleged assault is part of a trend of “sovereign citizens” who refuse to comply with coronavirus rules, including wearing a mask — then “bait” cops into confrontations.

“This was a particularly violent occurrence but our members have been stood up by smartarses around the state for five minutes of fame in front of a camera,” said Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt.

The alleged attacker was charged with nine counts, including assault of an emergency worker and one count of recklessly causing injury. She has no criminal history.

On Monday, officials in Victoria, the country’s second-most populous state, rolled out strict COVID-19 restrictions and penalties, including a $3,300 fine for scofflaws who don’t abide by the stay-at-home order.


Aurora police apologize after handcuffing crying girls in stolen car mixup


Associated Press

August 3, 2020


AURORA, Colorado -- Police in Aurora apologized after a group of Black girls were detained, and at least two handcuffed during a weekend investigation of a stolen car. Officers later determined that the vehicle they were seeking had the same license plate number but was from out-of-state.

A video taken Sunday by a bystander shows the children, ranging in age from 6 to 17 years old, in a parking lot in Aurora, where there have recently been protests over the death of a Black man stopped by police last year, KUSA-TV reported.
The video shows the 17-year-old and 12-year-old lying on their stomachs with their hands cuffed behind their backs and a 14-year-old girl lying next to the 6-year-old also on their stomachs in a parking lot next to the car. They can be heard crying and screaming as officers stand with their back to the camera. A woman on the other side of the car is shown being led away in handcuffs.

An officer eventually helps the handcuffed 17-year-old and 12-year-old sit up but leaves them sitting with their hands behind their backs.

Police then determined they had stopped the wrong car. It had Colorado license plates but a motorcycle with the same license plate number from Montana was the vehicle that had been reported as stolen on Sunday.

Driver Brittney Gilliam, who had taken her nieces, sister and daughter out for a girls’ day at the nail salon, called the officers’ actions a case of police brutality.

“There’s no excuse why you didn’t handle it a different type of way,” Gilliam said. “You could have even told them ‘step off to the side let me ask your mom or your auntie a few questions so we can get this cleared up.’ There was different ways to handle it.”

Jennifer Wurtz, who shot the video, said on camera that the police drew guns as they initially approached the car. After she told the officers that the children were scared and asked to be able to speak to them, she was told to back up 25 feet because she was interfering in their investigation.

In a statement Monday, police said officers are trained to do a “high-risk stop” when stopping a stolen car, which involves drawing weapons, telling occupants to exit the car and lie prone on the ground.

However, interim police chief Vanessa Wilson said officers must be allowed to have discretion to deviate from that procedure based on different scenarios they encounter. She said she had directed her team to look into new practices and training as a result of what happened.

“I have called the family to apologize and to offer any help we can provide, especially for the children who may have been traumatized by yesterday’s events. I have reached out to our victim advocates so we can offer age-appropriate therapy that the city will cover,” she said.

Part of the reason for the mixup may have been that the car was reported as stolen earlier in the year, police said.

The department is under scrutiny for the death of Elijah McClain, a Black man stopped by officers as he walked home from the store last August after someone reported he was suspicious.

Police put him in a chokehold that cuts off blood to the brain and paramedics injected him with ketamine, a sedative. He had a heart attack and was later declared brain dead and taken off life support at a hospital.

Aurora city councilors were scheduled to vote Monday night on who should become the next police chief. Wilson is among the finalists.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The media is having a field day bashing the police over this incident.


Acrobat Sam Panda busted after ‘Karen’ reports her for wearing thong on Myrtle Beach


By Yaron Steinbuch


New York Post

August 4, 2020


Her string of bad luck continues – no ifs or butts about it.

Sam Panda, an acrobat who went viral a few years ago when she broke her neck during a performance in Bali when her rig malfunctioned, made waves this time when she wore a thong on a South Carolina beach where it is illegal.

The well-known aerialist, who is originally from Pittsburgh, complained that “some Karen” called the cops on her because she wore the skimpy bikini in Myrtle Beach.

Police said they were initially called for a report of two women who were wearing thongs and a see-through top — and were “dancing and soliciting videos on the beach,” WTNH reported.

The cops spoke with the women to advise them of the ordinance.

“One of the women attempted to walk away from officers and was detained,” police said, according to the outlet.

After being shown the ordinance, Panda complied and was allowed to leave the beach without further incident.

But she vented on Facebook about the incident.

“If you are a woman, and you decide to call the police on other women for their bodies ON A BEACH, IN FRONT OF YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER…,” she wrote.

Both Horry County and Myrtle Beach governments ban the use of thongs under an ordinance about indecent exposure, WTNH reported. Offenders are typically given a warning for the first offense.

“You have allowed a 105 pound woman to get rushed, aggressively grabbed, manhandled, and cuffed. You allowed two women to be slut shamed publicly on a beach for their bathing suits,” Panda wrote. 


Georgia teen fighting for her life after vicious pitbull attack 


By Tamar Lapin


New York Post

August 4, 2020


A 15-year-old Georgia girl was fighting for her life Monday after being mauled by two pitbulls while taking a walk in her neighborhood.

Joslyn Stinchcomb had her scalp torn off, her left ear bit off and her trachea damaged in the vicious attack Friday in Barrow County, local paper Classic City News reported.

The soon-to-be high school sophomore was strolling in her Winder neighborhood when the dogs began chasing her.

A Barrow County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene to find the teenager lying face down against a curb, with one dog grabbing her neck and the other gnawing at her head, according to a police report.

The deputy shot and injured one of the pitbulls as it approached him, scaring the other one off. The dogs were found at their owner’s house and later euthanized, the News reported.

The owner, 29-year-old Alexandria Torregrossa, was arrested and charged with reckless conduct after she returned home, according to the report.

Joslyn remained in the intensive care unit at an Atlanta hospital on Monday. She initially had to be put on a ventilator because of the condition her trachea was left in.

Doctors were able to reattach her ear, but it’s unclear whether she will ever be able to use it again, her aunt, Charity Stinchcomb Montgomery, told the paper.

They “don’t know if she will be able to hear out of that ear,” Montgomery said.

The girl, a flutist in her school marching band, also lost much of her hair in the attack, and her aunt said there’s a chance it never grows back.

So much nerve damage was done that it “may affect her smile, her blinking and other facial expressions,” Montgomery said.

“There is still so much that we don’t know about her injuries,” she added, “but we know that God knows and that can heal her.”

Joslyn is scheduled to undergo another surgery on Tuesday, in an attempt to repair nerves on the left side of her face, as well as her vocal cords and airway, family members said.

The family has requested that anyone willing to donate toward medical expenses for Joslyn do so through a PayPal link.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Bob Walsh with thoughts on the upcoming presidential election and his thoughts on Joe Biden

by Bob Walsh

Big Jolly Times
August 4, 2020

As you read this it will be 3 months until what is almost certainly the most important presidential election in living memory.  OK, I know that sort of thing gets said a lot.  Most of the time it is bombast and political rhetoric.  This time it's not.

Donald Trump is far from perfect.  That being said I honestly believe he is a well-meaning patriot who wants to do the right thing and is not always sure how to do it.  He is also beset by a near perfect storm of problems.  Covid-19.  The economic contraction caused by our government's reaction to Covid-19.  A never ending string of moronic attacks, believed by some, who assert that Trump is a Russian spy.  A serious attempt by anarchists and nihilists to destroy both American government and American society by piggy-backing on some completely legit political unrest caused by a small number of outrageous incidents of police misconduct.

Trumps opponent, Joe Biden, is a senile sock puppet.  Even in highly controlled settings, from his basement bunker reading off a script or in rightly manged pseudo-press conferences the man often does not know what year it is or even what city he is in when he is in his own home town.  He is either drinking the Kool-Aide and has become a true believer or is so brain burnt he doesn't care that he has moved from being a "moderate liberal democrat" to being a hard-core leftist mouthpiece.  

If, due to some gross mischance, he does get elected what is going to happen?  He has made conflicting statements about defunding the police.  He either really believes the ChiComs are nice guys or he is so desperate to keep his remaining son out of prison he will say anything to help cover up his son's criminality, aided and abetted by Senile Joe himself and the Obama administration.  He wants to raise every tax on the books, close down schools and churches by government decree, force people to wear face masks pretty much constantly and destroy the Second Amendment.  (Remember who he said he was putting in charge of his Second Amendment policy?)  By the way how does the thought of Barack Obama, or Michele Obama, or both Barack Obama and Michele Obama on the Supreme Court sound to you?

Several weeks ago he PROMISED to put a woman, probably a woman of color, on the ticket with him.  He is apparently actually going with that, presumably because his Black supporters will not let him forget it.  It doesn't matter if she is competent, as long as she has the right skin tone.  We should find out this week who is getting the prize.  

Four years ago I opined that Hillary would probably win, but that there would be a HUGE closet Trump vote and that if Hillary did win it would be a squeaker, not a stampede.  I was half right.  It may be even bigger this time around.  The Cancel Culture is pissing off a lot of moderates.  That is where elections are won, in the middle.  

I did not vote for either Hillary or Trump last time.  I live in CA.  If I thought there was a snowballs chance in hell Trump would have won I would have voted for him simply because I hate Hillary so much.  This time around I will likely vote for Trump, if for no other reason than to do my small part to screw up the stats.


The Log Cabin Republicans have launched an initiative to combat the half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies that the gay left and mainstream media proliferate


Press Release

July 29, 2020


For the first time, the Republican Party nominates a candidate who breaks out of the mold and tramples on the old pick-on-the-gays playbook that far too many candidates resorted to in our party’s recent memory.

You’d think this would elicit some sort of recognition from national LGBT advocacy organizations (Gay, Inc) and the mainstream media.

Alas, only their true allegiance has been revealed – the Democratic Party.

They’ve thrown out their commitment to the betterment of the LGBT community. They’ve given up even trying to engage with the President and his Administration. It has been one, long “resist” movement begotten by a full season of Intersectional Olympics.

The half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies that the gay left and the mainstream media disseminate about President Trump, the modern conservative movement and our Congressional allies have been utterly shameless. These bad actors do wholesale detriment to the great accomplishments we’ve made in the last decade. The blowback from the self-righteous left towards gay conservatives, in particular, has reached astronomical levels.

And as good conservatives, we’re expected to just sit back and take it. 

That ends today.

Log Cabin Republicans is taking a stand against the ludicrous cancel culture, social shaming and slander because we have truth on our side.

Today, we’re launching OUTspoken – our signature digital education and advocacy campaign that will use cutting edge social media and messaging, backed by a substantial digital ad buy – to articulate our conservative voices and amplify them across the nation. Backed by some of the nation’s most talented thinkers and researchers, we’re going to provide our members the tools they need to push back not only on the dishonesty they see on social media but also in their own real-life networks.

Make sure you follow @GetOutSpoken20 on Twitter, Instagram and Parler, or follow on our website at, and will be repeated on our Log Cabin channels,, @LogCabinGOP on Twitter and @LogCabinHQ on Instagram.

We’re building a digital army, to be joined shortly by a national field program to help get out the vote and educate our voters nationally how they can be part of a wave of change. We need your help to extend our reach across the nation. Join Log Cabin Republicans in our efforts to push back on cancel culture and the radical left. Get OUTspoken this year – the future of America depends on it!
Onwards to victory,


by Bob Walsh

La Shawn Ford is a state representative from Chicago.  He has proposed a bill to outlaw the teaching of history in public schools in the state of Illinois, because it is (in his opinion) all racist bullshit.

He is also proposing a mechanism to allow the voters to remove the mayor of Chicago by something other than the Anton Cermak route.  Like maybe a recall vote.  So he isn't a complete psychopath.  Just close. 


by Bob Walsh

It seems like the "protesters" (rioters) in Portland managed to hold themselves off for three days.  Saturday night there the Portland P D again declared that a "peaceful protest" had actually turned into a riot with people trying to burn down buildings and in general be dicks.  Several people were actually arrested.  Whether or not anybody will actually be prosecuted is another matter.


by Bob Walsh

Assuming some talking heads are to be believed and have reliable sources within the Secret Service, some of the detail attached to Senile Joe The Hairsniffer are seriously concerned about his mental state.  It wasn't clear if his mental acuity or lack thereof is impacting their ability to do the job or if they are just worried along the lines of "Shit, what happens if this senile old far actually wins?"

The assertion that Senile Joe is well past his Best If Used By date is said to be common knowledge, and a common subject of gossip, within the Secret Service detail.  I guess they don't have to worry about him pissing in the potted plants yet, he is pretty much still on lockdown in his basement.  

More movers and shakers within the Democrat power structure are now openly talking about debates being an unnecessary distraction, completely meaningless for the election.

I am still willing to make a small wager (very small) that Joe is likely to find some excuse to cut back to one debate, and maybe even zero debates if he thinks he can get away with it.  (Or more properly if whoever has their arm up his Howdy Doody ass thinks they can get away with it.)  
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Sounds like a conspiracy theory.


by Bob Walsh

There were only 33 people shot in Chicago to usher in the first weekend of August.  Only nine of them died, including a nine-year old boy who caught a stray round while playing outside with friends.  Collateral damage.  Hell of an epitaph, isn't it?


by Bob Walsh

Yes, the formerly great state of California is moving to ban the possession of African hunting trophies within the state, assuming SB1175 is passed into law.

Some of the nutter fringe is now maintaining that trophy hunting in Africa is somehow or other oppressive to indigenous people in Africa and is being linked in some Byzantine fashion to BLM. .

There is a lot of opposition to the measure, much of it from conservation groups as well as groups who have a financial interest in the hunting business.  It should be noted that trophy hunting in Africa brings in a HUGE amount of revenue, much of which goes into animal conservation efforts.  It should also be note that, due to a number of factors, including declining habitat, a lot of traditional big-game animals exist in much greater numbers than that habitat can support.  

The bill, proposed by Senator Henry Stern, D-Calabasas, would impose a $40,000 fine for possession of the trophies within the state of California.  Stern has been contacted by African groups, including the government of Zimbabwe, in opposition to the bill.  Stern pointed out (accurately, but not helpfully) that his bill would not NECESSARILY stop trophy hunting by Californians, merely possessing the trophies in California.  He also said, "...I'm not so self-important that I think we know what's best for Zimbabwe..."

It is not know if he had to have help removing his head from his ass before he said it.


by Bob Walsh

Delta Airlines takes their mask requirements seriously.  About ten days ago two knuckle-heads were kicked off a Delta flight in Detroit for refusing to wear a mask on board the plane.  Those two are now banned for life from flying on Delta aircraft.  They are joining approximately 100 other people who have been banned for life from flying Delta Airlines for mask non-compliance.

Delta is a private company and under federal law they have a HUGE amount of discretion about demanding that passengers follow lawful orders of the flight crew.  If you don't like it, there is always Greyhound.  Of course they might require masks too.


Democratic Party may be American Jewry's downfall: It is time for logic to take over from US Jews' ludicrous loyalty to the Democratic Party


By Nurit Greenger 


Israel Hayom

August 3, 2020


All too many American Jews just do not want to see the writing scrawled across every wall. The future of American Jews is not going to be with the Democratic Party.

This is a call to the Jewish brain left lobe, tasked to produce logic, especially for American Jewry.

Dr. Guy Bechor is a public opinion shaper in Israel and beyond. In his interview on April 30, 2019 on Israel's Channel 7-GPlanet he had a message for American Jewry: "Democratic-Jews will bring catastrophe to American Jewry. Some of the Democrat Jews are becoming extremely anti-Israel. They are the Jewish people's enemies and are more dangerous than Iran."

No rosy future for the United States' Jews. Bechor's explains why Jewish logic must take over from the Jews' ludicrous loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Historically, at the end of the 19th century, Jews in Europe believed that America was the "Jewish problem's" solution. A large number of Jews emigrated to the "golden land." In the early 2oth century, over 3 million Jews lived in the United States while in Israel only 60,000. Today, Israel counts some 7 million Jews and USA Jewry counts only 5.5 million.

The disbelief turned into reality. At first, hardly anyone believed the Zionist idea was logical as if it was suggesting to establish a colony on Mars. Consequently, until 20-30 years ago, the United States was the Jewish people's center and Israel the periphery. Today, Israel is the Jewish nation's center and American Jewry is the fringe. Over one million more Jews live in Israel than in the United States.

"This bothers quite a few Progressive Jews. What they did may be forbidden to talk about but here, in Israel, we tell the truth," Bechor ventures into an arena where Jews hide.

The Jews in the USA lived safely in the Democratic Party. It is their political heaven.

One may ask, how did the Jews come to be part of the Democratic Party when it is the slavery party, the KKK that was the Democratic Party's assault unit, and its racial segregation?

The answer is in the late US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a socialist who established the Minorities Alliance, and in it, he included the Jews, African-Americans, some Hispanics, and Catholics. The Jews, seeking to be protected, felt that America was theirs, the new alliance is their safety net.

However, in recent years, on the demographic level, a dramatic shift is occurring. Jews' number is declining, their birth rate is negative and there is a 70% assimilation rate among them. Bechor suggested to the Jewish Agency to bring American Jews to Israel, otherwise they are going to disappear.

On the other hand, the number of Muslims in the US is rising. They count now 5 million and Jews 5.5 million and the Muslims' number continues to rise while the number of Jews stagnates or drops.

The outcome, a shift in the Democratic Party. It seeks Muslim power vote to replace Jewish support. Just as with the British Labour Party and Europe. The Jews' Democratic Party grounds have been shaken. For instance, the resolution brought to vote in the House to condemn Rep Ilhan Omar for her blatant antisemitism was not backed by the Democrats and thus did not pass.

Consequently, a small number of Jews will move to join the Republican Party, a small part will not vote and a large part is becoming a virulent and extremely anti-Israel.

Just as in the 19th century, Jews had to convert to Christianity to be accepted into the society, today, in the US you must be anti-Israel in order to be part of Democrats' communities.

One may ask, how does this fit with President Trump's empathy for Israel? This discussion's central point is, the Jews who hate Jews.

The like of J Street, the New York Times that has only terrible things to say about Israel, Thomas Friedman and Peter Beinart. Not only do they hate Israel, they are Israel's enemies and they are more dangerous to Israel than Iran. They also hate President Trump and incite against him.

All those who lead the lie, fake, Russian collusion conspiracy are Jews. Their names stand out. President Trump's supporters will question, what is going on? Those Americans who voted for Trump would say, "There is a Jewish conspiracy against my President."

Those Progressive Jews will bring upon the American Jewry a terrible disaster. That is exactly what happened in Europe and now is happening in the US. These Jews do not understand the magnitude of the ingathering disaster.

The Good American Jews, some 2-3 million, who are supportive of Israel, should rise up against those Progressives Jews who have become the unwelcomed changes in the United States' spearhead, abandoning basic values of family structure, nationalism and religion. Some of the Trump supporters are angry at the Progressive Jews and they find their revenge by attacking Jews, sadly, the 'good Jews' in the Chabad center or a Synagogue.

Britain's Jews thought that the Labour Party was their sanctuary. Now they are planning to leave. Already in 2000 Bechor spoke about the Jews in France having to leave, but was told he was hallucinating. Now it is the consensus.

Bechor's forecast for the US Jews, [probably] they will be forced to leave. And to where will they leave? Destination, Israel.

Israel has the Law of Return in which Section 2B says that the law does not apply to Jews who harm the Jewish people. This law therefore should not apply to those Progressive Jews who are harming Jews. Every Progressive Jew should know and understand that if he or she supported BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) organizations against the state of Israel, they will not have entry to the Jewish state. This should be clear.

The question is, on whom will Israel rely if not the American Jews?

In the United States there are some 100 million Evangelical Christians. They are good Americans, they love Israel's authenticity, Jerusalem and the Israeli patriotic spirit. They are Israel's alliance partner with the Conservative Americans and the Republican Party to which more and more Jews will have to move, just as it is happening in Britain.

Yes, a gloomy forecast brought upon the Jews by themselves. American Jews should join President Trump and his Party to make America safe for all Americans. The state of Israel is capable of separating the wheat from chaff, sorting the valuable from the worthless.


Man yells, ‘I am a white supremacist,’ strikes woman at Nokomis restaurant

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

NOKOMIS — A Wachula man tattooed with swastikas and other racist symbols went on a tirade at a Nokomis restaurant on Friday, proclaiming to be a white supremacist and striking a female staff member.

Nicholas Arnold Schock, 36, was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with battery and disturbing the peace. He is being held at the Sarasota County Jail on 55,000 bail. His bond was raised after it was originally set at $620.

Schock appeared to tell deputies before he was taken into custody, in a video posted by a bystander on Facebook, that he has psychological issues.

“I’m a white supremacist,” Schock yelled on a video captured by bystander. “The Aryan nation will rule the world. People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”
Two men approached Schock, who began sauntering through the outside seating area with his shorts unbuttoned while making sexual threats to a guest.

“We have children in here,” said two men who confronted him.

Schock replied, “I don’t care, call Donald Trump. Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere.”

After making a sexual threat to a woman at a table, Schock walked toward a female staff member and slapped her hard with an open hand and then punched her. She was knocked out by the assault.

About six men in the vicinity rushed to help her. One man put Schock in a headlock until he could be detained.

An arriving deputy said there was a large crowd surrounding a smaller group of people holding Schock down.

While he was being detained, Schock yelled about the Aryan brotherhood and white supremacy. He was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle by two deputies.

Deputies spoke with the woman who was struck. She said Schock entered the business cursing and screaming. He undressed down to no shirt and his pants undone, exposing his groin area enough to see his pubic hair, the report states.

The woman tried to keep him from entering the business, but the man became more disruptive, and others tried to help remove him from the restaurant.

There were several children present at the restaurant at the time of the attack, according to employee David Dolby.

Jennifer Krause, a patron at the restaurant with her family, told deputies that she and her children were scared, the report states. Two of them were crying and wanted to speak with deputies after they calmed down.

Multiple videos were taken showing the incident, which were turned over to deputies. A video posted on Facebook by a patron at the restaurant Friday, has been viewed over 100,000 times and has been shared nationwide.

A GoFundMe page has been started for the server who was struck.

Declan McIlveney, who was fishing with buddies, had just finished eating burgers at Pop’s when he heard a commotion he compared to sports fans cheering. He peered over a wall to see Schock being taken to the ground by numerous men.

“Me and my buddy ran around the corner,” McIlveney said. “When he (Schock) was one the ground he spouted out all the Aryan nation, white power stuff. Then he started talking about how if anyone was phoning him or taking pictures, they should send it to Donald Trump because Donald Trump would get it him off.”

Pop’s Sunset Grill sent out a statement regarding the incident.

“At approximately, 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, a troubled 36-year-old male entered our premises and immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue. We made every effort to remove him within minutes after his arrival while simultaneously speaking with 911 dispatch police officers. Unfortunately, he violently attacked one of our staff. He was immediately subdued and held until the Sheriff arrived.

“We’d like to thank our community for their unparalleled support and empathy. Pop’s Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode. She is recovering at home on paid medical leave. In the 20 years of our current ownership this is the first incident of violent assault.”

Pop’s Sunset Grill is a family friendly waterfront dining establishment, located in the beachtown of Nokomis near Venice. It provides fresh local fare and tropical cocktails in a 3,000-square foot tiki bar.

Prior arrests

The Hardee County Clerk of Courts shows that Schock has had 31 cases since 2000.

In 2005, he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine and alcohol for a person under 21.

In 2016, he was charged with fleeing from law enforcement, resisting arrest without violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (carrying a concealed firearm with ammunition), and criminal mischief more than $1,000.

He was sentenced to three years in state prison and was released Dec. 4, 2019.


Police say that Minneapolis residents should obey criminals and "be prepared" to be robbed amid a wave of violent crime in the city

By Kyle Hooten

August 1, 2020

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.
The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO.
Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.
Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents.
“Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,” the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and “do as they say.”
The message warned that “some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun.”
In addition to emailing Minneapolis residents, the police have circulated the directions via local media. KTSP, Bring Me The News, and other outlets have all reposted the MPD’s directives word for word.
Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said his department has “redeployed internal resources and intelligence gathering” to combat what he calls an “uptick” in crime, Bring Me The News reported.
Despite this, innocent people have been affected by the recent rash of crime. After several men tried to rob a woman in broad daylight, police said a Good Samaritan rushed to intervene and was shot in the process.
A 99-year-old woman was also assaulted in her home by a man who broke in and wrapped her head in a blanket. Despite her age and the directions to comply with the criminal’s demands, Evelyn Johnson boldly warded off her attacker.
“He thought he was just going to cover my mouth and smother me, but that didn’t happen. I fought him. We wrestled for quite a while, according to all my bruises,” she told KTSP.
Johnson said the suspect eventually shoved her into her bathroom, stealing her iPad and $40.
EDITOR'S NOTE: One reader wisely wrote, "How about instead send out a letter stating which gun stores to shop at, where to take training classes for your weapon, and if needed where to get your carry license. Anything is better than telling citizens to comply to criminal demands. What kind of freaking world are we living in these days."  


by Bob Walsh

Eric Schmitt is the Attorney General of Missouri.  He announced over the weekend that he is moving to dismiss the legal action against Mark and Patricia McCloskey on firearms charges.

The A. G. asserted that, "The shameless circuit attorney filed suit against the McCloskeys who took up arms when a crowd of rioters broke thru the security gate of their gated community and announced their intention to burn their house down.  

Early the governor, Mike Parson, had said that he would pardon the couple if the legal action against them was successful.

The State of Missouri has a very strong constitutional protection for firearms owners and also has a Castle Doctrine law.  

If I am following this correctly the legal actin by Circuit Attorney (local prosecutor) Kim Gardner is properly a lawsuit and not a prosecution.  The law is a little strange in Missouri.


Auburn professor tweets "Fuck every single cop.  Every single one"

By , and

July 31, 2020

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn University is condemning social media statements made by a lecturer calling all police officers “instruments of violence,” while expressing other anti-police sentiments.

Jesse Goldberg, Ph.D., an incoming Auburn lecturer, posted a tweet this week.

It reads: “Fuck every single cop. Every single one. The only ethical choice for any cop to make at this point is to refuse to do their job and quit. The police do not protect people. They protect capital. They are instruments of violence on behalf of capital.” 

The tweet has since been deleted, but a screenshot was shared by the Yellow Hammer News and included a link to an American Civil Liberties Union post claiming a New York protestor was abducted. The NYPD says the protester had warrants and was arrested by officers, not in uniform, but in plainclothes.

A recent public post on Goldberg’s Facebook page contained other anti-police and Democratic Party sentiments.

It reads: “Mad about so many things, as usual. I can’t fucking get over that the DNC, in the middle of a fucking global pandemic where millions of people are losing their jobs and thus their health insurance b/c coupling healthcare to employment is still a thing in this fucking country, voted AGAINST putting #M4A on the party platform. Oh and also in the year 2020 still voted against legalizing marijuana. I know the Democratic Party doesn’t give a shit about anyone besides the wealthy and upper to upper-middle class, but even on the cynical “at least *pretend* to care about the poor and working class to win an election” scale they fail. And then on the ground we continue to see police forces literally grab people off the streets and throw them into unmarked vans. If you haven’t seen the video of plainclothes NYPD officers throwing Nikki Stone into a van yet, it’s a brutal display of fascism (as all videos of police violence – a redundant phrase – are). It’s kidnapping. ACAB. Yes, all. Police do not protect people. They protect capital. Cops are instruments of violence on behalf of capital. Literally the only ethical decision for a cop in this moment is to refuse to do their job, to quit. The only good cop is a cop who quits. Those two things — the Dem party platform and police as violent protectors of private property over actual people’s lives — may seem at odds, but they are sides of the same coin of a bipartisan politics of death. Most frustrating to me is that both points are about institutions — the Democratic Party and police departments — that liberals continue to have faith in as things that can improve people’s lives, and yet things which are actually obstacles for building the world we need.” 

Thursday afternoon, Brian Keeter, Executive Director for Auburn University Public Affairs, released a statement to News 3 regarding Goldberg’s social media messaging. Auburn University condemned Goldberg’s post.

“We find Mr. Goldberg’s comments inexcusable and completely counter to Auburn values. Hate speech of any kind is simply wrong. Auburn is fully committed to the fundamental right of free speech, but we do not support hateful words or actions that degrade, disrespect or exclude. Especially during these difficult times in our nation, it’s vital that we reject crude stereotypes and work together to foster mutual understanding and respect within our communities. Auburn officials are considering options available to the university,” said Keeter.

News 3 reached out Thursday night on FB messager to Goldberg in an effort to get a statement. As of Friday morning News 3 has not heard back from him.

Goldberg is set to begin his first semester as a Lecturer with AU’s English Department, where he is slated to teach online courses due to the pandemic, according to his social media posts.

Goldberg gained attention a few months ago when he tweeted he would not be able to call himself a “War Eagle” after Auburn University’s Eagle mascot because it had “war” in it.

Goldberg’s Facebook cover photo is of a poem titled Against the Police.

Following the reactions to Goldberg’s social media posts and statements made by Auburn leaders, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a free speech advocacy organization, released the following statement to News 3:

“Faculty members at public universities possess the First Amendment right to share their personal thoughts on matters of the day without institutional censorship or punishment. The First Amendment protects faculty who subscribe to the belief that police should be defunded or prisons abolished, just as it protects those who oppose those beliefs. Auburn cannot lawfully punish Goldberg for his comments, which are protected by the First Amendment, no matter how offensive or outrageous others might find them.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: It is obvious that this worthless piece of shit is a Marxist.

Here is Goldberg’s Facebook cover poem:


My entire Oeuvre is against the police
If I write a Love poem it's against the police
And if I sing the nakedness of bodies I sing against the police
And if I make the Earth a metaphor I make a metaphor against the police
If I speak wildly in my poems I speak against the police
And if I manage to create a poem it's against the police
I haven't written a single word, a verse, a stanza that isn't against the police
All my prose is against the police
My entire Oeuvre
Including this poem
My whole Oeuvre
Is against the police

Monday, August 03, 2020



Egyptians tell Musk pyramids not built by aliens, invite him to visit


By Peter Aitken


Fox News

August 2, 2020


Egyptians urged Elon Musk to visit Egypt and to further research the pyramids after he appeared to claim that the ancient structures were built by aliens, according to reports.

SpaceX founder Musk has a history of erratic tweets, making bold claims on the social media platform that divide observers. On Friday, Musk was at it again when he tweeted that "Aliens built the pyramids obv" – a message that was retweeted over 84,000 times by Sunday morning. 

The message struck a nerve in Egypt, with leaders and experts from the country responding to the conspiracy theory, the BBC reported.

Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation Rania al-Mashat responded with a tweet that urged Musk to explore evidence about the building of the structures, and she appeared to invite Musk to visit and see the pyramids for himself.

"We are waiting for you," al-Mashat said.

Archaeologist and Egyptologist  Dr. Zahi Hawass posted a video in response to Musk's claim, saying the argument was a “complete hallucination.”

“I found the tombs of the pyramids' builders, that tell everyone that the builders of the pyramids are Egyptians and they were not slaves,” Hawass said in a video on his official Facebook page.

“The pyramids were a national project of the whole nation. Ramsees II was an Egyptian from Sharqia.”

Hawass initially did not intend to respond to Musk's tweet, but explained that he felt he had to after realizing how widespread such theories were, Egypt Today reported. Hawass advised Musk to read more about the pharaohs and the pyramids to realize that they have nothing to do with space and that Egyptians built the structures more than 4,000 years ago.

The minor argument breaks out after a UFO investigation unit in the Pentagon started to release documents from its decade-long research into sightings. The unit's reports have caused a stir, with claims of “off-world vehicles" and descriptions of objects of “undetermined origin” crashing on Earth.

Musk later appeared to acknowledge the possibility, tweeting a link to a BBC article about the pyramid builders, saying, “This BBC article provides a sensible summary for how it was done.” 


How a dashing Luftwaffe officer and his bohemian wife hatched a suicidally brave plot to defeat Hitler - but paid the ultimate price


From The Infiltrators, by Norman Ohler, to be published by Atlantic on Thursday


By Norman Ohler


Daily Mail

Augist 1, 2020


The young writers of a student newspaper have gathered on a cloudless spring day in Berlin to discuss the frighteningly fast expansion of the new Nazi regime. Their topic is the role of the Church, and the ideas are flowing when there is a loud knock at the door. Men in black shirts stand outside.

Barging into the building, they throw notebooks and photos into a suitcase before pushing the newspaper’s editor, 23-year-old political science student Harro Schulze-Boysen, and his best friend Henry Erlanger into a small van waiting outside.

At the headquarters of the local SS police, the pair are interrogated. Harro says he’s done nothing wrong – he simply publishes a newspaper that discusses the future of his beloved Germany and the rest of Europe.

But this, it seems, is now a serious offence. The two friends are bundled back into the van. The vehicle stops and they are led down a flight of worn steps to a small cellar with straw on the floor and old Weimar Republic flags for bedding. Night falls.

Bright lights stay on. There’s no chance to sleep. A uniformed guard keeps watch by the door, sitting on a stool, toying with a pistol.

At 1am, the door flies open. Henry and Harro are taken outside and their hair is cut with garden shears.

Henry, whose father is a Jew, is made to strip to the waist and run around a courtyard while SS men stand in the centre, beating him with whips.

‘You, too!’ somebody yells at Harro. ‘Undress!’ He takes off his jumper and, like his friend, is beaten and the whips rip open his skin.

He’s grabbed by four men and his trousers are pulled down. He’s stabbed with a knife through the thigh and a swastika is carved into the flesh.

With every cut, the hatred in Harro grows.

After four days of merciless beatings, Henry Erlanger’s heart gives out. Gentle, thoughtful and reserved, he had been the good spirit of the newspaper.

Now his corpse sits in the corner of their cell, like rubbish that’s been swept into a pile. Harro has been unable to protect him from the SS, unable to do anything.

His resolve hardens. He will not let these brutal idiots break him.

The whipping starts again. His left ear is half detached from his head and he’s bleeding everywhere, inside and out.

‘Man, you’re one of us!’ shouts an SS man, impressed by Harro’s courage. ‘We should sign you up!’

But Harro is not one of them. He will devote the rest of his life to fighting them.

When he is finally released, he runs into a friend, a writer named Ernest von Salomon, who later recalls: ‘His face had greatly changed. He was missing half an ear and his face was stamped with red, barely healed wounds. He said, “My revenge will be served ice-cold.” ’

PRETENDING he has learned his lesson and feigning deep remorse, Harro enlists with the German air force, the Luftwaffe. This is how he will avenge the death of his friend: from inside the very heart of the Nazi machine.

He will use the information he can glean to start an underground movement hostile to the evil regime he so hates. Germany’s resistance movement will be led not by a secretive rebel, but by an enemy within: a Luftwaffe officer. And Harro’s camouflage works superbly – he has recovered from his injuries, externally at least, and his uniform sits well. His military performance is flawless, which is not surprising since his father and great-uncle were both high-ranking German Navy officers and his superiors name him ‘the best horse in the stall’.

Nobody has any inkling of what is in his mind. Nobody notices that he avoids the showers. He doesn’t want anyone to see his telltale scars.

Instead, they focus on his strong chin, his penetrating blue eyes, his svelte torso and his air of assured self-confidence. The Nazi obsession with breeding perfect human beings seems to have been realised in him.

His credentials as a loyal servant of the Reich are boosted still further when he marries the glamorous, charming, ferociously intelligent Libertas Haas-Heye, a secretary at MGM’s studio in Berlin and the daughter of a German aristocrat. Otto Ludwig Haas-Heye, her father, was one of Berlin’s most famous couturiers, who also served as the head of the Arts and Crafts School in the city.

The two young people are in love, healthy, wealthy and ‘Aryan’ through and through. Both are from highly respectable German families, so what about them could possibly arouse suspicions? They become the model couple of the Reich capital.

In October 1936, Harro and Libertas move into an airy, roomy top-floor flat around the corner from one of Berlin’s most fashionable streets. It’s a bohemian abode and at its heart is a four-tube radio with a powerful receiver.

‘We can pick up broadcasts from all over the globe with no interference,’ writes Libertas to her mother-in-law.

She is as committed to the anti-Nazi cause as her husband.

The flat becomes a regular meeting place for Harro’s old friends from the newspaper, along with new acquaintances: doctors, artists, lawyers and other intellectuals, all critical of the country’s government.

As the wine and music flow, Harro works out who he can trust to join his resistance movement: it’s a crime punishable by prison to make derogatory statements, even in private, about the Reich, so he must be careful.

The apartment is also the backdrop for intrigues and dalliances among his free-spirited friends, the flamboyant young bohemians enjoying naked picnics and beach parties, open marriages and sexual freedom. They sense that life is short.

Libertas becomes involved with a writer named Gunther Weisenborn, despite her love for Harro. He helps her to become less dependent on her husband – all the better to survive without him in case of an emergency, she reasons. It’s even rumoured that she introduces Harro’s 16-year-old brother Hartmut to sex.

Is this another way of thumbing their nose at the Nazis, with their restrictive notions of the perfect Aryan family?

In the autumn of 1938, Harro and Libertas take a holiday to Italy and Yugoslavia. They discuss whether they should leave Berlin altogether, forget the battle against the Nazis and begin a new life in paradise. But they cannot. There is a job to be done.

They arrive home on the evening of November 9, a date that will go down in history as Kristallnacht, those terrible hours during which thousands of Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were looted and destroyed.

That night, Harro pledges his eternal love to his wife with a kiss of Libertas’s beloved silver ring, which she always wears. One single kiss.

With it they are together now, united for ever, even until death.

The storm clouds are gathering. The Second World War is just months away.

WITH the invasion of Poland in 1939, rationing begins. Harro bears up better than Libertas, who grieves constantly for the casualties. He is ‘working himself to death’, says his wife in a letter, but staying ‘high-spirited, positive and full of hope’.

The couple’s circle of friends expands to include Arvid Harnack, who works for the American department of the German Trade Ministry, and his wife Mildred, who is from the US Midwest. With their links to the US community in Berlin, they will prove invaluable allies. But Arvid also has connections with the Soviet regime.

As Harro and Arvid see it, the USSR is the only power with the military might to destroy the Nazis. Appalled though they are by Stalin’s brutality, gulags and show trials, their great neighbour to the east offers, they believe, their only hope.

Through his work at the Air Ministry, Harro hears of secret plans by Hitler to invade Russia.

Now, at last, the time has come for him to execute his plan.

Using this piece of intelligence, he takes his first audacious steps towards bringing down the regime and avenging his friend Henry’s death. What could be worse, he thinks, than if Hitler managed – with another Blitz, like the one he has already unleashed on Britain – to get hold of all the gas and oil in the Ural mountains? The Nazis’ global domination would be all but assured. Russia must be warned.

A meeting is arranged between Harro and one of Arvid’s Soviet contacts, an envoy for the Moscow intelligence agency NKVD, named Alexander Korotkov.
The Russian is impressed with the courageous Harro. ‘He is, it appears,’ 
Korotkov reports to the Lubyanka, the central intelligence office in Moscow, ‘a fierce man of inimitable enthusiasm and passion.’

Shortly afterwards, Korotkov receives from Harro’s circle a portable battery-powered radio receiver which they can use to contact him with military secrets. Harro is given the code-name Starshina by the Soviet authorities, meaning ‘sergeant’.

But through his meeting with Korotkov, Harro has committed Landesverrat, or treason. It is the most ignominious crime a German officer can commit. Hanging is the punishment. His life is now in mortal danger.

On June 17 at the Kremlin, information provided by Harro about the finalisation of military preparations for the invasion of the USSR is brought to the table. But Josef Stalin shakes his head. ‘Propaganda!’ he says.

He is convinced that a pact he has made with the Third Reich will endure.

‘Send your “informant” from the staff of the German Luftwaffe back to his whore of a mother,’ he scribbles in the margins. ‘He’s not an informer but rather a disinformer. J. St.’

Five days later the German Army marches into Russia.

THE resistance movement is flourishing, and Harro’s life is a constant round of activity. By day, he is an impeccable German officer, resplendent in his uniform. But by night he transforms into an anonymously dressed subversive, organising the distribution of anti-Nazi pamphlets and stickers around the streets of Berlin, and furiously working on his next campaigns.

Harro wants to build ties between the US, the Soviets and the German resistance, and he’s trying to set up links with the British through contacts in Switzerland. But Moscow are becoming impatient with their mole. By the end of 1941, not enough radio information is getting through to them.

A Soviet intelligence officer with the codename ‘Kent’ is sent to Berlin to find out why the contact appears not to be working and to agree a new wavelength for the radio link.

But the couple are now in even graver danger. The only thing separating them from arrest is the brilliance of Russian encryption, said to be the best in the world.

At the beginning of 1942, Harro writes a highly inflammatory new pamphlet setting out the manifesto of the conspirators. Copies are secretly distributed to their fellow Germans, foreign correspondents and diplomats in Berlin. A forensic investigation into the pamphlet by the Gestapo yields no results, leaving propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels furious.

But there is bad news for the conspirators, who have come to be known by the authorities as the Red Orchestra, or Rotekapelle, as a result of their links with Moscow. Kent’s radio assistant, Johann Wenzel, has been captured by the Nazis in Brussels. They order him to decipher messages sent between Western Europe and Moscow, including a broadcast about Harro and Libertas.

The couple’s survival now depends on the ability of Wenzel to keep quiet.

But after weeks of torture, Wenzel tells his Nazi captors how to decode the messages they have intercepted between Moscow and Berlin. Harro’s personal details are among them.

On August 31, 1942, Harro is in his office at the Air Ministry when the phone rings. Libertas is out of town.

The man on the line asks Harro to come downstairs to the lobby – it’s urgent. Harro sets down his fountain pen. He hesitates for a moment, and then he stands up.

As he trails his fingers one last time over the handrail, he sees the guards, and the car waiting outside to take him away. It is over.

HARRO’S fellow conspirators, including Libertas, Arvid and Mildred, are rounded up and arrested. Regular reports of the Gestapo investigation are sent to Hitler.

What astonishes the police is the sheer variety of illegal activity that has taken place – way beyond the espionage that had first been suspected. Leaflets, posters, underground meetings, support for Jewish refugees, a multilingual newspaper for forced labourers.

There hasn’t been anything like it before in Hitler’s Reich – and there won’t be again.

‘To show leniency or hesitation in fighting this sabotage would be a crime against the very war effort itself,’ writes Goebbels in his diary.

In prison, Harro is visited by his father. His face is ashen and gaunt.

‘It is impossible and hopeless to try to help me in any way,’ says Harro. ‘I have acted in full knowledge of the danger, and am now resolved to bear the consequences.’

Watched by two guards, they try not to let their emotion show.
As his father stands to leave, Harro’s eyes brim with tears. His father says: ‘I had other hopes for you… I have always loved you.’

It is an irony that when they come for Libertas, they take her to Gestapo headquarters at 8 Prinz Albrechtstrasse – a building that once housed the Arts and Crafts School. She is said to have laughed ruefully to find herself sitting in the art school where her father had been rector.

By the end of November 1942, a 90-page report is delivered to Hitler, Himmler, Goring, Goebbels and other high-ranking Nazis, and a month later the conspirators’ trial begins. All are found guilty.

On Monday, December 21, Hitler dictates the following: ‘I uphold the verdict of the Reich Court Martial against First Lieutenant Harro Schulze-Boysen and others. I decline to issue a pardon. The sentences are to be administered, and in the case of Harro Schulze-Boysen [and three others] are to be carried out by hanging. The other death sentences by means of beheading.’ Libertas is among those to be guillotined.

The Fuhrer shows no mercy. It is decreed that even the memory of the group will be erased. Records will be destroyed, and the families will not be allowed to bury their dead. Nobody can be allowed to survive to tell the true story.

On execution day, Harro and his friends are collected from Spandau prison and the vehicle also picks up Libertas. She wears a grey suit, a silver bracelet and a silver ring. Harro bends forward and silently kisses the ring, reaffirming the oath he swore to her on Kristallnacht. The lovers are together again now, united for all eternity.

To this day, relatively little is known about the complex, disparate but phenomenally committed German resistance movement. With all the official records expunged, including a transcript of Harro’s trial and the interrogations, facts are hard to come by.

Only in 2006 did Harro’s brother Hartmut, a diplomat who worked in West German embassies in Tokyo and the US, finally manage to have the verdict of the 1942 trial nullified after a decades-long campaign.

But Harro had provided his own poignant legacy. During his last days in jail, he had come to an agreement with his guard, Heinrich Stark, a bricklayer by trade. Stark promised to hide a poem written by Harro in the wall and seal it up so that he could recover it afterwards and hand it to his prisoner’s parents. And that’s exactly what he did.

It read:

‘Hangman’s rope and guillotine
 Won’t have the final say.
 The world will be our judges,
 Not the judges of today.’

There could be no more fitting tribute to an unsung hero who faced overwhelming odds with breathtaking bravery, and, in the end, tranquillity. Even after his death, his defiant spirit shines out still.