Monday, November 14, 2016


BY Bob Walsh

The great state of Georgia is preparing to terminally rehabilitate it's eights criminal of the year. Frederick Spears, now 54, was convicted of murdering his girlfriend 15 years ago.

In his confession Spears told investigators that he loved her so much that he would choke her to death if he ever found out she was seeing someone else. Isn't love wonderful?

There are a series of automatic appeals to a death sentence in Georgia. All of his appeals have resulted in his conviction being upheld. Spears has refused to file any appeals himself. He has refused interviews with his lawyer. Spear's lawyer has approached the parole board in Georgia anyway asking for clemency in his case. Under state law only the parole board can commute a death sentence.

if it happens this execution will put Georgia at the top of the rehabilitation list for this calendar year, ahead even of Texas and Florida.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Georgia ahead of Texas in executions. Shit, it must be because of global warming.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Hold on there partner. Texas lagging behind in executions? I guess we'll have to reopen the express lane.