Thursday, January 28, 2010


The left, member states of the European Union and the Muslim World accuse Israel of responding disproportionately to aggression from Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. None of them have praised Israel’s disproportionate response to Haiti’s earthquake.

Bill Clinton and a few American correspondents have given recognition to the life-saving procedures Haitians received at the Israel Defense Force’s field hospital which set up shop within a couple of days after the disaster.

by Gil Ronen
January 28, 2010

The IDF's rescue operation in Haiti received praise Thursday from former US president Bill Clinton, who is the UN Secretary General's Special Emissary to the Caribbean disaster zone.

Clinton mentioned the hospital at a round table session on philanthropy held Thursday at the International Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, in which Israeli President Shimon Peres was also a member of the panel.

Addressing Peres as the audience looked on, Clinton said: “Shimon, I don't know what we would have done without the Israeli hospital at Haiti. The Israeli hospital was the only operational facility which was able to perform surgery and advanced tests.”

Clinton added that “in the name of the aid workers that operated in Haiti, in the name of the people who live there, and on a personal level I want to thank, we all want to thank, Israel from the bottom of our hearts.”

Peres responded by saying that “Israel will be happy to offer all of its abilities in assisting the rehabilitation of the island.”

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