Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You are going to roll your eyes in disbelief when you read the following Galveston County Daily News report. A school board member with a Ph.D., at best an educated idiot, gave a speech to middle school students which turned into a description of how to perform oral and anal sex. Worse yet, school officials tried to keep her scandalous behavior secret.

We are going to hell, not because some educated idiot inappropriately ran her moth off, but because idiots, educated or not, keep electing a bunch of sorry candidates like her to public office.

Some years back the voters of a neighboring school district elected a real blockhead to their school board. He had been a cop who got fired for evading police officers from several departments during a long car chase, a chase which started when another cop caught him parked while screwing a woman, not his wife. Before he got fired, he had made more drug possession busts than any other cop in Galveston County, but his cases did not hold up because he lacked probable cause. This sorry excuse for a human being had a limited vocabulary – he spoke the “f” word almost every other sentence. Amazingly though, after he got fired the voters elected him to oversee the education of their children.

By T.J. Aulds

The Galveston County Daily News
January 23, 2010

HITCHCOCK — What was supposed to be a motivation speech to a collection of sixth- through eighth-grade girls at Crosby Middle School instead turned into an explicit sex talk, including descriptions on how to perform oral and anal sex, Hitchcock school officials said.

The motivational speaker turned out to be a Hitchcock school board member, Shirley Price.

Hitchcock Superintendent Mike Bergman said the Jan. 15 pep talk was supposed to be a motivational speech.

Price, who was born with physical handicaps, still managed to earn a doctoral degree and also won a seat on the school board.

Bergman said when Price was introduced, she asked that the school’s principal leave the room. Most of the teachers remained, but they did not step in when Price’s speech turned inappropriate, Bergman said.

“Somehow she got some story that she heard that students were having sex on campus and went into a speech about sexual type things,” Bergman said. “There was no motivational speech at all.”

The speech reportedly turned graphic and included instructions on how to perform oral and anal sex and included several curse words, Bergman said.

Students apparently were told to keep the contents of the speech secret, Bergman said.

Attempts to reach Price, who does not have a working listed land line phone and whose mobile phone answered with a generic “not available” recording, were unsuccessful.

The district has been flooded with calls from outraged parents who were unaware of the presentation until a couple of parents spoke at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

After that meeting, Price apologized and met one-on-one with some of the parents, Bergman said.

The district did not inform parents of the presentation until a letter was sent home with students Friday.

The letter, which does not name Price, said that a school trustee’s speech was “off-target and objectionable.”

“The topic discussed was not the agreed upon topic,” the letter says.

Bergman’s letter said the controversy would be a topic for discussion at the next regular school board meeting.

Meanwhile, the district tightened its policies on presentations to students. It now requires the school principal to be present for all presentations.

Teachers also would be given more leeway to interrupt a presentation deemed inappropriate, no matter who the speaker is, Bergman said.

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