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New Mexico must have a very liberal conjugal visitation policy.

By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
January 13, 2012

Prisoners as a group are not nice people. Many of them are low-lifes. They do, however, have some standards. Michael Guzman doesn’t meet those standards.

Michael Guzman, 48, is a really not nice person. By most reasonable descriptions he is a quasi-human lump of shit. That is causing the New Mexico DOC some problems in placing him.

Some thirty years ago, at the age of 19, he was convicted of rape, murder and attempted murder and sentenced to death. He kidnapped two girls from the University of New Mexico, raped and murdered one of them and tried to murder the other. She survived multiple stab wounds, dozens of them.

In 1986 Governor Toney Anaya commuted his death sentence to life. After he served 30 years he is now eligible for parole consideration. His first parole hearing was in April of last year.

Guzman has at times confessed to committing the crimes and denied doing so. He has confessed to the murder, but not the rape of the victim. He has the names of the two young women tattooed across his back. He has been married several times in prison and fathered several children while in custody.

Guzman was shipped to the Clayton prison in November due to safety concerns. The New Mexico system keeps track of enemy claims by inmates and considers them in placement. Santa Fe was the only prison in the system where Guzman had no declared enemies. That lasted three days.

Guzman was attacked by about 15 men in the orientation pod and thumped. Pretty thoroughly actually. He was unconscious in a medically induced coma for a month at the University Hospital. On December 8 Guzman recovered to the point that he was moved to a long-term care unit at the Los Lunas prison. He is still trying to beat the original rap, this time claiming that he was drunk at the time and the jury was not informed of that. He maintains they might have found him guilty of second degree murder had they been aware of that.

The inmates who administered impromptu justice to Guzman are under investigation by the Clayton P D and may face prosecution or administrative discipline.

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