Sunday, March 20, 2016


By Bob Walsh

It is, IMHO, desirable to keep the camel’s nose out of your tent in the first place. If you permit it, you will soon end up with a smelly and disagreeable animal sharing your living space.

As of January of this year the Gun Violence Restraining Order act is law in California. This allows a cop, or a member of your family, to petition the court to seize your firearms from you because they think you may be a danger to yourself or others. You get to apply to the court AFTER THE FACT to get your guns back.

California State Assemblyman Ting (D-San Francisco) has now proposed to expand this legislation via AB2607.

His bill would allow an employer, a co-worker, a mental health worker with whom you have had a professional relationship or an employee of a secondary or post-secondary school you have attend to make a similar application.

So, your boss doesn’t like you because you made him look like a fool, the secretary who is ‘afraid’ of guns, the high school teacher who didn’t like you, the janitor at the community college you attended last semester or the radical sociology professor who you never even took a class from who thinks that anybody who owns a gun is a dangerous crazy could apply to the court and have your guns seized without any defense and without your knowledge until after the deed is done.

This is admittedly only a proposed piece of legislation. It might go nowhere. Nevertheless it is clear that, once the mechanism is set up to deprive you of your rights you can bet that not only will someone use it at some time, but the liberal assholes will do everything within their power to ensure that as many people as possible, regardless of the reasonableness of their action, will be the smelly camel that pees on your rug.

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Anonymous said...

Yet, because of political correctness they won't tell law enforcement when people next door are acting suspicious and making bombs.