Sunday, February 26, 2017


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee have issued executive orders that ban state police from detaining illegal aliens at the request of ICE

At the beginning of this month, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Issued an executive order banning state police from detaining illegal aliens at the request of ICE. On Thursday, Gov. Jay Inslee issued a similar order to Washington’s state police.

In a letter to Oregon’s Attorney General, Brown wrote:

“I will uphold the civil and human rights of all who call Oregon home. These new policies from the White House show no regard for the values Oregonians believe in or the economic realities Oregon faces.

I have great faith that justice for our valued Oregonian immigrants and refugees and their families can be preserved through court action initiated by the state.”

Inslee released a statement which said:

“This executive order makes clear that Washington will not be a willing participant in promoting or carrying out mean-spirited policies that break up families and compromise our national security and, importantly, our community safety.”

This is simply outrageous! By the stroke of a pen, these Democratic governors have made Oregon and Washington sanctuary states.

The Trump administration should withhold whatever federal funds they can from Oregon and Washington until these executive orders are rescinded and the state police in those states are ordered to detain any illegal aliens when requested by ICE.

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Anonymous said...

Stop the money. Especially highway funds. The State Police depend on the grants to operate. This will not last long.