Wednesday, January 30, 2019


by Bob Walsh

The formerly great state of California has 35 prisons (I think) if you count the prison hospitals. Wardens get canned, or forced to retire, every now and then. Sometimes just for incompetence, sometimes for sexual harassment, sometimes for playing games with disposal of surplus property, etc. Very rarely indeed do they get thrown out the front door and told not to come back.

That happened yesterday at Mule Creek, the state prison near Ione. The Warden is/was a guy named Lizzaraga. I don't know him. I don't know what he did, or is accused of doing. I do know I am only aware of two other times in the last thirty years where Wardens have been bum-rushed out the gate. Both times they were involved in some very serious dealings with inmates and/or the inmate's families.

I expect even though it is a "personnel matter" and therefore confidential the details will come out in a day or three or five. I shall try to keep you informed.

UPDATE: The FBI was part of the investigation and allegedly the FBI actually walked him out. I have not heard whether or not they took him into custody.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If the FBI walked him out, he was already in custody. The bureau is not, at least not yet, an escort service.

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bob walsh said...

Law Enforcement does, on occasion, do something odd to snag up an officer who might otherwise be carrying a gun if they can do so in an environment where you are pretty sure he isn't.