Tuesday, July 30, 2019


by Bob Walsh

The 19 year old asshole shooter in Gilroy purchased his Kalashnikov pattern rifle legally in Nevada. He probably had some dreaded high-capacity magazines too, purchased legally in Nevada. (They are actually factory standard capacity magazines, but why bother with details.) Unless he bought his ammo in California (he might have) importing it into CA was illegal. Possession of the rifle in CA was illegal unless he registered it here. Possession of the high-capacity magazines was illegal. Carrying a loaded rifle except on private property or at a licensed gun range was illegal. Cutting the fence and sneaking into the Garlic Festival was illegal. Discharging the weapon with intent to harm or kill was illegal. So, how to stop it from happening again? Pass more laws.

SB61 would prohibit anyone in California from purchasing more than one gun per month. He didn't buy it in California, and he may have owned just the one gun, so he may very well have been cool anyway.

The Gun Violence Restraining Act needs to be expanded obviously. Of course the now dead shooter, Santino William Legan, 19, had no reports of violent claims or tendancies.

Also of course we should increase training on gun violence restraining orders. That would stop these crimes dead.

And we must increase funding to CA DOJ to take guns away from prohibited persons. Of course Legan was not in fact a prohibited person, but what the fuck, just go with it.

Of course, Governor Gavin Newsom said yesterday that it was Donald Trump's fault. So we can just blame him and stop all this meaningless bullshit. But we won't. Because our legislature is collectively a pack of whores and assholes and the electorate is collectively too lame or too stupid to throw the bastards out.

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Trey Rusk said...

If gun control laws could prevent a illegal shooting then California should be the safest state in the U.S.