Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Reggie Doucet, a former Middle Tennessee State University defensive back, was 6 feet tall and weighed 190 pounds during his football playing days. He probably weighed a lot more when he fought with and was overpowering two LAPD officers. Real life and death isn’t like TV or the movies.

By Paul M. Weber, LAPPL President

Los Angeles, January 15, 2011 – In response to Earl Ofari Hutchinson of the Los Angeles Urban Roundtable and his call on the LAPD to review policies regarding the arrests of intoxicated or mentally disturbed people in the wake of the Reggie Doucet Jr. officer involved shooting, Paul M. Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) issued the following statement:

The officer involved shooting of Reggie Doucet Jr. involved two officers literally fighting for their lives against Mr. Doucet. It is surprising to see that the first reaction of respected community leader Earl Hutchinson is to question the actions of the police. Apparently, because a suspect is naked, they aren’t a threat. Tell that to the families of officers who have been killed by naked people on PCP who disarmed the officer. In this case, naked or not, when Mr. Doucet tried to take an officer’s gun away from him, he set in motion the chain of events that sadly led to his death. An officer who loses his gun to a suspect loses his life.

It is disappointing that community leaders immediately and predictably turn to questioning and trying to blame the LAPD, when officers have to respond with force and sometimes lethal force to protect their lives. Instead of attending the “second guessing press conference”, we urge everyone to listen to the actual radio traffic of one of the officers involved in the shooting (it is on YouTube) to recognize that he was in a fight for his life. The cold, hard fact that community leaders should understand is that police officers don’t get paid to be shot, stabbed or killed in the line of duty. As we have said before, if suspects refuse to comply with lawful commands and continue actions that endanger the life of an officer or member of the community, then that suspect is solely responsible for the outcome of those events.


NoJusticeNoPeace said...

Reggie didnt do ANY drugs, autopsy proved that.. his size was about the same as his football days so if you didnt know him you cant say you're SURE he was much bigger smh. 1 he did not fight the taxi driver AT ALL.. he needed extra money to pay his fare so left his clothes with the driver to prove that he was coming back to the car with his money.. 2 he got locked out of his apartment, got upset, and thats why he was running around his building.. not HIGH ON DRUGS, he was trying to find a way to get in.. 3 the driver called the police as a BUSINESS complaint not that he was acting crazy or violent.. The police even talked to him calmly at one point... he resisted arrest while they tried to detain him.. 2 officers cant take down one guy..?? even if he did leave them supposedly battered, he didnt deserve to die.. UNARMED was 100% clear.. they should have called for backup as training calls for... they have tasers and batons for a reason.. They only called backup when shots were fired.. 30 minutes AFTER they arrived to the scene.. LASTLY, the INITIAL police report doesnt say he reached for their gun.. a REVISED report says that once he was declared dead at the hospital.. you think the boys in blue are 100% honest?!?! theyre going to cover their azz like most do! I wish people would put themself in our shoes & i doubt theyd say the same if this was ur friend or loved one, including these ignorant officials.. we lost a son, father, & good friend when this could have been prevented... R.I.P Reggie! You are missed!

BarkGrowlBite said...

Come on, get real! Reggie was running around stark naked on the street because he gave every stitch of his clothing to a cabbie as security for the fare? That's absolutely preposterous!

I would not insult your intelligence by claiming that all copps are honest. I take it that you are African-American. If so, you are right - I cannot put myself in your shoes. Likewise, you cannot put yourself in the shoes of police officers unless you've been there. I've been there. Sorry pal, but this was a justifiable shooting!

Centurion said...

" he did not fight the taxi driver AT ALL.. he needed extra money to pay his fare so left his clothes with the driver to prove that he was coming back to the car with his money..."

Hey...I can see that happening. I do that all the time....

Come on Peace nor Justice. My six year old grandson can do better than that.