Friday, January 28, 2011


Dorina Lisson’s use of the term ‘caged human beings’ suggests that she not only opposes the death penalty, but that she’s against the concept of imprisoning criminals as well.

This is the kind of nonsense put out by anti-death penalty zealots:

@ Centurion: In my opinion, people like yourself who support the brutality of state-sanctioned killing should not be employed in any capacity with caged human beings, just as people who dislike animals would never be granted employment caring for caged animals. Many correctional officers' predatory animalistic behavior towards prisoners makes some prisoners behave like predators. It's called Karma! BTW ... The USA is the only western nation that legally kills its citizens - hardly a deterrent - the USA continues to have the highest crime rates per capita, and the highest incarceration rates per capita, than any other country in the world. It's called Shame!

That’s a comment from Dorina Lisson, an anti-death penalty zealot, submitted just now to my December 8, 2010 BarkGrowlBite post, TAKE YOUR ‘AUSTRALIAN COALITION AGAINST DEATH PENALTY’ BACK DOWN UNDER.

Here, from my Decmber 8 blog, is what the Aussie said:

__The death penalty is rotten piece of law - the political stence behind the death penalty law is sickening. This flawed, capricious, discriminative, racist and politically corrupt barbaric punishment of death, which has been proven time and time again to be riddled with legal errors, is a government's ultimate power of control and terror over society. You don't have to be a scholar to understand this fact - history shows the truth.

__Being opposed to the death penalty is not about disregarding the actions of offenders, it is about governments legally killing people. The death penalty is all about politics and vengeance. A civilized government should have no right to "pick and choose" nor to "select" the people they want to kill. Governments do not give nor grant us human life and they should have no right to take away a human life.

What set the Aussie off with her 'caged human beings' tirade was this comment submitted by Centurion on December 8:

__Legally killing people is...."Legally Killing People." In this country...they're not just people, but people who have been proven beyond a reasonable be a serious threat to others in our society.

__Do you think they stop killing, maiming, and otherwise preying on others simply because they are sent to prison? Twenty three years as a correctional officer have shown me otherwise. These people continue their predatory behavior behind bars...while liberals tout their worth to society.

__Our death penalty is rarely carried out, but it's legal. Get over it.

(Lisson, a resident of Endeavour Hills, Australia, declares that, ‘I am an activist for universal human rights. I became interested and involved in the anti-death penalty movement more than ten years ago. I do research on all issues surrounding the use of capital punishment around the world and share educational information with worldwide human rights activists. I fight for my beliefs in human ethics, morals and values.’ In addition to her membership in ACADP, this radical-leftist has affiliated herself with Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, CARE, ACLU, and Amnesty International.)


Dorina Lisson said...

Of course; dangerous offenders need to be incarcerated to protect society, but in a humane manner. Prisoner abuse by brutal inhumane correctional officers is rife.

Caged offenders must be cared for and managed in a humane manner. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights states; 'No one shall be subjected to torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment (also known as Death Row Phenomenon/Syndrome) – that incarceration of dangerous offenders to be subject solely for the purpose of security to others.'

The execution-team (correctional officers) who claim to be 'just doing their job' can accurately be described as abusive and brutal people. Only crazed sadists are able to perform this abhorrent, disgusting and vile act of barbarism and still sleep peacefully at night. A killer is a killer, is a killer!

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states; Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.'

BarkGrowlBite said...

That’s a relief! For a while I thought Dorina was as opposed to prisons as she is to the death penalty and that if she had her way all correctional officers would be out of a job. But her explanation makes it clear that ‘dangerous offenders need to be incarcerated’ and that only most correctional officers should lose their jobs.