Monday, October 13, 2014


I have a very close friend who has been an outstanding law enforcement officer for 40 years and is thinking about finally retiring next year. Here is how he summed up his career:

I turn 60 this year and I hate to admit it, but I will probably pull the pin in 2015. It has been a career of excitement, disappointment, satisfaction and fulfillment all rolled into one.

If I can offer some advice to career cops it is: Stay true to yourself. Remember who you work for and obey the oath of office.

My friend has had a very successful career, and his advice is absolutely spot on!


Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Don't forget most people only remember the things they want to remember. This guy was probably the terror of the night shift!

BarkGrowlBite said...

Anon, you are absolutely wrong. I have known this man since he was a high school ROTC student. I have followed his law enforcement career closely. I have accompanied him many times while he was performing his police duties. He achieved command rank in a state police unit. He is what any reasonable person would want as a law enforcement officer. He was always very professional and treated people the way they would want to treated whenever possible.