Tuesday, August 01, 2017


But does the problem really exist?

by Bob Walsh

An engineer has recently come up with an interesting "fix" for the problem of flooding in the great central valley of California due to impending coastal flooding generated by global warming. Place a dam across the Golden Gate. That would pretty much destroy the Ports of San Francisco, Oakland, Benecia and Stockton, but it would make it more easily possible to fill in lots more of the bay to put in low-rent housing and more freeways. It could also result in some interesting biological development. Salt water fish trapped in the bay by the dam would be in a position to gradually acclimate to the decreasing salt content of the bay and we could end up with fresh water sharks (I think they already exist in a lake in South America somewhere), fresh water whales (if any are trapped in the bay) and all sorts of other interesting things.

Of course they could put in a REALLY BIG lock allow shipping into the bay, charge huge fees to transit the lock and then everybody would be wonderfully happy. Sort of.

Just an idea. I wonder if it will fly.

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