Monday, December 28, 2015


Chicago cops responding to a domestic disturbance call open fire on bat-wielding nutcase, killing him and accidentally killing Bettie Jones, a neighbor

Until Saturday, Bettie Jones, 55, was a mother of five and a grandmother of ten who lived in the downstairs apartment of a two-story wooden building on Chicago’s west side. Around 4 a.m. that day, Antonio Legrier, her landlord who lived upstairs, warned her that his son was in a highly agitated mental state.

The cops were called and upon their arrival they were confronted at the building’s front door by Quintonio Legrier, 19, wielding a metal baseball bat. One cop opened fire, striking Quintonio seven times. But oops, one bullet went through the door of Bettie Jones’ apartment, also killing her.

Quintonio, a sophomore at Northern Illinois University, was home for Christmas. The’ Ferguson Effect’ is beginning to take place with questions being asked why the cops didn’t first try to taser the nutcase.

Why was Quintonio shot at multiple times? I say it was due to the PPS syndrome. That stands for ‘Piss Poor Shot’ syndrome. Cops are notoriously poor shots in live combat situations and will empty their guns to make sure they hit their adversary. And in this case, their adversary didn’t even confront them with a gun. I don’t mean to criticize the officer because he may well have been justified in resorting to gunfire, but to the uninitiated this doesn’t look good.

Both Jones and Quintonio are black. The identity and race of the officer had not been released at the time of this writing. If the officer happens to be white, look for the shit to hit the fan.

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Anonymous said...

The shit has already hit the fan in Chicago! The black citizens want to fire the mayor. Unless you have money, you live in an area fraught with crime and desperation. The city should pull the cops out of the hostile zones and put in the social workers and mental health professionals that as a last resort have powers of arrest.

Hmmm. That wouldn't last long.