Monday, September 03, 2012


If history shows us anything, it is that sneakers costing more than $100 will lead to muggings and murders

Nike has produced some expensive sneakers. There was the $180 Nike Air Jordan XI Concord. And there was the $220 glow-in-the-dark Foamposite One Galaxy. In both cases there have been numerous muggings for the shoes by street thugs, some of which resulted in murder. Now Nike is putting its new LeBron X Nike Plus on the market for $315 a pair.

When the Air Jordans and the Galaxies went on sale, there were stampedes into stores when they openeed and brawls among those waiting in line for the opening.

Teenagers wearing $180 sneakers? Teenagers wearing $315 sneakers? Who can afford to pay that much for a pair of gym shoes? Certainly not kids on welfare. But that doesn’t mean money hasn’t been squandered on these expensive sneakers by families on welfare.

When Nike sells sneakers costing $180 or more, it has to know there will be an element in society which, because it does not have that kind of money to spend on those shoes, will mug and even murder those who are fortunate to have a pair. And that, in my book, makes Nike an accomplice of muggers and murderers!

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