Monday, March 28, 2016


By Bob Walsh

15-year-old Stephen BrenoR of Lakeland, Florida, is never going to make it to 16. He died from terminal stupidity, with maybe a touch of bad luck.

Shawn Plain is a licensed security guard. He was charging his cell phone in an apartment building laundry room when a young male appeared in the doorway, produced a handgun, and shot Plain in the face. It turned out the handgun was in fact a pellet gun, which is still a weapon. People die with some regularity from being shot with pellet guns.

Plain pursued the young male who fled the scene with a number of other young men. Plain fired on Brenor, hitting him in the leg. Plain then returned to the laundry room, retrieved his cell phone and returned to the scene where he shot Brenor. Brenor allegedly apologized to Plain and asked him to summon an ambulance.

The ambulance showed up, but Brenor died. I presume he bled out because very few otherwise healthy young men die from a leg shot except for that.

Brenor was a known, documented gang member.

Plain went to the hospital for treatment for pellet wounds to his face. The shooting is under investigation.

I will now offer a piece of free advice for people similarly situated. Shooting at someone with a pellet gun who is likely to have a more conventional, more powerful firearm at his immediate disposal is a really, really stupid idea. The other person may kill you.

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