Saturday, October 11, 2014


New York inmate was released from prison after serving 15 years, but 15 minutes later he was shot by a man he had snitched on

A 33-year-old not yet identified inmate was released Thursday from New York’s Otisville State Prison after serving 15 years on weapons and assault convictions. Instead of using the train ticket he was given to take him to Manhattan, he got into a car that showed up to give him a ride. About 15 minutes into the ride the driver pulled over and another man popped out of the car’s trunk. The ‘trunk monkey’ promptly shot the ex-con twice. The driver and the shooter then sped away.

The wounded man was able to limp to the station where he was supposed to have caught a train. A station attendant called 911. Paramedics transported him to Westchester Medical Center where he underwent surgery. He is now in stable condition.

The ex-con was able to tell the cops who shot him. It turns out that the shooter was a man he had once snitched on. The shooter and the driver were arrested in Manhattan several hours later.

Now that he's snitched twice on the shooter, he better pray that his assailant gets a hefty prison term with no early release.


bob walsh said...

Just goes to show you, if you are going to murder someone you should do a proper job of it.

Anonymous said...

Snitches get stitches!