Saturday, August 05, 2017


AKA Guns Beat Machete

by Bob Walsh

Jeffrey Barboa, 45, is now doing the dirt dance. This possibly unfortunate outcome is apparently the result of several bad decisions on Mr. Barboa's part. May seem odd as he had a doctorate in Psychology.

On Wednesday officers of the Vallejo, CA. P.D. attempt to stop Barboa's car. The stop was attempted about 5:00 p.m. and was initiated in conjunction with an armed robbery that had occurred about two weeks earlier. Presumably either he or the car was believed to have been possibly involved.

Barboa did not stop. Instead he sped off and attempted to elude the local constabulary. After a 15 minute chase one of the cops rammed Barboa, forcing him to stop.

At that time Barboa exited the car, with a machete. He raised the machete over his head and advanced on the cops. They ordered him to drop the toadsticker. He didn't. They shot him full of holes. He died.

Several of Barboa's family members reported that he was a good guy and a good husband and father to his 4-year old boy. It seems that maybe his wife didn't fully agree, as they were in the process of a divorce and she was attempting to get sole custody of the crumb-snatcher. I guess that is no longer an issue.

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Anonymous said...

Suicide by cop.