Sunday, December 06, 2015


The Rev. Thom Miller, who claims he found God in prison, may have lost the Good Lord after his release

On December 2, I posted a story about Thom Miller who while doing seven years in an Ohio prison, stole a bible and found God. After his release he became an ordained minister and found two wives. It looks as though Thom’s church may just be a con for him to make money. The church seems to be a traveling church as it keeps moving from one abandoned Mansfield Ohio building to another.

All his life Thom has been one big Lothario. Here is his record as compiled by the Daily Mail:

FIRST WIFE: Phyllis - 1972 to 1976
Her age at marriage: 16 or 17
Children: Thomas, 43 and Renee, 41

SECOND WIFE: Mary - 1977 to 1982
Her age at marriage: 17
Children: Michael, 38, Angelina, 35, Leah, 34, Dana, 33

MISTRESS: Jamie, mother of Tom, 31

MISTRESS: Ann, mother of Nick, now 30

THIRD WIFE: Norma Jean Daffner - 1986 to 1993
Her age at marriage: 19
Children: Joseph, 28, and Robert, 27

MISTRESS: Ann Chipuk, mother of Ryan, 24

MISTRESS: Mary Spinelli, mother of a 22-year-old

FOURTH WIFE: Julia - 1999 to January 2009
Her age at marriage: 42

FIFTH WIFE: Belinda - March 2009 - present
Her age at marriage:38

SIXTH 'WIFE': Reba Kerfoot
Her age at marriage: 19
Children: One due next year

The 60-year-old Lothario is still going strong as evidenced by Reba’s pregnancy.

Thom’s ex-wives are not too fond of him. He’s behind more than $100,000 in child support with just one of them. Thom’s ‘bio-children’ as they call themselves, are not too fond of their father either. One of them, Angelina, who is married with two children, said: 'He absolutely disgusts me. It makes me sick to know I'm related to him. It's that simple. I mean what 60-year-old man has sex with a 19-year-old? She's younger than his grandchild.”

So it seems as though I may have been in error when I wrote: “Who says prisons don’t rehabilitate anyone? Rev. Thom Miller has proven you wrong.”

In Thom’s case, let’s just forget that Hallelujah, praise the Lord stuff.

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