Thursday, August 03, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There was an interesting after-wedding moment between a new bride and her hubby last week in Murfreesboro, TN. It seems that there had been some sort of a disagreement between the couple. The new bride reached into her wedding dress, pulled a 9mm and aimed it at her husband's head and pulled the trigger.

The weapon did not fire as she had apparently forgotten to chamber a round. So she did, and started shooting into the overhead.

When the cops arrived the new bride, Kate Prichard, 25, and hubby James Burton, 30, denied there had been any problem. However the cops found the fired shell casing and the pistol hidden in the john. The local constabulary arrested the young bride, but she made bail fairly quickly. She was charged with aggravated domestic assault.

Wedding attendees report that alcohol consumption likely played a role in the drama.

You have to admire a woman who carries a pistol in her wedding dress, no doubt she believes in being prepared

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Anonymous said...

The husband should haul ass. She will kill him eventually.