Thursday, December 18, 2014


The President and the First Lady also tell People Magazine that both have been victims of racism

It's one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It's another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.

Thus spoke President Obama as he and the First Lady were interviewed by People Magazine.

Now let me digest that statement. It would appear that Obama was referring to the deadly confrontation between Ferguson cop Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. Mistaken for a robber? What a load of crap. Brown had just robbed a convenience store. Dressed the way teenagers dress? More shit! The clothing Brown wore was exactly like the clothing described by the robbery victim.

As for Eric Garner’s fatal confrontation with NY cops, Obama praised basketball superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers for wearing an ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-shirt during his pregame workout before the start of the Cavaliers-Brooklyn Nets game on December 9. Obama also said he would like to see more athletes do that.

It sure looks to me like Obama was piling it on the cops.

Obama and Michelle also told People that both had been victims of racism. One time, before he became President, Obama was waiting for his car outside a restaurant when a man came up to him, flipped him his keys and told Obama to fetch him his car. On another occasion, Obama was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner when someone mistook him for a waiter. And the President said that as a black man living on the South Side of Chicago, he had trouble getting cabs to stop for him.

Michelle said that after she became First Lady, she made an inconspicuous shopping trip to a Target Store where a woman customer mistook her for a Target worker and asked her to get something from a shelf.

Pardon me, but I cannot go on. Suddenly I’m being overcome by a bad case of white guilt.

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bob walsh said...

When Moochelle told that story a couple of years back, it had a whole different twist. She was "under cover" trying to be a normal person at target and a lady walked up to her and asked her to get some detergent down from the top shelf for her, because she was taller than the lady who needed the detergent. Strange how easily tweaking the truth comes to her, but she is a lawyer after all. Lawyers, whores and politicians are pretty much the same thing.