Saturday, April 13, 2013


Two gun-toting youths miss each other in close quarter shootout that leaves innocent bystander dead

By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
April 11, 2013

Two exceptionally incompetent, stupid shooters who tried to blast each other will be prosecuted for murder for the death of one bystander as well as the wounding of another.

Jabrie Bennett, 18, and Andre Smith, 18, were both at the San Leandro Bay Fair BART station on January 19th when they decided that they just had to shoot each other.

Smith was carrying his gat in his pants, Bennett was carrying his in a back pack. Smith’s younger brother began to argue with Bennett over some bullshit or other at about noon. Bennett dug into his back pack and pulled out his .22. At that time Smith went for his own roscoe. Bennett started throwing lead, killing Lee Seets, 50, of Fremont, an innocent bystander. Antilea Beal, a woman who was with Bennett, was wounded in the head but survived.

Both Bennett and Smith are being charged with the murder, attempted murder and various firearms charges. Both are being held without bail, which leads me to suspect there are other issues involved, such as gang involvement.

Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass if these fools kill each other. They have the unfortunate tendency to kill bystanders.

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