Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"If these companies are in good enough shape to afford massive bonuses, they are surely in good enough shape to afford paying back every penny to taxpayers. We want our money back.” That’s what an angry President Obama declared about the bailout funds banks received to keep them afloat. "My determination to achieve this goal is only heightened when I see reports of massive profits and obscene bonuses at the very firms who owe their continued existence to the American people who have not been made whole, and who continue to face real hardship in this recession,"

The Obama administration is going to do us taxpayers a favor by imposing a 10-year, $90 billion tax which the president calls a "financial crisis responsibility fee" on banks to recover the tax funded bailout money they received from the government. Thanks for little favors!

Don’t Obama’s financial wizards, some of the very people who helped get us into this mess, realize that any costs incurred by those taxes will just be passed on to the bank customers through the imposition of increased or additional fees? Of course they do. That is just their way of fooling the public into believing that banks are going to have to pay for their evilness, when in fact they are not going to lose a dime.

That means us taxpayers will be paying for the tax money that will be recovered by the government for us taxpayers. Now we’re going to get screwed twice. Duh!

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