Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Mark McGwire has finally admitted to using steroids and human growth hormones in order to enhance his baseball career. As if we didn’t already know. The human growth hormones gave him some grotesque looking King Kong-like arms. You don’t get arms like that by pumping iron.

McGwire claims that he wanted to confess when he appeared before Congress but his lawyers advised him not to do so. That figures. Remember how those lawyers lied when they declared that their client never used any steroids?

Although rather late, McGwire has now joined Jose Canseco, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi and other major league baseball stars in admitting to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Despite evidence to the contrary, Barrly Bonds continues to insist that he never knowingly used any performance-enhancing drugs, and Roger Clemens steadfastly denies ever having used any of these drugs either.

So, when is Clemens going to come clean? Oops, he can’t! While McGwire refused to admit or deny any steroid use before a Congressional committee, Clemens testified under oath that he never took any human growth hormones. Clemens is still under investigation by the Justice Department for lying under oath to Congress.

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