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Cottonville, Mississippi celebrates David Duke Day instead of Martin Luther King Day

The Unconventional Gazette
January 22, 2019

COTTONVILLE, Miss. -- Instead of celebrating Martin Luther King Day on Monday, Cottonville honored former KKK leader David Duke. The town of 7, 000 mostly white folks is located about 30 miles north of Vicksburg on US 61.

Last year, Cottonville mayor Billy Bob Bass declared that Monday, January 21, 2019 would be celebrated as David Duke Day. “We want to honor a man who has consistently fought for white Protestant Christians and against the mongrelization of the white race,” announced Mayor Bass.

When reminded that January 21, 2019 was Martin Luther King Day, Bass replied, “Cottonville is a white town. It was incorporated as a white town in 1971. We don’t cotton to niggers here and we sure as hell do not celebrate that mongrelizing communist nigger preacher [King] here.

Last month, Bass invited David Duke and his supporters to attend the celebration in which Cottonville will honor him.

A large banner reading ‘David Duke Day was strung across Main Street between city hall and the First Baptist Church. Monday’s festivities included a parade down Main Street of about 150 klansmen all decked out in their white robes and pointy hats. Many of them carried American or Confederate flags. Duke rode in a Cadillac donated by Robert E. Lee Cadillac of Vicksburg.

A spatse crowd of about 400 white spectators lined Main Street for the parade. About 1,000 black and white protesters tried to enter the town, but US 61 had been cordoned off by sheriff’s deputies who warned that anyone attempting to enter Cottonville would be arrested for disorderly conduct.

After the parade, a southern-style picnic was held in the Baptist church parking lot. Duke gave a short speech in which he thanked the folks of Cottonville for honoring him.

When asked if the Cottonville celebration didn’t dishonor Martin Luther King, Duke replied:

“King was a womanizing communist negro preacher who is responsible for mongrelizing the white race. I have been fighting for white rights and against the mongrelization of the white race. I’ve also been fighting against the Jew bankers who are trying to control the world and against the Catholic church which is an evil heretic institution. And I am a strong supporter of the police who are being attacked by negroes almost every day. I deserve and should be celebrated, not that negro preacher. There would be no Martin Luther King Day if he had not been killed.”

We interviewed Richard Green, Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, who attended the Duke celebration. When asked if African-Americans or Jews could join the Klan, He replied:

“Hell no! We don’t allow any niggers or kikes in the Klan. We believe all them niggers should return to Africa where they came from and where they will be happier than here in the good old white USA. And there’s no place for kikes in this Christian nation. That goes for them Catholics too. And stop calling them niggers African-Americans, them is African-Niggers.”

What about those Jews? “All that I will say is that I’m sorry Hitler couldn’t complete the job,” said Green. “Now them kikes that are left, they control our American government and are trying to control the world.”

A label sticking out from Green’s robe read ‘Finkelstein Fabrics.’ When informed that his Imperial Wizard robe was made by a Jewish company, Green exclaimed, “You gotta be kidding … That’s not funny.” After seeing the label he said, ‘Shit, no wonder it cost so much. Those Jew bastards are always overcharging people. Hey Mike, come over here,” he yelled at a Klansman in a simple white robe. Green looked at the label on Mike’s robe and exclaimed, “God damn it … Finkelstein! That fucking Jew got to all of us.” And off in a huff he went.

By 4 p.m. Duke and the Klansmen had left town and Main Street was nearly empty. “We had a great celebration honoring a man who has fought for us white Christians all his life,” said Mayor Billy Bob Bass. “I think this will put Cottonville on the map.”

“Ahm real proud of my town,” said Police Chief Bubba Jones. “We all had a nice orderly celebration. Ah may not agree with everything David Duke says cause ah is a Catholic, but ah sure do appreciate his support of the police.”

Rev. George Fairweather of the Cottonville Presbyterian Church remarked, “Today has been a truly shameful day and I am ashamed that this town saw fit to honor such scum as Duke and the KKK.”

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