Wednesday, December 16, 2015


An 89-year-old Florida man had his car stolen by a 12-year-old criminal with more than 20 prior arrests

Raymond Raftery, 89, was driving his Toyota Friday in St. Petersburg, Florida when he was hailed down by a boy riding a bicycle. The boy told him he had a low tire. Raftery pulled over to an air pump at a service station. The boy ditched his bicycle and promptly drove off with the elderly man’s car.

The boy, who turned out to be 12 years old, was caught by the cops Monday after a detective recognized him from a surveillance video. And how did he recognize the little fart? It was because this young career criminal had been arrested more than 20 times, including arrests for auto theft, possession of pot, battery, and robbery.

Now he is charged with grand theft motor vehicle … again.

It’s time they threw away the key on this worthless little piece of shit before he becomes a killer!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck locking up a 12 year old! Unless it's murder, it's not going to happen.

bob walsh said...

Anyone who has ever raised a child, or a puppy, will tell you that if you continually tolerate bad behavior you will get more and more and more bad behavior. Unless this kid is a total psychopath (which is possible) he has never suffered any significant consequences for his continual pattern of CRIMINAL behavior (like maybe a good asswhipping). He is clearly LONG overdue for some significant corrective action.