Tuesday, February 28, 2017


by Bob Walsh

I often watch the Oscar show. I like movies and it can be amusing, and it has its moments. I remember Sasheen Littlefeather turning down the Oscar on behalf of George C. Scott for Patton to protest how Native Americans were treated. I remember David Niven coping very skillfully with a streaker. That being said, last night definitely gets the gold medal. I really don't know whether or not 500 million people watch the Oscar ceremonies or not. I do know it ran over 40 minutes, which is about normal allowing for all the winners thanking everybody and their pet hamster for the win. Plus of course some anti-Trump political shots.

So, did they screw up the award for Best Animated Short. No. How about Achievements in Sound Editing. No, that wasn't it either. It was the biggie, Best Picture. Apparently/allegedly the person from Price-Waterhouse gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope. It said EMMA STONE, LaLa Land. That's what got read. I forget if Faye Dunaway or Beatty actually read it, but it got read and the mob from LaLa Land came up on stage, took their Oscars and started doing their thank-you speeches. Then.....Slam. That's Entertainment.

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