Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Teen driver, 16, is killed and 14-year-old passenger is wounded after armed Seattle's CHOP zone protesters fired into their Jeep as they approached the barricades at 3am - as those inside the cop-free area claim they acted in self-defense 


Daily Mail 

June 29, 2020


Police say a 16-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy was wounded following a shooting at Seattle's CHOP zone. Homicide detectives said they are investigating after witnesses reported seeing a white Jeep SUV near a makeshift barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone at about 3am on Monday just before the shooting. 


Witnesses told 911 dispatchers that they saw several unidentified people firing shots into the vehicle, police say. 


Both teenagers, who have not been publicly identified, were taken away from the CHOP zone in a private vehicle after the shooting and were met by Seattle Fire Department medics. 


The 16-year-old died in hospital several hours later and the 14-year-old remains in a critical condition. Detectives searched the vehicle for evidence on Monday morning but said in a statement that it was clear the crime scene had been 'disturbed'.  


Fox News reporter Dan Springer gets trapped inside his car by dozens of BLM protesters who accuse him of 'shoving' woman in Seattle's CHOP zone - as one climbs onto hood to demand apology


Daily Mail 

June 29, 2020


Fox News Correspondent Dan Springer was trapped in his car in Seattle after he allegedly shoved a protester, DailyMail.com can disclose. 


The incident occurred just hours and feet from where two black men were shot when they tried to plow through barricades of the area on Monday. 

Springer allegedly pushed a woman at the event, telling her to get back, prompting the woman to throw her coffee at him. He then retreated into an SUV with private armed security guards protecting the car, as a group of 50 barricaded the vehicle and demanded for him to apologize. 


After 20 minutes the angry crowd died down and another vehicle pulled up, with Springer jumping inside and speeding away, according to onlookers.  





by Bob Walsh

Yesterday two more people were shot, one died, in THE ZONE in Seattle's Capital Hill area.  The cops, the fire department and EMS are STILL not "allowed" to enter THE ZONE.  

I wonder what the court is going to say when the application for a writ to compel the city to do their fucking job comes up for a hearing.  As they phrase goes, the evidence is becoming compelling.


by Bob Walsh

The Governor of the formerly great state of California signed the $202 billion dollar budget yesterday.  The budget is unusual in that it acknowledges the existence of magical creatures, specifically the Money Fairy.

The budget is resumed to have a $54 billion structural deficit.  Among the things to plug this deficit is the state will withhold $2.5 billion from local governments if they do not enforce the Governor's rules on mandatory wearing of masks while in public.  Strange, but he screams like a mashed cat if the feds threaten to withhold federal money when the state refuses to obey federal law regarding immigration matters.  

The state is also deferring kick-downs to various agencies, mostly school districts and state colleges and universities.  

The state will also impose a 2 day per month furlough on state employees to don't "volunteer" to take it up the ass by way of a 10% pay cut.  

The really fun part is the planned visit from the Money Fairy.  The governor sort-of presumes-hopes-prays that the Money Fairy will come by from D.C. and drop about $50 billion in his lap just because.  You never know.  It could happen.   


by Bob Walsh

Mississippi is changing its flag.  Ole Miss is the last state that still has some representation of what is often (though not completely accurately) called the Confederate Battle Flag on its state flag.  

A commission will design a new flag that will, assuming the current proposal passes, NOT contain any representation of the Confederate flag.  It will also have to have the words IN GOD WE TRUST on the flag.  (I wonder if it will have to be in English?)

The last I heard is that the commission will come up with several proposals which will appear on the November ballot for the people to choose from.  However, since the bill has not yet passed to the governor we don't know for sure what it's final form will be.

I've got a couple of ideas, but they are incredibly gross and obscene and since I am not a voter in Mississippi they are probably not interested in my ideas anyway.
EDITOR'S NOTE: They've got enough votes in both houses to pass the bill and the governor has already said he will sign it.  The South is no longer whistling Dixie.


by Bob Walsh

Red Bill DeBlasio, HMFIC of New York City, announced yesterday that he is pulling $1 billion in funding from the NYPD in the upcoming budget year.  They have already disbanded the anticrime units (plain clothes cops).  I wonder what they will pull next.  It sure as shit won't be his personal protection detail.  

The rumor says that he is giving it to his wife to distribute to BLM, AntiFa and Al Sharpton.  That may be false.  Or it may not.


Supreme Court turns away challenge to federal executions by lethal injection


In 2019 Attorney General William Barr's moved to reinstate the federal death penalty, underscoring the stark law-and-order philosophy of the Trump administration. At the time, he directed the head of the Bureau of Prisons to execute five inmates he said represented the "worst criminals."
The Bureau of Prisons adopted a new lethal injection protocol consisting of a single drug, pentobarbital.

The federal inmates involved in the appeal were Daniel Lewis Lee, who killed a family of three, including an 8-year-old girl; Wesley Ira Purkey, who raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl; Alfred Bourgeois, who tortured and killed his own 2-year-old daughter; and Dustin Lee Honken, who shot and killed five people, including two young girls.

Although the order was unsigned, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor said they would have heard the challenge.

"The prisoners in these cases have other challenges that have not been fully decided yet, but this was perhaps the central legal objection to Barr's reinstitution of the federal death penalty," said Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at the University of Texas School of Law. "Today's ruling removes a major obstacle to the resumption of federal executions, but not the only one."

A district judge blocked the executions from going forward, holding that the protocol conflicts with the Federal Death Penalty Act, which requires adherence to a state's method of execution. US District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the District of Columbia Circuit put the executions on hold, ruling that a delay would not hurt the government, particularly because it has waited several years to announce a new protocol.

Chutkan said the public interest is not served by "executing individuals before they have had the opportunity to avail themselves of legitimate procedures to challenge the legality of their executions."

Lawyers for the inmates argued that the government is trying to push the issue forward even though it took eight years to create a new execution protocol.

"From the moment it announced the protocol on July 25, 2019, the government has rushed the process in order to carry out executions without meaningful judicial review of the legality and constitutionality of the new execution procedures," said Cate Stetson, a lawyer for the inmates.

A federal appeals court reversed the district court.


Video shows Detroit police SUV plow through screaming protesters 


By Lee Brown


New York Post

June 29, 2020


A Detroit police SUV plowed through a group of protesters in a terrifying caught-on-camera showdown — sending several flying off the hood as it accelerated through them.

The officer’s vehicle was surrounded Sunday night by protesters who claim it blocked a peaceful march against police brutality, according to witnesses.

Chanting “No justice, no peace,” some of the protesters appear to climb on the front of the marked cop car — as it suddenly lurches forward, the video shows.

“Oh my God!” one woman screams, as a handful of protesters end up on the hood and in front of the SUV, which has its lights flashing.

The vehicle lurches forward at least three times, sending protesters flying — with one seemingly still on the hood as the SUV finally races away.

“Detroit Police Department drove into 10-12 protesters including myself,” activist Ethan Ketner wrote alongside one of the videos.

“Multiple people are going to the hospital,” he said, condemning a “reckless driver who somehow has a badge.” It was not immediately clear how severe the injuries were.

Another protester, Brendan Scorpio, tweeted, “I got hit by a damn cop car today for walking.”

Detroit police blamed “agitators” for surrounding the SUV, telling the Detroit News that the unidentified officer saved himself after a rear window was “busted out.”

“The officer tried to escape,” the department told the paper.


Ketner, however, claimed in a Facebook post that the protesters were the ones defending themselves from a “clear act of aggression” as the car “drove into the protest.”

“They did not need to drive past us for emergency purposes because they had other officers on the other side ready,” he wrote.

Jae Bass, 24, told the Detroit Free Press that he was one of those flung from the hood — suggesting there could be more serious injuries, too.

“He just floored it,” Bass said of the police driver. “We went flying off. He ran over a couple people’s arms, feet.”

Protest organizer Tristan Taylor told WDIV the incident was a perfect example of “why we march.”

“The police feel like their badge gives them the authority to do harm and damage under any circumstances,” he said.

Detroit police told the station it was investigating the incident.


Hate crime probe underway after black woman says she was burned by lighter fluid and flame thrown by white man


CBS News 

June 26, 2020


An assault on a black woman in Madison, Wisconsin was being investigated Thursday as a hate crime after the woman told police she was burned by lighter fluid thrown at her and ignited by a white man. The incident occurred just a few blocks from violent protests at the state Capitol.

Althea Bernstein told police she was driving near the Capitol about 1 a.m. Wednesday and had stopped at a red light with her driver's side window down. Bernstein, 18, told police she heard someone yell out a racial epithet, looked around and saw four white men.


One sprayed liquid on her face and neck and threw a flaming lighter at her, she told police. Bernstein said she pulled forward, put out the flames and drove home where her mother encouraged her to go to the hospital. She was treated for burns. Hospital staff believe the liquid was lighter fluid, police said. 

A call by The Associated Press to Bernstein's home was referred to Michael Johnson, president of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County. Johnson released a statement from Bernstein's family that they were "saddened at what happened to Althea and the unprovoked attack on her body. At this time, our family is asking everyone to respect our privacy as Althea is recovering from the burns on her face and neck."

Madison mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway called the crime "horrifying and absolutely unacceptable," reports CBS affiliate WISC-TV.

"While we are still learning more about the details, current information suggests this may have been a premeditated crime targeted toward people of color, which makes the incident even more disturbing," Rhodes-Conway said.

WISC-TV reports the Madison Police Department is reviewing surveillance video in an attempt to locate the suspects. If found, they would face charges of attempted murder and recklessly endangering safety enhanced as hate crimes, which would make them eligible for more stringent sentencing. Madison Police Chief Victor Wahl told the station the investigation is a "high priority" for the department.

In an interview with the station, Johnson called the crime unacceptable and asked, "Where's the respect for humanity?"

"I hope the police apprehend these individuals," Johnson said. "We live in a time in America that we should be showing empathy and love."

The assault came amid a night of violence Tuesday that included the toppling of two statues outside the Capitol and an attack on a state senator. A group of 200 to 300 people protested the arrest of a Black man after he shouted at restaurant customers through a megaphone while carrying a baseball bat.

Someone also threw a Molotov cocktail into a government building and attempted to break into the Capitol, only to be repelled by pepper spray from police stationed inside. The violence prompted Gov. Tony Evers to activate the National Guard to protect state properties.

On Wednesday night, about 40 people gathered peacefully outside the county jail where the man was being held, calling for his release. A crowd of about 100 people congregated outside the Capitol.


Gun-Swinging Lawyers Confront Protesters in Central West End of St. Louis




Riverfront Times 

June 28, 2020


As hundreds of protesters marched toward Mayor Lyda Krewson's house this evening they were met by a surprising sight — a gun-swinging couple on the lawn of their Central West End mansion. 

The couple, personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, shouted at marchers who seemed to be just passing through the gated community.

A video recorded by freelance photographer Theo Welling for the Riverfront Times shows Mark, dressed in a pastel pink polo shirt and khakis, brandishing a rifle with an extended clip while Patricia, wearing black-and-white-striped top with capri pants, casually holds a small handgun.

The protesters were walking to Krewson's house for a demonstration, part of the backlash the mayor is facing for broadcasting on Facebook Live the names and addresses of advocates for defunding the police department.

Multiple people marching tonight filmed the scene in front of the McCloskeys, and various angles show the couple sweeping their weapons in the direction of protesters who were standing on the sidewalk or walking past.


At one point, a barefoot Patricia, whose law firm bio says she is a member of the Missouri Bar Association ethical review panel, crosses the lawn and stumbles briefly while she has her gun aimed at protesters. It's not clear if the guns were loaded.

The McCloskeys are apparently very proud of their house, welcoming St. Louis Magazine in 2018 for a tour of the Renaissance-style palazzo that was originally built by a Busch heiress and her husband, but it's unclear what prompted them to grab their guns and pop out front, shoeless but armed, to confront nonviolent protesters.

We called the after-hours number for the couple's law firm, and a woman answering the phone said the McCloskeys couldn't be reached until morning.

After the brief, but intense encounter, marchers continued down the street. Some in the crowd shouted, "Let's go! Let's go!" at stragglers.

The procession continued to Krewson's house, where hundreds of people filled the street, extending into her yard and front porch. Activists have called for her resignation for doxxing her constituents on Friday. After initially declining to say she was sorry, the mayor issued an apology through social media and news outlets on Friday night. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The roads and sidewalks of the gated community are private property and the protesters had no right to be there.  To begin with, they had knocked down the fence that protected the gated community. 


Israel orders US-based Christian TV channel off air


Associated Press 

June 28, 2020


JERUSALEM — Israeli regulators on Sunday announced they ordered a U.S.-based evangelical broadcaster taken off the air, saying the channel hid its missionary agenda when it applied for a license.

In his decision, Asher Biton, the chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council, said he had informed “GOD TV” on Thursday that it had seven days to stop broadcasting.

“The channel appeals to Jews with Christian content,” he wrote. “Its original request,” he said, stated that it was a “station targeting the Christian population.”
The decision was first reported by the Haaretz daily.

The controversy over GOD TV’s “Shelanu” station has put Israel and its evangelical Christian supporters in an awkward position, exposing tensions the two sides have long papered over.

Evangelical Christians, particularly in the United States, are among the strongest supporters of Israel, viewing it as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Some see it as the harbinger of a second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of days.

Israel has long welcomed evangelicals’ political and financial support, especially as their influence over the White House has risen during the Trump administration, and it has largely shrugged off concerns about any hidden religious agenda.

But most Jews view any effort to convert them to Christianity as deeply offensive, a legacy of centuries of persecution and forced conversion at the hands of Christian rulers. In part because of those sensitivities, evangelical Christians, who generally believe salvation can only come through Jesus and preach the Gospel worldwide, rarely target Jews.

In a statement, Shelanu said it was stunned by what it called Biton’s “unprofessional decision.”

It said its existing license “stated unequivocally” that it would broadcast its content in Hebrew to the Israeli public. Most Christians in the Holy Land speak Arabic. “Therefore it is not at all clear what was wrong beyond political considerations,” it said. 

Ron Cantor, Shelanu’s Israeli spokesman, said the station would reapply for a license. He said the station’s management hopes the council will approve the request “and thus avoids a severe diplomatic incident with hundreds of millions of pro-Israel evangelical Christians worldwide.”

When GOD TV reached its seven-year contract with Israel’s main cable provider earlier this year, it presented itself as producing content for Christians.

But in a video message that was later taken down, GOD TV CEO Ward Simpson suggested its real aim was to convince Jews to accept Jesus as their messiah. 

“God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the Gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of his Jewish people,” Simpson said in the video.

In a subsequent video, Simpson apologized for any offensive remarks and said GOD TV would comply with all regulations.

Freedom of religion is enshrined in Israeli law, and proselytizing is allowed as long as missionary activities are not directed at minors and do not involve economic coercion.

GOD TV was founded in the U.K. in 1995 and eventually grew into a 24-hour network with offices in several countries. Its international broadcasting licenses are held by a Florida-based non-profit. It claims to reach 300 million households worldwide.


Arabs founded Jerusalem, says Jordan-based institute


By Daoud Kuttab 


Arab News

June 28, 2020


AMMAN: Arabs were the first inhabitants of Jerusalem and have lived there for at least 5,000 years, according to a white paper published by an Amman-based think tank.

“They founded and built it in the first place — and have been there ever since,” the paper says.

Using unpublished documents, the paper, from the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, seeks to correct the misperception “that Arabs are newcomers to Jerusalem.”

The institute, an Islamic non-governmental entity, is headed by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, personal envoy and special adviser to King Abdullah II of Jordan, since 2000.

Among the many references the document uses to make its point is the Amarna Correspondence, a series of diplomatic letters between Canaanite city-state kings and their Egyptian overlords during the 14th century B.C., which mention Jerusalem. The paper presents pictures of the cuneiform tablets uncovered in Egypt in the late 19th century to validate its argument.

Along with archaeological discoveries, the Biblical record is also used as a source to establish original Arab presence in Jerusalem. The Bible, the paper says, shows that “the Arabs, Hamites, Canaanites, and Jebusites were the original inhabitants of the land of Palestine, including the area of Jerusalem.” Canaanites and Jebusites were there long before the Jews, even before Judaism was revealed.

The 108-page document quotes passages from the Old Testament to establish that “Jerusalem was always an Arab city” and notes that, “the Palestinian Arabs of today are largely the direct descendants of the indigenous Canaanite Arabs who were there over 5,000 years ago. Modern-day Arab Muslim and Christian Palestinian families (such as the “Kanaan” tribe, direct descendants of the Canaanites) are the oldest inhabitants of the land.”

The paper mentions Salah Eddine Ayyoubi — the Muslim historical figure who fought the Crusaders and reclaimed Jerusalem in the 12th century, allowing the Christians to remain and inviting Jews expelled from Jerusalem by the Crusaders to resettle in the city — to validate its point.

According to Prof. Sari Nusseibeh, former president of Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, the white paper is a “well-referenced and clearly argued document.”

Nusseibeh’s family has been, since the seventh century, entrusted with the keys to the historic Church of the Holy Sepulcher (situated in the Christian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem). The paper, he says, “debunks the Israeli and extremist Jewish narrative in more than one way, replacing it with a clear historic overview of continued Arab presence in the city and benevolent Islamic rule.”

On the Hashemite custodianship of Jerusalem’s holy sites, which is a pivotal theme of the white paper, Nusseibeh, one of the leaders of the first Palestinian intifada, says the document “recognizes the Palestinian role in the Hashemite custodianship, thereby emphasizing the special political relationship between the Palestinian people and the Hashemite Kingdom. In more than one way, it shows that a Hashemite custodianship of the holy sites, especially in the context of peace, promises a more secure place for all three religions than does the present policy of the Israelization of Jerusalem.”

The white paper also reiterates that “whenever Muslims controlled Jerusalem (in 638, 1187 and 1948), they did not expel Christians and Jews.”

Rather, it says, they guaranteed their rights and religious rights and even welcomed Jews into the city. This, it points out, is in contrast to the Christian expulsion of Jews in 630 and their slaughter of Jews and Muslims (and even Orthodox Christians) in 1099, and unlike “the Jewish slaughter of Jerusalem’s original inhabitants in 1,000 B.C.; the Sasanian-Jewish expulsion of Christians in 614, and even the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948.”

In other words, contrary to the misperception that Islam has no moral right to Jerusalem, Islam has historically been more peaceful and tolerant of other religions than either Judaism or Christianity, it notes.

Vera Baboun, a member of the Palestinian National Council and former mayor of Bethlehem, said that the Jerusalem white paper articulates the “diverse historical realities away from the exclusive narrative that Israel is adopting to deny the cultural, human, historical and religious rights of the Arab Palestinians whether we’re Christians or Muslims.”

It “puts the readers face to face with their own misconceptions and lack of knowledge, thus debunking the exclusive Israeli political or Biblical narrative which is used to negate the right and the existence of the Palestinian rights in Jerusalem or the Palestinian land at large,” she said.

The paper notes that Islam has been dominant in Jerusalem for 1,210 out of the last 1,388 years. “This is more than the period of Jewish domination over the last 3,020 years (953 years) or Christian domination over the last 2,000 years (417 years).”

To counter the prevailing notion that Jerusalem finds no mention in the Holy Qur’an, the paper states that for over 1,300 years, it was customary for Muslim pilgrims to visit Jerusalem after they had completed the Hajj to Makkah and Madinah.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif in Jerusalem is one of Islam’s three holy sites.  According to the classical commentaries on the Qur’an, “the city,” “the land,” “the Holy Land,” “the Mount,” “the Temple” and “the Olive” all refer to Jerusalem or places in Jerusalem.

Monday, June 29, 2020


Black Lives Matter Founder Mentored by Ex-Domestic Terrorist Who Worked with Bill Ayers 


By Joshua Klein 



June 24, 2020

The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, Patrisse Cullors, was the protégé of a communist-supporting domestic terrorist for over a decade, spending years training in political organizing and absorbing the radical Marxist-Leninist ideology which shaped her worldview.

Eric Mann, who mentored Cullors for over a decade in community organizing, was a member of radical-left militant groups: Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s.

In a newly resurfaced video from 2015, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors reveals that she and her fellow BLM founders are “trained Marxists.”

In the video, Cullors is interviewed by Jared Ball of the Real News Network and discusses the direction of the BLM movement.

“The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” she said. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”

In previous interviews in 2018, while promoting her then-new book titled, “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir,” Cullors describes her introduction to and affinity for Marxist ideology.

In an interview with Democracy Now!, Cullors describes how she became a trained organizer with the Labor/Community Strategy Center, calling it her “first political home” and the center’s director, Eric Mann, her personal mentor.

She told The Politic that it was there that she was trained from her youth and grew as a leader.

The Labor/Community Strategy Center describes it’s philosophy as “an urban experiment,” utilizing grassroots organizing to “focus on Black and Latino communities with deep historical ties to the long history of anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, pro-communist resistance to the U.S. empire.”

The center teaches and studies the history of the “Indigenous rebellions against the initial European genocidal invasions,” the “Great Slave Haitian Revolution of the 1790s,” and the “Great Slave Rebellions that won the U.S. civil war for the racist north.”

The center also expresses its appreciation for the work of the U.S. Communist Party, “especially Black communists,” as well as its support for “the great work of the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, Young Lords, Brown Berets, and the great revolutionary rainbow experiments of the 1970s,” while flaunting its roots in the new communist movement.

Speaking with ACLU’s At Liberty weekly podcast, Cullors described the center as her “foundation,” claiming it was there that she developed the skills which helped her found the Black Lives Matter movement, after having been recruited by its director, Eric Mann.

Mann, an avowed communist revolutionary, was the New England coordinator for Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1968. The following year, a more radical wing splintered from the SDS, led by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, calling for violent “direct action” over civil disobedience.

The splintered faction became known as the Weather Underground, with the stated goal of overthrowing the U.S. government. As a result, the FBI classified the organization as a domestic terrorist group in 1969.

Mann led a group of fellow Weathermen who launched their own violent direct action at the Harvard University Center for International Affairs.

In an article titled: “Band Invades, Violently Disrupts Center for International Affairs,” the Harvard Crimson reported that a band of 20 to 30 activists invaded the Center for International Affairs, “roughing up” several staff members and employees before fleeing.

Several slogans, including “Pig,” “Fuck U.S. Imperialism,” and “Imperialists Screw All Women,” were sprayed on the building’s walls. Rocks thrown by the group broke several windows and a telephone was damaged to prevent police from being notified.

Undergraduates who saw the group leaving the building and chanting “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh; NLF is going to win,” said they recognized some of them as members of Weathermen, a militant spin-off of the older New Left Caucus of SDS.

Mann was later charged with five counts of assault and battery, disturbing the peace, damaging property, defacing a building, and disturbing a public assembly, for which he spent 18 months in prison.

At the 2010 United States Social Forum in Detroit, under the slogan “Another World Is Possible. Another U.S. Is Necessary,” the Labor/Community Strategy Center sponsored a session titled: “Transformative Organizing Theory: Conscious Organizers Seek to Build Anti-racist, Anti-imperialist Politics Rooted in Working Class Communities of Color.” In it, Cullors––rising to prominence––was chosen by Mann to be a panelist along with him.

There, Cullors spoke about growing up as a working class, queer, Black woman, in a single-parent household, with a father who was in and out of prison.

Cullors stated that “positionality in this country is supposed to devastate us” and had done so somewhat successfully, while stressing the need to “fight this thing.”

Both Cullors and Mann strongly endorsed Bernie Sanders. Cullors was a primary speaker at a Sanders campaign event the day before Super Tuesday, which Mann attended.

Cullors, viewing Biden as far too moderate, pushed for the latter to end his campaign, accusing him of having an “old guard mentality” and coming from an “old establishment.”

Now with Biden leading as the Democratic presidential nominee, Cullors and Mann are finding a sympathetic ear for their radical agenda.

As Breitbart news reported, a group of 50 leading national progressive groups representing millions of active members across the country, are pressuring Biden to adopt the radical platform of the Movement for Black Lives which was co-written by BLM.

The group is calling for Biden to immediately incorporate their radical policies, including putting forward a transformative and comprehensive policing and criminal justice reform laid out by the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL).

Citing his “moral responsibility in this moment” to make amends for past harms he had caused, the groups demanded that Biden make commitments such as advance reparations and defund police, prisons, and weaponry in order to fully fund healthcare, housing, education, and environmental justice.

“We ask that you revise your platform to ensure that the federal government permanently ends and ceases any further appropriation of funding to local law enforcement in any form and redirect those and additional resources towards much needed community-led and community-controlled public safety efforts,” the letter reads.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ah ha, Cullors founded BLM to overthrow the government rather than to care about black lives.  That explains why BLM does not concern itself with the daily black on black killings in our urban centers. 



by Bob Walsh

The "Occupied Zone" in the Capital Hill district of Seattle is still alive and semi-well and semi-functional despite the Mayor's assertion several days ago that it would be disassembled.

The city did attempt to move in some heavy equipment a couple of days back to remove the barricades.  Denizens of The Zone merely laid down on the ground in front of the equipment to keep them from moving in.  The cops were nowhere to be seen.

As far as anybody can tell the Mayor is waiting for all the "members" of CHOP to die of COVID, dysentery or VD so that The Zone will fall back into city control by default.  Seems to me like the Mayor is attempting to have her cake and eat it too.  

In the meantime many of the effected residents and property owners are pursing their lawsuit for damages against the city which was filed on Friday.  In addition these folks are seeking a writ to compel the city to restore control to The Zone.


by Bob Walsh

It was the same shit, different day in Chicago on Saturday.  Among the casualties were a one-year old baby who was in the car with her mother.

The 22-year old mother was driving home with the baby in her car when somebody pulled up beside here and started shooting.   The baby died.  This comes a week after a similar shooting killed a three-year old who was in the car with his father when they were the target of gunfire.

Fred Waller, the P D Operations Chief has promised to get both killers.  I hope he is not going to hold his breath waiting for this to be accomplished.  

I am guessing that both dead kids were Black because that is so common in Chicago and I expect the news articles would have specifically mentioned it if that was not the case.  Since BLM and the other pressure groups do not seem to give a diddly damn about Black folks killing other Black folks I have doubts about either case being closed.


by Bob Walsh

Four men have been charged by the feds in the attempt to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette square.

Lee Michael Cantrell, 47, of Virginia is currently a guest of the government.  Connor Matthew Judd, 20, of DC, Ryan Lane, 37, of Maryland and Graham Lloyd, 37, of Maine have been charged and are actively being searched for on a criminal complaint alleging destruction of federal property.  A number of John Does are also listed on the complaint which was unsealed on Saturday.

All four men personally committed damage and are alleged to have been actively engaged in the attempt to topple the statue the 7th President of the United States.  People do dumb stuff even when they know they are being watched and recorded if they think they can get away with it.  Depending on where they are tried they might have trouble getting away with this one.  Jackson was a former soldier and the first President who was not one of the founders.  The penalty for damage to a statue honoring a former member of the military is, if I remember correctly, 10 years as a guest of the people.

It seems like the feds are serious about this.  I hope they are.



NYC Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome on race, activism and gentrification 


By Dana Kennedy


New York Post

June 27, 2020


Nobody does intimidating like Hawk Newsome.

The most influential Black Lives Matter leader in New York, Newsome stands 6-foot-6 and has no problem getting inches from your face, staring down from behind dark shades and blowing smoke from a cigar.

On a recent late afternoon in the South Bronx, the 43-year-old activist agreed to meet a Post reporter just after giving a heated interview to Fox News that went viral. In it he said that if BLM protesters didn’t get what they wanted, “They will burn down the system.”

“We don’t want white people here,” Newsome told The Post, still fired up as he walked near Yankee Stadium, gesturing at the majestic pre-war apartments on the Grand Concourse and a brilliant sunset.

“We don’t want white people coming in and raising our rents. You can’t be a supporter of black people if you come gentrify their neighborhoods. Stay the fuck out of our communities.”

Newsome, whose real first name is Walter, is not as tough as he’d like people to think.

He’s well-known and well-liked in the neighborhood, where he grew up and still lives — in his childhood apartment, which he shares with his younger sister, Chivona, 35, and their mother, Doris. Newsome’s father, Walter Sr., died five years ago.

As he walks, he fist bumps old friends, hugs others with an almost teddy-bear embrace, joking and showing a softer side. They all call him Walt.

“My dad was the same way,” Newsome said. “He’d be out playing dominoes and knew everybody. He was like the mayor. He even knew what every kid was reading at school and when they started a new book.”

He talked candidly to The Post as he ducked into a Caribbean restaurant for a health shake. He revealed that his mother Doris was a Black Panther member who met his dad at a civil rights rally in 1969, but she rarely talked about her activism.

His vision for the Bronx is similarly militant — a black and brown sovereign nation with its own self-policing force.

“Black and brown guys that join the [NYPD]?” he said. “You can’t trust ‘em. They go blue as soon as they become cops and the blue line is ruled by white men. We don’t want them here telling our people what to do.”

He doesn’t apologize for opinions that President Trump called in a tweet “Treason, Sedition, Insurrection” after hearing him on Fox News Wednesday.

Newsome embraces the movement’s destructive side, saying it was hypocritical for his opponents to call him out for endorsing violence when the U.S. uses “blood and bullets” to get what it wants domestically and overseas.

“I was standing in front of Wells Fargo when it was burning in Minneapolis,” he said. “It was very liberating. F–k that. Burn man. They only listen when we destroy things. America doesn’t care about people; they care about property.”

Newsome isn’t affiliated with BLM Global Network, considered the official organization behind the Black Lives Matters movement. On Thursday, its managing director told the AP that he wasn’t part of the network, which has 16 chapters, including one in New York that does not appear to be operating.

What’s clear is that no one in the movement in this city has more influence than Newsome.

But his journey to activist leader was rocky.

He says he nearly succumbed to temptations of the hood as a teenager. He dropped out of high school before getting his GED, and has spoken publicly about his battle with alcoholism, anger issues and being guilty of domestic violence.

He said he’s been sober for four and half years.

Newsome eventually made it through Concordia College in Bronxville, then got a degree from Touro Law School on Long Island. He found work as a paralegal for the Bronx County DA’s office and later as a project manager for the Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker law firm in Manhattan.

He changed his name to “Hawk” in 2016, he said, because he’s had a lifelong fascination with the raptors. He said ancient Egyptians believed the birds of prey were protectors from above.

Newsome’s among a number of young black activists in New York and around the country who came of age watching the cases of Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin play out and have found their voices in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

He’s close to his sister, who lost her bid for the 15th Congressional District seat in the recent primary.

The contrast between Hawk the national firebrand and Hawk the kid from the Bronx is most apparent when he speaks to his sister about their parents, calling them “Mommy and Daddy.”

Chivona Newsome co-founded BLM NY with her brother, and the two have run a political consulting business for 10 years aimed at supporting the black and brown community in the Bronx. He has two children with a former partner.

Both Newsomes say they are not fans of either the Republicans or the Democrats and hope that Black Lives Matter’s passionate base will translate into the kind of political capital that will challenge both parties.

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi wearing West African kente cloths and taking the knee? It’s insulting,” Hawk Newsome said.

“And now the Republicans care about police reform? But what’s going to change? None of them are going to change but we are. We building our own community and we are going to grow strong. Just watch.”


Sacha Baron Cohen cons conservative festival goers into singing about 'injecting WHO, Dr Fauci and Bill Gates with the Wuhan flu' in latest US stunt


Daily Mail 

June 28, 2020


Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen carried out a stunt in which he convinced US conservative festival goers to sing about injecting scientists, journalists and political figures with the 'Wuhan flu'. 


The Borat and Ali G star infiltrated the right-wing rally in Olympia, Washington, where he took to the stage disguised as a country singer. 


Footage shows him convincing festival-goers to sing along to lyrics about infecting well-known US figures including former president Barack Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates with coronavirus . Other targets include the World Health Organisation (WHO), people who wear face masks and 'liberals'. 


Baron Cohen has yet to claim responsibility for the stunt, but attendees of the 'March for Our Rights 3' rally say the comedian was behind it. 


Local councillor James Connor Blair, posting on his personal page, said the comedian's security blocked event organizers from removing him from the stage or pulling power from the stage's generator. 

Organizers '3% cent of Washington' said in a statement on Facebook that they were 'appalled by the performance' and that 'racism is never allowed within our group'. 


Women's soccer league players kneel during the National Anthem wearing Black Lives Matter shirts in their first games since the pandemic began - and US national team defender Casey Short breaks down in tears


Daily Mail

June 28, 2020


Players with the National Women's Soccer League knelt during the national anthem Saturday when Challenge Cup tournament opened in Utah - marking the first US professional sporting event since the coronavirus pandemic. 


Players with Portland Thorns and the North Carolina Courage wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts in warmups before the game, which was nationally televised on CBS. 


They also knelt during a moment of silence before kickoff. Photos taken from the field show all players from both teams kneeling as a sign of protest against racial injustice, police brutality and racism. The league confirmed the day before that it would play the national anthem before the Challenge Cup games and that it would support the players in whatever they chose to do.   


Minneapolis Council members get private security at $4,500 a day after threats




Fox 9

June 27, 2020


The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned.

A city spokesperson said the private security details have cost taxpayers $63,000 over the past three weeks.

The three council members who have the security detail – Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)– have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.

Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham declined to discuss the security measures.

“I don’t feel comfortable publicly discussing the death threats against me or the level of security I currently have protecting me from those threats,” said Cunningham in a text message.

Cunningham added that the security is temporary.

Councilmember Andrea Jenkins said she has been asking for security since she was sworn in.  She said current threats have come in the form of emails, letters, and posts to social media.

“My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” wrote Jenkins in an email.

Councilmember Cano did not return messages seeking comment.

Minneapolis mayors have traditionally had a security detail provided by a Minneapolis Police officer who also functions as the mayor’s driver. The thirteen council members are not given the same protection.

Asked why Minneapolis Police are not providing security services to the three council members, a city spokesperson said MPD resources are needed in the community.  The hourly cost of private security is similar to the cost for a police officer, the spokesperson added.

A spokesperson for Minneapolis Police told FOX 9 the department does not have any recent police reports of threats against city council members.  It is possible a report could have been filed confidentially.

Jenkins said she has not reported the threats to Minneapolis Police because she has been preoccupied with the dual crisis of the “global pandemic and global uprising” over the killing of George Floyd.

Jenkins said the threats have attacked her ethnicity, gender identity, and sexuality.  
The security detail is being provided by two firms, Aegis and BelCom.

City contracts of more than $175,000, if unrelated to an emergency declaration, need to be approved by the City Council.  A city spokesperson said it is not anticipated security costs will rise to that level.

The security services are intended to be a temporary bridge until other security measures can be implemented by council members, the spokesperson said.

It is unclear who authorized the expenditures.  City Coordinator Mark Ruff and City Council President Lisa Bender did not return messages seeking comment.


Donald Trump says 'nobody told him' about Russia paying the Taliban to kill US troops, calls the New York Times report 'another hoax' and blames Obama and Biden for letting Moscow 'have a field day' 


Daily Mail

June 28, 2020


Donald Trump has insisted 'nobody told him' that Russia had reportedly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants if they killed U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, the president scathed: 'Nobody briefed or told me, VP Pence, or Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, as reported through an 'anonymous source' by the Fake News New York Times.'

'Everybody is denying it & there have not been many attacks on us.....' Trump continued.

The president's comments follow a report from the Times that he was briefed in March about the apparent Moscow led murder-for-hire plot, but has yet failed to take action against it.

He demanded the Times out the source from whom the newspaper obtained the information – claiming otherwise, it's likely the source was made up.

'The Fake News @ nytimes must reveal its 'anonymous' source,' the president asserted. 'Bet they can't do it, this 'person' probably does not even exist!'

In a rebuke of the claims made in the report, Trump affirmed that 'nobody has been tougher on Russia' than his administration, continuing that 'with Corrupt Joe Biden & Obama, Russia had a field day, taking over important parts of Ukraine.


How to root out racist cops without hurting the morale of the many good officers


By Eli B. Silverman and John A. Eterno


New York Daily News

June 26, 2020


Law enforcement agencies are agents of the executive branch of government.  They work for mayors, governors and the president. As such, these organizations and their leadership are political, and political priorities frequently result in policing modifications.

Cities like New York, Seattle, Atlanta and Minneapolis elected mayors who campaigned on police reform and community partnerships. Minneapolis has decided to dismantle its police department. Seattle has abandoned a precinct within a six-block area. Atlanta has fired a police officer without any due process.

Here in New York City, the NYPD has decided to disband a very effective program at the precinct level in which plainclothes officers aggressively fight crime. These anti-crime units were instrumental in the city’s historic, huge 24-year decrease in crime.

While reforms are welcome by many who worry only about policing abuses and racism, little thought is being devoted to the impact on the local police who engage with the community. In order for the police to be effective, they cannot be browbeaten by elected officials who are primarily and often prematurely guided by the prevailing winds.

Yes, it is true that racist police practices must be addressed. We have been loud voices over the years in opposing NYPD quotas and overuse of stop-and-frisk. This is the conundrum of policing; officers must enforce the law while at the same time obeying it. This is not an easy task, nor is it meant to be. The dilemma is compounded in the current environment as many police will be afraid to do their jobs as they were taught for fear of being second-guessed. They will be over-cautious in doing their jobs.

How do we go forward? Most importantly, we need to support the vast number of righteous and hard-working officers — many of whom are black and Latino. Most of these officers have gone through a tedious hiring process. This includes psychological testing, physicals, medical examinations and character background checks. This varies by department, but most are handpicked. Are mistakes made? Of course. This is the nature of hiring human beings.

Many are calling for widespread defunding of police departments. This will have a deleterious effect on departments. It takes money to fund high-quality de-escalation training, to compensate professionals, to monitor and supervise problematic officers, and to purchase needed equipment.


At the same time, the cloak of policing needs to be removed. Police need to be transparent in their operations and records of problematic officers. This too will be expensive. For example, it means body cameras for all officers, footage from which should be accessible to the public. We also need to put more teeth into civilian complaint mechanisms throughout the country in order to ensure their effectiveness.
Local police departments all need to adhere to significant national standards regarding hiring, selection, use of force and other features. This can be achieved by extending the practice of national accreditation to professional organizations like the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Individual officers, just like physicians or lawyers, should be licensed to practice. And, when necessary, licensing should be removed.

Beyond all this, we must focus on democratic values, not vigilantism. This means officers working with communities.

However, it must be understood in the end that policing is not an innocuous game. It inevitably involves the use of force. People and police will get hurt and die. Even when police actions are questionable and subsequently reviewable, the public must support due process of both the alleged criminal and, just as important, the police. We cannot abandon the thin blue line admirably supported by the bulk of the public especially after significant reforms are implemented.

Thus far, the executive branch, at many federal state and local levels has failed to calm the public, unite people and draw up viable practical solutions. We need to move on.

Eterno is a professor at Molloy College in Rockville Center and a retired NYPD captain. Silverman is professor emeritus at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. They are co-authors of “The Crime Numbers Game.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Eli Silverman is a personal friend.