Friday, August 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The Mayor of the city of London is in a quandary. He is very much bothered by the diminishing cultural diversity in his great city and especially notes that the number of gay bars in the city has been cut in half by gentrification and rising real estate prices. He has therefore insisted that a major new commercial development must include a gay bar.

In addition, it must be a really and truly gay gay bar. He has said the city will appoint a gayness inspector to ensure that the gay bar is adequately gay. I am guessing that does not mean simply a few Judy Garland posters in the loo and Bette Midler playing in the background on nites when there is no live entertainment.

Since the mayor is a practicing Muslim I find this a bit odd but maybe he wants to make sure there are enough godless sodomites around for his guys to behead when the time comes.

I wonder when the job will be posted on the city civil service web site and what the MQs are?

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