Monday, February 27, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Liberalism is essentially gutless. You never have to actually DO anything or ACCOMPLISH anything if you are a liberal, all you have to do is feel "good" or "bad" about the appropriate things. A case in point.

The Orange Coast College is a community college in Costa Mesa (Orange County) California. (Orange County is actually fairly conservative by California standards.) Caleb O'Neil is a student at that college. He is 19 years old and a Trump supporter.

Recently during his human sexuality class he recorded his psych professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, going 5150 on Donald Trump. Among other things she asserted that Trump was a white supremacist and that his election victory was in fact an act of terrorism. She also said that, "we are back to being in a civil war." O'Neill asserts that he made the recording in academic self defense.

He took that recording to a campus Republican group. (Yes, there is one there.) They took it to the administration. When the administration took no action they put the rant on line. O'Neil did not himself post the rant.

After the recording got out the professor allegedly became frightened herself due to the backlash against her. She turned her class over to a sub and moved out of her pad.

On February 9 O'Neil got a letter from the dean. He was suspended for a semester because he recorded the rant, which is apparently against the rules. The dean also demanded that he apologize to the professor and submit an essay about "Why you decided to share the video" and the damage to the school, students, faculty and staff that resulted from that action.

O'Neil told them to go fuck themselves, filed an appeal of the action and got a lawyer. He threatened to sue and co-wrote an essay in the local fishwrapper, The Orange County Register, in which he addressed the assault on free speech by the administration. The Register editorial board backed his play. The paper promised a daily barrage of editorials until the suspension was rescinded or the trustees sacked the school president.

The school peed. A complete pack of gutless assholes who are happy to try to stomp one student into the dirt but do not have the courage of their convictions. The suspension was rescinded.

EDITOR'S NOTE: What about Olga Perez Stable Cox? She went way beyond the bounds of academic freedom. She should have been fired forthwith!

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