Monday, October 13, 2014


A New Jersey high school football team initiated new team members by pinning them down, sticking a finger up their bare asses and making them lick those fingers clean

Arrest warrants were issued last week for seven football players on Sayreville War Memorial High School’s football team and the school superintendent has cancelled the rest of the New Jersey team’s football schedule.

Three football players have been charged with aggravated sexual assault involving anal penetration, criminal restraint, hazing and other crimes. The other four have been charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact and other crimes. The assaults took place from September 19 to 29.

An unnamed parent of one of the victims revealed what form the hazing took. Boys new to the football team were assaulted in the locker room. Four team members would pin a freshman down, two would stand guard and the seventh would howl, then turn off the lights and stick his finger up the victim’s bare ass. And for the hazing climax, the victim was then forced to lick his own shit from the assailant’s finger.

If all this sounds revolting, it is! The assaults are beyond comprehension of any sane person. The superintendent was right in canceling the rest of the football season and he should fire the school’s athletic director and all of the school’s football coaches. There’s simply no way they were not aware of what was going on.

Now a lot of parents are upset that the season has been cancelled. They are complaining that players who did not participate in the sexual assault rituals are being punished for what others have done. Their whining doesn’t hold water because, like the coaches, the 'innocent' players had to be aware of what was being done to the new team members. By keeping silent, they must share some of the blame.

A family court will have to decide whether those arrested will be released to their parents or held in a juvenile detention facility. My feeling is that they should be held in an adult jail where they could experience what forcible anal penetration feels like.

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bob walsh said...

If you can't fingerfuck your football friends up the ass, they probably aren't really your friends.